Startup Naming Trends

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To select the most up to date brand name for your startup, you need to follow the startup naming trends. In this article, we are discussing the latest startup naming trends, the startup naming trends followed in the past, what Brinso recommended as the best startup naming trend for your business, and more.

Unlike in the past, we, humans have a big relationship with brand names. There is so much to choose from in the market and we have the freedom to select which product or service is going to satisfy our needs the most.

To become “The Selection” of the majority of your target customers, what startup naming trend you should follow, how you should shape your brand name is not a problem anymore!!!

What Are The Old Naming Trends?

We are going to analyze old naming trends in two parts, 

  • Old naming trends that you should avoid.
  • Old naming trends that are still valid.

Old Naming Trends That You Should Avoid

Actually, in the past, the brand name was used just to introduce the product or service to the customers. Introducing the product or the service was the big deal back then. Less competition in the market was a big reason for this. These brand name trends are just for your knowledge and they are not for your business name.

01. Using Descriptive Words As Brand Names

Using descriptive words for their product or service was a naming trend once. The brand name itself explains the product or service to the audience without confusing them. For example, YouSendIt,, Toy R Us. Today it’s not recommended to use this brand naming trend for your business.

02. Common Names

Using keywords as a brand name is also a naming trend and this trend is still followed by some businesses. Some brand names are related to the product while some are not related at all. For example, Apple and Blackberry. These brand names do not relate to the product while Pizza Hut and coca-cola are related to the product. I stated earlier some businesses name their business with a keyword or common word which is an advantage for their business. You will find out why you should avoid common words in your business name.

03. Using Personal Names

There are personal names that turned into a business name, as an honor to the founder of that particular product or service such as Oscar, Lynda. But for your business, you better go with unique brand names.

04. Using More Than One Words

National Express, Aston Martin, Bank Of America are some examples of this trend; using more than one word or long brand names. The main reason why we ask you to avoid this brand name trend, these brand names are hard to memorize and will not survive on the internet.

05. Using Numbers With Words

This is a trend that you should definitely avoid; using numbers in the brand names. For example, 3M, Chanel No.5. There may be an important message behind those numbers but the latest results show that brand names with numbers are less memorable.

06. Using Misspelled Words

Using misspelled words is an old trend but can still be used even in your business as they are unique. For example, Google (Googol), Tumblr (Tumbler), and Flickr (Flicker).

Old Naming Trends That Are Still Valid

01. Using Initials Or Acronyms

Naming the business with the founder’s initials or using acronyms as a result of a long brand name with more words is also a notable brand name trend. For example, IBM (International Business Machines) BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) H&M (Hennes and Maurits). This is also a good brand name approach even today as they are unique and easy to remember.

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02. Word Combining

Brand names like Paypal, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, each of these brands is a result of a combination of two words or a combination of two-word partials. This brand name approach is also a unique and trending way to create a cool brand name.

03. Using English Letters or Words

From the past, there is a tendency to use English words or write native words in English letters as a business name trend and this is still valid for today’s businesses too. English is an international language and with English word brand names, you can speak to a global audience. 

English worded brand names- Dove, Apple, Target, GAP, Mini, Starbucks.

Non-English worded brand names- Nokia (Finnish word), Huawei (Chinese word), Honda (Japanese word), Hyundai (Korean word).

What Are The Latest Brand Name Trends?

Selecting an up to date brand name is important. So what are the latest brand name trends?

01. Made Up Words

Made up words are unique and make sure to create them as easy to remember to the audience. Here you have the freedom to create new words but make sure they are easy to spell, memorize, and not a copy of an existing popular brand name. For example, Visa, Skype, Hulu, Google are perfectly made-up words.

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02. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

There is a trend in the IT industry to put the two-letter AI for their software or IT company to represent what the brand name relates to. For example, Argo AI, Rulai. If your business is related to AI you can also use this trend in a unique way.

03. Robotics

The latest results about brand names reveal most robotic related businesses include the words, Robo, robotic, or robots in their business names, for example, HRG( Hit Robot Group), Mitsubishi Robotics.

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Some Tips To Name Your Startup

Most entrepreneurs struggle in the beginning of the naming process. So we decided to give some tips on naming your startups. If you have no clear idea on how to begin; follow these steps.

  • Know the purpose of your startup

Defining your business as the first step is strongly engaged with the overall development of your business. So be clear about your business purpose because it also affects your brand name.

  • Target customers

Your brand name needs to be parallel with the customers’ decision making process. There are different types of customers in the market and Identifying and understanding your target customers will help you to design a brand name that attracts your customers. 

  • Study the keywords

Studying the keywords is a good way to get familiar with lots of industry related words. So we recommend brainstorming keywords before selecting a brand name. 

  • The global meaning of your brand name

When it comes to the brand names, you need to care thoroughly about the global meaning of your brand name or in other words; make sure your brand name does not generate any negative meaning in other languages. Unless, it can affect the future growth of your business.

  • Online presence of your business

Online presence is a prior requirement in this era for businesses. So the brand name needs to be attractive in your website and easy to type and search for the users.

  • Shortlist the names

If you have more brand name ideas and have no idea to pick one brand name ,our brand name consultants recommend this easy way to shortlist your brand name; brand name qualities!!! Remove all the brand name ideas that lack brand name qualities in them and voila, you’ll easily get the perfect brandable brand name for your startup.

  • Check the domain availability

As the final step, check whether your brand name is available to be registered. You can check it easily from

Name Trends According To The Industry

Some naming trends are popular in some industries. Here are some examples for that.

1. Popular Naming Trends In The Sports Industry

These naming trends have been followed by most of the entrepreneurs of the sports industry.

  • Acronyms- ADIDAS, ASICS, DKS
  • Generic words- Under Armour, Skechers, New Balance, North Face


2.Most Followed Naming Trends In The Fashion Industry

The following brand name trends are popular in the fashion industry.

  • One word brand names- Hermes, Rolex, Cartier, GUCCI, Next.
  • Acronyms- H&M, C&A, ADIDAS
  • Founder’s name- Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Dolce and Gabbana


3.Popular Naming Trends In The IT Industry

There are many businesses that can be found in the IT industry which are of the following brand name trends.

  • Compound names- Paypal, Facebook
  • Simple and short names- Intel, Adobe


4.Naming Trends Of The Food Industry

The following naming trends have been followed by the majority of the food industry entrepreneurs. 

  • One worded brand names- Nestle, Mars, Cargill
  • Acronyms- JBS, ADM, CHS


5. Naming Trends Of The E-commerce Industry

Check out the startup naming trends of the e commerce industry. These trends are still being followed by many entrepreneurs in this industry.

  • Using generic words- Amazon, Rakuten
  • Short brand names- ebay, Otto


6. Startup Naming Trends Of The Tourism Industry

The following listed naming trends are popular in the tourism industry.

  • Generic words- Ovation Travel Group, Omega World Travel
  • Key worded brand names- Direct Travel, Travel & Transport
  • Acronyms – CWT, ATG, BCD


7. Startup Naming Trends Of The Apparel Industry

These are some popular naming trends in the apparel industry.

  • Founder’s name- Armani, Fendi
  • Mythical names- Nike, Hermes
  • Generic names-  puma, the north face
  • Unique names- Nike, ADIDAS


8. Naming Trends Of The Social Industry

Most of the entrepreneurs of the social media industry have followed these startup naming trends.

  • Compound words- Facebook, WeChat
  • Generic words- Twitter, Medium
  •  Made Up words- skype, Instagram


9. Hotel And Restaurant Industry Startup Naming Trends

  • Included numbers- 21c Museum Hotel, hotel 71
  • Long names- Belmond Hotel Splendido, Katikies Sun Rocks
  • Generic words- Four Seasons Hotel, Royal Mansour

These are some famous startup naming trends of the hotel and restaurant industry.

Important: Trend means always updating the trend you follow today can be replaced by something innovative tomorrow. Despite the industry, the trend can be changed time to time. But  brand names from the past two decades have proved that brand names that included brand name qualities are successful. So do not forget to consider brand name qualities in your brand name.

Comparisons of Naming Trends

Naming your startup is the foremost important duty you should do before starting any new businesses. Startup name trends change from time to time and we cannot come for a strict decision to follow any trends blindly, it’s all matters about the startups impact which is caused by the founder. Still, startup naming is a faddish endeavor.

You can often identify which era a startup started by looking at its naming styles. We have studied and sorted out the naming trends of some of the fastest growing companies which were founded in recent years and some old companies which were successful.

Old Trend Recent Trend
Word with too many vowels(Google,Yahoo)
From 1990-2000
Name end with cute suffixes (Spotify,Napster)
From 2000-2019
Word with not enough vowels (twitter,Flickr)
From 2000-2010
Compound words (Snapchat,PayPal)
From 2010-2019
Two words jammed together with a capitalized
letter in the middle (YouTube,LinkedIn)
From 2000-2010
Mash-Up words (Instagram)
From 2010-2019
Long and descriptive Names (Apple Computer ,
Cisco Systems)
Early 1980
Human Names (Hulu,Oscar)
From 2005-2019
Fruit Names (Apple,BlackBerry)
Early 1980
Keep Short and Simple (Uber,Nest)
From 2010-2019
Startups cropping up with “AI” in their
names(Argo AI)
late 2016

Brand Naming Trends In 2021

Our brand name specialists have analyzed the naming trends of past few years and predicts the following naming trends for the coming year 2021. If you are planning to start a business in 2021, do not forget to consider the following naming trends.

  1. Short names- Most of the brand names of the startups of last few years, the brand names consist of 4 to 6 characters such as, Brex (2017)
  2. Unique names- Most of the entrepreneurs from the last few years have chosen names that are unique as their brand names for example,  Meesho (2015).
  3. Generic words – This is also a naming trend a considerable amount of entrepreneurs selected generic words for their brand name. Although these brand names are generic worded they do not represent the core of the business. Our brand name specialists point this out as a special feature. For example, Cameo (2017)

Which Brand Name Trend Is The Best?

Whatever the trend you follow to ensure these factors are included in your brand name. This trend will keep your brand name stand out for decades. Your brand name should be, 

01. Short And Simple

Your brand name needs to be short and simple. People like to remember brand names that are short and simple. There are many brand names in your customers’ heads and if your brand name gets too long and complex, they will not remember it. So keep your brand name limited within 4 to 6 letters. Make sure it is simple to the customer’s eye. For example, Nike, Google, Yahoo.

02. Creative And Meaningful

There is more tendency in remembering the brand name that has a meaning. With a good meaning or message about your product or service, the quality of your product or service will make your brand name more trustworthy. So make sure to connect a heartwarming and relevant meaning to your brand name. For example, the meaning of Google is digit 1 is followed by a hundred zeros.

03. Easy To Pronounce

It does not matter how trendy your brand name is if it cannot be pronounced easily. Do not forget that you are dealing with humans and your brand name needs to be favorable to the human tongue. For example, Twitter, Viber, HP.

04. Unique

As stated earlier in this article, to stand out in the market, your brand name needs to be unique. For example, Hulu, Samsung, Amazon. Make sure your brand name is unique enough to be selected easily among the other competitive brand names.

05. User Friendly

Your brand name needs to be easy to deal with when it comes to your smart devices such as laptops, smartphones, tabs, etc. When your brand name is easy to pronounce for the robots in your smart device, it will be easy for anyone in the world to read it. So make sure your brand name is robots friendly.

Now you have good knowledge about the brand name trends and know-how your brand name should shape according to the given suggestions. Trendy brand naming!!!