Startup Naming Trends

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Finding the proper name for your new start-up is perhaps one among the foremost important and toughest decisions you make while starting a business. The right name can make your company stand out from your competitors while the wrong one can lead it to failure.

Keep in mind that your business name is going to be an extension of your brand therefore one must put in the maximum amount of effort into naming their business.

In addition to branding, it’s also important to consider the trend in which ventures name their new start-ups. Most of these sound ridiculous at first but once a venture becomes successful, we all end up in using these names no matter how worse they seem.

Let’s look at some start-up naming qualities which are trending in recent years.

Keep Short

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Some Start-ups work hard to find the best name for their business. Ideally, it should be short, memorable and straightforward to pronounce.

Names that meet all the standards are commonly taken, however, so most founders find a compromise.

Early days Startups also go with two words where the first name is the brand and second name for the field. Once they reach the billion-dollar valuation mark they drop the second word. A good example is Apple Computers who drop their second-word “Computer” in order to provide a wider field of consumer electronics.

So going with one word is preferable for many companies and the trend is to shorten the start-up name as much as possible.

Creative & Meaningful

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Creative names usually come mistakenly , it’s a sudden idea which erupts on various incidents. Some come up with catchy business name ideas but the ultimate purpose of naming the startup is to satisfy the customers and make a brand out of it.

If your startup name is already occupied or the domain of your startup it taken by someone else ,No worries just delete some alphabets or remove the vowel such as Flickr, Tumblr and also you can replace some similar pronouncing letters such as “list” can be replaced with “Lyst”. These are some popular creative misspelling techniques used by many startup founders and the trend is followed by many when changing their startup names but we do not recommend this method since it’s not a professional way of naming instead you can buy a perfect name for your startup from brand name market places such as

One of the most sustainable business naming practices is to come up with something  that sounds real or an actual word. Naming experts have emphasized the rise of compound words and made-up words that sound real. They are referring to some hot technologies to be used like Artificial Intelligent in making up words . These compound words also can be easily top the search results but marketing the word will not be that easy.

These are some successful startup made-up names which are trending worldwide.

  •     Facebook
  •     YouTube
  •     WordPress
  •     LinkedIn
  •     PayPal
  •     Snapchat

User friendliness

User friendliness image

Many startups name their business without any expert knowledge and they don’t focus the customers at the first glance while naming their startup but when they become successful they will find it difficult to change their name.

For example, Twitter called itself Twtter when they initially launched without any consideration about the customer user friendliness and pronunciations but luckily they bought the vowel back.

Also, some creative misspellings and compound words are good to name initially but you should consider whether it is pronounceable, easily spell- able  and more importantly user friendly.

So many companies consider the user friendliness initially before naming the startup so that they can attract many lead customers and can support robotic searches such as Siri, Cortana in order to market their product and the trend goes on.

Language & Symbols

Startup founders’ creativity has allowed for a wider array of catchy startup names. Many predicted a couple of years ago that startups would address obscure foreign languages for names but instead they’re still mostly using their native tongues.

If the targeted customer of the startup is local people then the native language for naming will be fine but if the customers are globally targeted then using the international language English is the most preferable.

Some Startups are choosing personalized human names to humanize the product or service they’re selling.So they use human names as the startup name and some become successful because of the brand of that individual.

The logo of a brand is the iconic symbol of their business which is used to market their product and uniquely identify the business. So all the start-ups name the business alongside a logo. A startup name without a logo is  like a person without his identity.


Unique image

Everyone wants their brand to be unique and stand out from the crowd and uniqueness will be the identity of the business. If you don’t own the .com domain, you cannot stand out from others.

Most prominent startups who have succeeded in their business are one who is original and unique where there are no any prior old startup names similar to their names. So there is diverging desires to come up with an original name similar to “Google” and to take advantage of the trend.

When a new company succeeds then all the other novel founders tend to follow the same method. When shopify uses the suffix at the end of the name all the other new companies follow the same trend and they are still trying to add cute suffixes at the end of the word.

So the uniqueness is identified by the originality of your business name. If  you’re struggling to come up with a unique business name or you have a name in mind but unsure how to proceed, use this guide to help you finalize the decision.

Comparisons of Naming Trends

Naming your startup is the foremost important duty you should do before starting any new businesses. Startup name trends change from time to time and we cannot come for a strict decision to follow any trends blindly, it’s all matters about the startups impact which is caused by the founder. Still, startup naming is a faddish endeavor.

You can often identify which era a startup started by looking at its naming styles. We have studied and sorted out the naming trends of some of the fastest growing companies which were founded in recent years and some old companies which were successful.

Old Trend Recent Trend
Word with too many vowels(Google,Yahoo)
From 1990-2000
Name end with cute suffixes (Spotify,Napster)
From 2000-2019
Word with not enough vowels (twitter,Flickr)
From 2000-2010
Compound words (Snapchat,PayPal)
From 2010-2019
Two words jammed together with a capitalized
letter in the middle (YouTube,LinkedIn)
From 2000-2010
Mash-Up words (Instagram)
From 2010-2019
Long and descriptive Names (Apple Computer ,
Cisco Systems)
Early 1980
Human Names (Hulu,Oscar)
From 2005-2019
Fruit Names (Apple,BlackBerry)
Early 1980
Keep Short and Simple (Uber,Nest)
From 2010-2019
Startups cropping up with “AI” in their
names(Argo AI)
late 2016

Importance of Naming a start-up

Why is it important?

Naming a startup is important because only if the name is relevant it can help people remember the name easily and also the purpose of it. A simple and descriptive name goes a long way in its recognition and sticks in the minds of the people comfortably.

It also creates a visual identity to the product or service. The name of a startup will grow eventually and become a brand name for the products or service that comes out of the startup. A strong name will help to create a strong brand foundation and reputation. A startup name has the power to build a long-lasting relationship between a company and customers.

Advantages of selecting a startup name

A startup name is the strength of a product or service. If the naming process becomes unsuccessful the whole business will turn out to be a disaster. Having a memorable and catchy name will capture the attention of the customers and encourage them to look deep into the details about the business or product.

The name is the first thing they hear or see about the product therefore the first impression should make an immediate impact on the customer. It evokes a strong passion for the brand. A name is also a method to create an emotional connection with the customers, therefore it should be in a way it appeals to their sensibilities.

Technical Importance

Does technology impact on naming your startup ??

Yes, technology has a positive impact on naming the startup. As usual technology helps people in all their activities. With the use of AI, Neural Networks and brainstorming tools a user can get options for a good startup name.

You can also make use of the applications such as to check for other valid and highly vocabulary scored  domain names, Meanwhile You can trademark the startup name by not allowing it to be taken by another. A name can be maintained and updated along with the reach it gains among the customers. Online suggestions and recommendations will give a fruitful result in the development of a good startup name.

With many startup businesses taking up more online, it is difficult for new startup businesses to find a traditionally desirable exact company URL which matches the company name . This is not always possible some companies find it difficult to keep their exact name as the domain name: For example, when Twitter initially launched, its  website URL was “”

The extension .com remains king for the startup domains, but the exact match domains is forcing many ventures to urge creative with their domain names and social media handles.

However, finding an English word with a particular match to the company’s name is not an easy task nowadays .So many online brand name generators can be seen in the market which give many suggestions . offers an excellent way to get around premium domain price tags, which is preferable for start-ups and new businesses looking to save lots of a couple of thousand dollars.

Technological innovations in naming

Technology assists its users by providing easy ways to solve problems. If you get stuck in the process of naming and choosing a domain, you can use the help of the domain name finding tools on the internet to come up with a unique domain of .com extensions.There are many online tools which can be used to see if the domain is available or not, where in the early days people find it difficult in assuring whether already that specific startup name exist , They had to go for manual searching process which takes a lot of time to find it and also not reliable.

In the meantime a user can design a logo using a computer application or online application to create a logo that will suit the startup name. A new identity will be created along with the positive impacts of technology.

Brinso brand name market place scans Sedo,Flippa and many domain reselling websites and filter out the brand names with all brand name qualities and calculate the buying worth considering the price of the domain where all  the important information can be checked in a few seconds.

In fact, Finding a startup name used to be all about the domain name. It has become less important with the introduction of mobile phones and its wide usage, where clients find apps by searching for an app in playstore. Startups can add a word like “app” to its name if the URL is too expensive to buy and that will be helpful in the search engine searching process as well.

Artificial Intelligence

Many startup naming software’s use AI in their naming algorithms which is very informative and reliable Finding the best name for your business can take hours, but thanks to technological advancement with the help of AI, users can find the perfect domain names ever and increase their productivity of the company.

When we just input some details these software’s identify all the brand names and filter those data using deep learning processes where it output the recommended unique brand names.

Is it necessary to market through social media

Social media has turned out to be one of the most popular sources of transferring information around the world. Naming a startup through social media will give it a higher recognition. Certain social media handlers assist in this process. One must make use of the startup name in every social media in a way without complicating the customers.

Since the new marketing strategies have become vital in social media, users try to follow those businesses and many startups initially market their name through social media in order to get reach. So the impact of Social media is high and founders should follow this trend in order to succeed in their businesses.

Naming Ideas

Relevant to your product or service

When you analyse Startup names you will find many of them are not relevant to the business they do, Some have a partial name of the service or product they provide (Uber Eats) in here “Uber” is not relevant to their service but “EAT” gives a hinge that’s it somewhat relevant to food item.

Similar to this, some companies keep fruit names which is nowhere connected to their businesses such as Apple,BlackBerry etc. Many tech companies has something of tradition when it comes to fruit named brands and there can be many reasons for that such as

  •   It’s Unique and allows the brand to develop a distinct identity in the industry.
  •   It’s easy to remember since it’s a common word usually heard by many
  •   The name can be extended across different service or product categories such as Apple iphones , Apple MacBooks.


Having said that it’s ok for big giants like Apple corporation to have fruit names and fancy names but for small startups it will be very difficult to reach the market and to top in search engines they have to invest more on SEO and marketing.

We can come to a conclusion that startups should not bother in naming different names irrelevant to the business they do but the name should be meaningful,memorable, short and user friendly.

 Brinso brand name market place

Brinso is a brand name market place which is special and unique from all other brand name reselling companies. It is built with a special algorithm to find out the best brand name for its buying worthiness according to its price and vocabulary score .It also identifies the brand names meaning insights. Some startups spend millions for domain reselling sites to find the best domain for their company but it’s worth purchasing a new brand name which is highly ranked from with a price less than $500  .

 Your Satisfaction Matters

Startup Naming is important at the same time your satisfaction matters. After all It’s your business and your hard work has come in the form of business. You have to live with the business name for a long time ,so come up with those Start-up name ideas that help you find creative and meaningful. If you’re not satisfied you’re not going to deliver the best of you and may end up in failure. Therefore take ample time before you finally come out with a name.

What Naming Trend Should I Follow?

Naming Trends is not limited and trends change from time to time .The main reason why we have seen so many companies with fancy names and misspelled brand names over the last 20 years is because of the .COM domains scarcity.

If you want to lead as an entrepreneur then you need to be updated about the trends from time to time. Most companies keep updating themselves by introducing new features and functions. In recent days the trend of using a mobile phone is increasing and if you want to succeed then creating a mobile app targeting the mobile users is a must. The cost of making an app is not much when compared to losing your lead customers

In a world with thousands of new Top level domains ( there is no shortage of perfect names available now. So just keep it simple and don’t leave any room for misunderstanding and you will be fine.