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We know how hard it is to update that hotel business dream of yours to real. And we know how important it is to name your hotel or restaurant with the best brand name. Because the brand name plays a prominent role in your hotel and restaurant business. The hotel industry has had a strong connection with humans since the past and to make that connection stronger you need to get a perfect and brandable brand name to your hotel industry related business.

You may have no idea about how to get the perfect brand name for your hotel business. But in this article, you will learn, 

  1. What are the characteristics of a good brand name?
  2. Brandable brand names for hotels and restaurants
  3. Steps to be followed for a perfect hotel brand name
  4. More brand name ideas
  5. Best brand name ideas in the industry
  6. After selecting a brand name

What Are The Characteristics Of A Perfect Brand Name?

Without a perfect brand name, you cannot stand out of the competition. Brand name qualities make a perfect brand. All the following factors are interconnected and depend on each other. So do not forget to include all these characters in your brand name.

  • Uniqueness

Your hotel brand name should be unique in order to highlight your brand name from other brand names in the market. A unique brand name is a good reason to be selected by a client for the first time. A unique brand name gives a strong first impression on the customer. 

On the other hand, getting the .com domain extension for your hotel business also makes you a unique legal owner of the chosen hotel brand name. The memorability of a unique brand name is also high.

Unique- Inkaterra

Not unique- Grand Hotel Tremezzo

  • Easy to memorise

As hotel and restaurant businesses are highly connected with the clients, a memorable brand name is a must for your hotel business.  The memorable brand name provides a good reason for the clients to choose your hotel again and again in the future. 

Easy to memorise- Explora

Hard to memorise-  Pueblo Bonito

  • Easy to pronounce

This is an obvious factor. You cannot make a perfect brand name if it cannot be pronounced. Some entrepreneurs think if the brand names cannot be pronounced easily, it makes the brand name luxury and unique. NO. The vocabulary score of the brand name is a good way to find out the pronunciation ability and the memorization quality of the brand name. If it is higher than 60, you have found a good brand name.

Easy to pronounce- COMO

Hard to pronounce- Florblanca

  • Easy to spell and write

We live in a digital era and most of the day to day tasks are done with the help of the internet. Your brand name needs to be easy to write and spell if a client tries to google your brand name. Pronunciation ability is also important in spell and writing. Your brand name should be easy in converting to the written form.

Easy to spell and write- The Silo

Hard to spell and write- Le Barthelemy

  • Avoid generic words

Do not include common words such as personal name, city or country names or any other keywords related to the hotel business industry. Generic words or partial generic words in a brand name can only make you one of the common brand names in the market. So avoid generic words in your brand name.

No generic words- the Mulia

Generic words included- The Lodge at Blue Sky

  • Avoid numbers and special characters in your brand name

People include numbers and special characters to their brand name to give a strong brand story to their hotel businesses. Brand names with numbers and special characters make issues in pronunciation and memorization. So avoid numbers and special characters!!!.

No numbers and special characters- Singita

Included numbers and special character- Shangri – La

  • Avoid negative connotation

Some brand names generate negative meanings in other languages. This can be a problem when foreign clients search for hotels in your country. Imagine what will happen if your brand name generates negative meaning in their language. So before you settle with a brand name search on the internet to make sure it has no negative meaning!!!.

No negative meaning- Raffles

Have negative meaning- Secret Bay

  • Not longer than 6 characters

A perfect brand name limits its character count between 4 to 6 characters. Short brand names are hard to forget. So we are counting on the character count of your hotel brand name.

With 4 to 6 characters- Amparo

Longer than 6 characters- Brush Creek Ranch

  • Do not imitate other brand names

This makes you just one of the common brand names in the market. It is all about giving a unique experience to our clients and why not the brand name? The brand name is a powerful marketing tool which represents your brand story and values of your hotel business. Your story is different from others, so do not imitate an existing brand name as it leads you to legal ownership problems too.

Not a copy of an existing hotel brand name- Taj

Copied from an existing hotel brand name- Deer Path Inn/ Fogo Island Inn

  • Familiar with the robots

We have a good connection with robots or AI systems on our mobile phones like Google Assistant and Cortana. If your clients voice search your hotel brand name, your brand name must be easy to grab by the robots. On the other hand, if a robot can catch your brand name easily, it proves that any human being in the world can read it. So make sure your brand name can be spelled by the robots.   

Familiar with robots- The Mark

Not familiar with robots-  Sol Y Luna

Our brand name specialists consider these characteristics in recognizing a brand name as a perfect brand name. All these brand name qualities are easy to follow and include in a brand name. And if you have no idea to include these qualities to your brand name, do not worry we have listed some brand names for you.

Brandable Brand Names For Hotel And Restaurant Businesses

Roniwo Hotels


Sotel Resorts

Heanxo Hotels Group



Kruisen Suits

hotelzo logoHotelzo Inn

Laxot Hotel Corporation

Melto Hotels

Sengxo Resorts

Auduxo Hotels


Allezo Hotels Group


Ultano Suits

Ezsu Hotels And Resorts

These brand names included all the above stated brand name qualities. All these brand names are unique, professional and can be used for any business related to the hotel industry. And you know what the good news is? All these brand names are totally available to purchase!!!

What Are The Steps To Get A Perfect Hotel Brand Name?

Maybe you have no idea about how to start this naming process. Actually, there is no such a process to follow this step first and that step last. But we have arranged these steps as it is the easiest way to get a good brand name idea for your hotel business.

  • Know your audience.

First of all, clarify the target audience you’re referring to. Is it luxury clients or the clients who seek for budget hotels etc? You can even do market research to find out more about your clients. Awareness of your clients leads you for a more relevant brand name.

  • Know your competitors.

Analyze the successful hotel and restaurant brand names in the market. Study their brand names, what are unique features of their brand names etc. By that, you can create a better brand name than the existing brand names.

  • Brainstorming hotel brand name ideas.

Analyze the keywords of the hotel industry. This will give you a good understanding of brand names and how you should shape your brand name in order to get a good client reach. 

  • Refer to brand name generators

Brand name generators are also a good method to get a brand name idea for your hotel and restaurant business. But most of the brand name ideas are auto-generated and if you’re searching for a unique and creative brand name for your hotel business this will not be a good idea. And our brand name specialists always recommend getting handpicked brand name ideas as they are more unique and creative.

  • Ask others’ opinions

You can get some opinions from your family members or friends. Ask them what they prefer and you can select one. Or you can reach out to a sample client and ask them to pick the best one.

  • The Availability

After you settle with a brand name idea you need to check the availability of the brand name to make sure no one has picked it before you.  You can easily check your brand name’s trademark availability at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

What Is A Good Name For A Hotel?

The following brand name ideas are created by our brand name specialists, to make you aware of the brand names.

Happy Moment

Tasty Dish

Happy Eating

Moms Recipe

Fresh Vegetables

Green Fruits

Devil Kitchen

Your Holiday

Clear Pot

Table Hot

Hot Cafe

King Resto

Royal Cafe

Rich Table

Family Rest

The Dinner

Delight Hour

Favo Minutes

Cardamom Spoon

Paper Friend

Grevy Graders

Tasty Kids

Morning Meal

The Grill

Grill Foods

Divine Lunch

Heal Food

Food Sparks

Foody Dots

Red Cafe

Famous Lunch

Sugar Cube

Vint Kitchen

Lovely Hut

Nature Hut

Free Time

Rosy Hotel

Sunny Beach

Empire Choice

Food Way

Table Talk

Happy Bay

Leisure Club

Memory Lodge

Nature Desire

The Outing

Leisure Passion

Chilling Place

These brand names are suitable for hotels that expect local clients than foreign clients. And for the entrepreneurs who are not looking for professional brand names for their hotel startups.

How To Come Up With A Catchy Business Name?

If you are looking for a professional and brandable brand name for your hotel, the first and foremost factor you have to consider is catchiness. The catchiness of a brand name comes with how easy to memorize, pronounce, spell and write the chosen brand name. If you need a catchy brand name make sure to choose a brand name with all the brand name qualities.

Want More Filtered Brand Name Ideas?

Here are some more brand name ideas for your hotel and restaurant business form our brand name specialists.

Luxury Hotel Brand Name Ideas

Fancy Dream

The Royal

At Kings

Ivory Hotels

Rich Gardens

Pearl Villa

Lux Wave

Hill Resort

Deluxe Inn

Lavish Resort

Hill Regency

Grand Hotel

These brand names are suitable for luxury hotels that expect local clients.

Beach Resort Brand Name Ideas

With Waves

The Island

Sea Spring

Blue View

Coral Gardens

Golden Coast

Seventh Wave

Beach Leisure

Marmain Castle

Sand Castle

Sea Shells

Beach Spend

These brand names are suitable for any vacation rentals including mountain vacation rentals, cottages, cabins, lake houses, etc.

Brand Name Ideas For Restaurants

Golden Cafe

Tasty Burgers

Spicy Taste

Eatery Hut

Inex Foods

Deco Buns

Rolls Palace

Dosa Rest

Grill Hut

Barbecue Time

Curry Dish

Home Kitchen

These brand names are suitable for restaurants such as fast-food restaurants, family restaurants.

Spanish Hotel Name Ideas

estancia rápida

Bienvenido a casa

habitación temporal

el paraiso

cerca de la playa

resplandor de la noche

la mejor naturaleza

gloria del hotel

mejor vista

felicidad del hotel

hotel de lujo

tu elección

Italian Hotel Name Ideas

classico dell'hotel

meglio restare

locanda nella giungla

paradiso di montagna

vista delle montagne

giardino floreale

stella della fortuna

cottage di città

la vista

pausa mattutina

monte verde

resort da sogno

Japanese Hotel Name Ideas


Hoteru no yama

Oka no ue no rizōto





Saikō no kyūsoku

Gurando hoteru


Anata no su

Hoteru no hōseki

Hotel Room Name Ideas

Room Sky Vew

Luxury Suite

Family Nest

Awsome Room

Hot Spot Suite

Room Glamor

Cozy Suite

Lovers Hut

Mountain View

Room Extra Plus

Cool Pot

Amazing Nest

Small Hotel Names

Birds Nest

Tiny Hub

Hotel Dinky

Bitty Gem

Hotel Minor

Pretty Small Resort

Small Nest

Free Birds

Small Is Gold

Hotel Micro

Amazing Little Hotel

Dinkey Resort

The Top Hotel Chains In The World




Ritz-Carlton Hotel

The Oberoi


Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts

Mandarin Oriental




St Regis Hotels


Rosewood Hotels & Resorts


Consider These Factors After Selecting The Brand Name

Your hotel business journey is starting with a good brand name. But there are more steps that you need to consider. Consider these factors after you settle with a brand name…

  • Choose a logo

The logo also requires serious attention. It makes your brand name even shinier. So select a good logo for your hotel business.

  • Choose a tagline

Slogan provides extra meaning to your brand name. You can design your one slogan or you can get a suitable tagline from online. But make sure it improves your brand name identity and contains your business values.

  • Domain name availability     

Creating an active website is also a good thing for a hotel business. For that, you need a domain name and you need to check the availability of the domain name too. It is advisable that you can get the exact domain match for your brand name.

Most Beautiful Hotels In The World

  • Belmond Hotel Caruso – Italy
  • Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort – Oman
  • Riad Fes Maya in Fes – Morocco
  • Aman Venice 
  • Blanket Bay in Glenorchy – New Zealand
  • Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood – Thailand
  • The Sarojin in Khao Lak – Thailand
  • Kamalame Cay in Andros – Bahamas
  • The Fife Arms – Scotland
  • Alila Yangshuo – China