400+ E-Commerce Company Name Ideas

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The competition in the e-commerce industry is so fierce. It is hard for e-commerce entrepreneurs and business owners to stand out. You may have a smart business plan and good marketing strategies, but the Ace in the game is your business name. Without making a perfect choice as your eCommerce business name, you can’t be so sure about the success of your business. So how do you choose a perfect eCommerce business name?

Here we are with all the solutions you need! Brinso branding experts have hundreds of eCommerce business name examples below to help your task.  None of these brand names were auto-generated. Our brand name specialists have created each and every of these brand names after deep research on the psychology of branding. Let’s take a look!

Brandable Ecommerce Company Name Ideas

How To Name Your Ecommerce Business?

Naming your eCommerce business is very easy if you know the exact factors, a professional and catchy name that makes your eCommerce business name perfect. Following the steps accordingly and considering all the factors may lead you to the best and most suitable eCommerce business name.

Here are some examples of e-commerce company name ideas. We have listed these e-commerce company brand names from brand name reselling companies after considering all the brand name qualities and factors that make an ecommerce business name perfect.









Online Store name ideas

Online Store Name Ideas

To attract more online customers towards your online store you need to select an eye catching and unique online store name idea. Here are some catchy name ideas for your online store.

On biz

Shoppy Me

On Shop

Cart Add

Plus Shop


Click Buy



Shop App

Trendy Cart

Good Add

Good Add


Click Pro

Shopping Fly

Online Collect

Set Click

Pop Buy

Pro Access

Buy Wrap

Snip Point

Shopping Corner

E- Click

Shop Rest

E- Dealers

Speed Shopping

Seller Mart

Best Rates

Pop Up

E Swift

Trade Boom

-How do I choose an online store name?

These are the factors you need to consider to choose a brand name for your online store. 

  • Easy to memorize 
  • Easy to pronounce
  • No keywords are included
  • No generic words are included
  • Uniqueness (.com domain name availability )

Ecommerce Company Name Ideas

A good brand name can show the worth of your company to the world. If you are having doubts about how to name your eCommerce company, the best way is to choose the most suitable naming method. According to the brand name specialists, the best method to choose a name for your eCommerce company is to analyze the naming trends of competitors to sharpen your ideas. Here is the list we came up with as examples. 

Check And Buy

Buy Online

Business .com

e Limitation

Easy Online

Zap Shop

Tap On

One Click

Spot Ship

Fast Shop

Online .com

Easy Click

Sit n Relax

Set Click

Ready Ship

Shopping Pro

Click Pro

Your Shop

Buy Better

Trade In

Trade Pal

Capital Ecom

Coin Kart

Flip On

Trade Coin

Shopping Pal

Trade Log

Dealer Cart

Shopping Experts

Dealers Hood

Click Set

Click N Buy

How do I come up with a catchy e-commerce company name?

A catchy ecommerce business name can attract new customers to your business. But how can you brainstorm a catchy name? It is a bit different than choosing a random name. Here are the factors that can help you craft your catchy business name.

eCommerce Business Name Ideas

Who doesn’t like a good ecommerce business name? So we decided to list good ecommerce business name ideas for you.

Online Go

On Fit

E Setup

Bonus House

Happy Mart

Store Pal

Fly By

Each And All

All One

One Store

Happy Deal

Gift Combo

Free Bill

Give Away

On Shopping

Shopping Go

E Manufacture

Space Cart

Gift Pile

Gift Boat

Zap Shop

Goods Spot

Buy Unlimited

Wide Range

Online Dealer

Shop Hub

Easy N Fast

Click For

How To Name Your eCommerce Business?

  • Create a list of brand name ideas for your eCommerce business.
  • Do research on the competitor eCommerce business names.
  • Evaluate each brand name idea individually according to the brand naming qualities, brand naming trends, and psychological factors.
  • Only keep a few brand name ideas that will 100% match your eCommerce business.
  • Go for a feedback session with family, colleagues, relations, friends, and take help from social media too.
  • Check the availability of the chosen eCommerce business along with the .com domain extension.
  • Register the final chosen name idea for your eCommerce business.
Online Shop name ideas

Online Shop Name Ideas

The business name list below is created for those who are interested in a catchy name for their online shop. To make your online shop name catchy, check the vocabulary score of the name. If it is above 6 and also the phonological loop value is above 60%, you have a good name to start your business. As an extra tip, the character count of a catchy online shop is limited to four, five, or six characters. 

e- Trade

Online Web

Trade U

Pro Deal

e Purchase

e-commerce Cart

Quick Pick

Choose Best

Com Shop

Online Source

Fill The Cart

Click And Buy

The Spot

Easy Mart

Auto Buy

Online Comfort

Buy Safe

Store E

Quick Swift

Snap Buy

Comfort E

Fast Trade


Buy Fast

With the pandemic of covid-19 in the whole world, the number of online shops has increased rapidly. There are countless online shops available in the world and many of them are providing worldwide shipping services. If you are targeting to open an international and professional online shop we would recommend checking our professional brand name list.

e-commerce website name ideas

E-commerce Website Name Ideas

The below website name ideas are manually created by our brand name specialist for your newly starting e-commerce website. Having good knowledge of business naming and following them will help you to name your eCommerce website successfully. Let’s check out the examples.

E Web

On Shopper

Shop Ship

Shop Com

Shopy Cart

On Tour

Free Cart


Shopy Extreme

U Retail

World Shopz

Extra Buy

Com Line

Deal Cart

Trade Hook

E Log

Commerce Hub

Store Pal

Hub Fox

Invest Zone

Trade Coin

Lead Deal

Best Offer

Mix Shop

-Which domain extension is best for eCommerce websites?

These are the domain extensions you can use for your eCommerce website, eCommerce company, digital store, online shop and any business related to the eCommerce industry. 








But don’t forget the king of the domain extensions is .com and it is the recommendation of most brand name specialists for businesses including online businesses.

Online shopping company name ideas

Online Shopping Business Name Ideas

You can use the below-listed business name ideas for any type of online shopping company. It can be a clothing store, fashion store, makeup store, pet store, discount store, or any related business. 

During the process of naming your online shopping company, you may wonder how to choose a good one. A good name comes with how easily it can be spelled, memorized, and pronounced. If you need a good name for your online business, make sure to consider the above three factors. Let’s see some examples.

On Shop

Live E

Shop Me

E Shopper

The Shop

On Cart

Easy Shopping

On Store

E Place

On Plaza

Super Buy

Shopping Line

Smart Mart

Shop Flash

E Mart

Trade Mart

E- Buy

Door Step

Shop Fast

Boom Mart

Connect Store

Shopping Spot

Smart Buy

E Store

How To Name Your Online Business?

Unlike other businesses, when it comes to online shopping, you should consider many factors. Choose a name with all the brand name qualities, follow up the naming trends, analyze competitors, choose the right domain extension, are some main requirements in your case. Consider these factors when naming your online business. 

Digital Shop name ideas

Name Ideas For Digital Shop

What is a good name for a digital shop? Here is a  list of business name ideas that are suitable for your digital shop. Get your ideas inspired by following these digital shop name examples.

My Cart

Trade Money

Shop All

Shop Hub

Click Set

Shipping Rock

E Buy

Open Store

Online Kart

Quick Deals

Click Quick

Best Deal

Digi- Revolve

Global Tech

Solution A

Creative Digitals

Brain Option

Exotic Fraction

Made Options

Digi Log

Wave Lab

Digital Shot

One Step

Global Focus

Is it ok to use a name that has already been used?

Yes, You can use a name that has been already used. But, using a brand name that has been registered or used early can bring your business many negative impacts. There are brand names that have been used for spam or something illegal. So you can end up having those negative effects on your business too. Or else, it might be a known business name for a different industry than you’re going to use now. That can bring trouble to your marketing plans. So we do not recommend used brand names for your digital shop if you’re starting professionally.

Online Clothing store name ideas

Online Clothing Store Name Suggestions

You can use the below-listed brand name ideas for any type of online shopping company that you start. It may be a clothing store. Fashion store. Makeup store, pet store, discount store, or any other that you are meaning through online. 

When it comes to an online clothing store almost everyone is interested in it and also there are many competitors who are in the same field. To come up with the huge competition and to take a boost to your online clothing store, a professional brand name is a must. You should have a good enough name to compete and come over the competitors. Here are a few brand name ideas manually created by our brand name specialist for your online clothing store. 

Robe On

Apparel Dodge

Dress Hub

Clothe Hut

Woolen Mall

Fabric Bazar

Linen Boutique

Silk Stock

Cotton Outlet

Warehouse On

Trendy Warehouse

Dress Hub

Best Collection

Clothing Lovers

Satin Collection

Put On

Bossy Collection

Classy Outfit

Costume World

Best Outfit

Velvert Stop

Textile Storm

Your Costume

Clothing Attire

Is starting an online clothing store profitable?

Online clothing businesses can be named as one of the most profit generating businesses in the world. With the covid-19 epidemic almost all the business is happening online and those who had no online store are starting to make their presence online. There will be no cost for a live store, employees, electricity bill, water bill etc. Only you have to bear the cost for conducting the website and purchasing clothes.

Online beauty store name ideas

Online Beauty Store Brand Name Ideas

The below-listed brand name ideas are manually created for those who wish to start an online beauty store after analyzing the naming trends in the industry.

The below-listed brand name ideas are manually created for those who wish to start an online beauty store after analyzing the naming trends in the industry. These brand name ideas are only recommended for those who wish to start their online beauty business very small and not in a professional way.

Sparkle Time

Chic Lovely

Petal Closet

Style Lab

Miss Classy

Trendy Fashion

Bliss Spot

Style On

Glow Boutique

Trendy Value

House Of Fashion

Style Hub

Mood On

Crazy Line

Style Doo

Glam On

Fashion Loft

Trendy Blush

Lovely Boutique

Hello Style

Boutique Glamours

Trendy Curve

Fashion Line

Glam Up

Benefits Of Having An Online Beauty Store

  • Can compare the competitors prices
  • Present in an attractive way
  • Be available worldwide
  • Open 24/7/365
  • Can promote easily
  • Let all the people know about offers, discounts and sale
  • Can offer beauty products for less price because the cost for a live store and other 
  • expenses that cost when having a live store is nil.
Shopify business name ideas

Catchy Shopify Business Name Ideas

How to come up with a catchy name for your Shopify store? Using simple, but attractive names can help your customers remember you effortlessly. That can also help you keep your own loyal customer base in your Shopify store. Here are some of the examples by Brinso branding experts to name your Shopify business perfectly.

Fashion Appetite

Shopify Mania

Click pick

Beyond Limits

Bamboo shoppe

Vintage Plus

Craft Cave

Tribal Treasures

Antique Here

Comic Lords

Urban Delight

Giftme Jewels

Blonde F

Fusion World

Cloud Track

Colo Target

Sense Up

Chic Play

Little Sly

Motion Best

Minit Mount

Drop Cave

Ship Delight

Online Worth

Check out the competitors below to get your ideas inspired!

  • Urbana Sacs
  • Staples
  • Happiness Abscissa
  • Harper Wilde
  • All Birds
  • Heraldic Jewelry
  • Press London
  • Newton Supply Co.
drop shipping company names

Drop Shipping Business Name Ideas

Check out these catchy dropshipping store name ideas before you start brainstorming yours. Currently, there are thousands of drop shipping stores in the world and a few companies are trying to dominate the market. Finding the correct naming method and trend will help you to come up with the correct brand name for your dropshipping store to compete with others.

Superhero Toystore

Demigo Fancy

Eco Emart

Urban Supermall

Elegant Heels

Goldy Crafts

Luxury Carts

Dressme Royal

Cyber Shop

Golden Heels

VIP Clickables

Digitec Outlet

Store Fox

Deal Z

Offer Track

Shopz Track

Track Stuffz

Trust Now

Buy Things

EZ Store

Cheap Outlet

Value Less

Super Trust

Plus Safe

Competitor Analysis
  • Inspire Uplift
  • Bluecrate
  • Meowingtons
  • HYGO
  • Mooshe Socks
  • Gadgetox
  • Dog Pawty

Brand Name Ideas For Your Shopping App

The below brand name ideas are created manually by our brand name consultant for your online shopping app such as online clothing app, only fashion app, online food app, etc.

If you need a unique name for your shopping app there are a few factors you need to pay attention to. The first factor that makes your shopping app unique is making sure that there is no one else in the world as you and you’re not being someone else. You have to be different and unique with the product and service you’re providing. There should be a reason for users to come and visit your shopping app avoiding others. The second factor that makes your online shopping app unique is owning the .com domain extension. As far as you have the .com domain extension on your website, you’re unique. According to USA law, the ownership of a company goes to the person who owns the .com domain extension of the brand name.

Shoppy Me

Good Add

Trendy Cart

Shop App



Buy On

Click Buy

On Shop

Cart Add

Plus Shop


One Click

Online Picks

Shopping Me

Web Store

Buy Quick

Flash Store

Shop Mart

Best Store

Mini Click

Swipe Up

The Mart

Shop Big

What's a cute name for a Online shop?

There are plenty of cute names available for your online shop. If you need a cute name for your online shop all you have to consider is the qualities of those brand names that make them cute. A cute online shop name is always easy to memorize and pronounce. Those brand names have high phonological loop values. Any online shop name that is easy to remember, pronounce, and with a high phonological loop value is considered as a cute online shop name.

eCommerce Platform Name Ideas

Here are the best brand name ideas for your eCommerce platform. All these brand names are manually created by our brand name specialists after analyzing all the brand naming trends in the industry. Only a good brand name can make your eCommerce platform stand out from others.

Here are the best brand name ideas for your eCommerce platform. All these brand names are manually created by our brand name specialists after analyzing all the brand naming trends in the industry. Only a good brand name can make your eCommerce platform stand out from others.

You Buy

Purchase Zone

Shopping Mart

Buy Fox

Deal Line

Shop Trade

Cart Hook

Hub Stack

Add Cart

Shopping Coin

Your Choice

Buy Premium

Deal Trade

Shopping Hub

Shopping Goal

Shop Set

Buy Line

Your Favorite

Click Wrap

Pop Up

Exclusive Collection

Shop Fly

Shop Zap

Dream Shop

What are e-commerce platform examples?

  • Shopify
  • Zyro
  • Woocommerce
  • Wix eCommerce
  • Bigcommerce
  • Square Online
  • Magento
  • Opencart

You May Have These Questions Regarding Your E-Commerce Brand Name…

01. What are the easy ways to get an e-commerce brand name?

Brand name generators. There are many brand name generators available on the internet. You can get thousands of brand name ideas for your ecommerce business but wait, don’t forget to evaluate it with our e commerce brand name evaluation tool.  Ex-: 

02. What are the top 4 eCommerce sites?

Amazon logoAmazon

Alibaba logoAlibaba

Ebay logoEbay

Rakuten logoRakuten

03. What are the popular words in the e-commerce industry?

04. What type of brand names should I avoid for my online business?

Avoid these type of brand names, 

  1. Brand names that are too long
  2. Brand names with numbers and special characters
  3. Brand names that are hard to pronounce
  4. Avoid negative meanings
  5. Brand names that are hard to remember

For example,

  • Shop101
  • ChemistWarehouse.au
  • ChainReactionCycles

05. Is Amazon an e -commerce company?

Amazon is a technology company but it focuses more on the eCommerce industry. It was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and now it is in the list of big 5 companies in the USA. 

How Do I Name My Ecommerce Business?

Our brand name specialists recommend a few steps to follow to get a strong and perfect brand name for your e-commerce startup. 

  • Step one: Create e-commerce brand name ideas as many as you can and make a list

Study the trending words, popular words in the eCommerce industry and create brand name ideas for your e-commerce business. We have listed eCommerce brand name ideas to inspire you.

  • Step two: Finalize the best brand name idea

As the second step, you have to finalize the best brand name idea for your e-commerce business. How to do that. In this step, our brand name specialists recommend checking the brand name qualities in your brand name. There are 10 universal brand name qualities and if you get a brand name that includes all these brand name qualities, you got a brandable brand name for your e-commerce business.

  • Step three: Sample your brand name idea

 The next step is to get the ideas of your audience. Ask your friends and relatives to give their ideas on your brand name. It would also be great if you can reach your target audience and collect their ideas. Here you need to check whether your brand name is easy to pronounce and memorable.

  • Step four: Check the availability 

The final step is to check the availability of the selected brand name idea. You can easily check the availability from godaddy.com and you can easily check the availability with our e-commerce brand name evaluation tool.

How To Choose A Perfect eCommerce Business Name

  • Competitor Research

You can do research on the competitor site names. It will help you to understand what kind of brand names the famous companies used and their naming trends. And also the companies failed in the process of naming their eCommerce company. 

  • Think Out Of The Box

Never stick into a specific frame when choosing a name. Think more than what you see and hear. It will give some good business name ideas for your eCommerce site.

  • Go For A Meaningful Business Name

Almost all the successful companies in all the industries have a meaning with their name. Try to choose a business name that conveys a positive meaning to the users.

  • Get Ideas From Different People

You can take help from different people and methods to choose a perfect business name for your eCommerce business. Talk to your parents, family, friends, team members and also get help from social media to find the best.

  • List Your eCommerce Business Name Ideas

You can create a list of the names that you have chosen for your E-commerce business. It may be names that you selected in the research process, names that you got from your family or friends, your own ideas, etc.

  • Shortlist Your Ideas

From the list that you create shortlist only a few brand names considering the brand name qualities and factors, a professional and perfect brand name should be.

  • Check For Legal Availability

Check the legal availability of the last few brand names that you have been selected to name your eCommerce site.

  • Check the .com domain availability

Along with the legal availability check the availability of the .com domain extension to be unique.

  • Finalize The Perfect One

After all these processes choose the most suitable brand name for your eCommerce business.

Ways Of Naming Your E-commerce Site

  • You can use your own name for your eCommerce website. This method is mostly used by popular characters in the world who want to build their reputation.
  • You can use a unique and creative name for your company. 
  • You can choose a brand name with a meaning in it.
  • You can use a foreign word or a word that gives a positive meaning to it.

More Brand Name Ideas Industry Wise…