Catchy Name Ideas For Your E-Commerce Store

“Handpicked brand name examples for your eCommerce store”

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Unlike other businesses, the e-commerce business is something really different. It is mainly based on the online presence of your company. Users only see your business online. At present, there are millions of online stores in the world. To stand out from them and to build trust among users is very difficult.

 When it comes to online purchase users think more and more about the trust and quality of products. So already most of them are used for one or two online stores to make their purchase. Thankfully you have grabbed the users. To make your identity and grow up in the industry a strong, unique brand name is very important. 

These brand names are created manually by our brand name experts after analyzing 15269 brand name ideas in the industry. These brand name ideas can be used for your Fashion related e-commerce site, online clothing store, Health e-commerce site, Online electronics store, etc.

Creative E-commerce Site Names

Our branding experts have listed all these brand names for you after analyzing the best and worst brand name in the e-commerce field. All these brand names are manually created to give you the best brand name experience. These brand names are not recommended to professional e-commerce websites. You can use these brand names if you have no idea to expand your business in the future.

Easy Click

Online .com

Fast Shop

Spot Ship

One Click

Tap On

Zap Shop

Easy Online

e Limitation

Business .com

Buy Online

Check And Buy

Click And Buy

Fill The Cart

Online Source

Com Shop

Choose Best

Quick Pick

e-commerce Cart

e Purchase

Pro Deal

Trade U

Online Web

e- Trade

Best Deal

Click Quick

Quick Deals

Online Kart

Open Store

E Buy

Shipping Rock

Click Set

Shop Hub

Shop All

Trade Money

My Cart

Flip On

Coin Kart

Capital ecommerce

Trade Pal

Trade In

Buy Better

Your Shop

Click Pro/p>

Sit n Relax

Set Click

Ready Ship

Shopping Pro

Best E-commerce Site Names In The World

  • Amazon

The first name of Amazon was Canbara Inc. The founder of this company is Jeff Bezo. He had an idea to name his business Relentless but with the suggestion of his friend, he chose the name Amazon from the dictionary. The main reason he liked this name was because of the river Amazon. As it is the longest river in the world he thought it will give an idea that they have a wide range of products. He also likes Amazon because it begins with the first letter of the alphabet. 

The vocabulary score of this brand name is 8.22 and the phonological loop value of this brand name is 85.6. They own the .com domain extension too.

  • Alibaba

The name Alibaba came from the Middle Eastern folklore collection named Arabian nights. The founder got an idea about this name and asked feedback from different people around the city to get an idea of how popular it is. He was really impressed because everyone knew about the name so without any second thought, he named his company Alibaba.

The vocabulary score of this name is 7.88 and the phonological loop value is 81.1. This company is unique with the .com domain extension.

  • eBay

The starting name of this company was AuctionWeb. Due to memorization issues, they thought to rebrand the name. Anyhow this company belonged to the Echo bay technology group. They thought of registering this company as but as it has been already registered he shortened the name to eBay.  The vocabulary of this brand name is 8.76 and the phonological loop value is 88.7. They own the .com domain extension to be unique among others.

  • Taobao

This is a subsidiary company of Alibaba Group. This site can be named as one of the most visited sites in the world. The name of this comes with the meaning “Searching for treasures”. Just like the name it provides a wide range of products for a cheap price with good quality. 

The vocabulary score of this brand name is 6.36 and the phonological loop value of it is 65.7.

  • Otto

The Company name Otto came from the founder’s family name. This name is derived from the German word which means “Wealth, Prosperity”. Giving a person’s name for a company may be debatable, but in this case, it worked best with the less competition they had at that time.

The vocabulary score of this company’s name is 8.73. The phonological loop value is this company is 89.7. They own the .com domain extension.

  • Rakuten

The first name of Rakuten was Rakuten Shopping Mall. Later they made the name simple and memorable by rebranding it to Rakuten. The word Rakuten means ‘optimism’ in Japanese. This name is also simple and unique which can be easily pronounceable by anyone and also makes it a more SEO-friendly name.

The vocabulary score of this brand name is 6.29. The phonological loop value of the brand name is 65%. They own the .com domain extension.

Professional Brand Name Ideas For Your e-Commerce Site

A brandable brand name is a key point for a successful e-commerce site. In a business like e-commerce, the existence of your company is based on your online identity. Having a great brand name is very important to stand out from your competitors. These brandable brand names consist of all the branding qualities and they are unique in their own way.








Gemixo logoGemixo

Naniyu logoNaniyu

Blomto logoBlomto

Convercis logoConvercis

Accencis logoAccencis

Different E-commerce Website Brand Name Ideas

E-commerce is a business that has a wide scope. There are different types of e-commerce sites. Our branding experts have analyzed all these types of e-commerce sites and listed out the best brand names according to brand naming trends.

Fashion E-commerce Site Names

Fashion is something that everyone would love to do without any age gap. Many people try to purchase different types of fashion items online. These listed brand names can be used for online bag selling stores, Jewelry selling stores, shoes selling stores, Ladies and Gents accessories selling stores, etc.

Sparkle Time

Chic Lovely

Petal Closet

Style Lab

Miss Classy

Trendy Fashion

Bliss Spot

Style On

Glow Boutique

Trendy Value

House Of Fashion

Style Hub

Mood On

Crazy Line

Style Doo

Glam On

Fashion Loft

Trendy Blush

Lovely Boutique

Hello Style

Boutique Glamours

Trendy Curve

Fashion Line

Glam Up

Online Electronic Site Name Ideas

Purchasing an electronic device online is not an easy task. To spend a considerable amount on an electrical device needs trust among users. These brand names can be used for any of your electronic device selling sites.

Electro Solution

Equip Sale

Web Hut

Online Rate

Digi Tech

Internet Pro

Device House

Power Trade

Electro Trade

Web Electronics

Electro Lab

Electronic Store

Gadget World

Tool Mate

Utilize Online

Electro Friends

Wire Trade

Tech Palace

Electro World

Pro Marketers

Gadget Life

Net Mate

Electronic Plus

System On

Online Health And Beauty Store Name Ideas

Buying cosmetics, personal care products, health care products are common at present. Most of the people are used to their usual brands and they search them in directly with your online store. Make sure to obtain the products from all the brands.

Beyond Limitations

Sparkle Angels

E - Style

Beauty Arcade

Safety On

Your Favorite

Touch Glam

E Beauty

Online Bee

Beauty Bliss

Glam On

Online Angels

Pretty Spa

Healthy Care Collection

Pure Collection

Unique Glamorous

Flip Beauties

Healthy Closet

Perfect Magic

Beauty Vogue

Stunning Store

Glory Hut

Gorgeous Closet

Cosmetic Hut

Online Home Appliances Selling Sites

In the busy world buying home appliances online has become very popular. Users expect nothing but good quality products because they are long term. These brand name examples are suitable for all the home appliances selling stores.

Electro Fixture

Gizmo Lodge

Dream House

Den Of Machines

Widget Place

Household Gadgets

Flip Once

Easy Appliance

Appliance Hut

Trendy Home

Sharp Zone

Home Decor

Your Choice

Everything In Your Fingertips

One Touch

Star Widget

Max Choice

Cool Care

House Gismo

Appliance Choice

Contraption Parlor

Furniture Hut

Zoom Gadgets

Electro Vendor

Auto Mobile Selling Site Name Ideas

Nowadays almost everyone has a vehicle of their own. Buying different automobile parts online has made their life easy. They do not have to go visit the shops and waste their time. They can compare the price from different places online. Giving them the best solution they need is very important. Make available everything a vehicle needs in your store and delivering it as soon as possible is the responsibility of yours as an e-commerce company. You can choose any of these brand name ideas for your online automobile site.

Automobile Clinic

Car Hood

Automobile Hospital

Parts Collection

One Stop

Everything You Need

Automotive Masters

Auto Repair

Auto Plus

Repair Hut

Trust Dealers

Dream On

Wheel Care

Spareparts Hut

Vehicle Gadget

Auto Section

Auto Splasher

Rim House

Lights On

Motor Shop

Mirrors On

Tire Collection

Vehicle Experts

Zoom Mart

Mobile Phone And Mobile Application Selling Site Name Ideas

Mobile phones have become one of the most important devices in our day to day life. Each and every day new mobile phone models release and day to day the option of mobile also updating. Going for an updated mobile is a dream of all the young generation. So mobile phones and application selling sites have grabbed more visitors. These name ideas can be used for any of your mobile phone and application selling sites.

Tech Mobile

Cafe Ring

Call Town

Dial Ever

Mobi Paradise

Mobile Maxa

Cellular Hut

Cell World

Cellular Section

Flip Flop

Dial Once

Cellular Boutique

Mobile Plaza

Cable Hut

Mobile Campus

Latest Collection

Crazy Collection

99 Mobile

Plus Phone

Your Favop

Device Hut

Answer Mood

Latest Trend

Mobi Shopi

Online Clothing Store Name Ideas

More than Gents, Ladies are more interested in buying clothes online. They do expect the best quality at a reasonable price. Unlike other things when it comes to selling clothes online, correct measurements matter a lot. So giving a perfect size, best quality for a reasonable price are things that should be considered more in a business like this. These brand name examples can be used for any type of clothing store you wish to start.

Robe On

Apparel Dodge

Dress Hub

Clothe Hut

Woolen Mall

Fabric Bazar

Linen Boutique

Silk Stock

Cotton Outlet

Warehouse On

Trendy Warehouse

Dress Hub

Best Collection

Clothing Lovers

Satin Collection

Put On

Bossy Collection

Classy Outfit

Costume World

Best Outfit

Velvert Stop

Textile Storm

Your Costume

Clothing Attire

Who Are The Most Successful Companies In The E-commerce Industry?

Amazon logoAmazon

Ebay logoEbay

Rakuten logoRakuten

Alibaba logoAlibaba

Etsy logoEtsy



Walmart logoWalmart

Ali Express logoAli Express

Doba logoDoba



Domain Extension For Your E-Commerce Site

When it comes to an online business there are many factors you need to consider. Avoiding one factor may harm your business in many ways and it will be an irreversible mistake you ever made. Representing your online identity to the world is the key factor your online business should have. An e-commerce site should be very simple and user friendly. It should be able to be managed by anyone without any age gap. And eye-catching of the site is also very important. Even if you complete all the factors if you don’t have a unique and attractive name you can not exist in the field of e-commerce.

When it comes to online identity having a recognized domain extension matters a lot. At present, there are thousands of domain extensions available in the world. Choosing the right domain extension will help you grow your business and it will help you to stand out from others.

After a deep analysis of the e-commerce giants in the field, it was a conclusion that all the e-commerce sites own the .com domain extension. It makes them unique, it helps them to rank the site (SEO Friendly), Have no trust issues among users, and many more. Let’s check out the best e-commerce websites and the domain extension they own.

Site Domain Extension
Amazon Alibaba
Alibaba .com
eBay .com
JD .com
Shopee .com
Wish .com
Taobao .com
Otto .com
Rakuten .com
DMM .com
Wix .com
Shopify .com
Zyro .com

Worst Brand Names In The Field

Here is a list of the worst brand names in the field. Make sure to avoid all the branding mistakes that they did to stick in the market and stand out from others. None of these brand names consists of all the brand name qualities.

  • Shop101

Having numbers in the brand name will make your brand name less memorized and make it unprofessional. Especially when you are targeting internet based customers, these kinds of names might be a problem. Your customers will be confused when they are searching for your brand on the internet.

  • ShopClues

The ideal character count of a bradable brand name should always be limited to four, five, or six characters. Having keywords in the brand name will affect the SEO process and it will make you lose many opportunities.

  • BigCommerce

Having generic words in the brand name will affect the whole process of your business in a negative way. A brandable brand name should always be limited to 4,5, or 6 characters. A less memorized brand name will take you out of the industry.


This global online company does not own the .com extension. The uniqueness of a brand name is always dependent on the ownership of the .com domain extension. Having more than 6 characters will make your brand less memorable.

  • ChainReactionCycles

A good brand name should be made up of only less than six letters. More than that is not countable as a good brand name. Here this name has more than 6 letters and includes some generic words. Thus the vocabulary score of this brand name is not even calculated and not recommended as a brand name, classifying this brand name as low memorable and hard to pronounce.

The vocabulary score of these brand names refers to the memorization and pronunciation value of a brand name and the phonological loop value refers to the memorization of words and how soon a human brain can remember the particular word.