Brandname Qualities

The perfections of a brand name will always come with the qualities it consists of. A brand name that consists of all these brand name qualities can be named as super brand names. Brinso brand name idea evaluation tool is considering all these brand name qualities plus the phonological loop to measure how good or bad your brand name is.

example 1 example 2

1. Uniqueness (Ownership Of .com Domain Extension)

The Uniqueness of a brand name comes with the ownership of the .com domain extension. If you own the exact match .com domain extension for your brand name you are unique.

One of the most important factors a brandable brand name should have is uniqueness. A brand name should always be unique as it carries your identity to the world. The first thing people will consider when they hear you for the first time is your brand name. When you name your business you have to think out of the box and analyze the brand naming qualities of the best and worst brand names belonging to your industry then you have to follow the naming methods of best brand names and avoid the mistakes in worst brand names. To be unique with your brand name choosing the best domain extension for your startup is very important.

Almost all the popular companies use .com extensions with their brand name; they are unique among others.,,,,,

Do you know that?

Bitly and Google started up their extension without considering .com but when they understood the value of .com they had to spend millions to get .com for their websites.

Another important thing to remember is the renewing of the brand name. Take the necessary actions to renew it at the end of the expiry date to avoid the contestants who are looking forward to the expiry date to purchase it.

.com extension is the oldest domain extension in the world so it has built trust in people as well as Google. It is the widely used TLD now. It is human nature to type .com at the end of any brand name they found. Almost everyone unconsciously goes to .com. If you don’t own the .com extension the only way to protect your traffic is to buy all the other domain extensions. Practically it cannot be done as there are thousands of domain extensions that exist.

When can you use other domain extensions?

.org – nonprofit organization

.edu – education

While choosing a brand name another factor you have to consider is Search Engine Optimization. Having a .com extension will help you rank your site well.

Brinso will only list out the brand names with the .com domain extension to make sure they are unique.


2. Simplicity (Memorability and Pronouncing ability)

Simplicity is another important brand name quality a perfect brand name should have. Because Word of mouth is an important factor for a successful business. Your brand name should be simple enough to remember at the first sight. It is called the brandable quality of a brand name. Users will never put an extra effort to remember your retailer if it is complicated as there are many alternatives that exist for almost all the products and services.

If your name is simple, the possibility of moving your brand name among people is high. What is the use of a Brand name if it’s not memorable at first sight? You can use to measure the simplicity of your brand name. The vocabulary score of a brand name should be above 6.

As per our concern, The vocabulary score of a super brand name should be above 8. Recall almost all the popular brand names in the world. The vocabulary scores of those brand names are 8 or higher.

Try a brand name that consists of multiple words in vocabulary score. You will realize that the real issue within the lengthy brand names.

Phonological loop Value

The phonological loop value of a brand name is very important to get an idea of how easily can memorize your brand name. It can be identified as the audio buffering system too. As per the scientific factors once a sound enters the human brain it will bounce around the brain in an electrical memory for about 5 seconds. If your brand name can stick to the human brain longer than 5 seconds, it sticks to the chemical part of the human brain forever.

Based on this theory the phonological loop value of your brand name says how easily can your brand name stick into the human brain. If the phonological loop value of your brand name is above 6 it means your brand name can be memorized easily.

3. Generic Words Or Partial Generic Words Should Not Be Included In The Brand Name.

The third brand name quality is avoiding generic words or partial generic words with your brand name. Using a generic word or partial generic words was acceptable by google till 2012 but later after analyzing the process, they understood it was wrong. That made them come to a decision to consider Brand Name plus Keywords to rank a website. If you use Generic words to your Brand name the possibility of losing opportunities is high.

Most of the companies have relaunched their Generic brand names on the Branded brand name after they understood the impact of generic words in their brand name. Here are some companies who relaunched to remove their generic names,

  • Weight Watchers-WW
  • Dunkin’ Donuts-Dunkin
  • Brad’s Drink-Pepsi
  • PC’s Limited-DELL
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken-KFC

Especially after 2015, almost all the companies used brand names avoiding generic or Particle generic words.


Generic Words Or Particle Generic

4. Do Not Buy A Brand Name With A History

A very small thing can break the trust and regain back the trust is very hard and if you don’t be able to regain it your fail in the business field. Trustworthiness is most important to you in the business field and it is a brand name quality that can not be neglected. It is very difficult to build trust. Some brands have been already used for spam purposes and given up by their previous owners or sometimes previous service or the product may not be user-friendly.

A few reasons to give up brand names that been used,

  • SEO Spam: It might have been used for spam purposes earlier and still Google might think the same way even you are not doing it. 
  • Temporary misusage: Most scam product sellers register brands and give up them immediately.
  • Illegal usage: Owners gave up brands for copyright issues or any other legal issues.
  • Email spams: Some owners send millions of spams to sell products/services and give up the Brands.


Another reason that Brinso avoids suggesting out Brand names which have History in the field of Brand Name may be different from the previous company to the New one. You may have to put an extra effort to make sure that users will not misunderstand your product or service.

Ex: If the brand name used to sell soap earlier and has left its brand name because of some issues and a new user buys the same brand name after many years to sell computers.

But the users who used the earlier still might think that it sells soap so the owner of the new computer company has to put some extra effort to make sure it sells computers.

Considering all these factors Brinso Makes sure not to put forward any brand name which has been used in the past.

Brand Name With A History

5. Single-Word Brand Names Are Always Perfect

Single-word brand names are a good brand name quality a perfect brand name should consist of. Your company name can be more than a single word but you have to make sure to keep the brand name as a single phrase.

Just remind all your favorite brand of yours, almost every brand has one single word phrase because single words are more memorable.

Let’s clarify this factor from popular brands in the world.

Single-Word Brand Names

Google limited liability company:

Microsoft Corporation:, Incorporation:

 Facebook, Incorporation:

6. Avoid Using Keywords In Your Brand Name.

Avoiding keywords from your brand name is also another important brand name quality that everyone should be aware of. Using keywords in your brand name will not bring brand awareness. A brand name no need to spell out the meaning or explain anything you exactly do. It will be made automatically.

You can always use the logo or a slogan to express what you do. Most people forget about this fact.

Look into the most popular SEO brand MOZ Previously they were known as SEOMoz, But they found the disadvantage of Brand with a partially matched keyword ( and they rebranded as

If using keywords are good/perfect why none of the most popular companies used keywords in their brand name?

Look at the examples below,

  • Apple could have chosen the software company as its brand name Apple.
  • Google could have used but still, they use Google.
  • Tesla could have chosen but still, they use Tesla.
  • Instagram could have chosen Photo Sharing App as its brand name Instagram.


The disadvantage of using keywords

  • Search engine care your Brand searched/ brand + Keyword searches and Brand + Keyword mentions. Ex: Just assume that your brand name is Sense fish and you are selling fish, Most people hesitate to Search as “Sense fish fish”, If they search as Sense fish Search engine will consider it as your brand.
  • Search Engine will confuse with Your Brand Name and the Keyword related to that certain query.

You can never build a real brand using a keyword. A brand name should always have its own identity.

Avoid Using Keywords In Your Brand Name.

7. Avoid Imitation Of Popular Brands

You should never imitate any popular brands. Search engines will always try to correct those kinds of brand names and take users to the original brand name.

Brand names like Foogle, Twittro, Yahee, Gooogle may be good brand names, But You should never use them.

According to surveys users do not trust these kinds of brand names.

Avoid Imitation Of Popular Brands

8. Do Not Include Numbers Or Special Characters With Your Brand Name

Using numbers or special symbols will confuse your unique character. Your brand-related searches will be more different and it may cause confusion for the search engines and also special characters will soon be forgotten by people.

Using those with your brand name is only recommended to those who are targeting Chinese, Japanese or Korean markets.

Do Not Include Numbers Or Special Characters With Your Brand Name


9. Robots Should Be Able To Spell Your Brand Name Easily


It is good to know that robots can spell/pronounce your brand name because if these robots miss spells or miss pronounce the brand name we can assume that humans too may make the same mistake with your brand name

Robots like Siri, Alexa and Cortana should easily spell and type your brand name during the conversation with humans.

A clear identification will increase your site’s traffic.

The evaluation tool for Brinso too processes a robot spelling feature.

10. The Brand Name Should Not Include Any Negative meaning

Out of all the brand name qualities considering negative connotations is very important to those businesses who are targeting the international market as well as those who wish to expand their business in the future. As global cultural changes, negative connotations can affect badly the Brand name. This is the problem that happens with the Soda Company in the United States. When they thought of transiting their brand 7up to China they faced a huge difficulty because in Shanghai 7up means “death through drinking.”

This caused a huge impact on their sales. The sales automatically decreased because of the negative meaning that the brand name represents.

So, it is better to check for other languages’ meanings before you register or purchase a brand name.

You can try the brand name evaluation tool in Brinso for this.The Brand Name Should Not Include Any Negative meaning