Brandname Qualities

1. Only the Brand names with .com-Uniqueness

Choosing a brand name will need much research. Out of all the factors, uniqueness is more important. A brand name should always be unique as it represents you to the world. The brand name will be the first thing people will look into when they heard of you for the first time. When you name your business you should always think out of the box and never follow the trends.

To be unique, ownership of the .com domain for your particular brand name is important. If you own the .com extension you’re unique. As per US law If you own .com you will be the copyrighted owner of the Brand Name. Therefore having .com is very important for the future of your business, website or anything.

Look into the most popular brands and their website. Each one of them uses .com as their domain extension and also the Brand names are very unique.,,,

Most of the companies like Bitly and Google started up their extension without considering .com but when they understood the value of .com they had to spend millions to get .com for their websites.

.com extension is the oldest domain extension in the world so it has built trust in people as well as Google. It is human nature to type .com at the end of any brand name they found. Almost everyone unconsciously goes to .com. If you don’t own the .com extension the only way to protect your traffic is to buy all the other domain extensions. Practically it cannot be done as there are thousands of domain extensions exists.

When can you use other domain extensions?

While choosing a brand name another factor you have to consider is Search Engine Optimization. Having a .com extension will help you rank your site well.

Brinso will only list out the brand names with the .com domain extension to make sure it is unique.

2. Only the Brand names are with high Vocabulary score(above 6)-Simplicity.

When you are choosing a brand name another important thing you have to consider is simplicity. A brandable name should always be simple. Users will never put an extra effort to remember your brand name if it is complicated as there are many alternatives exists for almost all the products and services.

Word of mouth is an important factor for a successful business. If your name is simple the possibility of moving your brand name among people is high. What is the use of a Brand name if it’s not memorable at first sight.You can use to measure the simplicity of your brand name. The vocabulary score of a brand name should be above 6.

As per our concern, The vocabulary score of a super brand name should be above 8. Recall almost all the popular brand names in the world. The vocabulary score of those brand names are 8 or higher.

3. Brand names should not have generic words or partially generic words.

Earlier google gave a priority to exact match domains and partial match domains but later they understood the process is wrong. Now they give the priority to Brand name+key words to rank your website.If you use Generic name as your Brand name you will miss lots of opportunities.

Most of the companies like have relaunched their Generic brand names to the Branded brand name after they understood the impact of generic words in their brand name. Here are some companies who relaunched to remove their generic names,

  • Weight Watchers-WW
  • Dunkin’ Donuts-Dunkin
  • Brad’s Drink-Pepsi
  • PC’s Limited-DELL

Especially after 2015, almost all the companies used brand names avoiding generic or partially generic words.

4. Should not buy a brand name which has a History.

Trustworthiness is the main factor for any business to be trustworthy the History of a brand name is very important. Some brands have been already used for spam purposes and given up by their previous owners.

The common misuse of given up brands are,

  • SEO Spam : Spammers gave Google backlist the Branded domain
  • Illegal usage : Owners gave up brands for copyright issues or any other legal issues.
  • Tempory misusage : Most of scam product sellers register brand and gave up them immediately.
  • Email spams : Some owners send millions of spams to sell product /service and give up the Brands.

Another reason that Brinso avoids listing out Brand names which have History is the field of Brand Name may be different from the previous company to the New one. You may have to put an extra effort to make sure that users will not misunderstand your product or service.

Ex: If the brand name used to sell soap earlier and has left its brand name because of some issues and a new user buy the same brand name after many years to sell computers.

But the users who used the earlier still might think that it sells soap so the owner of the new computer company has to put some extra effort to make sure it sells computers.

Considering all these factors Brinso Makes sure not to list out any brand name which has a History.

5. Brand names should be single words.

Just remind all favorite brand of yours, almost every brand has one single word phrase because single words are more memorable.

Just assume your Brand is Dunning Solomon and you are selling shoes, Your Brand related searches will be Dunning Solomon shoes, Dunning shoes, Shoes Solomon.

A search engine couldn’t identify some of these combinations as your brand searches. So, You will be missed a big opportunity. Most of popular two-word phrases brand owners are rebrand their brands for a one phrase brand names.

  • Google limited liability company :
  • Microsoft Corporation :
  •, Incorporation :
  • Facebook, Incorporation :

6. Brand names should not have keywords.

A brand name no need to spell out the meaning or explain anything what you exactly do. It will be made automatically. If you think using keywords will build brand awareness it is wrong. It will not bring a professional look for your product, service or anything.

Look into the most popular SEO brand MOZ Previously they were known as SEOMoz, But they find the disadvantage of Brand with a partially matched keyword ( and they rebranded as

  • Google could have used as but still, they use Google.
  • Tesla could have chosen but still, they use Tesla.
  • Instagram could have chosen Photo Sharing App as its brand name Instagram.
  • Apple could have chosen the software company as its brand name Apple.

The disadvantage of using keywords

  • Search Engine will confuse with Your Brand Name and Your Keyword.
  • Search engine care your Brand searched/ brand + Keyword searches and Brand + Keyword mentions. Ex: Just assume that your brand name is Sense fish and you are selling fish, Most people hesitate to Search as Sense fish fish, If they search as Sense fish Search engine will consider it is your brand.

You can never build a real brand using a keyword. A brand name should always have its own identity.

7. Brand names should not imitate any other popular brands.

It is very much important to make sure that you don’t imitate any other popular brands exists. Foogle, Twittro, yahee.gogle may be good brand names, But You should never use them.
According to surveys users don’t trust this kind of imitated brand names. Search engine always tries to correct these kinds of words.

  • Foogle
  • Twittro
  • Yahee

8. Brand names should not have numbers or special characters.

Never use a brand name with hyphens or any other special characters, As the same never use numbers in your brand unless you are targeting only the Chinese, Japanese or Korean markets.

Using those will confuse your unique character. Your brand related searches will be more different and it may reason to confuse the search engines and also special characters will soon forget by people.

  • Brandname1
  • Brand6name
  • Brandnameᣥ
  • BN😕

9. Brand names should be those that Siri, Cortona, or Alexa can spell.

It is good to know that can robots spell/pronounce your brand name because if these robots miss spells or miss pronounce the brand name we can assume that humans too may do the same mistake with your brand name.

10.Brand name should not include any negative connotations.

This is very much important while choosing a brand name as global cultural changes can affect badly with the Brand name.This is the problem happen with the Soda Company in United Status. When the time they thought of transiting their brand 7up to China they faced a huge difficulty because in Shanghai 7up means “death through drinking.”

This caused a huge impact on their sales. The sales automatically decreased because of the negative meaning that the brand name represents.