The Best Domain Extension for Startup​

Choosing your domain extension to your startup is also important the same as choosing your brand name. Currently, there are 1530 domain extensions registered as per June 2019. 

Let’s take a look at the top level domain extensions available currently.

Domain Extension Year of Launched Registered Amount Category
.com  1985 154,468,339 Original Top Level Domain
.org 1985 11,342,895 Original Top Level Domain
.net 1985 15,635,842 Original Top Level Domain
.int 1985 383 Original Top Level Domain
.edu 1985 7,605 Original Top Level Domain
.gov 1985 5,851 Original Top Level Domain

Why .com is Best?

As per research, almost 100% of the fastest-growing companies are using .com as their domain extension including all the Fortune 500 companies. .com has launched 34 years ago on 15th March 1985. Look at a few of the popular brands in the world.

Each and everyone’s choice is .com.

Advantages of using .com

  1. .com is one of the oldest domain extensions in the world.
  2. .com is the largest domain extension in the world.
  3. It is the most popular and valuable domain extension in the world because it is memorable.
  4. .com is easy to remember so your customers can reach you easily.
  5. According to Moz, one of the largest SEO agencies in the US, having .com will help you to rank your site.
  6. .com has been the defaulted domain extension among users.
  7. The first preference of users who doesn’t know your domain extension will be .com.
  8. .com has the highest resell value if you ever think to resell your domain extension.
  9. .com will help you with your SEO process.
  10. If you own .com you can be unique with your brand name.

How to choose your matching domain extension?

There are few TLDs which are the most popular among users. The domain extension that you chose will differ with your business type/industry.

Here are the top domain extensions that we are using more.


.com was launched on 15th March 1985. Currently almost all the popular companies as well as new businesses using .com as there domain extension. It is an open TLD and also one of the popular domain extensions on the internet. As per records, nearly 137 million .com domains have been registered up to now.

Mostly .com is used for profit-generating websites but currently because of the advantages of using .com almost all the types of business, individuals, schools choose .com as their domain extension. The value of .com also is increasing day by day.


.org is older than the .com domain. It was launched on 1st January 1985. Basically, .org is used only for non-profit generating websites, blogs, open-source projects, communities, etc.

As per records, more than 10.3 million domain names are currently registered with .org.

Here are some non-profit organization use “.com”


.net was launched with .org on 1st January 1985. Approximately nearly 15million .net domains have been registered and it is the most used domain extension after .com.

Mostly .net is used for networking, hosting or similar sites but currently, even these types of companies use .com with the value that .com has its own.

Almost all the networking companies as well as hosting companies use “.com”


.edu is only used for educational purpose websites or blogs. It was also launched on 1st January 1985.

Even a few educational which listed in top 10 use “.com”

Country domain extension

As we have mentioned above each country has its own domain extension. If your business is targeting only a specific country you can use the domain extension belongs to that country.

Even a few educational which listed in top 10 use “.com”

Prices of TLDs with startup name

.COM -> Usually a startup name with .com is always above $300 and it goes up even to $1800000.

.NET->Startup name with .net will nearly cost above $500.

.ORG ->Basically this domain extension is not reselling by brand name resellers so the usual price of .org domain extension brand name will be between $2 to $20 or more

.EDU->Basically this domain extension is not reselling by brand name resellers so the usual price of .edu domain extension brand name will be between $2 to $20 or more

Best companies in the world using .com

Here are a few of the most popular companies that use .com as their domain extension.When we look into the best companies in the world by market value almost everyone uses .com.