Why Do the Industry Giants Are success In Naming Their Business And Not You?

You’ll be amazed to know that there are only two things to consider when naming your business.

It’s phonological loop value and .com domain extension.

At the end, you’ll know how to get a brand name like Google, Tesla or Apple where everyone possesses perfect brand names with high phonological loop values and the .com domain extension.

Let’s start choosing a professional brand name for your business.

How to choose a perfect brand name for your new business?

Making a name that’s hard to forget

Eben Pagan is an Entrepreneur, trainer and an author specialized in training entrepreneurs on how to be successful when starting a business. Below is a great resource from his collection where he explains how the phonological loop is important when naming and he focuses on one thing.

“It’s not about making a name
that’s easy to remember,
it’s about making a name
that’s hard to forget”

Phonological Loop

A perfect and a professional brand name will always be based on the phonological loop value. Phonological loop represents the audio buffering system of a human brain. Once a sound enters the chemical part of the brain, it will bounce around in an electrical memory for five seconds to figure out to stick into the mind or forget. If the sound sticks on the brain for more than five seconds, automatically the human brain will start to be familiar with the sound and like it.

Phonological loop value shows how familiar will your brand name be after it enters into the human brain.

Let’s check out the most popular brand names and the phonological loop values of them.

  • Google     – 84.6
  • Yahoo       – 90.2
  • Tesla         – 85.9
  • Amazon   – 85.6
  • eBay         – 88.7
  • Facebook – 82.1

The phonological loop value of all these professional brand names are extremely high. Almost all the popular companies are having brand names with higher phonological loop values and if we check through the percentage it is higher than 80%.

Why .com domain extension is important for a brand name?

.com domain extension is the best brand name extension for a profit-generating business. Almost all the professional and popular brand names are using the .com domain extension for their businesses.

Using .com domain extension can differ in a few other points.

  • If you are running a non-profit organization you can use .org as your domain extension
  • If you’re running an educational related business or site you can use .edu as your domain extension.
  • If you are targeting a specific region based customers you can use the country code domain extension.

As using the .com domain extension is the common practice of the Internet, if you didn’t use .com domain extension users may think the web site is unofficial and it makes your business look like an unprofessional one. No one will like to deal with an unprofessional website.

There are some popular businesses such as bit.ly, who used other domain extensions and later changed their domain extension to .com by spending a huge amount of money.

Phonological loop value and .com domain extension is must when choosing a brand name because the internet law is based on these two factors. That is why all the popular and professional brand names are based on these factors. You always have to remember that the success of a business is based on this law.

Why do some small businesses are still not developed in the business field?

Choosing the wrong brand name is an irreversible mistake as the first step of every successful business is the brand name.

90% of small businesses use very poor brand names for their business. Let’s look at why there are failures with their brand name.

  • Ignorance

Brand name is the first and foremost step when starting a business. That is the key element we should consider more. The first step of a successful business is based on the brand name and brand is a future investment that you’re making for your business.

If you made a mistake with your brand name it will be irrevocable. So the best thing you can do is to gain more knowledge about naming your business and choose a perfect and professional brand name for you.

The main mistake that small businesses make is that they do not take brand name as a serious point. They always choose an unprofessional brand name for their business.

Make sure to learn more and more about naming your business before finalizing your brand name.

  • Follow the Myths

The other mistake that every small business does is that it is still following the old myths of naming the business. Most of the people still think that having keywords in the brand name or explaining what they do with the brand name is the best way to name the business but now even Google rejected brand names with keywords.

In 2012 Google introduced the EMD penalty which is known as Exact Match Domain penalty. Search engines can consider including keywords in your domain name as a spamming technique, Refer more about EMD Penalty to know more information about this.

This mistake happens when they have a lack of knowledge about the current trends.

  • Not Identifying the user behavior

Take a look at the below example. Which brand names look professional and trustworthy?

Google Best Search Engine
Tesla Best Electric Car
Zara Best Clothing
Zara Get Connection With People

Which set of brand names look professional and perfect?

Brand names like Google,Tasla, Zara, Facebook look more professional and perfect. Those brand names consist of all the brand name qualities and the phonological loop value is very high.

Other brand names like Best search engine, Best electric car, Best clothing, Get connected with people looks spammy and so unprofessional.

Why do you want to put the future of your company at risk and choose a wrong brand name?

  • Everyone tries to hide the truth

As domain reselling is a high profit generating business no one tries to show the truth to the users. The primary business of brand name related business is selling brand names. They got a huge amount of professional looking perfect brand names along with them. They will not give up on their business and explain to you the truth to succeed in your business.

But the most Funniest thing is both Godaddy and Oblero are using perfect and professional brand names without keywords.

Why are big companies so successful in Brand naming ?

As they have good experience in the field and as they can hire the expertise teams with brand name experts, they do not make mistakes. They always make sure to get the best and the perfect brand name for their business to make it professional.

You may get a question why a few of popular brand names get less phonological loop value but still success in the business industry. As those brand names were founded before the internet era and because of the very less competition each company had when entering the business field they were able to succeed.

Here are a few companies that are successful but having a less phonological loop value.

  • General Motors
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Mercedes Benz


But in this digital era, perfect brand names are more important than ever because of the high competition. We have to be perfect among good ones because users will not put an effort to remember a brand name when there are lots of alternatives.

Why is having a perfect brand name important in this era?

  • In the last century, nobody wants write or type brand names

Spelling of a brand name or phonological loop value wasn’t that most important factor earlier but now everybody uses search engines to find brands. So with the current lifestyle users don’t want to type such long words and waste time. They will always find a short, quick and easy brand as there are thousands of alternatives there.

  • Less competition

In the 1990s only a few companies were there in the field.They dominated the field,almost every brand was a giant in the industry.

But It is different now, Using common words or misspelling words may drive your users to another brand, So uniqueness is important now and you have to be the perfect one to stand among others.

  • Pronunciation matters

The volume of voice searches are increasing so rapidly. In the next 10 years almost every brand search query could be voice searches.

So make sure your brand name is unique and It can be easily pronounced and Robots can understand it clearly.

How to get the perfect brand name for your business?

If we look into the best brand names in the world like Google, Tesla, Amazon, Yahoo all of these brand names consist of all the brand name qualities. The main factor that all these brand names have is the high phonological loop value. Phonological loop value is the most important factor a brand name should consist of. It shows how a user will get familiar and like the brand name with the sound of the brand name and with the time duration the brand name will bounce around the mind of a human.

All the giant companies in the industry who succeed in the business field use brand names with the above said qualities.

There are brand names available with high phonological loop value for any startup and still, you can find them but the main issue is those brand names are difficult to be purchased due to unethical business practices. Let’s take a look at why these brand names are hard to buy.

Why can’t users find a brand name with high phonological loop value

Unethical business leads to this problem. Almost all the brand names with higher phonological loop value have been taken by brand name resellers by using automated bots. The truth is that they have bought all these brand names for $10 each and when they sell it to the users they are selling it for $1000 above.Some brand names are being sold for $100000 too.

But still you have the chance to buy perfect and professional brand names like Google, Yahoo,Tesla for less than $1000.So we highly recommend you not to pay more than $1000 for a brand name.

Here is the list of best brand name resellers that has brand names with high phonological loop value

Things to consider when buying a brand name

  • Make sure to consider the phonological loop value and the .com domain availability before choosing a brand name for you because now a professional brand name will be based on these two factors.
  • Do not pay more than $1000 for your brand name unless you’re a millionaire.
  • Always check the Godaddy appraisal value tool before buying a brand name to know how much the brand name will cost.It will help you not to pay more for a brand name.
  • Never lease or rent brand names even if they offer it for free.
  • Do not use .net or any other domain extension except .com.If you’re running an educational website use .edu,if you’re running a non-profit organization use .org and you can use the country code domain extension if you’re targeting a specific area customer base.
  • Don’t choose a brand name with keywords because following the EMD penalty is important to build your online reputation and also make sure not to use generic words such as pineapple as the brand name because you will have to compete with real pineapples in search engine results pages.
  • Do not imitate any other popular brands because imitating brand names will raise future legal issues.