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The brand name is paramount to a startup. The process of choosing the best brand name is not an easy process. You can change your logo, slogan anytime but not the brand name so making wise decisions regarding brand naming is a must.

As naming your startup is very important, almost all the big scale companies hire brand name consultants to find a perfect name for them. Sometimes they do hire a brand name consultant only to evaluate the brand name idea. Of course, it is an extra expense for your company.

The small scale companies who do not have a huge capital to spend on buying or evaluating the brand name will do it on their own and get into trouble. If you made a mistake with the brand name it will be an irreversible mistake.

In simple terms, the best way to find a suitable brand name for your startup is to pick a brand name according to the category you're engaged in. But first, you have to make sure to analyze the best and worst companies and their naming methods in the market.

Now you don’t need to hire a brand name consultant and spend extra money to evaluate your brand name. Brinso, the AI-based brand name evaluation tool will help you to evaluate your brand name ideas for free.

What Is Brinso? 

We are not another brand name generator. Brinso is an AI-based brand name idea evaluation tool that helps you to find how good or bad your brand name idea is.

The main reason that Brinso developed this tool is to give you a free service and help you to save your money for the future development of your startup and we are happy to develop the world’s 1st AI-based brand name idea evaluation tool in the internet history. It is like getting service better than the brand name consultant for free.

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A perfect brandable brand name should always consist of all the brand name qualities. We have mainly considered all the brand name qualities when generating the evaluation report for your brand name. Below we have listed you the brand name qualities in detail.

01. Memorization

01. Memorization

The survival of a company or a startup will be based on the memorization power of the brand name. It is the key element to represent your identity to the world. Make your brand name a strong one which can be memorized at the first sight.

Under this factor, we have highly considered the usage and importance of the Phonological loop for the memorization of a brand name.

The phonological loop directly connects with the memorization value of a brand name. Based on the scientific theory once a sound or a word gets into the brain of a human it will bounce only for five seconds. Within these five seconds, the mind will make a decision to remember it or not. Make sure to choose a brand name that will stick on a user’s mind longer than that. Then you have a higher possibility of storing it into users’ brains. Once a word gets recorded in the brain and gets repeated anyone will be familiar with it and will like it.

All the sounds will not be accepted by the mind equally. It will differentiate with different languages and language patterns we speak. The mind will keep only the brand name that can be memorized more than 5 seconds and it will reject the other brand names which have to take extra effort to remember.

How Brinso evaluate the phonological loop 

We have highly considered the vocabulary patterns used by native English speakers in the world.

Ex -: 

  • Words like Ko, Kate, Lot, Visa, Google can be memorized easily.
  • Words like Jswt, Kyzx are difficult to memorize.

Currently, Brinso works perfectly in English and other European languages.

15 marks of our evaluation are given to the memorization because it is the backbone of a brand name. As the backbone makes a human stronger, the memorization value makes the brand name strong. Evaluate your brand name idea with our tool and If your brand name has less memorization power, we highly recommend you choose a brand name that can be memorized more easily by considering the phonological loop.

02. Pronunciation

02. Pronunciation

Pronunciation is a core factor that affects the simplicity of a brand name. A brand name should be easy to pronounce without any hesitation. If your brand name can be pronounced easily the possibility of remembering the brand name is very high.

When you're talking about your brand name to someone else and if you face into a situation to say it more than one time then you failed with your brand name. Word of mouth is a strong marketing factor. If your brand name is hard to pronounce, people will think twice to talk about your brand name because no one wants to make a mistake. In other words, if a brand name is mistakenly pronounced among users and when they search for you if you’re not available with the mistaken name they will feel embarrassed and they will not search for you more because there are many alternative services and products available in the market. This reason will make you lose many users that you are getting to your business.

How Brinso evaluate the pronunciation

We have considered,

  • Usage of vowels to the brand name 
  • Brand names easy to pronounce and their naming methods (Nike, Google, Amazon) 
  • Brand names difficult to pronounce and their naming methods (Analtech, Sam & Ella's Chicken Palace)
  • The most used English letters 
  • English letters that are difficult to pronounce

We have considered all these factors under the pronunciation.

Under the Brinso brand name evaluation tool we have allocated 20 marks for the pronunciation of your brand name. During the evaluation of your brand name idea if any feels difficult to pronounce your brand name easily make sure to choose a brand name that people can grab at once and pronounce easily.

03. Spell & write

03. Spell & write

A brand name should always be easy to spell and write without any confusion or mistakes when users hear it for the first time. Confusion or mistakes with the spellings will make the users search you in the wrong way.

When the users search for you with the wrong spellings the search results will take them to a wrong path. That will be the main reason users move for an alternative because time is really important to everyone. No one will spend hours and hours to find you or try to find the correct spellings of your brand name. Under this factor, we have highly considered how easy a brand name can be spelled and written when they hear it for the first time without seeing it. A brand name that can be spelled and written easily without any difficulty will be easy to pronounce and memorize too. All these qualities are combined together.

How Brinso evaluate spell and write

  • Consider the letters with the same pronunciation which can confuse the users such as C and K, Si and Ti, V and W.
  • Pronunciation patterns like cy, xy, zy are not recommended.
  • Consider that letters can be silent like Hour, Psychology 


During the evaluation of your brand name idea the allocated marks for this factor is 10. If you get a less mark for your selected brand name under this category make sure to choose a brand name that can be spelled and written easily. Difficult to spell & write may arise because you try to be differentiated with the spellings. You may intentionally make mistakes with the spellings to be more creative or you may use foreign words that cannot be spelled & write easily. Avoiding these mistakes will help you choose a perfect brand name.

04. Uniqueness


A brand name will be unique among others with the ownership of the .com domain extension. If you own the .com domain extension you’re unique. Also, your brand name will not be one of a kind if anybody else has already registered the .com domain. 

.com domain extension is used for all the commercial businesses and also currently even other businesses and organizations try to go with .com because of the value it has.

There are many domain extensions that exist. Do not ever select a domain extension other than .com without considering the below factors.

  • Using .org

If you are running a non-profit organization you can use .org domain extension without any hesitation but currently, even the non-profit organizations are trying to stick with .com due to the uniqueness it holds and also because of the SEO friendliness. Non-profit organizations like National Geographic, TED are using .com domain extension by dropping .org. Choose wisely which domain extension matches for your startup or blog out of .com and .org.

  • Using country-level domain extension.

You can use your country level domain extension if your startup is only going to operate within the country. If you have an idea to expand your business in the future then it is better if you use .com domain extension.

Here are a few county-level domain extensions.

Ex: United Kingdom=.uk, United States=.us, Australia=.au, Canada=.ca

  • Using .edu

.edu is used by any website, blog, company or anything related to the education industry.

As every brand is having its own individuality, choosing the most suitable domain extension is highly important.

There are a few methods you can follow up if you missed your .com domain extension for the betterment of your startup.

How Brinso evaluate the uniqueness

  • We do consider the .com availability for your exact match brand name.

05. Legal Ownership

05. Legal Ownership

Once you select a brand name the first thing you have to do is to make sure that brand name is available for you because you can’t use the selected brand name if it is already registered. The only way to own a registered brand name is to request it from the current owner. You can not own it unless they are willing to give it back to you.

One of the main qualities of a brandable brand name is to have a clear brand name history. If you are requesting a brand name pre owned you have to think about many factors such as,

  • Is it used for any spam purposes
  • What is the industry the selected brand name used for


If the brand name is not available the first thing most of the people try to do is add an extra letter or go for another domain extension other than “.com”. Those are not recommended solutions by brand name consultants. Adding an extra letter may affect the simplicity of your brand name. 99% of companies using .com domain extensions for their business, do not go for another domain extension to make your name available and also knowing more about brand name copyright will help you to protect your brand name’s identity.

If the legal ownership is not available for your selected brand name the best solution for this is to change your brand name without taking a risk.

How Brinso evaluate the Legal Ownership

  • We do check if the selected brand name is available for you or it has been already registered.

06. Avoiding Generic Words

06. Avoiding Generic Words

Having generic words in the brand name will make you lose many opportunities. Even Google suggests avoiding brand names with generic words or partial generic words.

Most of the popular companies made a decision to rebrand their name to avoid this mistake. Evaluating these companies will give you an idea of how to choose a brandable brand name for your startup.

Here are a few examples of best brand names who rebranded their name to avoid generic words,

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken - KFC
  • PC’s Limited - Dell
  • Blue Ribbon Sports - Nike

 Companies like Apple came up with generic words because of the huge capital they had to spend on the marketing activities and also during that period of time there were fewer competitors almost in all the industries. With industrial development, currently, all the industries have many alternatives and countless competitors. Using a generic word in your brand name is completely ok if you have a big capital to market your brand name. If you are willing to spend millions and millions on the marketing process you can include a generic word.

How Brinso evaluate using generic words

  • The human brain can remember generic word combinations easily, but it cannot be detected by correlation of words with your brands. Words like “Love birds”, “We Sell something” can be remembered easily, But users cannot correlate them with brand names.

We have allocated 10 marks for this factor considering how much it will affect having a generic word with your brand name unless you have a huge capital to spend on the marketing process. If you have generic words with your brand name we highly recommend you not to use them because spending a huge amount on the marketing process of your brand name is useless.

07. Negative Connotations

07. Meanings in other languages

A brand name should always bring a positive aspect to society. If the brand name simplifies a negative factor it will bring a bad impression about your company. This mistake happens mostly when establishing your brand name in the international market. When you are choosing a brand name make sure that it does not have any negative connotations in other languages too.

This happened to the famous soft drink 7up. When they wanted to expand their business into China, they were not aware that the meaning of 7up is death through drinking in Shanghai.

And also to the world-famous automobile company Mercedes-Benz.When they expand into the Chinese market. The factor affected them a lot in the expanding process.

How Brinso evaluate using generic words

  • Under this factor, we have considered most of the dictionary words to make sure there are no negative meanings in it.


We have allocated 10 marks for this factor when evaluating your brand name idea to make sure that the brand name you choose does not have any negative meaning. If you get a less score for this please change the selected brand name and choose a one which has a positive meaning.

08. Character Count

08. Character count

Character count of a brand name is very important because it directly affects the memorization and pronounceable value of a brand name. The ideal character count of a brand name should be always limited to four, five or six characters.

Let’s take a look at the most popular companies in the world.

Google - 6 characters

Yahoo - 5 characters

Apple - 5 characters

Amazon - 6 characters

How Brinso evaluate the character count

Under this factor, we have considered the character count to evaluate your brand name idea.

  • A brand name that has less than four characters less catchy.
  • Brand names that have more than eight characters have less memorization and pronounceable value. 
  • Brand names with seven to eight characters are good but not recommended. It would be better if you can go for a less character count brand name.


The allocated marks for this factor is 15 because it directly affects the simplicity of your brand name. If your brand name is too short or if it has more than 6 characters make sure to choose a brand name with an ideal character count.

09. Numbers And Special Characters

09. Numbers and Special characters3-min

A brand name should not consist of numbers or special characters unless you are targeting Chinese, Japanese or Korean markets.

Having numbers or special characters in your brand name will make your brand name difficult to remember, pronounce and easily grab by someone at first sight. As it is difficult to grab by search engines your brand name search results will be changed and confused by the users.

How Brinso evaluate numbers and special characters

  • Under this factor, we highly consider and detect if there are any numbers and special characters in it. 

When evaluating the brand name idea of yours we have allocated 15 marks for this factor because this factor also directly affects the simplicity of your brand name. If your brand name has numbers or special characters make your brand name free from numbers and special characters.

10. Robots

10. Robots

Make sure that your brand name can be easily pronounced and spelled by robots like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa.

When you choose a name try to evaluate the brand name idea with these robots. If the robot gets the brand name correctly then we can make sure that even the humans can grab it soon but if the robots failed to catch it up that means even humans can make mistakes when pronouncing and memorizing your brand name.

How Brinso evaluate Robots interaction

  • We have highly considered how easily the robots can spell and pronounce your brand name during the interaction with humans.


We have allocated 5 marks for this factor by considering the importance of robots. If the chosen brand name of yours cannot be caught by robots easily, make sure to change your brand name because Robots are the best resource for you to check how simple your brand name is. Therefore, make sure to choose a brand name that the robots can spell and pronounce. If the robots got it correct then even humans can catch it up easily.

These are the main factors that a brand name should have. Knowing about all this will give you a good idea of how to choose the brandable brand name for your startup. You can check how good or bad your brand name from a brand name idea evaluation tool and then you can avoid the mistakes when naming your business.

Apart from these main points, another factor that you can keep in mind is the meaning of a brand name. Do you know that all the popular brand names have a hidden meaning with it?

brand names and thier meanings

99% of companies have chosen the brand name based on the meaning of it. It would be better if you also can get a brand name that has a meaning which matches your industry.