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Evaluate The Psychological Power In Your Brand Name

“World’s First & Finest AI To Evaluate The Psychology Behind Brand Names”

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How are you going to name your brand? You will probably remember at least half a dozen different methods. It is crystal clear that every single thing in the business world is evolving with the trends, technologies, strategies, and competition.

So, the real question is can we still stick to the same old ways to name a brand or business? Will that be good enough to survive?

A Timeless Solution To Evaluate Your Brand Name

A brand name is no longer a name only to represent your brand or business. It has evolved into the most powerful asset in your brand to connect with customers, get familiar with them, and trigger an emotional response in them to engage with your brand. As Brinso, we came up with a timeless solution, empowering your brand name with brand name psychology!

Large companies with perfect brand names likely consider the brand name psychology before they make a decision.  Even with or without a big marketing budget, they achieve their success with the power of their perfect brand names. Most startups and SMEs do not spend like large companies to consult an expert in brand-name psychology. 

The truth is they ignore brand name psychology in their naming process. The risk is that failures always come behind their wrong brand name choices. But now, with Brinso, you can evaluate your brand name to see its values for absolutely free and ultimately come up with a perfect brand name!

Why does psychology matter in brand names?

When customers interact with a brand name, it usually goes through the right side of their brain which is more emotional rather than other rational parts.

That’s the reason behind the “first impression” we mostly talk about. So, we discovered that when you are choosing a brand name, you have to carefully consider the emotional impact it creates on your target audience. 

If you are not aware of the brand name psychology, it is just a game you are playing blindly. You can end up as a failure, or easily fade up in the competition. But with Brinso, you can nail the brand naming task to shine in any industry!

Why does psychology matter in brand names

Why Brinso?

We Do The Hardest Part

Brinso branding experts continuously explore the psychology of branding, consumer behaviors, and all the vital factors that affect creating an emotional relationship with customers.

A Future-Oriented Solution

We are not only focused on being the first AI tool to evaluate the psychological value of brand names, we are focused on being the best solution for the future of brand naming!

Actions, Not Just Stories

Brinso is not just another story to read and pass. With the AI tool we provide, you can see what exactly we are talking about your brand name. So we are focused on actions, not just stories!

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How Psychology Impact Your Brand Name

The psychological impact of brand names was first discovered long ago in 1977, by Herbert E. Krugman. Since then, many psychological research and neuroscience studies have confirmed the emotional relationship between customers and brand names. In short, when it comes to recall and recognition, brand names have a “different and specific neurological status” than any other word category. 

What Are The Factors?

What Are The Factors

The impact of the phonological loop explained by the British psychologist Alan Baddeley is another vital factor in brand-name psychology. Along with that, the ability to pronounce, memorability, simplicity, uniqueness, and also character count can make different impacts on the psychological value. Learning these factors can ease your brand naming process, or make it even more complicated. So as Brinso, we came up with our own solution to capture these qualities in brand names and evaluate them to make the task super easy!

To help you understand this, here we came up with some real-life examples. 

  • Have you ever thought about why we still remember nursery rhymes
  • Why can’t the name Norma Jeane make a more positive impression than her well-known stage name Marilyn Monroe
  • What made the world-famous brand Sony change its former name Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo?
  • Why has Google become a universal brand name than their former name BackRub?

These things are not the result of any luck or coincidence, but the psychological power of branding. Each of these created a positive impression in our brains, right? That emotional impact is the true reason why we still remember. In other words, why we still can’t forget.

How Emotions Affects Customer Behaviour

How Emotions Affects Customer Behaviour

According to the studies, 90% of decisions people make are based on their emotions. So, if your brand has a powerful name to spark the emotional response in customers, that is the key to triggering engagement. On the other hand, due to the ridiculously short attention spans of people, your brand name has to grab their attention, get noticed, and touch their hearts in the very first impression. 

So when it comes to nailing these tasks, we have got you covered with psychological brand naming solutions to make your brand amazing!

How Brinso Works?

How Brinso Works

After analyzing all the brand name qualities and their psychological values, Brinso branding specialists created and perfectly trained an AI tool with a powerful algorithm for brand names in any industry. Knowing this is the new evolution of the brand naming process, Brinso develops the evaluation tool to face and conquer any upcoming trends and technologies. 

Saving the time you have to spend on studying and mastering all the psychological factors, Brinso helps you find out the strengths and weaknesses clearly in the evaluation process just in seconds. Plus, you can try the brand name evaluation process as much as you want for Absolutely Free!

When choosing a brand name, you might have faced countless challenges, spent a lot on brand name experts, and overpriced domain resellers… But isn’t this the time to make all that history?

Brinso helps you come up with a brand name that you will never regret, and of course, no one can ever forget!