Choosing the wrong brand name is an irreversible mistake.

Watch this video until the end before you select your brand name.

Brinso brand name crawler scans Sedo, Flippa and almost every domain reselling websites.

After filtering out the brand names with all the brand name qualities, it calculates the buying worth considering both the price of the domain and the vocabulary score to lists out the brand names according to its buying worth.

Need something more than this?

So you can buy a Brand name which recommended by our brand name specialists. Brinso brand name specialists have manually selected these brand names considering the Psychology of Brand naming including Phonological loop effect and audio buffering.

A Great Brand Name

You should have the proper knowledge to avoid brand name mistakes while you’re choosing the best brand name out there. You may be looking for a brand name for your startup, business or a product, why not take a look at the best brand name examples where the best brands set records or check brand name ideas to know more about branding.

There are many brand naming trends in use. Get the full idea about brand naming trends to know the best and suited to name your work.

Should be Unique

A brand name should always be unique. If you don’t own the .com domain, you cannot stand out from others. Also, your brand name will not be one of a kind if anybody else has already registered the .com domain.

There are many domain extensions that exist. Do not ever select a domain extension other than .com without considering the below factors.

  • If you are running a non-profit organization, it’s completely ok to use “.org”
  • But currently, even some non-profit organizations are using .com as their domain extension. You should have a good knowledge to choose which domain extension will match your business or blog out of .com and .org

  • If you are targeting a specific region its ok to use the region domain extension.
  • Ex: United , United,,

  • If you are running a company, website, blog or anything related to education it’s ok to use “.edu”

Recall all the popular brands that you know. Each of those brand names has its individuality. Ex: Google, Apple, Twitter, Yahoo, and also knowing more about brand name copyright will help you to protect your brand name’s identity.

.com is the king of all domain extensions but you may consider alternative options in case you’ve missed .com extension for your selected brand name.

Should be Simple

You have all the freedom to use any name as your registered brand name, but it should also be simple. Simplicity doesn’t mean fewer characters in your Brand Name; it comes with creativity. Look at the following examples:

  • Google limited liability company –
  • Microsoft Corporation –
  • Amazon Incorporation –
  • Toyota Motor Corporation –
  • Walmart Incorporation –

How to check Simplicity ?

Measure how convenient your new brand name to the audience, by calculating the vocabulary score of that brand name. You can use to measure the simplicity of a brand name. If the vocabulary score of the brand name is 8 or higher we can consider those brand names as super brand names.


Just check the brand names of startups that registered in 2019. Here are few,

Almost every brand name is straightforward and unique. The vocabulary score of these brand names is practically above 8.

What’s been missing when you’re trying to choose a startup name. Each and every startup above use .com as their domain extension. You may also have to consider the best domain extension for a startup.

Brand Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness is the main factor for any business.

  • : not trusted.
  • : not trusted.
  • : trusted.
  • : trusted.

What is Brinso and Why did we develop this?

Brinso is a brand name crawler.

Now You may know the importance of .com domain availability and simplicity of a brand name. It’s tough to find a unique and unassuming brand name avoiding brand name mistakes. Currently, almost all super brand names are registered to domain resellers. Today domain reselling is a multi-billion business. Most of .com brand name prices are unbelievably high; it’s almost impossible to find a super brand name for a reasonable price at these websites. You have to browse millions of domains to discover a super brand name for a reasonable price.

So, we developed Brinso, the only brand name crawler to find the best brand names with high vocabulary score for the lowest prices on the internet.

How Brinso?

Things Brinso consider when listing out Brand names.

  • Brand names should have .com-Uniqueness.
  • Brand names should have names that have high Vocabulary score (above 8)-Simplicity.
  • Brand names should not have generic words or partially generic words.
  • Brand names should have a clear brand name history.
  • Brand names should be single words.
  • Brand names should not have keywords.
  • Brand names should not imitate any other popular brands.
  • Brand names should not have numbers or special characters.
  • Brand names should be those that Siri, Cortona and Alexa can spell.
  • Brand name should not include any negative connotations.

Finally, our Brand name consultants manually review the search results to provide the best output for you. Choosing the best brand name is the 1st and the most critical step of your business.

According to surveys, 60% of business owners select their brand name without considering the brand name qualities.

If you make a mistake when choosing a brand name, it will be a permanent miscalculation.