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Evaluating your brand name is very important because it helps you to understand how good or bad your brand name is before you finalize it. It is the same as inspecting something before you purchase it.

A brand name is an ambassador who takes your business idea to a targeted audience, so this Branding process is a task that needs to be done with a good understanding of the essence of the business and the future of your business depends heavily on the brand name. So having perfect knowledge on how to choose a brand name based on all the brand name qualities is so important!!!

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Why Should You Evaluate Your Brand Name?

Large companies succeed in the naming process with great brand name ideas while most of the small companies fail even when there are many options available to generate or choose unique brand names.

You can select the best name for your company or product without common brand name mistakes, when you have the correct knowledge on how to choose a perfect brand name.

Let’s check how powerful is your brand name according to the universal qualities of a brandable brand name.

Pronunciation image


Pronunciation is a core factor that affects the simplicity of a brand name. A brand name should be easy to pronounce without any hesitation. If your brand name can be pronounced easily, the possibility of remembering the brand name is very high.

The best way to find out how easily your brand name can be pronounced is, say it aloud or else you can write it down in a paper and say your friends, family, neighbors, etc to pronounce it out for you.

Can Your Brand Name Pronounce Easily?

Memorization image


The survival of a company or a startup will be based on the memorization power of the brand name. It is the key element to represent your identity to the world. Make your brand name a strong one which can be memorized at the first sight.

Either you can take the help of a tool or self evaluate the memorization value of your brand name doing different experiments. Phonological loop value will help you in this or you can do an experiment with the people who you can communicate rapidly. You can say your brand name for them and ask them after a few days and check can they remember it.

Is Your Brand Name Memorable?

Spell & Write image

Spell & Write

A brand name should always be easy to spell and write without any confusion or mistakes when users hear it for the first time. Confusion or mistakes with the spellings will make the users search you in the wrong way.

The best way to evaluate this is to do a recording or voice note of your brand name and ask your friends, family members to spell it or write it out for you. Make sure that none of them see the spellings before.

Can Your Brand Name Spell and Write Easily?

Avoiding Generic Words

Avoiding generic words in your brand name is one of the most important brand name qualities. Simply should try to avoid dictionary words for your brand name as having generic words in the brand name will make you lose many opportunities. Even Google suggests avoiding brand names with generic words or partial generic words.

Does Your Brand Name Contain Generic Words?

Note :

Companies like Apple came up with generic words because of the huge capital they had to spend on the marketing and also during that period of time there were fewer competitors almost in all the industries.

Using a generic word in your brand name is completely ok if you have a big capital to market your brand name. If you are willing to spend millions and millions on the marketing process you can include a generic word.

Numbers and Special Characters image

Numbers and Special Characters

A brand name should not consist of numbers or special characters unless you are targeting Chinese, Japanese or Korean markets.

Having numbers or special characters in your brand name will make your brand name difficult to remember and pronounce while making it hard to grab by someone at first sight.

Does Your Brand Name Contains Numbers Or Special Characters?

Character Count image

Character Count

Character count is a very important brand name quality because it directly affects the memorization and pronounceable value of a brand name. The ideal character count of a brand name should always be limited to four, five, or six characters.

Does Your Brand Name Have The Ideal Character Count?

Meanings in Other Languages

Meanings in Other Languages

A brand name should always bring a positive aspect to society. If the brand name simplifies a negative factor it will bring a bad impression about your company. 

This mistake happens mostly when establishing your brand name in the international market. When you are choosing a brand name make sure that it does not have any negative connotations in other languages too.

Does Your Brand Name Have Meanings In Any Other Language?

Can a Robot Spell your Brand Name image


Make sure that your brand name can be easily pronounced and spelled by robots like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa.

When you choose a name try to evaluate the brand name idea with these robots. If the robot gets the brand name correctly then we can make sure that even the humans can grab it soon. but if the robots failed to catch it up that means even humans can make mistakes when pronouncing and memorizing your brand name.

To evaluate this, the best thing you can do is to take the help of the robots in your phone or desktop and know how easily they can grab your brand name during the communication with you.

Can A Robot Spell Your Brand Name Easily?

Benefits Of Evaluating Your Brand Name Idea

By evaluating your brand name idea, you can forecast how your desired brand name will be performed in these scenarios.

  • Customer Engagement

You can get an idea about how easily your customers get to know your brand name. Evaluating your brand name before you finalize it may give you an idea of how easy it is to memorize, pronounce, spell, and write it among customers.

  • SEO Support

Having a brand name free from generic words and keywords may give you higher opportunities during your SEO Process. Evaluating your brand name before purchasing may help you find a brand name that is SEO friendly.

  • Difficulties in Expansion

Limiting your brand name into some frame will be an issue when you’re expanding your business. You should always choose a brand name that will match any product and make sure it has no negative connotation.

  • Support from AI and Robots to Find you

As the world is moving from the type in search queries to voice searches, it’s a must to consider how AI personal assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, or Alexa grab your name.

How Important is the Phonological Loop and .com Domain Extension for your Business?

Apart from the factors we’ve discussed, there are two main qualities that you should consider when naming your business. Those are the phonological loop value and the possession of the .com domain extension for your brand name.

Phonological loop value represents two of the most important brand name qualities which are memorization and the pronunciation of a brand name while .com domain extension refers to the trustworthiness of your brand among users.


Remember, “It’s about making a brand name that’s hard to forget

There are few things to consider when choosing a perfect brand name for your business.

  • Brinso evaluation tool value should be 80% or greater
  • .com domain availability for exact brand name
  • 80% or higher Phonological loop value

Apart from these it’s better to have an understanding of the most important things when naming your business or startup. Take a look at these articles to get proper knowledge on some confusing facts and myths.

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Choosing a brand name under these factors will lead your business to the highest level with a great boost