800+ Catchy Clothing Brand Name Ideas

"Let’s Find your dream clothing brand name to dominate the industry"

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Your clothing brand name plays a huge role in your business. According to the reports, the percentage of failed apparel brand names in the last ten years is 96%. We discovered many of these failures were silently caused by brand naming mistakes. 

So, if you are starting a new apparel brand or business, you have to choose a perfect brand name that can help your success. 

Here, we will help you with cool clothing brand name examples and naming tips.

Professional Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Here are some perfect brand name ideas created by our brand name specialists after analyzing successful brand naming trends in the industry. All these clothing brand names are unique, professional, and include all the brand name qualities. 

These brand names are highly recommended for those who wish to start a professional clothing business.






Hesomi .com

Logerro Swimwear collection name ideas

Logerro .com


Cipzi .com

Nizow Beachwear business names

Nizow .com

Vesloo clothing logo

Vesloo .com


Crinol .com

Catchy Clothing brand name ideas

Catchy Clothing Business Name Ideas

Simplicity and memorability are two main factors that you need to consider when choosing a catchy clothing business name. Here are some examples for your inspiration.

All these clothing business names are creative combinations of industry-related words.

Zelo Clothing Store

Loxi Apparel

Jewom Attire

Beau Designs

Vêtements Gallery

Clothing Magasin

The Garde-Robe

Apprel Tienda

Robe Negozio

Tela Closet

Stoffa Boutique

Fashion Porter

Elegant Mode

Clothing paraíso

Best Tenues

Tela Hub

Fashion Moda

Modas Express

Ropa Closet

Stile Shop

Clothing Elegante

Galore Kart

Clothing Market

Clothing Cookie

Clothing Diamond

Flatter Zoid

Clothing Plus

Modern Belle

Clothing Diva

Wow Violet

Amore Lavish

Dazzle Hub

Apparel Boutique

The Wardrobe

Crafting Club

The Activewear

Boy Outfitters

Belle Chic

Glamour Clothes

Casually Luxurious

How To Choose a Catchy Clothing Business Name?

  • Create a list of brand name ideas that will match your clothing brand.
  • Do a competitor name research.
  • Analyze each brand name idea according to the qualities and weaknesses.
  • Get feedback from friends, colleagues, and social media communities.
urban clothing line name ideas

Urban Clothing Line Name Ideas

Naming an urban clothing line can be different from other clothing businesses. Your business name must be good enough to get the attention of competitors. Make sure to keep it short and simple. 

If you are not planning to expand your business, you can try some cool urban clothing name ideas like these below.

Fashion Touch

Urban Avenue

Amazing Wear

Fashion Express

Dress Store

Classy Outfitters

Dress Up

Glam Figure

Miss Apparel

Unique Touch

Urban Look

My Best Choice

Style Outfitter

Sweet Essence

Love Boutique

Hedofi Closet

Selo Wear

Liswo Closet

Kise Clothing

Jo Wears

Beauty Dots

Dress Clone

Veslo Clothing

Beauty Bugs

Wide Cloud

Urban Made

Glitz Ivy

Terance Trop

Ultra Flare

First Fly

Main Star

Fresh Hide

Only Best

Elite Look

Bing Urban

Fashion Rye

fashion clothing brand name ideas

Best Clothing Store Name Ideas

To give a kick start for your clothing store a perfect brand name idea is a must. These brand name ideas which are created by our brand name specialist are best for your newly starting clothing store.

Fash Fab Clothing

Fab Girls' Collection

Clothy Lovers' Place

Cloth Craze Garment

Fast Stich Garment

Free Design Palace

Fabric Falcon

Magical Clothing Boutique

Appereloz Company

Fash Raiment

Tissu Braze Shop

Richy Look Wear

Dress Collection

Wearly Walk Store

Trendy Store

Cotton Wear Collection

The Clothing Store

Marv Love Store

Crazo Fashion Outlet

Comfy On Collection

Clothy U Outlet

Comfy Clothy Hub

Fabu Love Hut

Fancy Raze Coleection

Fit Bet Stock

Fancy Fan Collecton

Fame Stitch Store

The Needle Vogue

Needly Art Wear

Pict Perfy Style

Best Design Hub

Fancy Wish Collection

Royal Castle Of Cloths

Fit Glab Sote

The Glory Garment

Gorgline Clothing

Fantastizer Apperal

Nylon Hut

Suit blouse Store

Clothy Logic Garment

Fancy Grasp Collection

Gorgy Day Clothing

Linnen Clothing Store

The Lace House

The Clothing Closet

Costi Braze Store

Prim Line Clothing

Super Robe Mall

Up Wardrobe

Fashion Vibz Store

Freshy Ever Apperal

Soft Clothing Hut

Modestouze Clothing

Elegant Fit Boutique

Noble Fashion Hut

Fine Clothing Hub

Dress Up

Desired Fashion

Branded Choice

Sweet Grown

Dress flair

Dress Hub

Clothing Dodge

Woolen Love

Choice Of Yours

Hidden Style

Trendy Shoopie

Styke Chic

Kedi Clothing

Lofe Wear

Jino Closet

Lopo Attire

Posi Wear

Awomi Apparel

Swodi Clothing

Medo Apparel

Stylo Moda

Hosa Bella

Kwoti Boutique

Kiss and Love

How to name my clothing store?

  • Create a list of name ideas for your clothing store. While creating the list you can do research on the current brand naming trends, competitor name analysis, use catchy words, etc.
  • Analyze those brand name ideas with the brand naming qualities and shortlist the brand name ideas.
  • Get feedback from your family members, colleagues, social media, brand name specialist, etc.
  • Check the availability.
  • Register the name for your clothing store.
Luxury Clothing Line name ideas

Luxury Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Golden Look

Luxury Fabric

Linen Diamond

Woolen Luxe

Goldish Touch

Luxurious Designs

Classy Boutique

Luxury Life Design

Expensive Cotton

Lavishness Clothing

Luxury Satin

Best Choice

Perfect Longue

Trendy Wear

Sparkling Choice

Luxury Lifestyle

Fashion Coutire

Fashion Palance

Best Designers

Comfort Clothing

Pearl Touch

Classy Closet

Diamond Wear

Luxury Attire

Clothing Nest

Luxury Cart

Luxury Lux

Luxury Ozo

Adore Clothing

Crystal Embrace

Luxury Wind

Clothing Sheer

Luxury Goddess

Belle Luxury

Luxury Deluxe

Opal Enrich

How To Create A Luxury Clothing Business Name?

If you are looking for a luxury clothing boutique name follow the below steps to make the process successful.

  • Do deep research on the luxury clothing store names that already exist.
  • Find out what are the factors that make a clothing business name luxury.
  • Have a good idea of the luxury brand naming trends
  • Think out of the box
  • Be creative
  • Own the .com domain extension
FasAChion store name ideas

Trendy Clothing Business Name Ideas

Style Up Closet

Fashion Mood Boutique

Modern Blossoms

Fashion Charlotte

Classy Boutique

Stylish Hub

House Of Fashion

Fashion Vogue

Frock Hub

Luxury Fashion Hut

Glory Walk House

Fabric Closet

Fashion Gallery

Elegance Fashion

Beauty Falcon

Style Zone

Make U Beauty

Fashion Pro

Fashion Vogue

Trendy Fashion

Fashion Spot

Beauty Curve

Rich Wear

Style Forma

Worn Pro

Fashion Hill

Trading Slue

Grab Quality

Wear Vogue

Fashion Dox

Falcon Curve

Way Charming

Clothing Beauty

Fashion Hand

Italian Style

Classy Mode

How do I choose a fashionable clothing brand name?

  • Checkout your exact niche
  • Focus on your target audience
  • Check brand naming qualities
  • Check the brand naming trends
  • Check .com availability
  • Choose SEO friendly brand name idea
fashion boutique name ideas

Clothing Line Name Ideas

What is a good clothing line name?

Moda Designs Co.

Vestido Inn

Moda Corporation.

Habits Mode

Fashion Tienda

Universal Mode

The Tenue

Best Porter

Fashion Maceta

Charme Closet

Best Vestir

Charme Hub

Best Elección

Fashion Más

Clothing Missione

He & Her

Nueva Trends

Clothing Moyeu

Moda Factory

Best Outlet

Moda Crown

Clothing Joy

Petals Rose

Clothing Tails

Clothing Mood

Clothing Tree

Apparel Trat

Clothing Zebra

Clothing Sole

Fashion Black

Clothing Eva

Fashion Petals

Vogue Chic

Oh Fashion

Ever Avenue

Fashion Falcon

How To Create a Good Clothing Line Name?

When it comes to a good clothing line name, professionality is very important. The targeted niche of your clothing line and the values of your business can also help you come up with better ideas. Good clothing line name ideas must include these factors.

  • Easy to pronounce
  • Easy to spell and write
  • No numbers and special characters
  • .com availability
fitness wear company name ideas

Fitness Clothing Brand Name Ideas

These brand name ideas are suitable for business those who manufacture, sell fitness clothing such as tracksuits, shorts, and all the special design clothes for fitness and sports wear. Explore these examples to come up with a cool fitness clothing brand name.

Fitness Circle

Body Balance

Fitness Pro

Xtreme Sports Wear

Pro Fitness

Handy Sports Wear

Alis Lackers

Sports Matrix

Your Fitness

Sports Concept

Fitness Line

Eddis Fitness

Action Apparel

Sports Pop

Sporty Vibe

Sport Match

Champ Pitch

Sporty Vibe

Super Endless

Play Spot

Season Fort

Life Sports

Action Connection

Sporty Stom

Fitness Edge

Pack Jump

Fitness Circle

Pixel Fitness

Sports Beta

Clothing Club

Blink Bland

Fitness Outloud

Clothes Shops Name Ideas

Clothing Carnival

Choice More

Best Designs

Your Choice

New Fashion

Clothing Zone

Fashion Bug

Fashion Wear

Elegant Textiles

Future Fashion

Best Attire

Never Ending

Favorite Choices

Favorite Choices

Your Shop

Elegant Closet

Im Yours

Mexo Textiles

Best Fashion

Best Selection

Mexo Textiles

Best Fashion

Best Selection

Clothing King

House Of Cloths

Outfit Play

Viva Garments

Mad Wear

Zipper Vogue

Petal Closet

Chic Mony

Up Town

What Makes A Good Clothing Shop Name?

  • Universal and Brandable – Should be able to use worldwide with any expansion.
  • Not limiting – Should be a common brand name that will not limit your niche if you want to expand your business in the future.
  • Best character count – The ideal character count should be within 4-6 letters.
Ladies Clothing Store Name Ideas

Women's Clothing Company Name Ideas

Fab Gal Wear

Miss Fabriczo Store

Lady Like Clothing

Fashion Formula Hut

Trendz On Wear

Femi Craze Store

Fancy Lover Collection

Fashionadore Store

Up Class Apparel

Lady First Choise

Gorgy Women Collection

Dazzly Ladies Hut

Femi Fashion Garment

Warm Hug Store

Fine Fit Clothing

Vogue Ladys Collection

Fashion Festive Mall

One Taste Closet

Fancy Flatter Store

Modish Dame Dress

Rich Taste Wear

Fanciful Kiss Clothing

Lady Walk Hut

Miss Legacy Hub

Lovely Label

Miss Beauty

Mrs Fashion

Elles Boutique

The Lady

Dress Again

Quality Collection

Wear Pretty

Clothing Exotic

Fashion Trend

Fashion Power

Perfect Vogue

Bossy Girl

Fashion Heritage

Elegance Style

Angels Choice

Tips to name your women’s clothing company

  • Make sure the brand name you choose for your women’s clothing store is easy to remember, easy to pronounce, easy to spell and write. 
  • Always avoid names with Less than 4 characters and above 6 characters. Try to keep it within 4-6 characters when naming your business.
  • Including keywords or dictionary words in your brand name can make it less visible.
  • Choose a business name that will not limit your expansion possibilities.
  • Choose a women’s clothing business name with the .com domain extension.
Gent’s Clothing Business Name Ideas

Men’s Clothing Business Name Ideas

Tre Handsome Suits

Perfect Fit Clothing

Fitzmens Wear

Fashion Fever

It’s Men Clothing

Sugar Talk Hut

Decent Lookz Suits

The Passion Boutique

Gentle Menz Wear

Rough Talk Clothing

Mr. Fashion Store

Youngsome Clothing

Pro Spot Clothing

Smarty Lookz Hut

Fashion God Clothing

Gentle Sew Wear

Brilli Walk Hut

Classy Look Collection

Handy Look Clothing

Hanzo Men Suits

Lux Closet Hub

Fashion Blast Wear

Hot N Smart Collection

For Mens Clothing

Style Mile

Forever Tingle

Worn Well

Impress Ford

Clothes Threads

Impress Look

Flint Fashion

Trend Style

Tips to name your Men’s Clothing business

  • You can check the simplicity of your men’s business name via vocabularyscore.com.
  • Your men’s clothing business needs a memorable name. The phonological loop value shows how fast a human can grab your name idea.
  • Do not use your men’s clothing business name to explain your business.
Streetwear clothing store name ideas

Streetwear Clothing Brand Name Ideas

The Silk

Frock Hub

Luxe Jeans

Lilly Longue

Cross Colors

Stitch Jeans

Spark Dove

Glam Hunt

Bloom Dress

Your Collection

Dress Rose

Lelas Boutique

Street Boom

Old Rye

General Clothing

Clothing Gap

Fashion Plus

Made Vintage

Unique Closet

Elegant Apparel

Dress Canel


Fashion Thrift

Prime Bliss

Street Cage

Chill Force

My Look

Spade Style

Street Hustle

Attitude Up

Street Hype

Street Real

How to name your streetwear clothing business?

  • Be unique, simple, memorable, pronounceable with your streetwear clothing business.
  • Choose a name with a meaning.
  • Get feedback from your family, neighbors, colleagues, brand name professionals, brand name specialists, brand naming forums, etc.
  • Always deliver a positive meaning with your streetwear clothing name.
  • Never imitate competitor naming ideas.
  • Follow the brand naming trends.
  • Do not use keywords or generic words for your streetwear business name.
  • Check the availability of your chosen streetwear business name.
Formal Wear Business Name Ideas

Formal Wear Business Name Ideas

Having a question on “How to name your Formal Wear store? ”. Here are the best brand name ideas that are suitable for your formal wear clothing store. These brand name ideas are recommended only for small scale formal wear businesses who have no intention of making it a large scale.

Office Look Chain

Formal Attire House

Decent Form Outlet

Success Trendz Store

Worky Wears House

Office Buddies Mill

Blazer Maze Mart

White Collar Outlet

Office Fashion Store

Trendy Ofize Wearhouse

Profasionalz Outlet

Work Bliz Boutique

At Work Store

Bozzy House

Neat N Fit Wear

Decent Fact Outlet

The Formlized Buy

Confident On Mall

Full Fashion House

Truly Decent Wear

Suit Hunt Shop

High Classy Store

Modern Office Outlet

Decenteligenz Shop

Office Up

Best Formal

Lovely Look

Formal Flare

Elegant Charms

Formal Mansion

Office Trading

The Formals

Formal Slew

Formal Fashions

The Professionals

Clothing Sleeks

Formal Statics

Formal Styles

Professional Designers

The Formal Spot

Formal Couture

Professional Up

Formal Fiber

Trending Formals

How can I choose the best name for my formal wear business?

Choosing the best and most suitable name for your formal wear business might be difficult and hard if you have no idea about the exact factors that make your formal wear business name perfect. Create a list of name ideas with all the brand name qualities for your formal wear business by analyzing the competitor names, keywords, and generic words in the industry, by picking up from brand name generators, etc, and get feedback from different people. This process will help you to choose the best brand name idea for your formal wear business.

Kids Clothing Business Name Ideas

Children's Clothing Company Name Ideas

These brand names are perfect for any kids’ clothing store related business including online kids’ clothing stores, kids’ clothing websites, etc. Find more kids clothing brand names here.

Little B Flys House

Cute Soulz Store

Cuddly Balls Mall

Comfy Suits Place

Their Time Outlet

Little Spazy House

Pure Beauty Wearhouse

Young Fashion Store

Best Collection Outfits

Little Smarty House

Fairy Tale Paradise

Little Needle Hub

Comfy Sew Shop

Little Beauty Outlet

Bossy Baby Mart

Fancy Cup Wearhouse

Comfy Stitch Place

Yes To All Store

B And G Clothingwear

The Bliss Outlet

Tiny Dreamz Clothing

Fancy Kidz Outlet

Fash Family Hub

Kidzity Place

Tiny Dove

Chicky Pung

Lovely Town

The Kiddo

Baby Mall

Baby Bear

Love Tots

Little Couture

Mother Care

Perfect Kid

Small Town

Little Adventure

Cute Collection

Smart and Lovely

Happy Outlet

Giggle Noise

Miss Adorable

Baby Notch

The Soft

Baby Chic

Baby Stuffs

Baby Yard

Love Of Life

Hugz N Kiss

Tips to name your children’s clothing company 

  • Make your brand name a simple one.
  • Your children’s clothing company name should have a meaning.
  • Consider SEO.
  • Do not choose a name that will limit your children’s clothing company.
  • Do not describe what your company does with the brand name.
  • Do not choose a name with a generic word.
Cool Clothing Store name ideas

Cool Clothing Name Ideas

Feroz Blossoms

Dress Avenue

Bellas Arcade

Trend The Best

Bumble Charlotte

Your Closets

Dress Up

Pink Dots

Little Bunnies Collection

Sunflower Charming

Sweet Petals

Maza's Boutique

Quality Outfit

Classy Fawn

Fab Clothing

Stylish Clothing

The Outfit

Jezzo Fashion

Bella Sew

Fashion Seeds

Perfect Style

Dress Wave

Fashion Flame

Ever Glam

Clothing House

Wear Closet

Clothing Blue

Clothing Chic

Wear Rewind

Street Side

Threads Fashion

Passion Of Fashion

The Lac

Clothing Fiesta

Clothing 360

Youth Styles

Best Suits

Fashion Z

In Love

Endless Fashion

Outlet Gap

The Title

Fashion Free

Fashion Planet

How to Come up With A Cool Clothing Company Name?

A cool clothing company name must always be simple and memorable. If you are looking for a cool clothing company name, you have to brainstorm ideas with those qualities.

You can keep the simplicity of your business name by limiting the character count to 4-6. That will also improve memorability.

Ethnic Wear store name ideas

Ethnic Wear Shop Name Ideas

If your plan is to start a shop selling cultural dresses for people who are from different ethnic backgrounds, here are the best brand name ideas for you. These brand names express the feeling of the ethnic wear and have used familiar words that will grab the attention of the humans soon.

Estaliyo Stylish

Libas Touch

Devine Attract

Either Bee

Classic Wear

Dress Zones

Traditional Plaza

Miss Fashionable

Stitch Hub

Ecolic Frills

Styled Era

Fashion Touch

Fashion Culture

Look Tradition

Culture Couture

Tradi Look

Ethnic Zone

Style Traditional

Look Ethnic

Fashion Collection

Cultural Beauty

Ethnic Outfits

Traditional Beauty

Amazing Outfit

The Ethnics

Fashion Styled

In Tradition

Dress Avatar

Traditional Wear

Cultural Fashion

Cultural Roots

Ethnic Fashion

Ethnic Fiesta

Traditional Plaza

Your Style

The Native

Traditional Outfit

Ethnic Edge

Traditional Wind

Urban Style

Wow Trends

Traditional Splash

Ethnic Love

Cultural Turn

Italian Clothing Store name ideas

Italian Clothing Brand Name Ideas

The journey of most fashion companies like Prada, Armani, Etro has started in Italy. These brand name ideas have been created by our brand name specialist based on the trending words in the Italian clothing industry. 

Il miglior look

boutique di bellezza

essere il tuo negozio

vestirsi Store

vestito glam

vestirlo Boutique

benedica glam

tag vestito

elegante tu

vestirsi meglio

indossare il lusso

stanza della moda

Stile di moda

Futuro della moda

Charm Abbigliamento

Circo della moda

Abbigliamento classico

Moda veloce

Moda fresca

Abbigliamento Curve

Moda Faze

moda di classe

moda piena

Moda Stile

Swimwear Brand Name Ideas

Swim Style

Water Affair

Land Laps

Water Lover

Beach Wave

Bubble Up

Water Comfort

Dive Shed

Pool Fish

Dip Waves

Swim Pro

Water Sandy

Swim Master

Water Habits

Beach Bee

Wave Breeze

Wave & Breeze

Beach Paradise

Swim Planet

Swimming Cove

Swim Dapper

Swim Find

Swim Cabana

Swim Gun

Step To Swim

Curvy Stella

First Land

Water Codes

Beach Corner

Swim Creed

Suit Mars

Zero Await

Eger Swim

Swim Lavish

Stake Beach

Enjoy Edge

Swim Suit

Swim Swag

Water Love

Swim Craze

Is Swimwear A Good Business?

Swimwear business is one of the fastest-growing niche businesses in the field of clothing. As per Business Brains, in 2025 the expected growth of the swimwear business is $28.7 billion. Starting up a swimwear business can be profitable with the high demand. If you need to browse more swimwear business name ideas you can visit our beachwear business name ideas page.

Clothing Page Name Ideas

Boutique Page

Clothing Fancy

Annie's Clothing

Pearls Pee

Fashion Tips

Style Bend

Clothing Mode

Dress Touch

Modern Tight

Strange Supreme

Little Hill

Bend Chic

Charming Tips

Match the Trend

Adore Couture

Step Shop

Touch The Style

Pretty Wear

Fashion Glam

Little Peeps

Black Closet

Fashion Sheet

Bright Colored

Fashion Look

Luxury Attire

Fit Made

Special Stitch

Fashion Only

Style Boutique

Fashion Fine

Style Sense

Fashion City

Fashion Galore

Style Vogue

Dream Threads

Fashion Chic

Outfit World

Attire Elegance

Style Only

Galore King

Love Impress

Blossom Outfit

Beyond Fashion

Fashion Soul

How do I name my online clothing store?

Here are a few of the main factors that you should consider when naming your online clothing store.

  • Keep it short
  • Simplicity
  • Memorability
  • .com availability
  • Uniqueness
  • No keywords or generic words
  • SEO friendly name
Foreign Word Inspired Brand Names ideas

Foreign Words Inspired Clothing Business Name Ideas

For those who are interested in foreign clothing markets or those who are willing to name their business in a foreign language, here are the best brand name ideas for you to be unique.

Robe hub

Bellos Mode

Modefi Élégance

Kedifo Porter

Belleza Faze

Moda Casa

Color Mezcla

Linda Mira

Lacus Life

Electio Tuum

Style Obsessi

Vultus Curva

Connaître le style

Pourvoiries élégantes

Tienda de descuento

Maison de Charme

Mode élégante

Estilo Encore



Estilo Sonrisa

Tienda de ropa

Monde de la mode

Algodón suave

Catchy Words In Apparel Industry

Catchy Clothing Business Name Ideas

New Glow

Modern Arcade

Decor Room

Beauty Wear

Best Outfit

Fabric Corner

Fit On

Lifestyle Stitch

Pattern Amazo

Creative Charming

Vouge Fashion

Best Look

Model Bella

Trendy Collection

Elegance Couture

Kain Fashion

Jecob Styles

Mefoz Tyg

Leqomo Bezler

Lovejo Chiffons

Keyomo Mga tela

Ofuzi Klude

Xomo paños

Lecobi Look

Dress & Smile

Style Tread

Life Fashion

Cute Marven

Impress To

Look Eye

Wear High

Fashion Dare

Top Clothing Brands In The World

Our brand name specialists have identified the most catchy brand names in the field of Apparel and listed out the suitable brand names including the catchy words.

ARMANI logoArmani

Burberry logoBurberry


HERMES logoHermes

These are some of the brand names in the apparel industry that are known by the world. These brand names are perfect and successful. With professionalism, brand name qualities, etc these brand names became very popular and led the clothing industry.

Tips To Consider When Naming Your Clothing Business

  • Be Unique

Always try to be creative with your clothing brand name. Think out of the box and give a chance to your brain to think of something extraordinary to make you highlight among others. Being creative doesn’t mean adding up wrong spellings intentionally, or using some unknown words that are difficult to pronounce and spell. Take a moment and think if you’re the customer what is the first clothing shop you will visit first and why will you visit there when there are thousands available? Question yourself: would you visit a shop if it’s not unique?

Example of Unique Clothing Brands -:




  • Avoid Words With Similar Pronunciation

Keep in mind that customers will never take an extra effort to remember you when they have countless options with them. If you have a clothing brand name with similar pronunciations like Vouge, Wouge / Coat, or Koat: your failure in naming your business. Always make a difference and make sure they will remember you the first time they hear or see your clothing business. 

  • Choose A Brand Name That Is Easy To Pronounce

Be professional and clear like Guess, Lee, Vans, Nike, Converse, Gap, etc. All these clothing brands are very easy to pronounce and remember. Even a kid will not find it difficult to remember a name like this. So give importance to the professionalism of your clothing brand name.

  • Do A Competitor Analysis

Make a goal, list out who are the competitors for you and how did they succeed in the trade of the clothing industry with the help of their brand names, and also search for information about the companies who changed their brand names and why they changed them. Most popular brands like Nike renamed their brand name. The former name of Nike was Blue Ribbon Sports and later they changed it into Nike. The older name did not consist of most of the brand name qualities a professional brand should have so later they renamed it Nike and now it is one of the leading clothing brands in the world. 

  • Never Say What You Do With Your Clothing Brand

At present online shopping has become very popular. According to statistics they are expecting over 2.14 billion online shoppers in the world. So when you come up with a name for what you do it will harm when you’re presenting on the internet and also it will impact your SEO process too. Mainly it is not a good quality a professional Clothing brand should have. Take a look at the most popular and successful clothing brands in the world none of them are trying to say what they do with their brand names.

*Old Navy

*Under Armour

*Tommy Hilfiger

*Michael Kors

  • Hire A Brand Name Consultant

Choosing a perfect clothing brand name is not easy at all. You have to think millions of times to name your fashion business. The existence of your fashion business will be mainly based on the name you choose. If you do not have professional knowledge in choosing a clothing brand name better to hire a brand name consultant. It may count as an investment that you make in your fashion business.

  • Brandable Clothing Name

If you need to succeed in the fashion industry make sure to choose a brandable name for your clothing business. When we look into all the successful businesses in the clothing industry almost all of them are having a brandable brand name with them. So, having a brandable brand name for your clothing business is one of the most important elements to be successful in the fashion industry.

  • Use Your Own Name

If you are a famous person in society or a celebrity you can use your own name for your clothing business. This method is used by many celebrities who want to promote their personal branding. The most famous clothing brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Gucci got their name from their owners who were popular characters in society.

  • Get Feedback

In the process of naming your clothing business, always make sure to take feedback from others. It may be your friends, family, colleagues, branding experts, social media, etc. Try to conduct a feedback session so you will get an idea of which name suits more for your clothing business, but do not depend only on the feedback you get. After all, it is your clothing business and you have to make the final decision with the name that you choose.

  • Don’t Be Limited

When you are naming your clothing business do not choose a name that will limit the growth of your business in the future. Now you may start small but in the future, you will grow and you will get more opportunities, So choose a clothing business name that will be an obstacle when your clothing business is growing.

  • Consider SEO

During this covid-19 epidemic, you may have understood the importance of online business. So make sure that your clothing business is available on the internet to the global market. To rank your clothing site with the other competitors you will definitely need an SEO-friendly clothing business name. So choose a name that is SEO-friendly.

  • Simple and Memorable Name

There is no use of a clothing brand name if it’s not simple and memorable. All your brand name should have is simplicity and memorability. Choose a name with a high vocabulary score and with a high phonological loop value.

  • Emotions To Express

If you have an emotional attachment to a name, you can try that name on your clothing business. It might be a family member’s name, a pet’s name, an old story character’s name, etc. You can always choose a name that you may feel confident about.

PRADA logoPrada

Fendi logoFendi

ZARA logoZara

NIKE logoNike

ADIDAS logoAdidas

Vans logoVans

CHANEL logoChanel

LOUIS VUITTON logoLouis Vuitton

How To Name Your Clothing Brand Name

The brand name takes the most important part of every business. A brand name will take your identity to the world. To compete with the giants in the clothing industry you will need a perfect brand name with you. A brandable brand name is the most powerful weapon to be successful in the field. Here are a few points to know how to create a brandable brand name.

  • Create A Brand Name With A Meaning

Do you know that 99% of brand names have a hidden meaning? They have been creative enough to make the name in a brandable way. Brand names like Nike got their name as inspiration from  “The Winged Goddess Of Victory”. It has a hidden meaning and says that it goes to victory. You too can name your clothing business in the method that Nike followed.

The brand name Zara got its name as an inspiration from the movie name  “Zorba the Greek”. First, they named it Zorba and later they renamed it for Zara because there was a pub of the same name Zorba near to their store.

  • Use A Short Form

If you really want to name your business with a generic word or keyword you can be creative by using the first letters of it or a letter combination of the first two words such as Adidas. Adidas got the same by the first letters of the founder’s name Adolf Dassler. From the first name, they created the word Adi and from the second name they got Das and finally, it became Adidas.

  • Use Another Language Word

You can use a word from another language except your mother tongue to create a brand name for your clothing store. Make sure the word gets a positive meaning with it.

  • Can Use The Owners Name

This method is only recommended for those who are popular in the world. This method is used only by those who want to build their personal branding among society. Most of the clothing giants have used this method due to the less competition they had during the time they launched the business.

Burberry – Thomas Burberry

Hermès – Thierry Hermès

Prada – Mario Prada

Gucci – Guccion

  • Learn From Competitors

When naming your clothing and fashion business, take some time to analyze the competitor names. While analyzing the most successful fashion brand name ideas, you will get a clear idea of the naming trends that they have followed, the problems that they faced when naming their clothing and fashion business and also the companies who rebranded their brand and what made them do so. You can apply all the plus points with you and avoid the cons when naming your fashion business.

  • Take Help From Slogan

Never use your clothing business name to express what your business does. Using your brand name to express what your clothing business provides is not a good quality of a professional brand name. If you really want to express yourself, you can use the slogan to do it for you. Use the slogan and explain what your company does.

  • Be Simple and Attractive

Always try to be simple but attractive with your clothing and fashion business name. The existence of a brand name depends on how simple it is and also on how it emotionally touches the human brain. So choosing a name that is simple and attractive is very important.

  • Name Generators

You can use name generators to find a name for your clothing and fashion business, but as Brinso we do not recommend using brand name generators for those who are looking for a professional clothing business name. Take a look at the most successful clothing business names, almost all of them have used a brandable and professional name for their business. So if you are looking ahead to success, try to avoid brand name generators and choose a professional and brandable brand name idea.

  • Check The Chosen Name In Google

Before finalizing your clothing business name, go through a Google research on the name you have chosen. Checking the name in Google will help you to know if the name you have chosen is used by someone else or not.

  • Target Audience

Based on the target audience of your clothing business, the name or the meaning of the name can be changed. If you decide on your target audience, you can create a meaningful name for your clothing startup.

  • Trademark And Copyright

When naming your clothing business check the name you have chosen has already been trademarked. A  name that has been trademarked earlier cannot be used for your new clothing startup.

  • Build A Social Media Page

Being available in social media is one of the most important for a company which is planning to start new. Before launching your clothing business, try to create a website and also be available on almost every social media platform.

  • Domain Availability

Before finalizing your clothing business name, check the domain availability of it. The exact match domain should be available for you with the .com domain extension. These factors will help you for Search Engine Optimization.

  • Universal Brand Name

Never forget to choose a name that is suitable internationally. A professional clothing business name should be a universal one. A name that can be grabbed by anyone in the world without any negative connotation is very important to be your selected brand name universal.

Steps To Choose Name For Your Fashion and Clothing Business

  • Brainstorm Ideas

The first and foremost step when naming your fashion business is to collect some brand name ideas that will suit your clothing and fashion business. Take a pen and a paper, relax and write down all the brand name ideas that will come to your mind. You can collect name ideas by looking at your competitors, from the words related to the clothing and fashion industry, from brand name generators, from brand name reselling sites, by creating on your own, etc. 

At the end of this step, you will have a huge amount of brand name ideas with you.

  • Shortlist Your Brand Name Ideas

Now in this step, you will have a lot of brand name ideas that you listed out for your clothing and fashion business. In this process, you should analyze each and every brand name individually. This will take time more than you think but it is worth a lot to choose the best brand name idea for your clothing business. When analyzing the brand name ideas you listed, make sure to analyze the information like,

  1. Consistency of brand name qualities
  2. Understanding the target audience
  3. Not a brand name that limits your growth
  4. Should not be a name that will imitate others

After analyzing each and every brand name with the above points you can cut down the brand name ideas that will not go with the above factors and keep a very few brand name ideas to take to the next step.

  • Feedback 

In this step, you should go for a feedback session for the clothing and fashion brand name ideas that you choose in the second step. You can ask about these brand name ideas from your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, social media, brand naming experts, brand naming forums, etc.

  • Availability

In the last step, you might get one or two brand name ideas with higher feedback. Take those name ideas and check their availability. Check that they have the exact match domains, .com domain extension, and social media availability too. Then choose the name that consists of all the mentioned factors in the naming process. Following these steps will help you to choose the best brand name idea for your clothing and fashion business.

Characteristics Of A Good Clothing and Fashion Brand Name

Some people love to name their clothing business in a catchy way while some of them want to make the name classy and professional. Whatever the method you choose, it should be a good clothing name. There are several factors that make your brand name a perfect one.

  • Consisting of all the brand name qualities.
  • The vocabulary score is high. (the vocabulary score represents the simplicity of the brand name).
  • The phonological loop value is up to standard. (the phonological loop value says how easily your brand name sticks into the human brain).
  • Following the naming trends of best clothing brand names in the world.
  • The brand name has a meaning.
  • Professionalism.
  • Attractiveness.
  • Not copying others.

Following the above factors will help your brand name to be good and perfect.

What Makes A Clothing Brand Name Perfect?

Here are some tips to create a successful brand name for your clothing business.

1. Analyze Your Competitors

You can learn from your competitors. As stated before, you have to compete with countless competitors in this clothing industry. Your brand name needs to be different and attractive to other competitors. We recommend not to follow the existing brand name trend for apparel businesses in the market. The more your brand name is different or unique the more you can attract customers. 

2. Be Relevant To Your Niche

You cannot cover the whole apparel industry with your business, all clothing startups have one specific niche that they are mastered about so as you. Keep the niche in your mind and create brand names relevant to your niche. Assume your niche is Teen girl’s clothing company and you cannot use names like Women’s Clothing or Lady’s Apparel. Your brand name needs to represent the niche in a creative way.

3. Think About The Brand Personality

Brand personality is the human personification of a brand. Each brand has a personality and it is important in contacting your customers. There are five main brand personalities that you need to consider.

  • Excitement- These brand names make you feel active, carefree, and youthful. These types of brand personality can be used for these niches of the apparel industry such as Teen boys’ wear businesses, Teen girl’s clothing stores, kid’s clothing businesses, beach wears businesses, etc. Real-world examples for exciting brand names are Levi’s and Forever 21.


  • Sincerity- Family, kindness, thoughtfulness is the feelings these brand names generate. You can use this brand personality in maternity clothing stores and ladies’ clothing businesses. Uniqlo is a real-world example of a sincere brand name.

  • Ruggedness- This brand personality is a bit masculine and is strong, rough, and athletic. Follow this brand personality if your niche is one of these. Sportswear company, gent’s wear businesses, plus size men’s apparel businesses, and shirts businesses. For example, Asics and ADIDAS.

  • Competence- The brand names that have this personality hint at you about accomplishment and success. Surely suits your formal wear business, men’s formal wear stores, women’s office wear businesses. For example, H&M and Gucci.

  • Sophistication- These brand names are elegant and luxurious. Make sure your brand name feels this way if your business is focused on Lady’s clothing store, wedding wear, party wear, etc. For example, Chanel and Burberry.


4. Identify Your Audience

The clothing business leads to a vast area. This fact is also related to the clothing business niche of yours. You cannot count everyone in the market as your customer. There is a special group that you have to focus on. Identify the audience correctly and select the perfect brand name in order to attract them to your clothing business. You can either start a ladies clothing store and target only ladies, gents clothing store and target only gents, kids clothing store and target parents, denim store and target the people who need to buy denim, etc. So make sure what you’re going to sell exactly.

Methods Of Choosing A Name For Your Clothing Business

  • Use Your Own Name

When you have an idea to start a clothing business of your own, you can name your business with your own name. Some of the famous brands have used this method to name their clothing business.

Example – 

    • Louis Vuitton got is name from the founder Louis Vuitton
    • Gucci got its name from the founder Guccio Gucci.


  • Brandable Brand Name

This method can be known as one of the most recommended methods to name your clothing business. A brandable clothing business name will always consist of all the brand name qualities and looks professional.

Example – 

    • Nike
    • Zara


  • Foreign Words

You can use foreign words to name your clothing company. Have an analysis of different languages and try to create a name that will suit your clothing business.

Example –

    • Robe Hub
    • Zona De Ropa
    • Scelta Migliore


  • Rhythmic Words

You can use rhythmic words to name your clothing business. Choose words with rhythmic sounds and create a suitable name that will match your business.

Example –

    • Dress Dove
    • Clothing Closet
    • Best Buy


  • Competitor Analysis

You can analyze the name of your competitors and find out the naming trends that they followed to name their clothing business. This method will help you to choose the best brand name for your clothing business.

You can analyze the competitors such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, etc.

  • Trending Words

Use trending words in the niche of the clothing business to create a unique name for your fashion business. Use the words such as smart, dresses, hub, closet, collection, fashion.

How To Shorten That Long Brand Name Ideas List You Created?

You may have listed brand name ideas for your clothing business already. So how to pick the best one? Here are some tips that you can track the best brand name.

  • Easy To Pronounce

 Remove all the brand name ideas that you can not pronounce. Make sure your brand name is easy to say aloud. It is also a brand name quality. Brand names like Zara, Hermes, Chanel are easy to pronounce.

  • Easy To Remember

Your brand name should be easy to memorize. Customers usually have a long brand name list in their brains and you have to try your best to place your brand name in that list. The phonological loop is also important in creating a memorable brand name for your clothing business. Brand names like Gucci and Fendi are good examples of memorable brand names.

  • Meaning

Ready to cut some more brand name ideas in your list? 

Brand names with meanings are way more successful than brand names without meanings. Words are very powerful and are wise to add valuable and attractive meaning to your brand name too.

No, you don’t have to pick a meaning to each letter, you may have foreign words with nice meanings but make sure to avoid negative connotations, or you can create a brand name with a meaning, as Brinso always recommends handpicked brand names for clothing businesses. 

  • One Worded Are Best

Remove all the name ideas which are longer than one word. you cannot overuse words if you are looking for a perfect clothing brand name. This is also a brand name quality, if a brand name is too long, it makes the customer hard to remember. So it is advisable to limit your brand name for one word and the ideal character count is 4 – 6. for example, Armani and Prada.

Apart from these factors, you need to know about the brand name qualities too. There are 10 brand name qualities and include all these qualities to your apparel business brand name. Here are some high-end brand names for your clothing business handpicked by our brand name big brains.

We recommend these professional brand names for your Apparel industry-related business and Fashion industry-related business. All these brand names are easy to remember and if you have an idea to move your business into an online platform in the future we highly recommend these brand names for you.

All these brand names are unique, professional, and Included all the brand name qualities. These brand names are suitable for any business that is related to the apparel industry. All these brand names are 100% error less and totally available for your clothing business.

How To Get A Catchy Clothing Store Name?

The catchiness of a brand name comes with how simple and memorable it is. Choose a brand name that is very simple and memorable. The simplicity of the brand name can be measured via the vocabulary score and the phonological loop value says how fast a human brain can grab your brand name.

Factors that make a catchy name

  • Simplicity
  • Memorability
  • Uniqueness
  • Clear brand name history
  • Single-word
  • Characters between 4 to 6
  • Convey a meaning
  • No numbers or special characters
  • High phonological loop value
  • No negative connotation

Types Of Creating A Brand Name For Your Fashion & Clothing Store

  • Use Your Own Name

You can use your own name or family name to name your clothing store. This method was used and used by many popular characters in the world. We would like to recommend this method only for those who want to build their own identity.

Ex -:

Louis Vuitton by Louis Vuitton

Gucci by Guccio Gucci

Tiffany & Co. by Charles Lewis Tiffany 

  • You Can Use Acronym Method

You can use the first letters of a few words and create another new brand name for your fashion and clothing brand.

Ex -:

Adidas from the words Adolf Dassler

  • Use a meaningful name

You can choose a brand name with a hidden meaning. It can be recommended as one of the successful methods of naming your apparel business.


Meaning of Nike is the Greek goddess of victory

Before You Go…

Check whether your brand name has these two qualities when you settle with a brand name idea for your clothing business.

1. The domain names availability

When you settle with a brand name idea for your clothing business, you should check the availability of the domain name in order to  take legal ownership of the brand name. You can easily check the domain name availability and we usually recommend .com domain extension for clothing businesses.

2. Check the available domains

If the preferred domain name is not available you can easily check the available domains for your brand name idea.


.com is the current king of all the domain name extensions and it is the recommended domain extension for businesses. Brinso highly recommends the .com domain extension in your clothing business.

What Is The Most Suitable Domain Extension For Your Clothing Business

When it comes to profit generating business, .com is the most suitable and popular domain extension in the world. In the world nearly 56% of businesses are using .com domain extension for their business and among them, almost all the clothing businesses in the world are also using .com as their domain extension. .clothing is a new domain extension to the world and most people are not aware of it. According to the psychology of people, they unconsciously type and search for .com when they hear a new brand. It happens with the trustworthiness, popularity, SEO friendliness, and mainly because of the uniqueness a company gets. 

Usage Of .com & .clothing Domain Extensions

Steps To Follow After Naming Your Clothing Business

  • Register Your Clothing & Fashion Business

Registering your company is a must. You can choose the most suitable structure for your business. There are 4 main business structures in the USA. They are sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability, and corporation. You can choose the business structure you want and register your business.

  • Make An Attractive Logo

As well as the brand name the logo also matters a lot. There are many clothing and fashion logos that are stuck in our minds. We can recognize and remember the first minute we see because of the powerfulness it delivers. Create a logo that gives an attraction and value to your clothing and fashion business.

  • Build A Website

At present, with the covid-19 situation, almost all the businesses are based online. Being available via the internet and social media brings great value to your business. You will be open to the international market and you can be available 24*7*365. It will be a great opportunity as a startup in the clothing and fashion industry.

Elements Of A Good Clothing Business Name Idea

Having a good, perfect idea on the things to do and don’t while naming your clothing business will help you to get through your business to success. 

Clothing Business Name Smile and Scratch image


1. Why Is Brand Name Important For A Clothing Business?

  • Customers First Impression

When you start a clothing business, the first impression that customers get from your business is about your brand name. People like to move with the trends and no one likes to stick with a specific frame. So you should be careful enough to name your clothing business in a modern and trendy way to give the best impression to the customers.

  • Business Identity 

Your clothing business name represents your business identity to the world. You should have an international and brandable name to represent your clothing business to the world. 

  • Memorability

The brand name you choose for your clothing business should be a memorable one. The brand name you choose should be remembered at first sight.

  • Reputation

The Clothing brand name carries your reputation to the world. The reputation of your whole clothing business is based on the brand name that you choose.

  • Mission

The brand name you choose for your clothing business represents the mission of your business to the world as well as to your employees. The brand name is a great source to express your mission to everyone.

  • Value

The brand name carries your value to the world. Most branding experts say that choosing a brand name is an investment that you make in your business. 

2. Should I start a clothing company?

According to Business Brains, the profit margin of a clothing business is nearly 4% to 13% and the yearly growth rate is 11.68%. The clothing business can be identified as an industry that can keep costs low. According to statistics, the profit a clothing line owner makes per annum is $51000.  So starting a clothing business is worthwhile and has a big opportunity to grow in the industry.

3. What makes a good clothing brand name?

A good clothing brand name will always consist of all the brand name qualities. Especially a good clothing brand name will always be a universal one and also can be easily pronounced and memorized. Another quality of a good clothing brand name is that it is not limited to a specific industry or niche. Apart from these qualities, a good clothing brand name will consist of all the brand naming qualities.

4. Can I name my clothing brand anything?

You can name your clothing brand anything unless you are going to start it professionally. There are plenty of names available which you can find from brand name generators. If you are planning for a professional clothing business name you should have a clear idea of the brand naming qualities before naming your business.

5. How can I make a creative name for my clothing business?

When you have an idea to create a creative name for your clothing business you have to consider a few factors that are indeed important. The first and foremost factor you have to pay attention to is the exact niche that you’re starting your business. Based on your niche you can create a meaningful name for your clothing business. The second is the location where you’re going to start your business. This factor is very important when you’re choosing the domain extension. Apart from these three factors, the other main factor is your intention of starting the business. You may start it with the intention of expanding and growing it in the future or you may start small with no much hope. These intentions also matter a lot when it comes to creating a name for your clothing business.

6. What are the types of names that I can use to name my clothing business?

  • Trendy Name – You can name your clothing business with a trend. You should do complete research on the current trends in brand naming and name your clothing business according to it.
  • Fashionable Name – Almost everyone likes to be fashionable in every way. As a brand name is the first impression that represents your business into the world choosing a fashionable name will help you to get the attraction of the customers.
  • Classy Name – There are a few people who like only classy things. Naming your clothing business with an ordinary name won’t work for those who look for classy things. So choosing a classy name may help you to grab the attention of most of the customers.
  • Aesthetic Name – You can name your clothing business in an Aesthetic way. This may help you to attract those who like Artistic taste.
  • Creative Name – Being creative is a different art. You can be really creative with your clothing business name. To be creative with the name the main point is that you should know the brand naming qualities and try to think out of the box to name your business.


7. What are the things I should consider before naming my clothing business?

  • Brandable Name – You should carefully analyze the brandable brand name ideas. Brandable brand name ideas make your business perfect and professional.
  • Clothing Type – The exact clothing niche that you are going to start your business in will help you to choose the best name for your clothing business.
  • Your Name – You can think of using your name for your clothing business if you are willing to build your personal branding. This method will mostly be suitable for famous people in society.
  • Feedback – You can get feedback from different people from different industries about the name that you’re hoping to name your business.


8. What are some catchy words to use in a clothing brand name?

9. Why is a brand name important for my clothing business?

In simple terms, your clothing business will mainly be based on the brand name that you choose. The brand name is an investment that you make in your business because it reflects the value of your business, reputation, mission, etc. 

10. Top Clothing Brand Names In The USA

  • Nike
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Old Navy
  • Gap
  • Levi’s
  • Coach
  • Michael Kors
  • Under Armour
  • Calvin Klein
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • American Eagle


11. Top Clothing Brand Names In Canada

  • Kotn
  • Frank And Oak
  • Canada Goose
  • Kit & Ace
  • Mutton Head
  • Oak + Fort
  • Smash + Tess
  • Roots
  • Smythe
  • Aritzia
  • Mackage
  • Dime
  • Soia & Kio
  • Rudsak
  • Naked & Famous
  • Lesley Hampton


12. Top Clothing Brand Names In Australia

  • Ginger & Smart
  • Lorna Jane
  • Double Rainbouu
  • Anna Quan
  • Lee Mathews
  • Dioan Lee
  • Alice McCall
  • Barney Cools
  • Sass & Bide
  • Academy Brand
  • Akubra
  • Assembly Label
  • Bec + Bridge
  • Berlei
  • Bonds
  • Calibre
  • Camilla