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What is Brinso?

Brinso is the world’s first AI-based brand name idea evaluation tool developed by best brand name consultants in the world. Now you can check how good or bad your brand name idea is with our brand name idea evaluation tool for FREE!!!

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What Is Our Story?

Brinso is developed by the world’s top brand name consultants. The main reason to initiate this program is to support all the business owners, entrepreneurs, startup owners who have a desire to name their business with an outstanding brand name. Our brand name consultants continuously experienced how most of the entrepreneurs and business owners end up with a less quality brand name due to their lack of knowledge of the brand naming process. 

Less quality brand names??? Although the entrepreneurs and startup owners are experts about their businesses, they don’t have much experience and knowledge about the brand naming process. So they just select some keywords and make up a brand name for their business for the sake of registering their business. But as they are experiencing the challenges of the market such as expanding the business, forming a loyal customer base, standing out from the competition, it’s too late to think of a proper brand name. And on the other hand, when they realize no matter how good and quality their product or service is, without an outstanding brand name, you cannot market your business, it’s too late.  So they either go for a rebranding or just give up. 

So as a solution, “Brinso” was introduced by our brand consultants. Brand name is not a mere step of the process of establishing a business. It plays the main role of your business. The brand decides the future of your business and key to achieving all of the business goals of a business.

What Are We Implying?

Based on the countless surveys and researches conducted on the brand names in the market, we realized that brand naming is a psychological process. A brand name, deals with human psychology. It interacts with “humans” despite social, cultural or geographical differences. Brand name is a universal tool, so in order to form a human-friendly brand name we consider some psychological factors, such as phonological loop value, vocabulary score and memorization power. It is not about getting a brand name that is easy to remember, but to get a brand name that is hard to forget!!! 

So our product, the “Brinso Brand Name Idea Evaluation Tool” is designed and developed based on human psychology facts.

Brinso Brand Name Idea Evaluation Tool

As mentioned above, Brinso brand name idea evaluation tool is developed as a solution for those who want an outstanding brand name but don’t have a proper knowledge about brand naming. Brinso brand name idea evaluation tool measures how good or bad your brand name idea is by using the following factors. 

  • Pronounceable value
  • Memorization power
  • Spell and write
  • Generic words
  • Numbers and special characters
  • Character count
  • Meanings in other languages
  • Robot friendliness
  • Phonological loop value
  • Vocabulary score


Using these factors, the tool generates a percentage value for your brand name idea and lets you know whether the brand name idea agrees with all the brand name qualities and whether it is a perfect brand name for your business or not. All you need to do is enter your brand name idea and select the industry your business belongs to. And you can use the tool as many times as you want, as it is a free service. If your brand name idea scores more than 80% you have a brandable brand name. If it is not? You can either select one of our recommended brandable brand names or you can learn how to come up with your own brandable brand name!!!

Is Brinso Generating Brand Names?

No, we do not generate brand names at any cost. We only evaluate your brand name idea using a psychological valued process and support you to get a brandable brand name for your business. We do not generate brand name ideas but we have brand name ideas collections covering each and every industry in the world. Every single brand name idea is manually generated by our brand name specialists. So if you are interested, check out our category pages. And if you are interested in designing your own brandable brand name, check the brand name qualities; must included to create a brandable brand name.