Brand Name Ideas

Need a brandable business name idea? Let's find out what you have to do?

brand name ideas

Starting a company can become difficult. To come up with a perfect Brand name to it will be even more difficult. We Brinso are here to guide you to find out a perfect business name idea for your startup instantly without using typical old fashioned methods.

People would love to have a bit of creativity in their brand name. Catchy names will help you grow the business without limiting to certain products as they are unforgettable. For example, if we want to create the best brand name for an online dating site, your brand name should depict love and affection. So that the name should make two people love each other.

The right approach to find a brand name idea

There are several steps you should follow when coming up with a perfect brand name for your business. The first impression of a customer is important. The brand name is the first word that a customer will find when seeking places to satisfy their needs. Coming up with the right business name is the first task that should be done as an entrepreneur and keeping the following guidelines in mind when finding a business name is important.

    • It is obvious that shorter names are memorable than long. Seven letters are said to be differentiating between long and short. Therefore try to find a shorter name.
    • Think of descriptive keywords to come up with a name. You can use your business plan for this process.
    • Understand your business. You should have a clear idea about mission, goals, target audience and value proposition.
    • The brand name should be pronounceable and can be spelled in main languages around the world.
    • Your brand name should convey a positive message if the name is meaningful.
    • A customer would more likely not to forget the brand name if it is memorable.

The most important point you should consider when finding a brand name idea is to come up with a name that your customers don’t forget. Try to go through this video to understand the psychology of creating a name.

Tools used to find brand name ideas

Brand name Generator

There are several strategies you can follow to find business name ideas and these strategies are associated with different tools. The most popular tool is the Brand name generator. We can analyze the pros and cons of these generators and come to a conclusion about the way in which these generators will help to find a brand name idea. As the name itself says, a brand name generator is something that produces a list of potential, relevant names. These generators are typically created using automated human inputs and Artificial intelligence.

But when generating business names through generators cons affect more than the pros. Go to the link in the above paragraph to find the cons and the pros of brand name generators. It is just a programmed way of creating a brand name. People would want to have a better brand name despite the fact that it is found free, easily or out of many possible options. Naming your business is more of an art than thinking in a scientific way like generators. Therefore do not restrict yourself for a brand name generator.

Vocabulary score

The vocabulary score is developed to determine the value of pronunciation or how much it is easy to speak a word by English speakers. It provides a 0 to 10 scale value. A better brand would have a better vocabulary score and vice versa. Usually, the names with a vocabulary value of more than 6 can be taken as a good brand name. You can find out the vocabulary score using

Vocabulary score search

Qualities of brand names

Positive experience which a client feels with the company is the most valuable aspect when doing business. It will make a bond between the client and the brand. So a unique brand name is vital as our desire is adhering the brand name to their mind. You shouldn’t take a brand name which has a history, always go for a fresh and new one. A cool brand name may not be in the dictionary but it will add to the customer vocabulary with time in such a way that when a customer thinks about a certain product your brand comes to his/her mind.

A brand name should be short and descriptive enough for customers to not to forget it. And will easily stand out in the mind when thinking about the customer requirement. When considering the search engines google stands out as one of the best service providers in which customers always remember in need of knowing something.

For more details on the brand name qualities click the link here. Catchy brand name ideas will grab the attention of customer minds with the interest embedded in the brand name for customers. Creativity and fun embedded inside would result in a brand name to be catchy and coo

Tips to create a perfect brand name idea

Try to use these tips as guidelines when finding or thinking about your company name idea:

Ø  A name that is too simple may not be a memorable one. Therefore try not to use a name that is vague.

Ø  You can use alternate versions of the words which are in use such as Flickr for Flicker.

Ø  It is necessary not to choose an alive brand name.

Ø  Don’t limit yourself by choosing a very specific business name which explains your product, it will restrict your future development of the business.

Ø  Try to get ideas from customers, relations, and friends.

Ø  To find a creative brand name idea you can use a made-up name that is not in the dictionary. Google and Skype are well-known brands that use made-up names as the brand name.

Ø  You can combine parts of two words and come with a smart brand name for your business.  Snapchat and Soulcycle are examples of two-word brand names.

Ø  If you come up with a startup name that is already taken you can misspell it. You have to be sure that misspelled word is pronounceable. Examples for such brand names are Flickr and Tumblr.

Brand name idea trends

The business world always revolves around trends. To come with a perfect brand name for your startup will take some effort and will need to follow the startup naming trends. You are creating a brand name with the dream of customer attraction in less time and making the brand name eternal.

Certain trends emerge and go when naming a business. Something fashionable for a few years back may not be fashionable right now. Therefore it is important to know about trends. The most interesting part of businesses is coming up with a name that sounds like they are in the dictionary. The common trend is that the brand name holds a few syllables. A syllable can be defined as a pronunciation unit that consists of one vowel sound with consonants around it or not. It forms a whole or a part of the name. For example, the word inferno is three-syllable and the word water is two-syllable. Therefore it is better to have a few syllable brand names for your startups.

Ø  Giving humans first name for a brand name is a trend that has been followed. This has become a popular trend these days and Alfred, Oscar, and are good examples that prove the trend.

Ø  Another new trend is that forgetting about all the creativity and go for a simple and common name like the retail heavy-hitters, Target and Staples.

Ø  AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. A common trend for brand names for tech companies is the use of AI as a part of the brand name. Some examples are AIBrain, AIdoc.

A catchy business name should sound fun and ideas which are thought outside the box should be brainstormed. This allows you to generate creative company name ideas by breaking, joining, replacing and rearranging words entered together to create new words. It’s perfect for brandable company names. Acronyms, phonetic variations, overlapping common parts of words, removing vowels and misspelling will help you to choose a catchy brand name which is funny.

Effective and evocative styles of Brand names

In the process of finding a perfect brand name, you will be dealt with several styles of Brand names that are evocative and should be used according to your requirements. After experimenting we have identified a few types of styles.


This kind is very popular among people as they include their product or part of it in the Brand name itself and thereby spending less marketing costs. Some examples are Clorox, Ziploc, Band-Aid, Tide, VISA, Crest, Kleenex, Betty Crocker, KitchenAid, Colgate, and Campbell’s.

visa logo
campbelli logo
clorox logo
ziploc logo


Modern names are innovative. They are added with a bit of excitement and drive interest in the customer’s mind. Mostly used for tech startups and for fashion products. Some examples are Shopify, Zara, and Hulu.

hulu logo
ZARA logo
Shopify logo


The emotional brand names would inspire greater connectivity with customers and strategy with strong emotions would make a brand easy to search and be found. Below are few logos of emotional brand names.

greenpeace logo
triumph logo


Clever brand names can make fun and they are catchy. They can be humorous, cute or can be unexpected. These brand names would lead people to think about how much the company has thought about branding and will make a positive mindset. Some Examples are Squatty Potty, Piggly Wiggly, and Drank Elephant. You can feel the clever side of these examples.

drunk elephant logo
squatty potty logo


Classic brand names are outstanding and will always increase their power. You can say it is timeless. When you are widening your company with different sectors having a classic brand name would help. L’Oréal is a brand which was doing finance services and later it increases their space of service to cosmetics which is one of the world-famous cosmetics brands. Vanguard is also another example.

loreal logo
vanguard logo

Categories of brand name

Brand names can be divided into three fundamental categories as descriptive, suggestive, and empty vessels. These categories will guide you in determining the kind of story you want to convey to the customers.

Ø Descriptive:

The descriptive type of brand names describes the product or the service which business offer. They are functional brands that clearly position their brand in the marketplace. There’s no ambiguity. Some examples are Whole Foods, Toys “R” Us and Shredded Wheat.

Ø Suggestive:

Suggestive type of brand name is explaining to the customers about what can be done using their brand. About what they deliver from their product or service. In different situations they function differently as metaphor, analogy or association. For example twitter is a communication service provider which is like a set of birds tweeting.some other examples are Buffer and OpenTable. This brand name kind is the most popular type as they are functional and unique from others. And makes a creative way to position your brand by building upon an idea that your customers already understand.

Ø Empty Vessel:

These types of brand names are used for businesses without having a connection to what the business offers. For example, brand names Apple and Caterpillar are not related to their products. Also the brand names can be invented words such as Verizon and Kodak. Also, Acura, Starbucks, and Zappos are examples of empty vessel brand names. An empty vessel is infinitely flexible. It can mean anything. The challenge for empty vessel type brand names is the requirement of more time and marketing resources to embed a meaning to the brand name. As an entrepreneur you should give education to the potential customers about what the brand is and what brand delivers. It should be in the business plan of the business.

Categorization process

Also, brand names can be categorized according to the industry. There are several industries such as:
Agency and consulting, Cosmetics, Automotive, Bar and brewery, Bikes, Biotech, catering, cleaning, coffee, Construction & Architecture, Crowdfunding, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Dating & Relationship, Daycare, Dental, E-Commerce & Retail, Education, Entertainment & ArtsEvent, Planning & Services, Events & Conferences, Fashion & Clothing, Finance, Fintech (Finance Technology), Fitness & Gym, Food & Drink, Food Delivery & Meal Kits, Footwear, Furniture & Home Furnishings, Games & Recreational, Home & Garden, Insurance, Interior Design, Internet of Things (IoT), Jewelry, Kids & Baby, etc.
Business names also can be created corresponding to the above-mentioned industries, But it is ineffective when we are coming up with an empty vessel styled brand name. As they provide no meaning with the relationship between the brand name and the product or the service they offer. Despite the three fundamental categories there are other types which brand names can divide. The following table shows the other categories and the example brands related to them.

Family Names: H. J. Heinz Company, Ford Motor Company, Colgate
Acronyms IBM, GEICO, KFC
Historical or Made-up Figures Tesla Motors, Pandora, Hermès
Mythical Names Nike, Pandora, Hermès
Real Words Apple, Caterpillar, Staples
Compound Words Facebook, Snapchat, BlackBerry
Constructed Words Instagram, Microsoft, Aeroplan
Truncated Words FedEx, MetLife, Cisco
Invented Words – Greek or Latin roots Accenture, Dasani, Viagra
Invented Words – Phonetic Kodak, Acura, Clorox
Misspelled Flickr, Tumblr, UNKNWN
Suffix Onesies, Spotify, Pampers
Puns World of Woolcraft, Wok This Way, Tequila Mockingbird


To find a creative brand name that captures the emotion of your brand, you as an entrepreneur can use the knowledge regarding the brand names provided here. You need to address the qualities of the brand names and should follow the guidelines in the process. And should try to use the tips and modern trends as well.

The online name generators also will help you come up with many alternatives for a name you love. But try to think creatively when finding a brand name idea rather than just using a programmed way. Ultimately, though, how you present your brand, how much you care about customers, and stand out in the relevant industry is how you’ll be competitive in the marketplace. Build a brand that you’re proud to call your own while providing the best products and services to support the Brand name to stick in customer minds.