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Brand Name Ideas

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”

-Jeff Bezos-

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The brand name idea is the most sacred investment you will ever make in your business. And as the quotation suggests the brand name is the reputation of a business, to simply put, the brand name idea is important to your business in many ways. And according to the current market updates, it is a hard process to select the perfect brand name idea for your business. But since Brinso is here, we are going to help you throughout the branding process.

The Steps To Get The Perfect Brand Name Idea

Do you know that deep down in your heart you know what kind of brand name should hold your business? Yeah you know, that is why you keep searching for more and more brand names although you have already come across some brand name ideas. You have come to the perfect place!!! We will show you the right path to get that dream brand name idea which stuck in your customer’s mind…

Here are the STEPS you need to take in order to get a unique and memorable brand name idea.


Know Your Business

The very first thing. Do you have a good understanding of your business? About your product or service? About your mission? Then you are one step ahead in this “ladder”. Knowing the core of your business is very important for creating a unique brand name idea, as it represents through the brand name. 

For example, NIKE. As we all know, Nike is a sports apparel company which represents their mission and products well through its brand name idea, NIKE, the Greek goddess of victory.


Know Your Business Category

Which industry does your business belong to? This is also very important in creating a perfect brand name idea for your business. Almost all the businesses in the world have a particular business category they belong to. For example, Apparel, IT, Fashion, Agriculture, Music, Beauty, etc. 

For example, Fritos. Very popular food and snack brand name in the world, which represents its category.


Know Your Customer

The customer plays a very effective role in any business. As all these tricks and knowledge finally end up from the customer. It is all about getting the perfect way of reaching the target audience. A confirmed way to know your customer is to do market research which is a process to collect information about the customers. The better you get the customer the better your brand name ideas become.

The first impression or the feeling a customer gets when he or she hears or reads your brand name for the first time is very important in determining the future potential of whether or not that customer will deal with your business. These are some notable factors that help you to consider when creating a brand name in order to attract more customers to your business.


Phonological Loop Value

You may have heard these three words phonological loop value, which has a big deal with your brand name idea and the customer’s brain or memory. When a word in our case, a brand name idea enters the brain, it bounces around 5 seconds to determine whether or not the word keeps in the memory or deletes it. The phonological loop value of your brand name idea should be more than 60% to make someone remember your brand name easily.


Brand Image

The brand image is a set of feelings, imaginations that customers make in their minds, about your brand name idea. This image could vary from one to another. So make sure your brand name idea generates a strong and positive image. For that, you can test your brand name idea with sample customers.


Brand Position

Brand position is a particular place a brand name idea placed in the customer’s brain. For example, some brand names are familiar to your heart and some are not. This is a result of brand positioning. Brand position, brand image, phonological loop, all these are interconnected.


Brand Name Qualities

Having a good knowledge of brand name qualities leads you to a unique and catchy brand name idea. Speaking of brand name qualities there are 10 qualities and most of the famous brands are finely armed with all these qualities.

  1. Uniqueness– A brandable brand name needs to be unique with not only the “name” but also the .com domain availability. A .com domain name comes with legal protection, no one can pirate your brand name. This makes your brand name unique. For example,,,
  2. Simplicity- a perfect brand name needs to be simple enough to pronounce it and memorize it for the first time they read it. When you design a brand name, test it with your friends and family to make sure they can pronounce it correctly and can memorize it easily. For example, Visa, Nike.
  3. Avoid generic wordsthe more you avoid generic words (dictionary words) or partial generic words in your brand name the more you can make a distinctive and professional brand name. For example The Good Company is a generic worded brand name and it makes your brand name less appealing.
  4. Do not select a brand name with registration history – you cannot make a brandable brand name with a registration history. It is very hard to build a new brand identity if it already has a brand identity. Do not buy brand names with registration history, start brand new.
  5. The character countthe ideal character count of a professional brand name is 4 to 6 characters. Short brand names are easy to memorize. If your brand name is of three or four words, you can use acronyms and form a meaningful brand name. And less than 4 characters are also not effective as a brandable brand name. 
  6. Avoid using keywords- avoid using words or partial words related to your business. Simply do not explain your business through your brand name. Our brand name consultants believe that a professional brand name needs to be undescriptive. For example, instead of naming their company like “the best search engine tool” Larry Page and Sergey Brin named it “Google”.
  7. Avoid imitation of popular brands- by copying another brand name in the market, you cannot create a brandable brand name. Make something unique, think of a creative brand name. 
  8. Avoid numbers and special characters – do you know that numbers and special characters in a brand name makes your customers confused and hard to remember? And also numbers and special characters do not give a good look in your URL either. So avoid them to get the most out of your brand name.
  9. Being robot friendly- the search engines and voice assistants could easily grab your brand name. If you avoid generic words, keywords and numbers/ special characters your brand name will perform effectively with search engines and voice searches. 
  10. Avoid negative connotations–  the last but not least, a professional brand name does not generate negative meaning in any other language. A brandable brand name is universal, so the whole world deals with it, so make sure there are no negative connotations in your brand name.

By gaining a good knowledge of the brand name qualities, you can come up with a perfect brand name idea. If you have no idea how to create a brand name including all the brand name qualities in them, we have below listed brand names with brand name qualities for popular business industries.


Know Your Competitors

One good reason to get a unique and memorable brand name idea for your business is, to beat the competition and stand out among the competitors. By studying your competitors you can learn and you can make your brand name idea better.


A Brand Name Ideas List

After having a good and deep study about startup naming trends, brand name qualities, competitor analysis and customer analysis, now you have a good idea about how your brand name should be shaped according to the brand name standard. So in this step, come up with as many brand name ideas as possible and make a list. Make sure they are catchy, unique and suitable for your target market!!!.


Brand Name Evaluation

Before getting to the final point, brand name idea evaluation. Or, knowing how good or bad your brand name idea. This is a hard part, how do you know the brand name idea you selected is a good one or not. Well, you can test it with a sample audience. Or test it with a brand name idea evaluation tool.


Brand Name Availability

Finally, if you have passed all these steps successfully, you need to check the legal availability of the selected brand name idea. You cannot use a brand name idea if it is taken by someone, so you can either use our brand name idea evaluation tool to check the availability of the brand name idea or you can search from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Social Media Availability

Social media is a very productive platform for your business’s marketing purposes. Make sure your brand name is available to utilize on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. Social media allows you to interact with your customers directly, know their suggestions and feedback on your products/ services. So selecting a brand name that is available in social media is very important.

How Do I Come Up With A Catchy Brand Name Ideas

As our brand name consultants point out, there are several factors to consider creating a catchy brand name. Catchy brand name attracts more new customers to your business and they are hard to forget. Here is how you are going to come up with a catchy brand name.


  • The character count- Always remember to create a short brand name idea. Our brand name consultants highly recommend the brand names with 4 to 6 characters. The phonological loop value of a short brand name is considerably higher than a long brand name. 
  • The ability to pronounce-  A catchy brand name is always easy to read. And the customers can easily pronounce your brand name when they read it for the first time. If you can say your brand name out loud without any mistake it is a good quality of a  catchy brand name. 
  • The ability to memorize-  Another feature of a catchy brand name is, they are hard to forget. You may have this experience, some brand names are very easy to memorize and some of them are not. The above mentioned fact, character count is also important to create a memorable brand name.
  • An impressive logo- This is also important to increase the catchiness of a brand name. Visual media is more effective in the memorization process than reading. So do not forget to design an attractive logo to your brand name.

Brand Name Idea Trends

Each and every brand name in the world follows a naming trend. Although there are many naming trends available, only few of them are very popular among businesses such as naming after the founder,  using descriptive names, imitating competitors’ brand name and using acronyms. 

  • Naming the business after the owner or founders name has been a trend followed since the past and Armani, Mcdonald’s, and Burberry are good examples that prove the trend.
  • Another new trend is selecting some common and simple brand names instead of using creative tricks, for example, Apple, Band-Aid and coca-cola.
  • AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. A common trend for brand names for tech companies is the use of AI as a part of the brand name. Some examples are AIBrain, AIdoc.
  • Some companies use descriptive brand names for their products and services. This naming trend is a bit outdated as those brand names are difficult to promote. Descriptive naming trends allow the owner to explain what they offer to their customers for example, Bank Of America. 
  • Some brand names are too long. Using acronyms is a very smart move which allows you to keep the brand name and make it attractive to the customers. For example brand names like KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) DHL (Dalsey Hillblom Lynn) would not be as popular as today if they keep their first brand name choice. 


As the competition is fierce in the market nowadays, following mere a naming trend is not enough. Select a creative and unique brand name idea. Fortunately nowadays most entrepreneurs, startup founders, and business owners are more aware of the importance of getting a strong brand name. So most new brand names are creative and distinctive. As the naming experts recommend, the best ever naming trend is including all the brand naming qualities which leads you to a brandable, unique and strong brand name. Having a good knowledge of naming trends is important before naming a business. 

Some naming trends are very popular in particular industries. So know which naming trends are effective in your industry before selecting a brand name.

Brandable Brand Names For Your Industry

We know it is difficult to conclude all these brand name qualities in one brand name. That is why we listed some of the unique and brandable brand names under some popular business industries. Must say, all these brand names are listed and recommended by our brand name specialists and all these brand names included all the brand name qualities.

Brandable Brand Names For Fashion Industry

cligor logoCligor

blomio logoBlomio

Begxy logoBegxy

Weloky logoWeloky

These are just some examples for the brandable brand names in the fashion industry. If you need to explore more brand names, we have listed more fashion brand names for your fashion business.

Creative Brand Names For Apparel Industry

Tiyono logoTiyono

Hesomi logoHesomi

Logerro logoLogerro

Sifoz logoSifoz

If you need more apparel brand names like these, we have a brand name collection for any business related to the apparel industry.

Cool Brandable Brand Names For Travel Industry

Hecond logoHecond

Fliyon logoFliyon

Digoly logoDigoly

Motisy logoMotisy

These brand names are unique and memorable handpicked just for the businesses in the travel industry. If you need more cool travel brand names  like these, we have a collection.

Super Brand Name Ideas For IT And Internet Businesses

Our brand name specialists listed these brand name ideas for tech related business which are brandable and unique. If you feel to get more tech brand names we have listed more brand names.

creshy logoCreshy

Bevoxy logoBevoxy

reshol logoReshol


Yummy Brand Name Ideas For Your Food And Beverage Startup

Fedixo logoFedixo

racegu logoRacegu

Pribok logoPribok

holeeg logoHoleeg

The above listed brand names are just a pinch of our food and beverage brand name idea collection. You can get more food industry brand names to get the dream brand name idea.

Clever Brand Names For Sports Industry

Mucrol logoMucrol

Brigom logoBrigom

Biveky logoBiveky

Gapde logoGapde

Here are some more sports brand name ideas that are also brandable and unique.

Clever Brand Names For Educational Businesses

Felomy logoFelomy

Wemido logoWemido

Bruzoo logoBruzoo

Podeth logoPodeth

These are just a few examples for brandable educational brand names. Our brand name specialists have listed more educational brand names for your convenience.

Hot Brand Names For Social Industry

dihoke logoDihoke

Densso logoDensso

fentho logoFentho

heluxo logoHeluxo

We have more brandable brand names for the social industry that our brand specialists have listed.

Cute Brand Names For Your Pet Business

Hikoll logoHikoll

Nigulo logoNigulo


Josool logoJosool

The above listed are some sample brand names for the pet industry. If you want to see more brand names related to pet business we have a collection!!!

Luxury Brand Names For Hotel And Restaurant Industry

hitexo logoHitexo


roniwo logoRoniwo

sengxo logoSengxo

All these brand names are perfect for any business in the hotel and restaurant industry. If you want to see more hotel and restaurant brand names our brand name specialists have listed more brand names for you.

Clever Science Company Brand Names

Bohex logoBohexo

gasufy logoGasufy

fimoxy logoFimoxy

grijod logoGrijod

If you are interested to see more brand name ideas like we listed, we have listed more brand names for the science industry.

Brand Name Styles

In the process of finding a perfect brand name idea, you will be dealt with several styles of Brand names that are evocative and should be used according to your requirements. Here are some notable brand name styles that we think you should know.



This kind is very popular among people as they include their product’s name or part of the product name as the Brand name and thereby spending less marketing costs. Some examples are Clorox, Ziploc, Band-Aid, Tide, VISA, Crest, Kleenex, Betty Crocker, KitchenAid, Colgate, and Campbell’s.

This kind is very popular among people as they include their product’s name or part of the product name as the Brand name and thereby spending less marketing costs. Some examples are Clorox, Ziploc, Band-Aid, Tide, VISA, Crest, Kleenex, Betty Crocker, KitchenAid, Colgate, and Campbell’s.



Modern names are innovative. They are added with a bit of excitement and drive interest in the customer’s mind. Mostly used for tech startups and for fashion products. Some examples are Shopify, Zara, and Hulu.



The emotional brand names would inspire greater connectivity with customers and strategy with strong emotions would make a brand easy to search and be found. Below are a few logos of emotional brand names.



Classic brand names are outstanding and they are very helpful in expanding your business. In other words, they are timeless. L’Oréal is a brand which was doing finance services and later it increased their space of service to cosmetics which is one of the world-famous cosmetics brands.

Categories Of Brand Names

Brand names can be divided into three fundamental categories as descriptive, suggestive, and empty vessels. These categories will guide you in determining the kind of story you want to convey to the customers.



These brand names describe or provide key details about the product or service they are offering to the customers, through their brand names. For example, The Weather Channel,



This type of brand name suggests to the customers what can be done using their brand. About what they deliver from their product or service. In different situations, they function differently as a metaphor, analogy, or association. For example, Twitter. Which derives from the word tweeting of birds.


Empty Vessel

These types of brand names are used for businesses without having a connection to what the business offers. For example, brand names like Apple and Caterpillar are not related to their products. Also, they invented brand names such as Verizon and Kodak. An empty vessel is infinitely flexible. It can mean anything. The challenge for empty vessel type brand names is the requirement of more time and marketing resources to embed a meaning to the brand name. As an entrepreneur, you should give education to potential customers about what the brand delivers. It should be in the business plan of the business.

Categorization Process

Brand names can be categorized according to the industry. There are several industries such as:

It and Internet, Food, E-commerce, Sports, Travel, Apparel, Education, Fashion, Agriculture, Social, Beauty, Animal, Hotel & Restaurants, Science And Medicine, Photography, Fitness, Financial, Music, Digital Marketing, Health, Architecture, Blog, Real Estate, Security, Retail Shops.

Business names also can be created corresponding to the above-mentioned industries, But it is ineffective when we are coming up with an empty vessel styled brand name. As they provide no meaning with the relationship between the brand name and the product or the service they offer. Despite the three fundamental categories, there are other types that brand names can divide. The following table shows the other categories and the example brands related to them.

Family Names: H. J. Heinz Company, Ford Motor Company, Colgate
Acronyms IBM, GEICO, KFC
Historical or Made-up Figures Tesla Motors, Pandora, Hermès
Mythical Names Nike, Pandora, Hermès
Real Words Apple, Caterpillar, Staples
Compound Words Facebook, Snapchat, BlackBerry
Constructed Words Instagram, Microsoft, Aeroplan
Truncated Words FedEx, MetLife, Cisco
Invented Words – Mostly Greek or Latin roots Accenture, Dasani, Viagra
Invented Words – Phonetic Kodak, Acura, Clorox
Misspelled Flickr, Tumblr, UNKNWN
Suffix Onesies, Spotify, Pampers
Puns World of Woolcraft, Wok This Way, Tequila Mockingbird

There are many brand naming trends that have been followed by the entrepreneurs. And there are some brand naming trends that are very famous for particular industries. We have analyzed brand naming trends of some popular industries and the results as follows.

01. Naming Trends Of Apparel Industry

These are the popular naming trends that have been following in the apparel industry.

  • After founders’ names- Louis Vuitton, H&M, Zara, Swarovski
  • Mythical names- Nike, Hermes
  • Generic words- Gucci, The North Face, New Balance

02. Food And Beverage Business Naming Trends

The following naming trends have been followed by most of the entrepreneurs in the food industry.

  • Acronyms- KFC, JBS, ADM, CHS, DFA.
  • More than one word- The Coca-Cola Company, Tyson Foods, Kraft Heinz Company.
  • Generic words- Subway, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut

03. Naming Trends Of The Beauty Industry

The following naming trends have been used extensively for most of the beauty companies.

  • Founders’ name- Chanel, Estee Lauder, Dior.
  • Use of European names and words- Givenchy, Revlon, Laura Mercier.
  • Generic words- Covergirl, Bare Minerals, Urban Decay

Most of these businesses are founded in the pre internet era and the competition back then was way lesser than we see in the market today. So do not forget to select a unique and brandable brand name for your business.

04. Naming Trends Of The Fashion Industry

Here are some brand name trends most of the fashion businesses/ fashion companies have followed when naming their businesses. 

  • Most of the fashion brand names are of French and Italian origin. For example, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior
  • Has ideal character count- Dior, Gucci, Huda
  • Has a sense of luxury- most of the brand names in the fashion industry carry a sense of luxury. For example, Fendi, Chanel, Valentino

05. Travel Industry Naming Trends

Consider the following naming trends when you select a brand name for your travel business/ travel company, travel agency.

  • Most brand names include words like, travel, world, group, holdings etc. For example, Expedia Group, Booking Holdings. 
  • Gives a sense of traveling for the customers. For instance, American Express Travel, Fare portal.

Linked with a geographical area- JTB Americas Group, Corporate Travel Management North America.

06. Event Planning Industry Name Trends

Are you going to start an event planning company? Then before naming your company, study the brand naming trends of the event planning industry.

  • Most brand names communicate what they do by adding the word “event” for their brand name. For example, Bassett Events, Rafanelli Events, Eventive.
  • Well known and popular generic words are used for event planning companies such as Wonderland, Royal DSM.


Brand names like Nike, KFC, Rolex, Uniqlo are some of the brand names from the internet era and all these brand names include brand name qualities. So including brand name qualities in your brand name is a must as the internet presence is a must nowadays.

Any Shortcuts To The Dream Brand Name Idea?

I know the process is a little bit longer and complex. Well, there is a shortcut. Brand name generators!!!. There are so many brand name generators on the internet you may already come across with namely,  Business Name Generator, Namelix, Shopify, Novanym, Biznamewiz etc.

Pros And Cons Of Brand Name Generators

Here are some pros and cons of brand name generators you will experience when dealing with BNGs. Analyze the pros and cons of brand name generators and decide whether you use the “shortcut” or not.


  • It is free

Most of the brand name generators are totally free. As there are many expenses for an entrepreneur to handle at the starting stage of a business, this is an advantage for sure.

  • There are many options

There are many brand name generators available on the internet that you can refer to until you find a satisfying brand name for your business. As these brand names do not require any payment or registration to offer their services, you won’t miss anything!!!.

  • It saves your money on a brand name consultant

It is hard to afford a brand name consultant for a startup, as their service is luxury. Using a brand name generator, saves the money on a professional brand name consultant as they are free.

  • Good option for less creatives

Most of the entrepreneurs do not have an idea about the brand naming process although some entrepreneurs come up with great brand names. Some entrepreneurs having issues with selecting a brand name for their business and brand name generator is a good solution for the entrepreneurs that lacks creativity.

  • You won’t miss the vibe!!!

When you enter a keyword to a brand name generator, you get hundreds of relative brand name ideas for your business. By referring to these brand names, you can get a good idea about what kind of vibe you should set for your brand name.



  • Less creative

Most of the brand name ideas that generate from brand name generators are auto generated and they are not creative. As the higher competition you need to face in the market, a creative and unique brand name is a must. So this is a huge disadvantage of brand name generators.

  • Generic words

As mentioned earlier, when you enter a keyword into a brand name generator, it generates hundreds of brand name ideas parts up with the keyword you have entered. All the words in these generated brand names are generic words which you must avoid in a brand name.    

  • Anyone can use brand name generators

There are millions of people who use brand name generators from all over the world just in one day. So there is a high possibility that most of your competitors get brand names the same as yours. This will highly cause your brand name to be less competitive. 

  • You’ll miss parked domain names

Brand name generators do not list parked domain names when they generate brand names. Parked domain names are the brand names that are registered and kept for later use. These domain names are not included in the list of the brand name generators. You will miss some best brand names for your business.

  • Limits international application

Some of these generated brand names have negative meanings in other languages. If you select such a brand name, you will definitely face some issues if you have plans for expanding your business in the future. Be careful if you use brand name generators over brand name consultants.

The Recap

  • Selecting a perfect brand name idea for your business is very important.
  • To get the dream brand name you should, 
    1. Know your business
    2. Know your business category
    3. Know your customer( remember the brand image, brand position, and phonological loop?)    
    4. Brand name qualities
    5. Know your competitors
    6. Brand name evaluation
    7. Check the availability   
  • Knowing about brand name idea trends will lead you to grab the most trending brand name idea for your business.
  • The notable brand name styles are; pragmatic, modern, emotional, clever, and classic. 
  • There are three fundamental categories of brand names namely; descriptive, suggestive, and empty vessels.
  • Brand names can be also categorized according to the industry they belong to. And there some other categories that a brand name can be recognized such as; mythical names, family names, suffixes, and puns.
  • Brand name generators cannot be recognized as a successful way to get a brand name idea.