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Metaverse Domains : What MetaZ Domains means for your Business

Grab the Right Opportunity at the Right Time

What MetaZ Domains means

Metaverse domains could be the biggest opportunity of this decade, the gold mine waiting to be uncovered.

Metaverse is predicted to grow up to 5 Trillion by 2030, but it will not reach this value only by selling products like Apple Vision Pro, don’t you agree?

Opportunities of the Metaverse are yet to discover and early adopters will be the gold miners in this vast field. We are here to start the journey with the Metaverse ecosystem that serves as the backbone of the Metaverse, and its opportunities.

MetaZ Domains – Why is it Important?

MetaZ domains (widely recognized as Metaverse domains) are the next-generation domain naming system developed to cater the ecosystem of the Metaverse focusing on Mixed Reality devices such as Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro.

.Z domains are the main domain extension for MetaZ domains while .X domains being the alternative domain for .Z domains. Also MetaZ released .Meta and .Web3 metaverse domains so far for different purposes.

Currently, a few Meta domain registrars are offering the Metaverse domain services to buy, sell and host metaspaces (decentralized metaverse websites) for affordable prices. Additionally, numerous Meta browsers are available for many desktop and mobile operating systems including Windows, macOS, iOS and Android which can be used to access metaspaces.

Also, some people see Metaverse domain flipping as the future of domain flipping as .com domain flipping is almost dead for beginners.

Metaverse is Awesome

Metaspaces, the next-generation websites hosted on metaverse domains are primarily designed to take the maximum out of spatial computing devices like Apple Vision Pro because the current domain naming system (web 2 domain system with .com .net domains) is not capable of accommodating these latest technologies.

These metaspaces are 3D interactive and AI-powered while being fully compatible with the latest technologies and devices to offer the users the best experience possible. 

In the near future, you will not need to refer to hundreds of webpages to find the correct information you need. With AI support, you can communicate with these metaspaces as if with a real industry expert.

Exploring the metaverse will resemble navigating the real physical world.

metaverse domains page 1st image

It’s Already Here

Metaverse is already here and as very early adopters, Brinso has acquired brinso.z brandname.z and numerous other brand name related meta domains in the metaverse domain space.

We have developed the AI-based best brand name toolkit and implemented it on the brinso.z metaspace.

We can guarantee that no such advanced brand name toolkit is available on the web2 environment.

Metaspaces offer the best platform to develop advanced AI and 3D tools and contents, catering not only to future devices but also backward compatibility with present computers and mobile devices.

Don’t take our word for it

Visit brinso.z using Cligor, Sifoz, or any other meta browser and try our AI-based advanced brand name toolkit on the metaverse and see the results for yourself.


We have a wide range of brand name related tools from naming your business to grow your business to success, all powered with AI.

Because of what we experience with the metaverse and seeing its true potential, as the Brinso team, we have invested to own more than 100 meta domains for different purposes; for our new projects and metaverse domain flipping. 

Why did Brinso take part in this?

The answer is simple. Most probably, this will be the biggest opportunity in this decade.

Uncovering the true potential of the metaverse backed with a well-developed ecosystem, we believe that this is the future internet users were looking for. We wanted to step in and take action before anyone else.

While everyone is focusing on AI on web2, we realized that this is the AI playground of the future with its seamless integration with AI and compatibility for spatial computing devices.

We set our goals for the biggest opportunity at the moment.

Metaverse Domains – The Big Opportunity

Future technological evolution is here, and it’s inevitable. In the near future, the majority of internet users will use advanced hardware like Mixed Reality devices to access the internet forcing businesses and websites to utilize AI and spatial computing friendly platforms.

The solution lies in converting these traditional websites into the metaverse domain naming system as metaspaces integrated with AI and 3D capabilities along with the spatial computing support.

It’s highly likely that everyone will have to use both .com and .z domains in order to sustain their businesses.

This is not the first time we are experiencing this.

Lessons from the History

In the mid 80’s, anyone could purchase a domain for a few dollars, but to sell the first 100 domains it took a considerable amount of time. However, this trend changed significantly and all English dictionary word domains were sold out by the early 2000s.

After 2010, the (resale) prices of English word domains exceeded a million dollars and some domains sold for nearly a billion dollars.

Not to mention that even two-worded domains were sold for millions of dollars. sold for 35 million dollars, sold for  49.7 million dollars, and sold for 30.18 million dollars.

Domain flipping success stories

Domain flipping is the most lucrative business in the entire history of the internet, only falling behind Bitcoin purchases.

History will Repeat

The metaverse domain naming system was released less than a month ago as of writing this article.

Now anyone can buy a metaverse domain starting from $1 and you can find a perfect domain for your need for an affordable price without renewal fees which is the best combination for both domain resellers and domain holders waiting for future projects. Even now, people buy metaverse domains in hope of starting new projects and for domain flipping purposes.

It’s still to uncover what type of metaverse domains will be the best for domain flipping purposes as the world has changed significantly since the web2 domains released. However, people started investing in metaverse domains in the hope for best deals.

Even web2 domains needed more than a decade to sell out all the English word domains, we can’t assume that metaverse domains will take the same timeline. As the internet is accessible for almost anyone and with payment methods available, it’s safe to assume that this will only be a matter of a few years at best.

How to own a Metaverse Domain Name

Anyone can purchase a metaverse domain with any metaverse domain extension they prefer (.z .x .meta .web3) from a MetaZ domain registrar service.

metaverse domain last image

Owning a metaverse domain is similar to owning a .com domain, while you have to know that metaverse domains do not have any annual fees or recurring cost to continue your ownership. Once you pay for the metaverse domain, it’s yours until you decide to resell or transfer it.

The value of your metaverse domain will remain the same, no matter from which registrar you bought your domain.

Similar to .com domains, each meta domain registrar has its own pricing system. For example, Godaddy sells .com domains  for $12.99 while Namecheap sells them for $9.99, yet all domains are the same.

What is the Best Meta Domain Registrar to Buy your First Meta Domain

It’s too early to answer this question definitively. Any company can develop  a metaverse domain registrar using the domain API developed by MetaZ organization.

There are only a few registrars available for this at the moment and we are hoping to see better ones with more functionalities in the future.

However, waiting is not a good option at the time.


It took years to register the first 100 .com domains. Because no one understood the value of owning a domain at that time.

But this time it’s completely different as people realized their mistake with .com domains. With the lessons learned, many are owning metaverse domains even though they don’t plan to release any projects with those. They own metaverse domains for the sole purpose of domain flipping.

Within a few weeks, thousands of metaverse domains have been sold.

Currently there are a few metaverse domain registrars available such as Namezage, Ogett and Cipzi.

However we use Namezage as our metaverse domain registrar service.

com domain registrations over time

Alternate Metaverse Domain Providers (Brinso Didn’t take part in)

MetaZ Org was not the first domain provider for the metaverse but many companies invested in metaverse domains. However, many of those were focused on NFT domains rather than metaverse domains.

A few companies that tried to release metaverse domains also lack a proper ecosystem for the metaverse. Most of them released metaverse domains but they didn’t build a platform to integrate these domains into the metaverse.

What most of them commonly lack are, interconnection between metaverse domains and universal access method to access these domains. Instead, they only developed registrars to register domains just like in the NFT domains or crypto wallet domains.

However, we believe that the metaverse is the future of the internet and it needs to upgrade the present internet architecture without compromising its basic functionality. As MetaZ architecture provides the same, we decided to take part of it.

These are some of the metaverse and web3 domain providers we researched about but didn’t step in.

  • Quik
  • Infinity Metaverse
  • Touchcast
  • Unstoppable Domains
  • Space Id

As Brinso, we believe that the internet should be for everyone. It has to be simple and accessible for anyone as it is now and it should not be changed in the next version of the internet, the metaverse.