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Empowering Web3 With .Web3 Domains

meta domain extensions

The metaverse is a news making topic in the tech industry now. To be in line with the world, you need to update your knowledge about the metaverse too. In this article we will discuss about one of the meta domain extension .web3 domains. 

You may have questions about .web3 domains…let’s discuss…

Does .Web3 Domains Have To Do Something With The Web3 Technology?

Yes but not directly. The metaverse, the future of the internet is backed by web3 technology. Just like in the present internet has the traditional domain naming system, the metaverse also has a dedicated domain name system. As you know the elements of the traditional domain name system, there are also elements in the metaverse domain name system such as metaverse browsers, meta domain registrars, metaverse domains and,  meta domain extensions. 

Talking about meta domain extensions, the MetaZ organization has introduced a few domain extensions along with .web3.  They are .z, .x , .meta and .e (.e is currently not open for purchasing). 

As you know, each of these meta domain extensions represents a category. People buy meta domains for different purposes. To match these purposes, MetaZ org has categorized each meta domain extension into a few main categories.

.Web3 Domains And Purpose

The purpose of introducing the .web3 extension is to serve as a dedicated namespace for Web3-related services and applications. Unlike traditional domain extensions, such as .com or .org, .web3 domains are specifically tailored to align with the principles and infrastructure of Web3 technology.

Including the other domain extensions, .web3 extension too marks a departure from the centralized, authority-controlled nature of traditional domains. Instead, it embraces the decentralized, trustful principles of Web3 technology, offering increased security, transparency, and ownership rights for domain owners.

Moreover, .web3 domains play a crucial role in encouraging harmony within the Web3 ecosystem. Why? Because .web3 domains are introduced for web3 technology related services and applications. 

.z domains are recognized as the leading domain extension within the metaverse, and these domains are recommended to use for commercial purpose metaspaces. 

.x extension is introduced as the second-best extension to .z domains. If a user cannot afford a .z domain name or if the .z domain name is not available, experts recommend considering the .x domain as the second choice. 

.meta domains are introduced to use for the metaspaces related to the metaverse. A product or service that is related to the metaverse can use .meta domain extension. 

What Are Web3 Related Services?

Any service that connect with different aspects of the web3 can be recognize as a web3 related service. For example, a web3 related browser, a virtual social worldpublic blockchains, web3 related job market platforms, and web3 gaming profile

For these type of web3 related services can use .web3 extension.

Web3 Domains And .Web3 Domains

Are web3 domains and .web3 domains same? No. 

There are two types of domains that are using blockchain technology. They are, 

  • MetaZ domains
  • Crypto wallet domains (AKA Web3 domains)

As you already know, MetaZ domain AKA metaverse domains AKA meta domains are belong to a metaverse ecosystem which is build and maintained by the MetaZ organization. 

Crypto wallet domains are not a part of metaZ domains. Crypto wallet domains are also known as Crypto wallet domains. And the most popular crypto wallet provider is Unstoppable Domains. 

Now, there is a slight difference between these two domain name types. As the name it self suggests, crypto wallet domains introduced as a replacement to a crypto wallet address. Meta Z domains are used to represent a metaspace in the metaverse. 

The difference between the Crypto wallet domains and .web3 domains is that web3 domain is a crypto wallet domain and .web3 domain is a domain name connect with a .web3 domain extension. 

You cannot own a metaspace with a web3 domain name.

.Web3 Domains And The Metaverse

The metaverse ecosystem is introduced to take the next big step in the history of the internet. We have meddled with the webpages for long enough and the whole world is stuck with the traditional internet. 

To make a change in the internet, the metaverse concept was introduced. Metaverse brings change to everyone’s life, instead of scrolling through, it upgrades the world to experience the internet as in the real world. 

Even though the metaverse concept belongs to the MetaZ organization, many investors and innovators have invested in so many projects to enrich the metaverse concept, such as metaverse registrars, metaverse browsers, meta domain naming system, and even services like meta space builder services and metaspace hosting services.

The metaspace is a collection of various metaspaces such as virtual reality games, social platforms, virtual events, and virtual economies. All these metaspaces are represented by different metaverse domains. 

As mentioned above, the metaspaces that are related to Web3 are commonly represented by .web3 meta domain extensions. 

.web3 domains enhance and empower the concept of the metaverse by motivating to start new projects related to Web3 and encouraging outside investors to trust the metaverse even more.

.Web3 Domains For Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is the practice of buying domain names for a cheaper price and selling them for profit. So it mostly depends on the future value of the domain. 

As you know, the metaverse concept is still new to the world and yet to be developed in the future. So the domains will cost more in the future than today. Talking about the .web3 domains, they are directly related to the web3 technology. The projects are yet to be invented based on the web3 technology as it is the future of the internet. So the prices of the .web3 can increase higher in the future. 

So .web3 domains are perfect for domain flipping too. 

.Web3 Domains For Domain Flipping

As mentioned above, there are separate domain registrars to register meta domain names, they are meta registrars. For example,,, and 

To provide domain registration service for your meta domain portfolio.

To Access A .Web3 Domain…

There are meta browsers that you can use to access a meta domain name including a .web3 domain. Cligor, Sifoz, Elaraix, and Lumosurf are some examples of meta browsers.