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The Power of .Z Domains in the Metaverse

Power of .Z Domains

We observed the power of .com domains being the most registered domain extension claiming more than one third of registered domains. This was as the internet evolves in more than 3 decades and the internet as we know it is going through a rapid change with the introduction of the Metaverse.

.Z domains are the new .com in Metaverse era. The go-to domain extension for all purposes.

Let’s get to know why .Z domain extension is so important and what’s the best way to utilize it.

Why .Z?

MetaZ organization released the metaverse domains a few weeks ago and many people already bought thousands of metaverse domains hoping to launch their projects / businesses in the metaverse or to sell later for a profit.

Among these sold domains, .Z domains were the top pick of buyers.

The reason is, Z is the main domain extension for the metaverse while .X .Meta and .Web3 being the other extensions that support the Metaverse domains. .X domains will be alternative domain for .Z

Before diving deep into what .Z domains could get to you, let’s explore the landscape of metaverse for a better understanding of opportunities and risks.

Metaverse : The Revolution of the Internet

We know that the internet is far behind when compared to the technological evolution we are experiencing as of now. 

The world has seen new possibilities thanks to AI, AR, VR and many other technologies contributing to enhance the virtual experience of users in many ways, yet we are still stuck with the traditional internet with scrolling and reading hundreds of web pages to find the information we need.

That’s where the metaverse comes in, offering a more user friendly and intelligent approach to the internet based on 3D and AI technologies.

MetaZ domains (AKA Metaverse domains) are the domain naming system developed to cater the ecosystem of next-generation internet that’s focused to serve AR, VR and Mixed Reality devices like Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro.

Now you can access any of the metaspace (decentralized metaverse website) hosted with a metaverse domain using any meta browser and experience this web3 internet to see the enhancement it offers.

In this revolutionary metaverse, .Z domains will play a crucial role.

.Z Domains for Business

The metaverse trend associated with .Z domains is not going to replace the present domain naming system (.com) in the near future. 

But, with the popularity of the Mixed Reality gadgets like Apple Vision Pro, businesses will have to adapt to these new technologies to serve their customers better with the best experience.

If you’re a business owner, it’s recommended that you reserve the .Z domain for your brand before someone else so that you can utilize it when you know the time is right.

Even at Brinso, we developed our latest brand name toolkit based on the latest AI technologies and hosted it at the brinso.z metaspace utilizing the AI friendly MetaZ platforms.


Visit brinso.z from any meta browser and experience the unmatched expertise of Brinso.

.Z Domains for Domain Flipping

It took a few years to sell the first 100 .com domains but the metaverse domains are predicted to not take the same path as thousands of metaverse domains already sold within a few weeks. And majority of those are .z domains.

Not all these buyers are planning to start businesses in the metaverse, but some are planning to try domain flipping with the metaverse domains.

As Brinso, we acquired some valuable metaverse domains related to the brand name industry such as brandnames.z in hope of domain flipping with metaverse domains.

How to Register .Z Domains

At the moment, there are only a few Meta domain registrars available such as Namezage, Cipzi and Ogett. 

You can use any of these meta domain registrar services to acquire your first metaverse domain name, be it .Z or any other metaverse domain extension you prefer.

Some of these registrars also offer metaspace creation services and metaspace hosting services if you are interested in building a project in the metaverse.

We are using the Namezage to manage our meta domain portfolio.

You can try this to start your metaverse business or domain flipping journey.

How to Access .Z Domains

You can access any metaverse domain, not only .Z domains using any meta browser available.

Cligor, Sifoz, Elaraix, Lumosurf are some of the most popular meta browsers you can use to access the metaverse. Some of these offer online browsers so that you can access the meta domains without downloading the browser software according to your device.

Key Takeaways

.Z domains are the king of metaverse domains like .com in the traditional internet.

It has many positive factors to be a successful investment by launching a business in the metaverse and also as a domain flipping opportunity.

You can host a metaspace using your .Z metaverse domain or manage a good domain portfolio to resell later for profit.

Most importantly, always make sure you’re buying a .Z domain from a reputed meta domain registrar such as Namezage, Ogett or Cipzi to avoid scams.


Can I access Z domains using the web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge?

You can’t access .Z domains or any metaverse domain using a web2 browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge. You have to use a meta browser to access any metaverse domain. Cligor, Sifoz, and Lumosurf are some of the popular meta browsers you can use to access any metaspace regardless of their domain extension.

How much are the .Z domains priced?

Different meta domain registrars priced .Z domains differently according to the services they’re providing. Therefore, it’s better to compare prices and services they offer before making a purchase. Namezage, Ogett and Cipzi are some of the meta domain registration services available at the moment.

How to host a metaspace?

Some meta domain registrars offer metaspace creation and metaspace hosting services. After buying the metaverse domain you prefer, you can use a metaspace creation service or create a metaspace by yourself. Then you have to purchase a metaspace hosting service from a service provider and upload your metaspace so that anyone can access it using any meta browser.