Brand Name Ideas For Your Educational Institution

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Education is a very important sector and it is like the backbone of a country. Simply, the future of a country depends on the education level of the people. 

“If You are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people” – Chinese Proverb

As the proverb suggests, education is for life time and  more importantly, the demand for education never ceases. That is why planning to start an educational business becomes a successful business idea. According to our brand name specialists, a brandable brand name is a must for a successful educational institution. 

This article is all about brand name ideas for educational institutions. You can find your dream brand name from Brinso!!!

Professional Brand Names For Educational Institutions

Speaking of brandable brand names, our brand name specialists have listed some of the brandable brand names as follows.


Wemido logo










Greity logo



All these brand names are unique, easy to pronounce and memorize, limited to 6 characters, has a positive global meaning, robots friendly; simply put, all these brand names have all the brand name qualities. Brand names with these brand name qualities are known as brandable brand names. Brandable brand name is a marketing tool itself and a brandable brand name helps you business to stand out from the competition. 

So confirm the brand name you select is a brandable brand name and good news, all the above listed brand names are available to be purchased for your educational business!!!.

Brand Name Ideas For Your Educational Institution

Our brand name masterminds have handpicked the following brand name ideas to familiarize you with the educational brand name vibe!!!. All these brand name ideas are suitable for any local business that is related to educational institutions such as nurseries, schools, colleges, universities etc. Important: if you have no plans to upgrade your educational business to an online platform, these brand name ideas are perfect!!!

New Edu

Knowledge Hunt

Know More

Plus Knowledge

Scholars’ Diary

The Scholar


The Instruction

Global Knowledge

Best Academy

Know Inspire

Best Teacher

Smart Start


Future Start

Star Aim

Zoom In

Your Academy

Your Path

Master Mind


Ultra Legends

Know Up

Learners’ Journey

A Academy

Best Tutor

Skill Prove

Next Career

Better Support

Skill Academy

Super Mind

Plus Brain

Mastery Academy

At Experts

Pro Academy

To Excellence

With Experts

U Path

Pro Degrees

Smart Club

More Educational Institution Brand Name Ideas

If you need more brand name ideas, we have listed more brand names according to the different niches of the educational institute field such as nursery education institutions, schools, colleges, universities and online educational academies. All these brand name ideas are handpicked by our brand name specialists and these are perfect if your business is focused only on local students.

Brand Name Ideas For Online Schools

On Learn

E Learner

Smarty Kids

On Knowledge

E Brain

Brain Band

Learner Power

On Learner

Cyber Kings

New Vision

Wiz Mind

Brain Up

Every Know

Amazo Brain


E Guru

Above listed brand names are suitable for any educational business that is related to online schools such as educational blogs, educational vlogs etc. If you feel like exploring brand name ideas related to e learning platforms, we have listed more brand name ideas.

Brand Name Ideas For Nurseries

The below listed brand names are listed for nurseries. If your business is related to this niche, these are perfect for your nursery business. These brand names are also suitable for online nursery platforms.

Smarty Kids

Brain Kids

Baby Brain

Little Prof

Future Kiddo

Smart N Little

Brain Wiz

Smart Play

Little Lightz

Brain Buz

Smart Future

Little Smarts

Brand Name Ideas For Schools

Learner Gateway

Smart World

Skill Academy

Brain College

Mount Top Academy

At Royals

Future Leaders

Edu Pro

Star Academy

Connect Students

Learning Capsule

Active Learners

Smart Future Academy

School Hours

Better Start

Best Place

The above brand names are listed for any local school such as primary schools, secondary schools, middle schools etc.

Brand Name Ideas For Colleges

Dream Future

Bright Hope

Smart College

Smart Gateway

Star Colleges

Study Pro

The Genius

Edutop Colleges

Bright Steps

Royal College

The Triumph

Future College

Smart Friend

Genius Choice

Smart Max College

Advanco Colleges

All these brand name ideas are suitable for your college including, community colleges, art colleges, girls colleges, boys college etc.

Brand Name Ideas For Universities

All these brand name ideas are suitable for local universities.

Univo Kids

Star Universities

Knowledge Globe

Wonder Learning

Globe Learning

Max Campus

Pro Versity

Edu Kids

Horizon Globe

Exel Uni

Plus Education

To The Max

Brand Naming Trends Of The Education Institutions

  • Use Founders Name


It is common to see that most of the universities or educational institutes are being named by the founder’s name. Even you can name your educational institute or university with your name. But in the process of analyzing the naming methods, our branding experts found that only popular characters in the world had named the educational business in their own name to build the brand of an educational institute through personal branding. New entrepreneurs like you naming the educational business in your name is not recommended and this naming method is only suitable for both primary and secondary educational institutes and universities.

Examples -:

“The Johns Hopkins University” founder  “Johns Hopkins

“McGill University” founder “James McGill”

“King Saud University” founder “King Saud bin Abdulaziz”

“Eberhard Karls University” founder “ Eberhard V”

“Anglia Ruskin University,” founder “John Ruskin

Audrey Cohen College” founder “Audrey Cohen


  • Use The Geographical Locational Name


Unlike other businesses, the education industry has a different scope. In the field of education mostly the physical presence of the student matters. So most of the universities and institutes are named based on the geographical location. As there are not many popular universities in the educational field before the internet era most of the universities named based on the location. So you can name your educational business based on the location it’s located only if there are very few competitors.

Examples -:

“Stanford University” location “Stanford, California”

“The University of Oxford” location “Oxford, Oxfordshire, England”

“The University of Cambridge” location “Cambridge, United Kingdom”

“The University of Hong Kong “ location “Hong Kong”

“The University of Toronto” location “Toronto, Ontario, Canada”

“University of California” location “Berkeley, California”


  • Express What Your Educational Business Do


You can name your educational business according to what you do. You may start an educational institute, university, or any business related to the educational industry.


“Tokyo Medical and Dental University”

“Brighton and Sussex Medical School”

Medical University of Vienna

“Massachusetts Institute of Technology”

Georgia Institute of Technology”

“Delft University of Technology”

“ Royal College of Art”


  • Use A Unique Name


This method became popular after the internet era. Due to the covid situation, almost all the educational programs are happening via the internet. So this situation made the users understand how important the online presence of any business is. So having a unique name in the educational business will help you grow in the industry and stand out from competitors.

Examples -:





.edu or .com or the country level domain extension?

As mentioned above, education is a totally different field in the business industry. When it comes to the domain extension for your educational business both .edu and .com are best. We can not come to a conclusion as one domain extension is best. Both are recommended but if your business is based on the internet then .com is better than the .edu because it will help rank your site and it is SEO friendly. Some of the educational institutions use the country code to show their country identity. The country-level domain extension was used by only the universities that formed before the internet era and those universities that are almost popular worldwide.

  • .edu

.edu was introduced in 1985. It is specialized for all the education-related business. Most of the educational institutes, universities are using the .edu domain extension.

  • Using the country level domain extension

This method is used by the most popular universities in the world which formed before the internet era. These universities used the country domain extension because by the time of forming those universities only a few competitors like 2-3 were available in the field.

  • .com

.com was also introduced in 1985 on the same date that the .edu was introduced. .com is suitable for all types of businesses including an educational business that is mainly based on the internet.

Top Educational Institutions who are using .edu

Educational Institute Name Domain Extension
Harvard University .edu
Stanford University .edu
University of California .edu
Columbia University .edu
University of California .edu
University of Michigan .edu
Monash University .edu

These educational businesses are mainly based online.

Top Educational institutes who are using the country code

Educational Institute Name Domain Extension
University College London
University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
University of Hong Kong .hk
University of Toronto .ca
University of Melbourne .au
Nanyang Technological University .sg

All these institutes formed before the internet era.

Top Educational business who are using .com

Educational Institute Name Domain Extension
Udemy .com
Podia .com
Lynda .com
Vsauce .com
Ted .com
Alison .com
Code .com
Chegg .com

With careful analysis, our branding experts recommend .com for those educational businesses who are based on the internet and it is ok to use .edu or country code for other educational businesses which are mainly based on the physical presence of students.

What Is The Best Domain Extension For Educational Institutions?

There are many domain extensions that have been introduced for educational institutions. Such as .academy, .coach, .college, .degree, .education, .institute, .MBA, .report, .school, .schule, .science, .shiksha, .support, .training, .university. Although there are so many domain extensions available for educational institutional websites, most of the top educational institutions/ companies are using the .com domain extension as there are so many benefits of using .com domain name. 

Our brand name consultants recommend .com domain extension for your educational institutions.