Food And Beverage Brand Name Ideas

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Starting a food and beverage business is very challenging as the industry is dominated by many brand names already. So the question is how to come up with a super successful name to stand out from the competition. Well we have the solution for your issue. Scroll down to get your dream food and beverage brand name.

Catchy Food And Beverage Brand Names

These brand names are listed by our brand name consultants after a deep analysis of both old and current naming trends in the food industry. We do not auto-generate these brand names. All these brand names are listed from the brand name reselling companies and our brand name consultants highly recommend these professional brand names for your food and beverage business.

yumago logo

Yumago Food Corner

wyveWyve Hub

tazt logoTazt Foods

liklo logoLiklo Eats


Mixobo Hut

Cereth Kitchen

Pribok logo

Pribok Group

Junua Snacks

Yumto logo

Yumto Food Hub

holeeg logo

Holeeg Eatery

Ffud logo

Ffud Food

Dishqo logo

Dishqo Kitchen

Food And Beverage Brand Name Suggestions

These brand name suggestions are from our brand name consultants. All these brand names are handpicked by our band name masterminds for any business related to the food and beverage industry. 

We do not recommend these brand names for a professional food business and for those who have an intention to expand their business in the future.

Foodie Goodie Store

Yummy Chew Cooking

Heavenly Bite Food

Food Hut

Crunchy Foodie Hub

Food Choice Hub

Zelo Dining Food

Foody Lovers Place

Magic Recipe House

Urban Tastey Hut

Healthy Eat Palace

Homely Taste Cooking

Meal Bar

Yum Yum Family Resturant

Cravy Kitchen Hub

Chef Clever's Place

Mr. Crave's House

Cook Diary Hut

Chef Express Foods

Food Smack Kitchen

Your Flavors House

Tasteful Choice Heaven

Your Menu Hub

Food Factory

Favorite Choice Place

Only Spicy Lovers Hut

Sweet Corner

Right Meal Cooking

Food Trip Cornor

Meal Bomb Place

Grill Shots Avenue

Yummy Hunny Place

Perfect Meal Outlet

Healthy Diet Home

Foodie Buds Resturants

Second Meal House

Eat More Express

Royal Place Of Food

Meal Art Cornor

Food Feast Hub

Secret Menu Bar

Fire Food Hut

Snack Time Home

Dash Food House

Foodie Cave Hub

Healthy Meal Place

Your Choice Inn

Family Hub

How do I name my food brand or product?

Naming your food business is easy if you know the exact factors and naming methods. If you want to start a professional food business with the intention of expanding in the future then you have to follow all the guidelines carefully. A simple mistake can destroy your business. When you have the thought of a professional food business the brand name should cover all the brand name qualities.

Tips To Consider When Naming Your Food Business

  • Choose A Name To Represent The Unique Value Of Your Business

Once you come up with an intention to start a food business it should be a less competitive one that can grab more audience. Food is a business that is based on taste and hygiene. People who already got used to a product are difficult to pull over for a new taste. So make sure to choose a food business with less competition and which can grab more users.

Ex-: Think that you’re going to start an ice cream parlor make sure to keep available almost all the ice cream flavors that users request for. Do an analysis of the ice cream parlors available and check what flavors are not available in their store and make it available with you. 

  • What Should Your Food Name Communicate

When a food company comes everyone is expecting good taste and cleanliness. You should creatively express your identity to the world with your name in a unique way. You can use any startup naming trend to name your business in a creative way.

  • Geographical Limitation

Do not limit your name or the online identity of your food business into a specific geographical location. You may grow up in the future, having a name based on a specific location, or representing your online identity for a specific location may create a problem when you’re expanding your business. Make sure to have a creative food name without any negative connotations and build your online identity worldwide.

  • Long-Lasting Food Name

Do not add any keywords with your food name. In the future you may expand your business, you may add new food products, you may start another food service related to your current business. So having a keyword may limit your business and it may cause a huge problem when you’re expanding it. Make your name a creative, unique, and professional one.

  • Do Not Imitate

Never try to imitate any other popular food brand names. Build your identity of your own. Imitating others may cause trust issues with your brand name.

Steps To Choose The Best Brand Name For Your Professional Food Company

  • Check Brand Name Qualities A Food Company Should Have

A brandable food company consists of all the brand naming qualities. It should be simple. The simplicity of your food company can be measured with the vocabulary score and the phonological loop value. It should be Unique. If you want to make your food name to be unique make sure to own the .com domain extension. Do not include keywords with your food name. These are only a few qualities of a brandable brand name. Check all the brand name qualities to get an idea of how your brand name should be.

  • Check The Naming Trends

Before finalizing your brand name check out all the brand naming trends. Find out what is the most suitable brand naming trend you should follow.

  • Brainstorm Ideas

Once you have a lot of food name ideas you try to select the most suitable one with all the brand name qualities. You can use the Brinso brand name evaluation tool to find the best name among your selected brand names.

  • Domain Availability

Domain availability of your food name is very important to make your online identity and to be unique. Do not go with the same food brand if the domain is not available for your selected food brand name.

  • Finalize 

Once you finalized your food brand name-check it from a brand name idea evaluation tool to know how good or bad it is. If the value of your food name is about the standard value finalize it.

Food Business Brand Name Ideas

As the food industry has a wide scope, our brand name experts have listed the most matching brand name ideas for your food business. All these brand names are manually generated according to different brand naming trends. 

These brand names can be used for different food businesses such as food manufacturing companies, Pubs, Beverage names, Bakery names, etc.

Sweet Store Name Ideas

In the field of food, industry sweet is one of the most popular and liked stores by everyone in the world. The below-listed brand names can be used for any of your sweet stores.

What should I name my Sweet Store?

Here are a few brand name suggestions for your sweet store. These brand names are only recommended for those who wish to start the sweet store very small and have no idea to grow it in the future.

Sweet Buzz Hut

Honey World Place

House Of Sweets

Candy Mart

Jelly Lover's House

Choco Land

Sweet Basket Mart

Lolli poppi Palace

Sweetly Heaven

Sugar Bowl Shop

Sweet Island

Sweetish Love Corner

Jelly Palace

Choco Town

Candy King Palace

Sweet Mellow Hub

Only For Choco Lovers

Crazy Treat Place

Choco Pie House

Sweet Treatz Hut

Sweet Store

Candy Cravers Place

Sugar Queen Eats

Lock Choc Express

If you are starting up a sweet store in a professional way and having a dream to expand it in the future. The below brand name ideas will be best.

  • Fedixo
  • Foodoza
  • Recegu
  • FFud
  • Yumto

Biscuit Name Ideas

Biscuit is something favorite by all the age group people. There are millions of biscuits available in the industry with different flavors and tastes. Choosing a brandable brand name will make you grab attention among users.

Cookie Shock

Crispy Crack

Ginger Nut

Cookie Chip

Choc Cookie

Next Bite

Bisky Buzz

Dark Chip

Bits Romero

Grap Pop

Pop Bite

Nest Cracker

Go Yup

Gold Jack

Cookie Bite

Bisky Wix

Bisco Zap

Cookie Hot

Nut World

Bisco Bite

Crisco Zop

Sappy Pop

Cookie Box

Kid Crack

The above-listed brand names can be used for kids biscuits, chocolate biscuits, vanilla biscuits, spicy biscuits, nut biscuits, cookies, and any biscuit flavor.

What Should I Name My Cookies?

Naming your cookies are very easy if you know the correct naming trends that you should follow. The below name ideas are suitable for any type of cookie but do not recommend for those who would like to expand the cookie business in the future. 

If you wish to have a brandable brand name and if you’re up to grow the business in the future you can go through our professional brand name ideas.

Ice Cream Parlor Names

Ice cream is something favorite among everyone without any age gap. Almost everyone loves to taste all the flavors of ice cream. Different flavors and colorful ice cream toppings can make anyone attracted. Having an eye-catching name is also important to stick with the industry. 

Freezing Delight Palor

Corn & Stick Cream Hut

Sweet Lick Melts

Soft Cream Hut

Ice Feed Palor

Your Fancy delight Corner

Frozen World

Favored Snow Hut

Ice Bear Place

Frozen Creation House

Ice Sprinkles Scoop

Frozen Treat Breezy

Milky Way Frost

HazelnutZ House

Creamy Mood On

Frozen Dream Place

Scoop Treat Inn

Creamy Delight Mood

Frozen Bowl Place

Dip Cone Ice Cream

Love Sprinkles Corner

Frozen Angels Desserts

Mo Mo Ice Cream

Bliss Scoop Hut

Most Popular Ice Cream Shops In The World

  • Salt & Straw
  • Giolitti
  • Unframed Ice Cream
  • Negranti Creamery
  • Ice And Vice
  • Lick Honest Ice Cream
  • Gelato Messina
  • Licc
  • McConnell’s
  • Bang Bang Ice Cream
  • Fryst

Bakery Name Ideas

Visiting a bakery is a usual thing for everyone in day to day life. What customers expect is to buy all the bakery items in place. With the current competition having a bakery name that can easily be remembered is very important. 

Baked Good

Bread Lover

Snack Back

Bake Well

Art Of Bake

Bake House

The Dough

Bake Corner

Cookie Club

Bake Me

Bakers Time

Just Baked

Bake It On

Delight Corner

Bake On My Way

Happy Bakers

Perfectly Baked

Dough On

Muffin Love

Heaven Of Bakers

Bread Met

Yummy Hub

Making And Baking

Toast Bread

How To Name Your Bakery Business

  • Choose a unique bakery name.
  • Make sure the bakery name is simple.
  • Better to have a name that can easily spell and write.
  • Say the users about your business through the logo, not the name.
  • Do not choose a name that is only suitable for a bakery.
  • Choose a bakery name that has not been used before.
  • Don’t use a name that misspelled intentionally.
  • Make sure that the bakery name you chose is a single word

Food App Name Ideas

At present ordering food online is very popular in the world. Everything can be available at your fingertips. These brand-name ideas are best for your Food App.

At present ordering food online is very popular in the world. Everything can be available at your fingertips. These brand-name ideas are best for your Food App.

Click Food

Door Step

Food Click

Swipe Drop

Click On

Fast Food

Food Swipe

Mood On

Food App

Clean Swipe

Download App

Takeout App

Click Take Away

Yummy Click

Swipe Once

Dine Out

Most Popular Food Apps In The World

  • UberEats
  • Zomato
  • JustEat
  • DoorDash
  • Food Panda
  • Deliveroo
  • iFood

Beverage Name Ideas

What is a good name for a drink?

Beverage names can differ with the flavors and usage. Beverage names can be categorized as soft drinks and energy drinks too. As far as you follow all the brand name qualities you will come up with a professional brand name. 

These listed brand names can be used for any of the beverage companies such as soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, signature drinks, alcoholic drinks, etc but we do not recommend these brand names for professional beverage business and for those who wish to grow the business in the future. 

Drink Spot

Fizzy Sweet Drink

Cool Spot Slip

Splash Cold Flow

Sweet Boost Zing

Ice Beast Thirst

Thirst Off Drink

Slip On

Silky Flow Bottles

Fizz Zo Savor

Tap Swig Slip

Hit Pop Zing

Favo Drink

Moody Off Slip

Apple Mood Zing

Splash Fag Bottle

Fiz Pop Drinks

Tasty Bottle

Slip Up

Your Zip

Soda Nop

Boost On

Slip Bar

Lemon Slip

Pub Name Ideas

A catchy and easy memorable Pub name will always make you stand out from other competitors. These manually created brand names are suitable for your newly opening Pub.

Off Road Pub

Rock On

Night Longue

Rooftop Pub

Your Pub

Dose Spot

Warm Lagoon

Corner Mood

Secret Longue

Mood On

Bar Days

Rock On

Bliss Moments

Magic Night

Beer Inn

Brew Hut

Thrilling Night

Wide Range Pub

Mood Tonic

Pub Chill

One Dose

Best Brand Bar

Clock Mart

Pub 99

Tips For A Cool Pub Name

  • Choose a pub name with a vocabulary score of 6 or above
  • Choose a pub name with a phonological loop value of 60% or above
  • Choose a single word pub name
  • Choose a pub name with 4-6 characters
  • Choose a pub name that has not been used before.
  • Choose a brand name with the .com domain extension.

Fast Food Store Name Ideas

Fast food businesses can be identified as one of the most profit-generating businesses in the world. With the high demand, the competition for this business is also very high. Having a simple brand name will make your business a unique one.

First Meal

Chop Chip

Start Foods

Foodie Hut

Pasta Mart

Baked Hot

Your Favorite Hot Dogs

Burger Mood

Pizza Hub

Meal Hurt

Your Way

One Minute

Best One

Amazing Taste

Lunch Mood

First Choice

Yours Kitchen

Go Taco

Kings Hut

Chicken Cave

Fresh Pizza

Grill Chicca

Best Bakes

Quick Deal

Things To Do After Naming Your Fast Food Company

  • Register your fast food company
  • Choose a suitable business structure 
  • Purchase the exact match .com domain 
  • Select your business location
  • Design a logo
  • Publish a website
  • Do a marketing campaign
  • Use social media

Food Delivery Store Names

At present everyone is busy with their own works. Time is playing a major role in everyone’s life. 90% of people order food online. They are not ready to spend time cooking. The expectation of a food delivery company is fast and hygiene. Having a brand name that will attract users is very important.

Just Click

First Foods

Dreamily Fresh

Tasty Hour

Food Sense

Mobi Food

Quick Food

Food Call

Food Getter

Hunger Bounce

Grab Steight

Food Bite

Your Recipe


Wish List

The Menu

Daily List

Foodie Tour

Just You Want

Hot And Fresh

Order It

Fast Yummy

Food Bike

Traffic Beat

How to Find A Catchy Food Delivery Store Name

You can find a catchy food delivery name from anywhere. If you do not wish to purchase a catchy name you can create a name on your own too. But you should have a clear idea of the factors that make your food delivery store catchy.  

The catchiness of a food delivery company comes with simplicity. Simplicity refers to how easy can your brand name Spell, write, and pronounce. As far as your food delivery business name is simple, your brand name is catchy. 

Food Manufacturing Company Name Ideas

Entering into food manufacturing is not an easy process. The market is already dominated by a few giants and almost all the users are addicted to the taste they used. So to compete with these giants having a strong brand name is very important.

Yummy Foodie Ltd

The Best Company

Food Hub Incorporation

Cookie Hut Ltd

Food Mark Company

Best Choice Manufactures

Zetyo Food Ltd

Food For U LLC

Meal Plan Manufactures

The Food Factory Ltd

Best Food Corporation

Food Mart Ltd

Best Smack Company

Food Dish Corporation

Sweet Chop Compnay

Yummy Feeling Ltd

Foodie Goodie Production

Best Deal LLC

New Shop Manufactures

Snack Cave Production

Taste Feast Company

Dine Diary Manufactures

Foodie Corner Company

Deal Right Production

Need A Unique Food Manufacturing Company Name?

If you need a unique name for your food manufacturing company all you have to do is to choose a brand name with the .com domain extension. Uniqueness means that only one company should be registered with the name you have chosen. If there is more than one company with the same name the ownership of the company goes to those who own the .com domain extension of the company name. So to be unique, you need to own the .com domain extension.

Homemade Food Business Name Ideas

At present, the demand for homemade food products is getting high. If you have an idea to open a food or beverage stall at home these brand names will help you to get an idea.

Fresh Food

Homemade Taste

Healthy Products

Better Meal

Best Choice

Royal Food Place

Eat Bites

Your Home

Feel The Taste

Moms Kitchen

Home Restaurant

Best Ever

Does HomeMade Food Business Need A Website?

Generally, if you are starting the business in a very small way and have a thought to be available for the only specific location, needed for a website is very less. 

But if you have plans to be available for a large crowd and if you have a thought to expand the business in the future then yes. You will definitely need a website to represent your business to the people.

Kings In Food And Beverage Industry

Pepsi logo


Diageo logo


Wholey logo


Nestle logo


Pizza Hut logo

Pizza Hut

Mooyah logo


Kraft logo


KFC logo


Danone logo


Foodora logo


coca cola logo

Coca Cola

Mac Donald logo


How do I create a catchy company name?

If you need a catchy brand name for your food and beverage business all you need to do is consider more about the simplicity, memorability , pronounceability of your brand name. As far as your brand name can be easily memorized and pronounced, your brand name becomes catchy.  

A brand name should not only be catchy it should be professional and follow all the brand name qualities too. Only being simple and memorable will not be a perfect brand name. Catchiness of the brand name should come along with the brand name qualities too.

Food Businesses Who Changed Their Name

These are a few giants in the food industry who changed their names into brandable brand names. All these rebranding attempts made them grow higher in the market and made the users memorize them soon. All these brand names are simple and eye-catching too.

Brand names like Curiously Cinnamon, 7 Up, Coco Pops can not be considered as brandable brand names because these 3 brand names do not consist of all the brand name qualities. Due to the less competition, they had in the market and because of the high capital they had to spend on the marketing process, they grew up soon. At present we do not recommend these kinds of brand names because the competition you’re having now is very high and as a start-up, you will not have such a huge capital for the marketing process.

Pete’s Super Submarines Subway
Brad’s Drink Pepsi
Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spice and II Giornale Coffee Company Starbucks
Cinnamon Grahams Curiously Cinnamon
Marathon Snickers
Opal Fruits Starburst
Dime Bar Dime
Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda 7 Up
Choco Krispies Coco Pops
Coon Cheese Saputo
Nestlé Quik Nesquik
Unadulterated Food Products Snapple
Goodfellow's Dry Goods Target

Best Food Industry Company Names In The World

  • Nestlé

Nestlé is the world’s largest food company. It was founded in 1867. This company owns the .com domain extension as well as the meaning of the company inspired by the name of its founder, Henri Nestlé.

  • Pepsi 

The old name of Pepsi was Brad’s Drink. Later they changed the name into Pepsi-cola. It was a good decision that they renamed the product because the old brand name did not fulfill any of the brand name qualities a professional brand should have. Pepsi got its name from the word dyspepsia, which means indigestion.

  • Cargill

Cargill can be known as one of the famous food companies in the world. It was founded in 1865. The name Cargill was inspired by the founder William Wallace Cargill. 

Steps To Choose The Best Brand Name For Your Food Business

  • Setup Guidelines For Your Food & Beverage Brand Name

As you know brand naming is not something easy and to select the perfect brand name you should have good knowledge about it. As the first step of choosing a brand name, you should set up a list of guidelines on how your food & beverage brand name should be, what are the criteria and factors you expect to be included in your Food brand, the character count, etc. Take a piece of paper and write down the basic guidelines that your brand name should follow.

  • Session Of Brainstorming The Ideas

Once you finish writing down the basic guidelines, then start to list down the food & beverage brand name ideas you prefer but make sure that the brand names you’re listing out are in the frame of those guidelines. Try to write down brand names as much as possible. 

  • Shortlist The Best

Now you might have a huge list of brand name ideas for your food and beverage business with you. As the other steps go through each and every brand name individually. Make sure only to keep the brand names that are easy to pronounce, memorize and spell easily. Cut off all the other brand names from your list.

  • FeedBack

After making the final list, take help from your family, friends, neighbours, social media etc to choose what is the best brand name for your food business. Do not only based on what others say, after all finally it’s your decision.

  • Availability

Before finalizing your food & beverage name do not forget to check the availability of the name and especially that .com domain extension, because the .com domain extension is very much important to be unique among others.

What Are The Types You Can Use To Name Your Food & Beverage Company

  • Trending Words

You can name your business by using trending words to your brand name. It will go with the trend but you will have to think twice about professional brand name qualities.


Crave Food

Tasty Hut

Meal City

Fast Flavor

  • Rhythmic Pattern

You can use words that go for rhythm or rhyming patterns. It makes the brand name look cool and fun. This type can be only recommended for those who have no idea to expand the business in the future.


Meal Mall

Fast Fest

Foodie Goodie

Lunch Bunch

  • Competitor Analysis

One of the best ways is to analyze the giant brand names in food and beverage companies and follow the naming process that they did and avoid the naming process that made companies fail in the past.

Ex -: Can analyze companies like Coca -Cola, Pizza Hut, KFC

  • Follow Brand Name Qualities

The other option you got is to learn about all the brand name qualities and develop a brand name according to those qualities. That may be a difficult task but there are brand name marketplaces which you can find manually created brand names after analyzing all the brand name qualities and brand naming process of all the successful food and beverage brands.

Foregin Words For Food & Beverage

  • Alimentos y bebidas – Spanish
  • Comida e bebida – Portuguese
  • Eда и напитки(yeda i napitki) -Russian
  • Mat och dryck – Swedish
  • Shíwù yǔ yǐnliào – Chinese
  • Shokuhin oyobi inryō – Japanese
  • Eten en drinken – Dutch
  • Yiyecek ve içecek – Turkish
  • Nourriture et boisson – French

Trending Words in Food And Beverage Industry