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“Choose The Perfect Brand Name For Your Technology Company”

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Do you know that famous technology giants like Facebook, Google, Apple have rebranded their names? These rebranding attempts have cost more than we ever imagine. The industry experts have estimated the rebranding process of Facebook to Meta may have cost nearly $20 million. 

Information and Technology is one of the most profit-generating businesses in the industry. If you’re choosing a brand name for your tech start-up there are millions of things to consider. Here are the brand names listed by our brand name specialists after analyzing all the brand name qualities and brand naming trends.

Best Brand Name Ideas For Tech Company

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IT Company Names

Data Company

Max Data

Data Tech

Tech Based

Top Tech

Electro Tech

Tech Pick




Data Doctor

Glory Tech

IT Vision

Better Tech

Super Host

Power Tech

Unique Tech

IT Solutions

The Fighter

Data Fixed

Solid Storm

Digital Data

Tech Network

IT Ship

Unlimited Network

IT Diggers

State Cyber

Digi Software

Tech Cloud

Optimized System

Future IT

Computer Care

IT Spring

Data Optics

IT Ladder

Express Network

Tech Connect

IT Touch

Bright Active

IT Pro

Any Tech

IT Smart

Tech Aim

Goal Future

Tech Line

System Network

IT Bytes

IT Master

Techno Box

Think Big

IT Brains

High Scope

Cool Tech Company Name Ideas

Data Space

Soft IT


Data Planet

App Source

Beta Choice

Trade Tech

Zotmy Tech

Techy Brain

IT Mood

Computer World

IT Theory

Tech Note

Data Hub

Brain Tech

Digital Aware

Your Place Net Partners

Mico Tech

Tech Boost

PC Partners

Fantastic Tech

Formula Tech

Core Encode

Gig Technology

Micro Source

Sky Tech

Cyber Source

Auto Mate

Nano Tech

Doctor Coding

Tech Connect

Brain Core

IT Solutions

Go Experts

Tech Core

Master Of Tech

Micro Tools

Genius Digit

Tech Pro

Trace Theory

Digi Touch

Tech Hub

Noft Digital

Tool Tech

Core Solution

Vivid Tech

Digital Crop

Encode On

Tech Tell

Giga Crop

Web Age

IT Point

Beta IQ

IT Elements

Tech Choice

Cloud Point

High Tech

Fezo Technologies

Technology Trade

Gediyo Solutions

Lifo Technologies

Techno Mart

Nino Technologies

Solution Mart

Technology Company Name Ideas

These brand names are created manually by our brand name consultants without using any automated brand name generators. While generating these brand names, we have carefully analyzed all the best and worst brand names and brand naming trends to deliver you the best.

These brand names can be used for hosting sites, Web design and development sites,  Cloud servicing sites, Hardware manufacturing company names, Software company names, and mobile app names.

software company name ideas

Creative Names For Software Companies

Source Code

Integrated Apps

Golden Tech Nest

Beta Applications

Skyline Software

Backup Solution

Cyber Technologies

Era Space Software

Coding Thrill

Element Solution

Programe Tech

Smart Solutions

Coding Plus

For Software Skeers

Programme Service

Developers Hub

Speedy Coding

Coding Access

Data System

Hyper Solution

Swift Software

Coding Serve

Data Analytics

Coding Solution Bar

Technology Name Ideas

IT Venux

Zion Support

IT Support

Royal Tech

Tech Professionals

IT Zeal

Raw Digi

Support Step

Service Block

Standard Service

Digi Application

Ultimate Support

Support Shield

Service Lite

Share High

Assist Tech

Service Hack

Web On

The Digital

Cyber Bailout

Zip Doc

Tech Care

Support Grid

Service Pro

App development company name ideas

App Development Company Name Idea

Infinity Development

Digi Build

Clever Develops

Concept Inc

Design Ideas

Duel Dare

Zenob Developers

Essential Tech

Unlimited Teams

Hello Codes

Techsoft Developers

App Boost

Digi Codes

Next Development

Creation Techno

Royal Digitits

Smart Pro

Tech Widget

Solid Techno

Wire Cloud

Digi Edge

Point Technology

Mobile Codes

Mobile Codes

cloud service company name ideas

Cloud Company Name Ideas

Cloud Host

Cloud Line

Horizon Cloud

Cloud On Demand

Cloud Solution

Cloud Secure

Digital Upload

Cyber Cloud

Cloud Sync

Web Cloud

Pro Cloud

Web Driven

Global Cloud

Hand Servers

Secure Storage

Cloud Life

Cloud Guard

Cord Server

Joint Cloud

Life Cloud

Air Cloud

Epic Server

Coding Network

Safe Base

Creative Storage

Safe Crowd

Cloud Network

Server Cloud

Connect High

Server Cloud

Jecobi Server

Connect Inc

education technology company names

Tech Name Ideas

Digital Not

Plus App

Finger Point

Prime Application

Tap On

Runner On

Zobe App

Smart Pro

Smart Link

Click Once

Time On

App Hub

World Of Mobile

Mobile Pad

Hello Application

App Zone

Phone Checker

Power Game

Swipe Once

Boost App

Mobile Link

App Digit

Iconic App

Stage App

Tech Business Name Ideas

Desomy Technology

Semo Data

Lofi Techno Solutions

Deso Hightech

Felino Designs

Manio Developers

Alige Apps

Gomi Programmers

Benil Tech

Tech Play

Techno Empire

Elite Code

Jogomi Technologies

Hesol Tech

Vevo Developers

Aqil Hightech

Target Tech

Technology Tangle

Source Code

IT Cell

Sim High Tech

Bot Techno

Techno Root

Light Tech Solution

Tech Brand Name Ideas

Best Map

Byte Web

Web Code

Techno Pro

Element Web

Web Plus

Web Solutions

Web Omega

Web Program

Web Pilot

Data Web

Press Element

Web Hot

Web Touch

Macro Web

Web App

Web Touch

Web Encode

IT Analysis

Web Testers

Dope Web

Web Tower

Triple Web

Hashtag Web

Web Design And Development company name ideas

Web Design Company Name Ideas

Web Sketch

Design Site

Web Future

Successful Developers

Web Creation

Your Web

Internet Sizzle

Unique Web Design

Web Hub

Creative Creation

Web King

Net Wizard

Logo Element

Web Mart

Wild Design

Digital New

Web Solutions

Future Web

Click On

Creation On

Future Digital

Creation Hut

Spider Web

Digital Tech

Future Wavers

Dot Site

Web Presence

Digi Create

Deso Web Design

Vibe Creation

Creative Graphic

Element Media

Robot Company Name Ideas

Spy Bot

Advance Effect

Best Intelligence

Brilliant AI

AI on

Beyond Vision

Creative AI

AI specialist

AI Experts

AI Life

Visionary Brain

Hardly Spy

AI Bot

AI Platform

Genius AI

Advance AI

AI Minds

Digital Intelligence

Raise Brain

Future Power

Advance AI

Sky Robots

Formula Bots

Innovative Creation

hardware company name ideas

Hardware Store Name Ideas

Implement Hardware

House of Hardwear

Hardware Assistance

Heaven Of Hardwares

Hardware Hub

Universal Hardware

Hardware System

Hardware Electronics

Fix On

Hardware Suppliers

Hardware Equipped

Gadgets For U

Crown Tools

Max Hardware

Ultimate Tools

Alpha Hardware

House Of Hardware

Luxury Hardware Store

Tech Store

Prime Hardware Store

Heaven Of Tools

Tools Repair

Hardware Connection

Plus Hardwear

New Information Technology Company Name Ideas

Tech Giant

Macro Solutions

IT Consultant

Modern Tech

Technology Bar

Techno Boost

Digital Experts

Tech Centre

Info House

Technology Pro

World Of Tech

Smart Solution

IT Inc

Kipo Developers

Technology Wizards

IT Grove

Technical Source

Meta Technology

Technical Galaxy

Technology Analytics

Code Hub

Program Root

Tech Cloud

Web Solutions

Code Viral

System Group

IT Icon

Digital Targets

How To Come Up With A Tech Company Name?

  • Have A Brainstorming Session

When you think of creating a brand name for your tech company the first step you have to take is to have a brainstorming session. Analyze the competitor names, list down the trending and related words suitable for a tech company. Not only words, but you can also even list any name that comes to your mind to name your IT company. At the end of this step, you should have a list of words and names that are suitable for your Internet and technology company.

  • Shortlist The Names List

After collecting the name list for your tech company, analyze each and every brand name individually. When analyzing the brand names you have to consider a few factors like,

  • Phonological loop
  • Vocabulary score value
  • Feedback Session

At this step, you will have only a few brand names left with you. The left-out brand names with you are the professional brand names. To choose the most suitable brand name for your Tech company, have a feedback session.  You can ask for feedback from your colleagues, family members, friends, neighbors. If you are not satisfied with the feedback of those people, you can get help from social media. Robots like Siri, Alexa, Cortana also can help you to take the feedback of brand names you have. If the robots can grab a brand name easily, spell and pronounce it at once then it can be identified as a professional brand name.

  • Availability Of The Brand Name

After finalizing with a tech name check the availability of it because using a brand name that has been already used will impact your business in a negative way and you will have to face legal issues in the future. Check the availability of the brand name along with the .com domain extension. If the chosen tech name is available with the .com domain extension then you can finalize with it.

Which TLD is best for your Tech Company?

.tech or .com

.com is recognized as the most popular and oldest domain extension in the world. This brand name is used for all the profit-generating businesses and also currently even non-profit generating companies use this domain extension due to the SEO ranking. .com has built trust among users over these years and it has become the people’s favorite domain name extension. Almost all the users unconsciously type .com at the end of any brand name. All the industry giants of the tech industry are using .com as their domain extension.

Ex -:

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Yahoo
  • Dell
  • Intel
  • Hp
  • Facebook
  • Instagram


.tech was introduced on 21st March 2015 to the world. This domain extension is used by technology companies in the world. As this domain extension is launched before 5 years the trust among users on this domain extension is less and there are some people who have no idea about this domain extension and what are the companies that use this domain extension.

If you go for .tech in the future you may have to change it if you didn’t get a proper traffic volume. At that time the .com of your tech name might have been owned by another. 


After considering all the factors about these domain extensions our brand name specialists recommend using the .com domain extension is better for your tech startup.

Tips To Name Your Tech Business

  • Do Not Use Your Brand Name To Say What Your IT Company Does

A brand name is there to carry our identity to the world and it is the most powerful weapon to take the boost in your business. Never try to explain what your company does with your brand name. Even Google search algorithms give a penalty to those who use exact match domain names including keywords.

  • Memorable 

The first and foremost factor in a brand name is whether it is memorable or not. A perfect brand name is always memorable at the first sight. You can check the memorability of a brand name with the phonological loop value.

  • Brandable 

A brandable brand name is the best choice when starting up a business.  Choosing a brand name is very easy but when it comes to choosing a brandable brand name it is difficult. Make sure your brand name is a brandable one and if you have no idea how to choose a brandable brand name you can get help with a professional brand name reselling company.

  • SEO Friendly Name

Make sure not to forget about the SEO process when naming your business. Choose a name that is SEO-friendly to build your reputation and success.

  • Competitor Analysis

Before naming your Tech company first try to analyze all your competitors. During your analysis, you will find out what the successful Tech companies and what are Tech companies failed in the process of naming their business. Understanding the successful naming trends will help you to get a good idea of how to name your tech company too.

  • Never Combine Words Or Create Words

Don’t ever combine words or create meaningless words to name your tech company. You might think combining words or creating new meaningless words may help your Tech company to be unique among others, But according to branding brains, it is not recommended to combine words or create meaningless words to be unique.

How To Create A Brand Name For Your Tech Company

  • Relevance

If you are creating a name for your Tech company make sure that the name has some meaning with it that is related to the IT industry. Never use unnecessary words to become unique.

  • Lessons From Competitors

Analyzing competitor names will help you to understand the brand names of the successful companies in the IT industry and what are the naming trends that they followed to name the company, and also you will be able to find which Tech companies failed in the process of naming their Tech companies. This information will help you follow the pros and avoid the cons when naming your Tech company.

  • Be Simple & Attractive

When creating a Tech company name, always be simple with the name and choose a name that will speak to the brain of the audience. Only an attractive name can attract users to our company. So being simple and attractive is very important to grow in the industry.

  • SEO Friendly

At present, almost all businesses are running with their presence on the internet. If you really need to rank your business site on the internet, and SEO-friendly name is also a must. So make sure to choose a Tech name that is SEO friendly.

  • Don’t Be Limited

Never use a name that will limit the growth of your Technology business. At present, you may start small but with growing, you may move into other niches too. So never use a name that will limit your Tech business.

  • Rule Of “KISS”

“Keep It Simple and Short” 

Your Tech business name should be a very simple and short one with the ideal character count. The ideal character count of a professional brand name is 4-6 characters. So make sure be limited with the ideal character count to be short and simple.

How Importance Is The Logo For A Technology Company

As well as your technology company name, the logo is also another factor that helps to the existence of your company. The importance of the name of your technology company and logo is equal. Here are some factors that make your logo an important point in your business.

  • Same as the brand name of your company logo grabs the attraction of users, a logo helps the users to remember you at the first sight.
  • It makes your company memorable in users mind
  • The loyalty of your brand will also be based on your logo
  •  Logo helps you to make your brand identity
  •  It helps you to separate from your competitors
  • Logo make users trust in your company
  • Makes you look professional

Things To Consider When Creating Your Technology Company Logo

  • Do research on the logo of  your competitor technology companies
  • Think out of the box when designing your logo
  • Make it simple
  • Relevant your logo to the field of your company
  • Design it in a way to memorize easy
  • Be colorful in your logo
  • Deliver a message
  • Design it in a way that is suitable for almost all mediums such as visiting cards, Logos, Banners, etc.

Things To Consider When Naming Your Tech Company

  • Choose A Tech Name That Can Be Easily Pronounce and Memorize

The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind when choosing a Tech name is that it should be very easy to pronounce and memorize. As there are millions of technology companies that exist, choosing a tech name that can be grabbed easily is important to stay in the technology industry. Let’s check the pronounceable value and memorization value of the giants in the technology industry.

Company Name Vocabulary Score Value Phonological Loop Value
Google 8.35 84.6
Apple 8.98 92.2
Microsoft 8.22 83.3
Facebook 8 82.1
SAP 9.11 93.5
Instagram 8 82.3
Intel 8.6 88.3
Samsung 8.22 88.3
Dell 9.4 95.1
Hp 8.22 84.5
  • Be Creative

A creative tech name will always make you unique. To come up with a unique tech name you have to be creative. Almost all the giant tech companies are unique and creative. Let’s see how these brand names got unique and creative brand names.

Brand Name Meaning
Google Digit 1 followed by 100 zeros
Samsung Three stars
  • Do Not Express What You Do

The technology industry has a wide scope in the world. You should always make sure not to say what your company does with your brand name. All the giant companies made their name unique without expressing what they really do.

i.Google could have named their company the best search engine but they made their name creative as Google.

  1. HP could have named their company as Selling Laptops but still, they named it as HP

iii. Instagram could have named their company as Photo Sharing App but they went with the name Instagram.

Technology companies like Yahoo rebranded their name to avoid saying what they do.

  1. The old name of Yahoo was Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web.
  2. The old name of Dell was PCs Ltd.

Do not make the mistake that is even rejected by giants in the tech industry.

  • Stand Apart From Competitors

Standing apart from the competitors in a field like Technology is very difficult. Due to the high competition, you should always make your tech company name a different and unique one. Make sure to do a complete analysis of the naming trends of giant tech companies like Google, Apple, Intel, HP, etc. before you name your tech company.

  • Do not imitate your business

Never try to imitate any other popular tech companies. It makes your company less trustworthy and spammy. Avoid brand names like Foogle, LP, Fintel, etc.

How To Finalize Your Tech Company Name

  • Best Tech company naming trend research

Before naming your tech company do complete research on the tech company giants and their naming methods. Check how they got their names and what are the factors that they considered when choosing their name. The best companies to get an idea about the naming trends are Google, Yahoo, Apple, Dell, HP, Facebook, Instagram, Samsung.

  • Shortlist your Tech brand name ideas

Once you carefully analyze the naming trend, list out a set of brand names with all the naming trends the industry giants followed and all the brand name qualities a professional tech name should consist of. Do not base on one tech name idea because it may be not available. So make sure to have a few tech name ideas with you on the list.

  • Feedback session

Once you finalize with the last few brand names you can do research on how friendly your IT company brand name is with your family, colleagues, friends, or support of social media.

  • Check Availability

Take the favorite tech name idea of your and check the availability of the name with the support of any domain availability checker.







  • Trademark Research

If the brand name is available do trademark research on your tech name idea and finalize it with it. 

Characteristic Of A Perfect IT Company Name

  • Memorable and Easy Pronounced

A perfect IT brand name should always be a memorable and easily pronounceable one. There is no use of a brand name if that can not be pronounced or memorized easily. The existence of your IT company name is based on the name that you chose. Always keep in mind to choose a name that is easily memorable and easily pronounceable for your IT company. 

  • Uniqueness 

The uniqueness is very important when naming your Tech company. Uniqueness helps you to be on your own among others and it prevents other companies who are trying to use the same Tech name that you have already used. 

  • Ideal Character Count

A perfect tech company name will always have the ideal character count. Professional IT company names will always be limited to 4-6 characters.

  • Legally and social media availability

Before finalizing your IT company make sure to check the legal availability of it and the availability of the social media. A perfect IT name will be available in both legally and social media.

  • Flexible

Another characteristic of a perfect Technology company is that it should be something flexible. If you are expanding your business to another product or service the chosen name should nicely match even those expansions. 

  • No negative connotation

Your IT company name should never express something negative. Always make sure that it represents something positive or unique. 

Famous Tech Companies And How They Got Their Names

Company Name How They Got The Name
Microsoft Portmanteau of Microcomputer (Micro) Software (Soft)
SAP Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung
Instagram Portmanteau of Instant Camera and Telegram
Intel Portmanteau of Integrated and Electronics
Google Digit 1 followed by 100 zeros
Nokia The two name where the business started
Apple The favorite fruit of founder Steve Jobs
LG Life’s Good
HTC High-Tech Computer
Sony The Latin word “Sonus” meaning “Sound” became Sony
Amazon Name of Biggest River in the world to show they have a wide collection
Mozilla Came out of the Movie name Godzilla
Asus The mythological Greek winged horse Pegasus symbolize strength and purity
Skype Came from the work Skyper which means “sky and peer-to-peer

Ways To Name Your Information and Technology Business

  • Use Trending Words

You can use the most popular trending words in the field of Tech and create a name with them. Use words like Technology, Tech, Version, Update, Network, etc.

  • Use Rhythmic Word Combination

You can use rhythmic word combinations to give a new brand-name experience to the users. Brand names like Automation Application, Tool Wheel, etc.

  • Competitor Analyze

You can have a deep analysis of your competitor brand names and follow the naming trend that they followed. 

  • Brandable Brand Name

Choose a brandable Tech company name after studying all the factors a professional Tech company should have.

02. Design Logo

Without explaining what your beauty business does, show it from your logo or slogan. It is a powerful factor to attract customers.

02. Design Logo

Without explaining what your beauty business does, show it from your logo or slogan. It is a powerful factor to attract customers.

03. Build Your Online Identity

Currently, online identity is very much important to stick with the industry. Building a website, social profile for your beauty brand will expose you and your brand to the worldwide customer market.

Why Brand Name Is Important For Your Beauty And Makeup Business

  • It carries your identity to the world.
  • It gives the first impression of your business.
  • It can make and break your business.
  • It carries your reputation
  • It is a future investment you make
  • It impacts the thought of the people who sees your business


  • What Do You Call A Beauty Business?

A beauty business is any product or service done by a particular person or company to make the physical appearance of people beautiful and pleasant. It may be a salon, cosmetic products, personal care products, skincare products, etc.  

  • How do I find a catchy IT business name?

The catchiness of a brand name is based on its simplicity and memorability. You can create a catchy brand name by yourself or search for a simple and memorable brand name from a brand-name reselling site.

  • Can I name my company anything?

You can name your IT company anything only if you have no intention to expand it in the future. If you are starting your business very small and hope to continue with it forever then you can name your tech company with any name but If you wish to start your tech business in a professional way and if you are looking forward to expanding it in the future then you can’t do it. It may destroy your whole business journey. 

  • How do you name a tech product?

When naming your tech product make sure that you follow and obey all the brand name qualities. A tech name should always be simple and memorable. Owning the .com domain extension will be perfect to be unique among others and also you should definitely go for trademark research before finalizing with your brand name.

  • What Should I Name My Beauty Business?

When you’re going to name your beauty business the first thing you have to do is to find the correct name for it. But choosing the right name may be challenging. The name you choose depends on the intention of your beauty business.

If you are going to start your business in a simple way you can use any naming trend to name your beauty business but if you dream big and if you have a goal to expand it in the future you must go for a professional and brandable brand name and also follow the correct and suitable brand naming trend.

If you need a simple brand name you can choose any of the above brand names for your beauty business and if you wish to go with a professional and brandable brand name you can go for our premium brand name ideas list.

What Are The Top 5 IT Companies In The World?

  • What Do You Call A Beauty Business?

A beauty business is any product or service done by a particular person or company to make the physical appearance of people beautiful and pleasant. It may be a salon, cosmetic products, personal care products, skincare products, etc.  

Here are the top 5 IT companies in the world and you can analyze these competitor names to choose the best brand name for you.

  1. Microsoft

This company was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Microsoft got its name from the words microcomputer and software. In 2016 it was named as the world’s largest software company by revenue. 

  1. IBM

IBM got its name from the words International Business Machines. It was founded in 1911 by Charles Ranlett Flint. 

  1. Accenture

The name “Accenture” is derived from “Accent on the future”. This company was started in 1989 and now it has come to the top 3 IT companies in the world.


Oracle was founded by Larry Ellison, Bob Miner, and Ed Oates. Oracle got its name from the database project (named “Oracle”). In 2020 it was named as the second-largest software company by revenue and market capitalization.

  1. SAP

SAP was introduced to the world in 1972 by Weinheim. SAP got its name from the world “Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing”. 

Trending Words In Tech World