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“Select a brand name that TRAVELS all over the world”

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It is hard to find someone who does not love travelling. There is an undying demand for the travel industry. Travelling is a global trend. There are countless business opportunities available in the travel industry. Our mission is to lead you to get the perfect brand name for your travel agency, travel blog, travel company, travel blog or whatever the business that you are planning to start in the travel industry.

First of all, we have listed some brandable brand name ideas for your travel company.

What Are Some Catchy Names For Travel Companies?

Our brand name specialists have listed the following brand name ideas to inspire you. They have listed the following catchy and brandable brand name ideas from some leading brand name reselling companies for your travel agency. All these brand names are professional and have all the brand name qualities. 

Brosti logoBrosti Tours


Holezy logoHolezy Travels

Brozey logoBrozey Adventures

Ceevom logoCeevom Destinations


Jakgo logoJakgo Travels

Sesili logoSesili Journeys

kyik logoKyik Adventures

Zahiti logoZahiti Tours

Dovt logoDovt Tours

Vacavo logoVacavo Travelers

nuxco travels Nuxco Travels

Onvol logoOnvol Journeys

Our brand specialists strongly believe that there is no need to spend more than $ 1000 for a brand including travel company brand name. Some brand names cost more than $ 100000. You can buy a brandable brand name below $ 1000 and spend the rest on marketing your brand.

How Do I Come Up With A Catchy Travel Business Name?

Brand naming is a process. There are no proven steps to follow but, our brand name specialists suggest the following procedure to get a catchy brand name for your travel company.

01. Know Your Niche

There are so many niches or sub categories in the travel industry. Most businesses focus on one niche. So focus on your niche to get the most out of your brand name. For example, in the travel industry niches such as; travel companies, travel businesses, tour companies, travel blogs, safari companies, travel agencies are popular. Our brand name specialists have handpicked brand name ideas for many niches of the travel industry. Scroll down to track yours!!!

02. Make A Brand Name List

As the second step you need to brainstorm brand name ideas for your travel company and list them down. There are few ways you can brainstorm brand name ideas. 

  • Study the trending words and popular words in the travel industry
  • Study foreign language words for travel
  • Study descriptive words for travel
  • Competitor analysis

-Studying the trending words and popular words in the travel industry

This is a successful way to brainstorm brand name ideas for travel businesses. We have listed below some trending words and popular words in the travel industry.

-Study words in other languages for “travel”

As mentioned earlier, traveling is a global trend and a travel industry is always interconnected with many countries. So you can use a foreign word to make your brand name. Here are some words that stand for the word travel.


French- voyage

German- reise

Greek- taxídi

Italian- viaggio

Malay- melancong

Important: if you are interested in using a foreign word or partial foreign word as your brand name, make sure it is easy to pronounce and does not generate negative meanings in any language.

-Words that describe “travel”

-Competitor analysis (what are the best travel businesses?)

You can learn from your competitors. Study the best brand names in the travel industry and try to make better brand names for your travel business. The following are some best and popular travel businesses in the travel industry.

Expedia group logoExpedia Group


BCD Travel

Travel leaders group

Trip advisor


03. Shortlist Your Brand Name List

 After listing all the brand name ideas you have, you need to choose the perfect and professional brand name ideas for your travel company. Nowadays as the competition is fierce, a brandable brand name is a must for a travel company. A brand name with all the brand name qualities known as a brandable brand name. Now you can easily choose a brandable brand name!!!

04. Ask Your Friends

Get some feedback from your friends and family. It would be amazing if you can sample your target customers and get their ideas and suggestions on your brand name.

05. Check The Availability

As the final step check the availability of your brand name. You can use our brand name evaluation tool to check .com availability and use USPTO to check trademark availability .

Travel Company Brand Name Ideas

How do I choose a travel company name?

Selecting a travel company name is not an easy task. To choose a travel company name, consider your travel niche, avoid selecting brand names that limit your future business chances, brainstorm as many travel brand name ideas as possible before finalizing a brand name. Shortness and uniqueness are very important characteristics of a travel company name. Here are some travel company name suggestions from our brand name specialists.

Crazy Travels

Road Trippers

The Journey

The Hike

Unseen World

Vacation Mood

Memory Diary

Travel More

Creepy Off

Trip More

Walk Alone

Move On

Best Destinations

Travel Diaries

Thrilling Journey

The View

Jaunt Travels

Wander Gang

Best Feeling

Drift Travels

Step Forward

Swim Across

Live A Little

Motion Tricks

Unlimited Adventure

Travel Key

Adventure Plus

Pack Up

Locomote Explore

Travelling Light

Advo Craze

Pro Travo

What Should I Name My Travel Business?

This is a common question of many entrepreneurs in the travel industry. These are some travel business brand name ideas that are handpicked by our brand name experts. Get inspired by the following travel business name ideas.

Fresh Breath

Wild Flower

Blue Fishy

Fun Seek

Green World

Nature Path

Travo Track

Back Pack

Tour Guy


Nature Bean


Advo Diary

Catch Me

Fun Run

The Globe

With Wind

Travel Bee

Travel Mingle

Mountain Hunt

What is the best travel business in the world?

In terms of sales, the best travel company in the world is Expedia Group. It is an American online travel company that allows customers to plan their whole tour through the internet. The word “expedia” is derived from the two words explore and speed which makes a catchy and unique travel company name.

What Are Good Names For Travel Agencies?

Brand name suggestions from our brand name specialist for travel agencies. So if you are interested in starting a travel agency, here are some travel agency brand name examples.

Fly Away

Travelling Is Life

Mount Heaven

Adventure Time

Travelers Diary

Fly High

To The Heaven

Travel Line

Global Travels

Awesome Feeling

Best Experience

Travel Trips

Vacation Gateway

Glory Travels

Beyond Limitation

Best Journey

Asian Travel

Safe Travlz

World Fan

Travel Europe

How can I make a logo for my travel agency?

A logo is one of the most important tools of a travel agency. A travel logo needs to be eye catchy, open to ideas and memorable. There are thousands of logo maker websites; but what are some low cost and free logo maker websites to design your travel agency logo? 

Tour Company Brand Name Ideas

Tour companies play an important role in the tourism industry. So if you are interested in starting a tour company, these are some brand name ideas from our brand name specialist team for you.

We Care

Travel Guide

On Map

To The Destination

Dream Zest

To The Heaven

The Gateway

Nature Mingle

Tour Love

Pure Tour

World Tour

Memory Tour

Top Vacation

See World

Wild Lover

Advo Glory

Blessed Nature

Visit Nature

Expo World

Express Visit

What are the top tour and travel companies in India?

Here are some of the best tour and travel companies in India if you’re interested. 

  1. Intrepid Travel
  2. G Adventures
  3. Yolo India Tours
  4. Monograms
  5. ITS Holidays

Travel Blog Brand Name Ideas

Travel Magic

Life in Wild

Bare Footstep

Travel Girls

Capture Best

Amazing Moments

Travel Alone

Explore The World

Journey With You

Travel With Baby

Grab The Nature

Visit Best

Only Hiking

Family Tour

Travel Mood On

You and Me

Step Higher

Adventure Hut

Trip With Mom

Mini Travelers

Travel With Me

Day at Wild

Thrilling Part

Plus Travelers

How do I start a travel blog?

Travel blog is a great way to share your experiences while traveling. So to start a travel blog you need to meet these 5 requirements first. They are, web hosting, domain name, the free wordpress software, a wordpress theme and wordpress plugins. It is better to know the step by step process to start a travel blog.

Funny Tour Name Ideas

Tour brand names must provide a relaxing, refreshing and fun vibe for the customer. The purpose behind traveling for most is getting a break, refreshing and relaxing. Get inspired by these brand name suggestions, if you are interested in fun brand name ideas.

Fun Roam

The Cycle

In The Air

Free Birds

Blue Sky

Sky Roaming

To The Stars

Coast Love

Travel Book


Color Collect

Yes Place

Map Hunt

Goe Lover

Trip Soul

Advo Lust

Super Travel

The Path

Travo Birdy

Fun Planet

Safari Company Name Suggestions

World Wide



Foot Printz

Next Selfie

Travel Buddy

Grass To Sea

Sea Hop

Travel Addict

Nature Collect

Rocks And Shells

With Green

To The Adventure

Advo Braze

Dream Trace

Nature Dive

Safari companies are very popular in the African countries. If you are interested in starting a safari company we hope these tour operator business tips will help you to maintain a successful safari company.

What Are Some Cool Travel Company Name Ideas?

Here are some cool travel brand name ideas to inspire you. Cool brand names attractive to the customers.

The Island Tour

Wisdom Travels

The Advisor

The Travel

Dream Locations

Best Tour

The Guide

Across The Globe

Trip Assistant

Your Journey

Classy Travel

Travel Us

The Wings

On Agent

Your Tour

Travel Map

Classy Travel

Kingdom Tours

Tour Organizer

Travel Goal

Dump Truck Company Name Ideas

Zonde Dump

Zonie Dump Service

Faxo Trucks

Notyie Dump Express

Ledofe Dump Service

Goled Truckload

Lesop Dump Limit

Clean Brawo

Jezet Dump Movers

Awsemo Dump Service

Feswo Dump

Moyo Clean Exper

Perfect Domain Extension For Travel Companies

According to the latest report by the Namecheap, world, .london, .asia are the most popular domain extensions for the tourism industry in 2020. But .com is the king of the domain extensions. And .com is the most popular and recommended domain extension for startups. So our brand name specialists recommend .com domain extension for your travel company.

What Are Some Catchy Travel Agency Slogans?

Slogans are also important for your travel business to communicate with your target customers. You can liberally and creatively present your values and mission to your customers with a slogan. Here we listed a few slogans for travel companies, to inspire you!!!

  • A Destination For The New Millennium.
  •  A More Rewarding Way To Travel.
  • A New Point Of View.
  • A New Sky ,A New Life.
  •  A Whole World On A Single Island.
  • A World To See.
  •  Adventure Is Worthwhile.
  • Adventures Fill Soul.
  • Awaken To A Different World.
  • Beautiful One Day, Perfect The Next.