Best Brand Names For Traveling Businesses

“Complete Guide On How To Choose The Best Brand Name”

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Find awesome examples for your travel business such as Travel agency, Vehicle renting service, Tour management company, a Travel website, etc. Our branding experts have carefully considered the naming trends of best and worst travel industry giants and brand name qualities a brandable brand should consist of to create the best brand name examples.

Travel is a business spread worldwide. Choosing the perfect matching brand name will help you grow in the industry. When it comes to the travel industry, users expect nothing more than a thrilling, enjoyable, and safe experience.

Professional Travel Business Name Ideas

A brandable brand name is the key point of your business. Having a professional brand name that attaches to the users is the first winning point in your travel business. The below-listed brand names are chosen by our branding experts after analyzing all the brand name qualities and brand naming trends.
















Tips For A Amazing Travel Business Name

  • Identify Your Niche

In the travel industry, there are many sub-niches and yearly new niches are being added to the field. For example, there are niches like Agritourism, Lighthouse tourism, Safari tourism, Rural tourism, Wildlife tourism, and many more. So choosing the best niche in the travel industry that can gain more profit matters a lot. Choose a niche that you can provide better service and also with less competition. It will help you to grow sooner than the other competitors.

  • Your Company Identification

Your identity in the world is everything. Never try to explain what your travel business does with the name. Use your logo or your slogan to express what your company does. 

  • Don’t Be Wicked With Your Name

Most of the new entrepreneurs think that making names weird will make users remember them easily. They try to imitate popular company names or logos by doing simple changes, intentionally misspell words or unrelated brand names. Never do that. Be unique on your own.

Example -: 


Boking Holdings


  • Long Term Travel Name

Travel business is growing day by day and new niches are being added. Do not limit your travel business name to specific niches or locations.

Example -:

i ) “Travel agency Ltd” – Later if you want to add new niches like vehicle renting service, travel equipment renting service a name like this will be an issue.

Ii ) Petfriendly.oi – Once anyone sees this name they think it is something related to pets not travel and the domain extension is limited only to British Indian Ocean Territory.

iii) – This name only expresses that they do travel business related to Roadtrippers, Later if they wanted to add more niches or expand their business this name will create many issues.

  • Feedback Session

Once you select a brand name, take feedback from different kinds of sources. Select a few names and see which name will be memorized by users more and go for it.

  • Do A Competitor Analysis

Take a deep consideration of your travel competitors. Their naming methods, systems will tell you a lot. Do an analysis on travel industry giants like Expedia Group, Booking Holdings, American Express Global Business Travel, BCD Travel, CWT, etc.

  • Most Suitable Domain Extension

As much as your travel brand name, the domain extension of your travel business website is also very important. As travel is a business expanding worldwide, choosing .com is very important. If you’re only targeting a specific area you can use the country code domain extension but if you have an idea to expand the business in the future then go for the .com domain extension.

Cool Brand Name Ideas For Your Travel Business

The brand name is the key element for a successful business. There are many brand naming methods available in the industry. Choosing the correct one according to brand name qualities is a challenging point. Our brand name specialists have listed a few brand name ideas for your travel business. These brand names are not recommended for professional travel businesses. You can use these brand name ideas only if you have no intention to expand your business in the future.

Crazy Travels

Road Trippers

The Journey

The Hike

Unseen World

Vacation Mood

Memory Diary

Travel More

Creepy Off

Trip More

Walk Alone

Move On

Best Destinations

Travel Diaries

Thrilling Journey

The View

Jaunt Travels

Wander Gang

Best Feeling

Drift Travels

Step Forward

Swim Across

Live the Movement

Motion Tricks

Unlimited Adventure

Travel Key

Adventure Plus

Pack Up

Locomote Explore

Travelling Light

Fly Away

Travelling Is LIfe

Mount Heaven

Adventure Time

Travelers Diary

Fly High

Heaven Of Adventure

Travel Line

Global Travels

Awesome Feeling

Best Experience

Travel Trips

Vacation Gateway

Glory Travels

Beyond Limitation

Best Journey

Asian Travel

Travel Europe

Brand Name Ideas For Different Travel Niches

Traveling business is not limited to going from one place to another. There are millions of sub businesses under the main industry of travel. Here we have listed the brand name ideas for your travel business according to the niche you’re based on. These names are manually created by our branding experts to deliver the best.

Travel Agency Name Ideas

Under the niche of travel agencies, you may be willing to enter the field as a rental travel agent, online travel agent, etc. These brand names are suitable for any travel agency you wish to start.

The Island Tour & Travels

Wisdom Travels

The Advisor

The Travel Agent

Dream Locations

Best Tour

The Guide

Travel Desk

Travel Arranger

Best Choice Travel Agent

Across The Globe

Blue Sky Travel Agent/p>

Trip Assistant

Your Journey

Map Reader

Travel Us

The Wings Agent

On Agent

Your Tour Agency

Travel Map

Classic Travel Agent

Kingdom Tours

Tour Organizer

Gulf Travels

Vehicle Renting Service Name Ideas

When it comes to travel, mode of transportation is very important. The way of transportation is differentiating with the destination. So these brand names are listed for those who are willing to start a vehicle renting service.

Rent Us

Low Budget

Ride Date

New Driver

Off Road

Dream Vehicle

Rent A Bike

Travel Lover

Borrow Any

Car Tour

Rent Zone

Drive Care

Key Riders

Pick Up

Drop Off

First Choice

Drive Any

Vehicle Renters

Rent In

Only Riders

Rent Any

Heaven Of Vehicles

Drive Today

Auto Rentals

Tour Management Business Name Ideas

A perfect journey gives a good experience when it is planned well and for those who are traveling unknown countries, regions having a better tour plan will make people visit all the best places in the specific travel location. These brand name examples are listed for any tour management business.

Best Experience

Dream Tour

Perfect Guide

Universal Guide

Travel Experts

Safety First

Friendly Tour

Tour Manage

Thrilling Plan

Plan Well

Best Assist

Guide The Heaven

Best Memories

Total Guidance

Leaders In Travel

Best Tour Plan

The Tourist

Adventure Tours

The View

Tour Planners

Wide Explore

Tour Helpers

Hello World

Top Admin

Travel Equipment Company Name Ideas

When it comes to travel adventures like hiking, safari, camping, etc travel equipment is a must. It makes travelers safe and travel without any harm. You may hire travel equipment or sell them, these brand names can be used for any type of travel equipment company.

Safe Wing

Best Material

Ideal Choice

Best Friend

Best Equipment


Event Advantage

Safe You

Wings Of Travels

Lights On

Combo Safe

Pack On


Explore Event

Best Friend

Travel Safe

Travel Tool Kit

Travel Gadget

Build Trust

Travel Spare

We Protect You

Catch On

Best Hook

Move On

Travel Site Name Ideas

As per most of the branding experts, the online presence of your business is a must in the travel industry. When it comes to international travelers or travelers out of the region they always search for information via the internet. These brand names are suitable for websites that provide info related travel such as tourist attractions, transportation schedules, weather reports, etc.

Travel Magic

Life in Wild

Bare Footstep

Travel Girls

Capture Best

Amazing Moments

Travel Alone

Explore The World

Journey With You

Travel With Baby

Grab The Nature

Visit Best

Only Hiking

Family Tour

Travel Mood On

You and Me

Step Higher

Adventure Hut

Trip With Mom

Mini Travelers

Travel With Me

Day at Wild

Thrilling Part

Plus Travelers

Travel Industry Giants: Professional Brand Names vs Names with Keywords

Founded Year Professional Name
2006 Momondo
2012 Skift
1996 Expedia
2006 Babble
1949 Fodors
2004 Kayak
2009 Uber
2004 Gomio
1995 Viator
1946 Avis
Founded Year Brand Names With Keywords
Or Generic Words
1996 Booking Holdings
1972 Omega World Travel
1984 Ovation Travel Group
1982 Flight Centre
1996 Travel Leaders Group
1850 American Express Travel
1980 Direct Travel
1990 World Travel
1964 JTB Americas Group
1946 Travel and Transport

As we all know, having generic words or keywords in the brand name is not a good quality a professional brand should consist of and our branding experts do not recommend these kinds of brand names for a professional travel business. Even google search algorithm added the EMD penalty in 2012 to avoid brand names with keywords but still, most of the startup founders try to use generic words or keywords in their brand name. The main reason for that is because still most of them are not aware that even Google says to avoid it. As they see in the industry giants they think it is the correct way.

The industry giants who named their travel company with generic words or keywords are founded before the internet era so with the less competition they had that time the companies grew very fast and they had no issues about their identity now because they have already built their reputation among users. 

Most of the companies that have a brandable travel name are founded after the internet era. So having a good name made them give good competition to grow in the field. If you’re starting a business now make sure to choose a brand name with all the brandable qualities to give a good competition and stick in the field.

.travel or .com


This domain extension was introduced in 2005 for those who provide travel-related services, products, or any business related to the travel industry. Let’s check out the travel companies that use the .travel domain extension.

  • Germany. travel

This domain extension is mostly used by a country or a region.


.com is the most popular and trusted domain extension in the world. It is introduced as a domain extension that can be used mainly for all the profit-generating businesses and any other sites we want. This domain extension is used worldwide and it has come to a point that people panic to trust sites that do not own the .com. Let’s take a look at the top-earning travel companies in the world and their domain extension.


As per the analysis of our branding experts owning the .com domain extension is best for a newly starting travel company.