551+ Creative Fashion Accessories Name Ideas

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Do you know that the psychological behavior of humans is playing a major role in the success of your business? People tend to purchase or visit a business only if they like the brand name of the shop in the first place. Secondly, they care about the products or the service you provide. Delivering a positive experience through your brand name may lead to the success of your business. 

There are countless fashion accessories brand names in the market, making it difficult for fashion accessories startups to stand out from the competition. A brand is something all your customers hold on to and let’s create a catchy fashion accessories brand name with Brinso. Scroll on to see our brand name collection for jewelry businesses, ladies’ accessory businesses, men’s accessories shops, and more. 

If you are looking for a professional fashion accessory brand name, we have a premium fashion accessory brand names list just for you!!! On, This page we provide professional brand name ideas, creative brand name ideas, cute brand name ideas, and tips on how to select a creative fashion accessories business.

Catchy Accessories Business Names

The main goal of any business is to establish a loyal customer base, maintain and grow it further. As the first step you need an attractive brand name. So here are some examples of catchy/ attractive fashion accessory business names.

New Trend

To Heaven

High Heels

Up Town

The Fashionables

The Vogue

High Fashion

The Taste

Foot Spot

Fab Magazine

Trend Edit

Fashion Hunt

The Fascination

The Craze

Fashion Show

Trendy Lifestyle

Comfy Feel

Casual Look

Only Leather

Shoe Girl

Best Sole

Cute Boots

City Soles


The Glamour

The Updated

Fash Flash

Vogue City

Trendy Foots

Her Flavour

The Fashionable

Lady Fashion

Craze Rage

Fashion Passion

Fancy Season

Rich Fashion

Fancy Dream

Fashion Gig

The Stylize

Fab Channel

Charming Pearl

Fashion Elaborate

Luxury Excessive

Glow Charming

Fiano Boutique

Belleza Fashion

Moda Time

Estilo Hub

Stiji Zone

Style Asombrosa

Skönhet U

Preciosa Mode

These brand name ideas are handpicked by our brand name specialist for any fashion accessories business. These brand name ideas for your inspiration and if you have no plans to open an online store for your fashion accessories business, these brand names are perfect!!!

If you are starting a men’s accessories shop, we have a separate list of men’s accessories business names!!!.

More Focused Brand Name Ideas According To Your Fashion Accessories Business

Online Fashion Store name ideas

Fashion Accessories Store

The below listed brand name ideas are manually created by our brand name consultants. During the creation of these brand names they have carefully considered the brand naming trends that the similar competitors followed up to now and analyze both the success and failures during the brand naming process.

Moda Online

Fashion Insta

Glam Site

Click Bliss

Fav Mark

Style Online

Access Feed

Vogue Space

Fashion Line

Wall Moda

Fashion Ship

Lux Collection

Up Line

Fash Culture

Lil Missy

Fasho Continent

Online Bliss

Sugar Coat

Sky Palace

Bead N Beauty

Fashion Kart

Accessories Hub

Beauty Shopping

Fashion Spot

.com or .fashion is best for your fashion accessories business

Almost all the fashion accessories businesses in the world are using the .com domain extension in their business. .com domain extension is the most trustable and popular domain extension among all the businesses that are generating profit. .com domain extension can be identified as one of the SEO-friendly domain extensions too. .fashion was introduced recently and only a few people are aware of this domain extension. With the report and research, the recommended domain extension for a fashion accessories business is .com.

-How Do I Find A Unique Business Name?

In the branding field, “uniqueness” is defined in a bit different way. A brand name is considered as a “unique brand name” when it is available with .com domain extension. .com is the king of domain extensions and with a .com domain name, you become the legal owner of the brand name and you can ask for legal support if anyone uses your brand name. Uniqueness is one important brand name quality and it is advisable to get the .com domain extension for your brand name.

Stylish Fashion Accessory store name ideas

Fashion Accessories Shop Name Ideas

Opening a fashion accessories shop needs lots of good sense in fashion accessories. But in order to attract customers to your accessories shop, you need a catchy and strong accessories shop name idea. Check out the following names for accessories shops.

Scroll on to see our ladies fashion accessories shop name ideas list

Glitter Looking

Silver Guy

Amazing Jewelry

Golden Hut

Diamond Hub

Rose Petals

Diamond Sea

Girly Gems


Glitter Lady

Pink Ornaments

Beads & Pearlz

Fine Line

Right Amount

His Color


Confidence Add

Handsome Look


Silver Zing

Platinum King

The Royals

Hats & Belts

Dollar Coller

Check more related fashion accessories shop name ideas from our “Accessories Shop Name Ideas” page.

What Should I Name My Accessories Shop?

In simple terms, you can name anything for your accessories shop which is inside the basic brand naming rules. If you know all the factors that a perfect accessory shop name should consist of, the process of naming your accessories shop is very easy. Keep remembering to be simple, memorable, and unique with the name you choose. Fulfilling these 3 main important factors with other basic rules will help you to choose the best. 

Italian Clothing Store name ideas

Ladies Accessories Shop Name Ideas

When it comes to ladies’ fashion accessories it is one of the most profit-generating businesses in the world. Apart from the clothing, fashion accessories are one of the favorites of all the women without any age gap. Here are the brand names ideas that are created by our brand name specialist for your fashion accessories business. These brand names are created manually by our brand name specialists. 

In the process naming your ladies’ accessories store make sure to create a cool brand name, because having a cool name will help to give a boost to your ladies’ fashion accessories store. The coolness of a brand name comes with the qualities that the brand name has. If the chosen brand name consists of all the brand name qualities, and it is simple, memorable, and attractive then the brand name you have chosen is super cool and attractive.

Fash Crush

Glitter Boutique

The Beauty

Fashion Queen

Glitter Gal

Trendy Lady

Fash Lady

Glory Girly

Be You

Your Color

City Beauty

Lux City

Fashion Bella

The Stylish

Fab Planet

Glitter Girly

Style Factory

First Glance

Look Fabulos

Ladies Collection

Style Spot

Accessory Palette

Moda Valley

Stylish Loft

How To Be Catchy With Your Ladies Fashion Accessories Store?

Having a catchy brand name is very important to exist in the business world. A catchy ladies’ fashion accessory name has more power than we all think. The first point that a customer sees in any business is the brand name. According to psychological factors of the human brain, the customer will visit you only if they are comfortable and attracted to the name that you have put for your ladies fashion accessory business. If you need a catchy name for your business if you have to find a simple, memorable, and unique name. These three factors play a major role in making a name catchy.

fashion boutique name ideas

Accessories Page Name Ideas

Starting a Fashion accessories page is one of the fastest-growing businesses at present . Our brand name specialists have analyzed the naming trends in the industry to deliver the best experience for you. We have specially considered the attractiveness of these brand names.

Violet Petal

Star Boutiques

Dream Sparkle

Cute Accessories

The Collection

Petals Shop

Cure Spot

Blossom Boutique

At Beads

Fashion Frame

Dess Shop

Boutique Fashion

Girly Glitter

Glitz Spot

Beads N Glitter

Sweet Pebble

Fashion Vogue

Stylish Chic

Mode Boutique

Love N Kiss

Lofee Boutique

Vilot Collection

Beauty More

Miss Fashion

men's fashion accessories store name ideas

Catchy Men's Accessories Shop Names ideas

The below-listed brand name ideas are best for those who want to open a store to sell men’s accessories such as wallets, watches, sunglasses, hats, jewelry, or a combination of all these. These brand names are only recommended for those who start their men’s accessories business in small and have no idea to expand it.

The catchiness of a brand name is a must for the success of your business. If you need a catchy name for your Men’s accessories business make sure that the name you choose for your men’s accessory store name is short. easily memorable, unique, and classy.

Hi Handsome

Men’s Trend

Smart You

Fashion Square

Men Choice

Prince Place

Mens Fashion

Allure Pattern

Leather Zing

Fancy Boutique

Handsome Choice

Bell Aspeto

The Tux

The Descent

Mr Collection

Da Men’s

Gentlemen Zone

Mode Hombres

Smart Hub

The Gentlemen

Your Choice

Mr. Handsome

Amaze Collection

Look Smart

How do you come up with a good name for a Men’s Accessories shop?

A good men’s accessories shop name resembles the future of your business. Only a good men’s accessories shop name can make your business a successful one. A men’s accessories business name becomes good with the factors of simplicity and memorability. Make sure to check the simplicity and memorability of your men’s accessories business before finalizing with it.

jewelry business name ideas

How To Name Your Jewelry Business?

Here are some good brand name suggestions for your jewelry businesses. These jewelry brand name ideas are created by our brand name consultants and are all suitable for any jewelry business including online jewelry businesses, handmade jewelry stores, girly jewelry businesses, imitation jewelry shops, etc. further, these brand names are perfect if you are targeting local customers.

When finalizing your Jewelry Business name follow the step below,

  • Make a brand name list
  • Shortlist your brand name according to the brand name qualities
  • Keep only 5 brand names
  • Have a  feedback session
  • Finalize your brand name

The Jewels

Amazing Jewelry

Golden Hut

Diamond Hub

Rose Petals

Diamond Sea

Golden Moon

Glittering Sun

Gift Spot

Sparkling Lady

My Lady

Gem Stone

Head & Toe

Her Trinket

The Jeweler

The Sparkle

Pearl Shine

Beauty Sparkle

Stunning Edge

Adore You

Luxury Jewel

Shine Sport

Amiliyo Jewel

Ferozi Jewelry

fashion boutique name ideas

Instagram Usernames For Accessories Businesses

Using social media is a good way to promote your accessories business, to find new customers and maintain a close relationship with them. The following are some Instagram username ideas for accessories businesses.

Fash life

Online fashion

On shopper

Fancy shop

Fash craze

Gift boutique

Fashion in

High fashion

Fashion fever

Accessories mart

Girl’s fasion

Fine mine

In mart

Fashion order

Fancy online

Plus orders

What Should My Fashion Business Name Be On Instagram?

There are several naming methods that you can use to name your Fashion accessories business on Instagram. You can use your own name for the business, you can do research on the competitor fashion business names on Instagram and create a name on your own according to the trends, You can make a list on the catchy words in the field of fashion accessories and use those words to name your fashion accessories business on Instagram, Use brand name generators or browse a brand name site for a suitable name. You can choose one of these methods to name your fashion accessories business on Instagram.

jewelry store name ideas

Jewelry Store Name Ideas

If you have an idea to start a retail business specializing in Luxury accessories like jewelry and watches here are the best brand name ideas for you. These brand names are created after analyzing the catchy words and trending words in the industry.

Apart from the brand name when your starting your jewelry store you should consider the factors like The types of jewelry you sell, Your target audience, Where will you buy the jewelry ,Marketing strategies etc.

Jewel Hub

Luxury Jewel

Diamond Beauty

Gem & Gold

Amazing Jewel

Stunning Palace

Pearl Forever

Glitter House

Sparkle Jewel

Glamour House

Jewelry Palace

Amazing J Collect

Shine Bright

Heaven Of Jewelry

Elegant Look

Classy Look

Crystal Hub

Beauty Look

Jewel For You

Sparkling Diamond

Fab Luxy

Crystal Land

Premium Jewel Hut

Adore Jewelry

Why Is a Unique Jewelry Store Name Important?

Not only in the field of the Jewelry business but also in all the other businesses in the world being unique is very important. Being unique simplifies that none other jewelry store cannot be like you and you cannot imitate any other jewelry store. Only having a unique name can bring you forward because the Jewelry store name you choose carries your unique identity to the world. As much as your jewelry store name is unique, you have a different identity in the world. The simple and main factor to be unique with your Jewelry store is, owning the .com domain extension. If you own the .com domain extension of your Jewelry business then you’re unique.

Premium Fashion Accessories Brands

A perfect brand name is every entrepreneurs’ dream. These are some examples of perfect brandable fashion accessories brand names. These ideal brand names are listed by our brand name specialists from several brands reselling companies.

All these brand names include brand name qualities. Brand name qualities are a must for a brandable brand name and make sure your brand name also includes brand name qualities.









Scrunchie business name ideas

What Should I Name My Scrunchie Business?

Are you an expert in manufacturing Scrunchies or do you have a good source of getting scrunchies to resell? Here are the best brand name ideas for your Scrunchie business. These brand name ideas are created by our brand name specialist manually to deliver you the best experience. 

Happy Scrunch

S Collection

Hair Bands

Hair Accesso

Uni Scrunches

Scrunchie Crush

Hair Ties

Colorful Ribbon

Fashion Hair

Color Collection

Scrunchie Craze

Scrunchy Collection

Happy Hair

Hand Made

Styly Hair

Curly Scrunchies

Love Scrunchie

Best Look

Hair Locks

Perfect Lock

Scrunchie Selo

Scrunch Cube

Look Fabulous

Happy Hair

How to design a simple logo for a scrunchie business?

  • Do research on the logos of the most famous scrunchie businesses.
  • Have a clear idea of what you want to show from the logo
  • Choose a design
  • Combine the colors 
  • Communicate clearly with the designer
  • Have a good knowledge of the don’ts when designing a logo
hair accessories store name ideas

What Should You Name Your Hair Business?

Even if there is a high demand, attracting customers to your hair accessories business is a difficult task. Before launching your business, you have to prepare for the competition. To nail that task, you need a catchy hair accessory business name to create an engaging emotional response in customers. These brand name ideas would suit your hair tiles business, hair band business, etc.

Hair Care

The Smooth

Hair Store

Its Your Hair

At Rapunzel

The Braided

Capelli Care

Short N Long

Cut Time

Scissor Bliss


Color Splash

Hair Chic

Magic Touch

Hair Do

Instant Hair

New Look

Wigs Collection

Sassy Scissor

The Top

Trendy Cut

Hair Inspo

Clips And Colors

Hair Craze

What should I name my Hair business?

You can use any name as your hair business name but all you have to do is find a perfect name. A hair business name with all the branding qualities can make a successful business. Choose the best name according to your desire with all the brand naming qualities.

gift shop name ideas

What Is A Good Name For A Gift Shop?

Gift shop names need to be eye-catching and attention grabbing. Here are some gift shop brand name suggestions from our branding specialists for your gift shop. All these names are manually generated to deliver you the best experience and maintain the quality of uniqueness.

Gift Boutique

Gift You

Your Choice

Give Best

Best Collecto

Crazy Gift

Gift Pile

Present Boutique

Super Gift


Her Wish

Dream Catcher

Gift Basket

Love From Gifts

Hidden Collection

Blossom Gifts

Dream Gift Store

Crazy Collection

Gift Pot

Boutique Bliss

Sweet Zone

Surprise Den

Fairy Gift

Twinkle Star

Can I name my Gift Shop with numbers?

Unless you have an idea to expand the business and grow your business in the future, you can include numbers in your gift shop name idea. But if you wish for a successful business journey we do not recommend using numbers in your gift shop name.

Piercing store name ideas

Piercing Store Brand Name Ideas

The below brand name ideas are specially created for your piercing store. If you have skills in the field of Piercing and experience in the piercing field, starting a piercing store would be best. Our brand name ideas are specially designed after analyzing the brand naming trends.

Pierce Time

Body Beauty

Art Of Piercing

Pierce Love

Time For Piercing

Lip Pierced

Body Pierce

Pierce Parlor

Second Choice

Pierce House

Heaven Of Piercing

Your Choice

House Of Piercing

Piercing Cube

Trendy Fashion

Tigger Pierce

Pierce Parlor

Ignite Pierce

Beyond Basic

Fashion Edge

Instant Pierce

Ring Of Fashion

Pierce Heart

Touch Smooth

Shades store name ideas

Shades Business Name Ideas

People who wear shades have a good taste for fashion. They can feel appealing business names with the impression you create. So, among all other sunglasses and eyewear shops in the field, you have to stand out with a classy shades business name that can help you turn the tide. Check out these examples.

Eye Style

Eye Lash

Bead And Eyes

Purple Eye

Glass House

Color Shade

Fashion View

Trendy Look

Glitter Lash

Fashion Brow

Eye Boutique

Glass City

Look Rays

Stylish Shades

Modern Hut

Eyewear Glits

Glamour Shades

Charming Framez

Made Shade

Vision Dreams

Classic Lens

Shade Cove

Elegant Eyewear

Glare Shades

Shoe store name ideas

Shoe Store Brand Name Ideas

Good Shoes always take you to the best place…..Almost everyone in the world is fond of shoes. Starting a shoe business would be one of the best businesses to start now. The below brand name ideas are manually created after analyzing the brand naming trends and after analyzing the competitors’ names.

City Shoes

Shoe Kingdom

Best Sole

Comfy Footwear

Only Leather

Neat Feet

Shoe Hut

Walking Mate

Footwear Love

Amazing Shoes

Feel Better

Fashionable Shoes

Foot Spot


Walk Classy

Trendy Foots

Toe Fit

Fashion Mood

Free Self

Best Collection

Pretty & Practical

Good Taste

Free Bird

Hot Ticket

Watch Store name ideas

Cool Brand Name Ideas For Your Watch Business

Watch business is one of the most famous and popular among both ladies and gents without any age limit. Different brands of watches with different designs are available in the world. If you’re starting a watch business the catchiness, coolness, attractiveness, professionalism are a must. The below watch business names are created after analyzing the all factors mentioned above.

Its Time

Sassy Time

Wrist Color

Lux Watch

Golden Dream

Fashion Arm

The Allure

Time Crave

Date With

One Timez

Glam Trends

Your Time

Watch Pop

Time Zone

Aqua Time

Timing Space

Watch Zot

Time Alert

Watch Atomic

Wonder Time

Sparkle Watches

Stylish Timing

Time Tic

Watch Clear

Hat business name ideas

Hat Business Name Suggestions

Are you having an idea to start a  hat business? When starting a hat business, the brand name is very important. With the current competition in the business field, a professional brand name is a must. The below hat business name ideas are created manually for those who wish to start the hat business in small. We do not recommend these brand names for a professional hat business.

Fancy Head

Head Wig

Fancy Cover

Trendy Had


Your Crown

Spot Hat

Fash Top

Best Choice

Fashion Hour

Hat Boutique

Hats And U

Hat House

Warm Crowns

Dazzle Roll

Excellent Dots

Coolest Basic

Beyond Whisper

Regal Hats

Match Hats

Matching Hats

Hat Hub

Charming Hat Zone

Shop Signature

leather store name ideas

Leather Accessories Store Name Suggestions

The leather accessories business is one of the most profitable businesses especially among those who wish to use luxury products. Unlike other accessory product businesses, leather accessories are high in price. The below brand name ideas are created manually by our brand name specialist to deliver you the best brand naming list.

Leather Love

At Jackets

Leather Fancy

Every Leather

Leather Feather

Its Leather

Fashion Ly

Leather House

Be Bother

Leather Ly

Love N Leather

L Collection

Quality Leather

House Of Leather

Trendy Leather

Tantation Knits

Genuine Fashion

Royal Fringe

Leather Imperial

Leather Wear

Shady Leather

Luxury Suede

Leather Outlet

Browny Collection

Antique store name ideas

Catchy Antique Business Name Ideas

Antique store names do not perform well with classy tones. Customers who come for antiques have a unique taste in fashion. You can make them impressed using a vintage business name with a classical tone. Here are some ideas we came up with.

Memora Antiques

Vladmo Classics

Montic Auctions

Golden Antiques

Royal Treasures

Clevora Vintage

Centura Antiques

Precio Vintage

Eternal Memories

Sapiens Treasurehouse

Volca Collectibles

Dream Classics

Antique Fashion Yard

Fashino Antique

Antique Jewel

Old Fashion Lodge

Old Fashion Port

Little Treasure

Wedo Antiques

Antique Chic

Feather Nest

80s’ Fashion

Cozy Antique Spot

Antique 80+

gem stone business name ideas

Gemstore & Crystal Fashion Accessories Business Name Ideas

These brand names are created for those who wish to start a gemstone and crystal accessories business. While creating these brand names we have analyzed the brand naming trends and also analyzed the competitors names.

Gems Nest

Glory Jewelars

Stunning Hub

Sparkle Roots

Diamond Arts

Pearls Lane

Precious Gallery

Dazzel Beads

Stunning Galore

Glitter Jewel

Sparkle Magic

Crystal Bling

Jazzy Gems

Elegant Jewel

Shine Glits

Diamond Dreams

Emerald Duty

Crystal Pile

Pearl Spot

Crystal Jade

Enamel Gems

Crystal & Me

Crystal Trinkets

Jewel Jack

Foreigen Words Inspired Fashion Accessories Business Name Ideas

Foreign Words Inspired Fashion Accessories Business Name Ideas

The below listed brand name ideas are created after analyzing the foreign words in the fashion accessories industry.

Dove Mode

Fleur Hut

Branchée Couture

Briller Hub

Rosa Etichetta

Oro Boutique

Bagliore Closet

Moda Lane

última Moda

Perfecta Style

Moda Accesoria

Ama Más Store

Le placard

Tu tuyos

Colomba selvaggia



Floraison Hub


Di moda

Spot de style

Icono de estilo

Rose en soie


Stylish fashion name ideas

Stylish Fashion Accessories Business Name Ideas

These brand name ideas are created after analyzing the stylish words in the industry. We do not recommend these brand name ideas for a professional fashion accessory business.

More Friendly

Elegant Like

Excessive Place

Shiny Pro

Style Palace

Lovely Hub

One Pearl

Amore Spot

Loft Soft

Style More

Your Beautiful


Accessory Palace

Rich Beauty

Perfect Style

Accessory Forge

Elegant & Beauty

Shiny Collection

Beauty Spot

Fabulous Pearl

Fashion Spot

Ultimate Beauty

Charming Pro

Wear Beauty

Fancy Names For Accessories Business

Bling Jling

The Choice

Optional Style

Style Neat

Only Spot

Modest Bling

Rich Way

Style Way

Lovely Mode

Random Beauty

Jig Jog

Beauty Tiling

Handy Jandy

Sling Jezz

Beauty Rocket

One n Only

Shiny Winey

Cute Mute

Style Loid

Gold Tone

Why Psychology is important when naming your Fashion Accessories Business?

When it comes to naming your Fashion accessories business, the most important factor to be considered is the memorability of the name. There is no use of a name that can not be memorized easily. Only a good fashion accessory name will stick in a human’s brain at once. According to researchers, if a brand name bounces in the human brain for more than 5 seconds those brand names count as a perfect brand name. The emotional impact is also a very important factor that you have to consider when naming your fashion accessory business. The name you choose should emotionally touch the user’s mind. It makes them remember you at any cost.

How To Name Your Fashion Accessories Business?

We hope that these steps will help you to narrow down the brand naming process to get a brandable brand name for your fashion accessories business.

01. Create A List Of Brand Name Ideas For Fashion Accessories Business

List as many brand name ideas as you can for your fashion accessories business. You can study popular words in the industry, study other fashion accessories brand names in the market, study the words that describe “fashion” and study foreign words that describe fashion to create brand name ideas

-Some Popular Words In The Fashion Accessories Industry.

“Accessories make everything better…”

  • In the fashion accessories industry, there is a brand naming trend to use Spanish, French, and Italian words to their businesses which are known as romantic languages. For example, Gucci is an Italian word and Dior is a French word.
  • Most fashion accessories brand names are short and one word. Short brand names are hard to forget and attractive. For example, Cartier and Zara.
  • Using the founder’s name as the brand name is also a popular naming trend in the fashion accessories industry. Chanel is named after Coco Chanel.

Check out more amazing startup naming trends which are still valid for your fashion accessories business.

-Descriptive Words For “Fashion”

2. Select The Ideal Brand Name For Your Fashion Accessories Business

This is a difficult step. You need to choose one brand name idea out of the list as your fashion accessories business name. Our brand name specialists suggest checking the following characteristics to filter the ideal brand name out.

  • Is your brand name unique? (whether your brand name is available for .com domain name)
  • Does your brand name include generic words? (whether the brand name is descriptive or not)
  • Does your brand name include keywords? (whether your brand name says about what you offering)
  • Is your brand name short? (whether your brand name is longer than 6 characters)
  • Does your brand name include numbers or special characters?
  • Does your brand name generate any negative meanings? (whether your brand name allows negative meanings in foreign languages)
  • Is your brand-name robots friendly? (whether the brand name is easily recognizable for voice assistants like Siri and Cortana )
  • Does your brand name have a history? (whether the selected brand name used before or not)
  • Is your brand name easy to pronounce and memorize? 
  • Does the selected brand name resemble any existing brand name?

These facts are known as brand name qualities. Check these brand name qualities to get the ideal brandable brand name for your fashion accessories business.

3. Feedback

Get some feedback from your friends and families about your fashion accessories brand name. If you can, conduct a test on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Take their suggestions to your consideration too.

4. Availability

As the final step, check whether the selected brand name is available to be trademarked and whether the .com domain name is available. Brinso fashion accessories brand name evaluation tool checks the .com domain available for your brand name and USPTO checks the trademark availability of your brand name!!!

Tips To Consider When Naming Your Fashion Accessories Store

  • Competitor Analysis

When you’re naming your fashion accessories business name, be sure to analyze your competitor name ideas. When you’re analyzing your competitor names you can get a whole lot of information regarding how to name a fashion accessories brand. You can clearly identify the following factors in your analysis process,

  1. The naming trend they followed.
  2. How the fashion accessories name helped them to succeed in their business.
  3. What fashion accessories business failed in their naming process.
  4. Who are the competitors that changed their fashion accessories business name and why did they do that?
  5. What is the best brand naming trend you should follow?

Each one of you might have different niches and the competitor of yours also might be different. Here are a few common competitors’ names in the fashion accessories business.

Ex -: Montblanc




  • Do Not Be Descriptive

Never try to be so descriptive with your fashion accessories name. Being too descriptive will not help your business to rank well. Even Google has declined an EMD penalty saying not to use Exact Match Domain to any of the businesses that you are starting. Not only that when you analyze the competitors’ names you will observe that most successful fashion accessories names have not been too descriptive. Almost all of them have used brandable brand names for their fashion accessories business.

 Ex -:  Versace




  • Consider SEO

When you’re naming your fashion accessories business, think about SEO too. With the covid – 19 pandemic almost all the businesses are conducting via online. So, choosing fashion accessories brand name that will help in SEO is also very important to rank your site/business. Here are the factors an SEO friendly brand name should consist of,

  1. Own the .com domain extension
  2. Do not use exact match domain
  3. Simple name
  4. Should not include numbers or special characters in your fashion accessories business
  • Not To Choose A Limiting Name

You might have a clear and exact niche for you to start your fashion accessories business when you’re starting it, but later it can be changed due to expansion, moving to another niche etc. So never choose a limiting name for your fashion accessories business. Choose a common name that will suit any niche in the fashion accessories industry. It will help the future of your fashion accessories business.

  • Brandable Fashion Accessories Name

Brandable accessories business name is the best option any startup company can have when naming their business. Be brandable and professional with your name. It will attract more users to your fashion accessories business. Almost all the successful companies in all the industries are having brandable brand names. Here are the factors that make your fashion accessories name brandable and professional.

  1. Simplicity 
  2. Memorability
  3. Uniqueness
  4. Legal Availability
  5. Clear History
  6. Only 4, 5, or 6 Characters
  7. Not an imitating name

Why Does Your Accessories Shop Need A Brandable Brand Name?

Your brand name does a lot more than you think of your business. The following factors will explain why…

01. Customer Attraction

The first impression is so important in the naming process, and it determines the customer’s future interactions with your business. So it is so important to get a trending and best brand name for your fashion accessory business.

02. The Culture Of Brand Naming

It is a culture of a business to have a brand name. By giving a name to your fashion accessory business, you create an identity for your business. It makes it easier for the customers to engage with your fashion accessory brand name.

03. It Is A Marketing Tool

Do you know the brand name of your business is a powerful marketing tool? Entrepreneurs do spend lots and lots of money to make their businesses more popular. But the brand name of your fashion accessory business is a marketing tool itself. If you get the perfect brand name, you can reduce the marketing cost. Proper knowledge in brand name qualities helps to shape your fashion accessory brand name as an error-less one.

04. Life-Long Expectation

When you register a brand name for your fashion accessories store, it means the brand name represents your business forever. It is not advisable to change your brand name, as it confuses your customers and is costly. So the brand name is bound to your product. Therefore choose it carefully.

05. It’s Your Story Teller

The brand name represents the values, the mission, the message to your customers. It narrated the story to the customers on behalf of you. Without a brand name, your fashion accessories business won’t move a single step forward.

Types Of Naming Your Fashion Accessories Business

  • You can use your own name and create a brand name for your fashion accessory business.
  • You can use words from a different language.
  • You can create a brand name by yourself.
  • You can create a brand name with keywords.
  • Can create a brand name with the help of brand name generators.
  • Can choose a brand name from a brand name reselling website.

-Popular Fashion Accessories Brand Names In The Industry

These are some popular brand names in the fashion accessories industry. Study these brand name ideas to get an idea of what type of startup name trend you want to follow when you’re naming your business.

NIKE logoNike


UNIQLO logoUniqlo

H & M logoH & M

ZARA logoZara

GUCCI logoGucci

CHANEL logoChanel

Dior logoDior

Hermes logoHermes

LOUIS VUITTON logoLouis Vuitton

Cartier logoCartier

rolex logoRolex

Trending Words

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