How To Name Your Fashion Accessory Business?

“Accessorize your business with elegant Brinso brand name ideas…”

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Everyone, regardless of gender, profession, age, geography, has room for fashion accessories in their hearts, even pets !!! we all are connected to accessories in our own ways, and it also holds a special place in our identity. Fashion accessories are so close to our hearts and let’s create a great brand name idea for your fashion accessory business to make you even closer for your audience.

Do you know the expected revenue of the fashion industry of the United States of America for 2020? The website Statista reveals the expected revenue of the fashion segment is US$126,549m in 2020. So you made a wise decision to start a fashion accessories business. With a perfect brand name, you are one step closer to your dream.

As mentioned earlier, there is a constant demand for fashion accessories and there are innumerable businesses in the market to meet that demand. To stand out from the crowd, a perfect  brand name is a must for your fashion accessory business.

Brandable Brand Names For Fashion Accessories Businesses

Our brand name masterminds have listed the following brand name ideas for any business that related to fashion accessories such as online fashion accessories businesses, lifestyle product stores, jewelry business etc.

cligor logoCligor

Cicara logoCicara

Azly logoAzly

Blomio logoBlomio

Ozarro logoOzarro

Wrixty lgoWrixty



Begxy logoBegxy

Zaza logoZaza

Fonicy lgoFonicy

Weloky logoWeloky

Our brand name specialists considered all the brand name qualities when listing these brand names. All these brand names are handpicked by brand name specialists for fashion accessories businesses.

Know Your Competitors…

Doing a competitor analysis is a great way to get the brand naming vibe. By that you can analyze some notable brands in the fashion accessory market and shape your brand name idea even better. When you establish your business, brand name helps you to win your target audience from your competitors. We have listed the well known brand names in the fashion accessory market.

Hermes logoHermes

LOUIS VUITTON logoLouis Vuitton

Cartier logoCartier

rolex logoRolex

NIKE logoNike


UNIQLO logoUniqlo

H & M logoH & M

ZARA logoZara

GUCCI logoGucci

CHANEL logoChanel

Dior logoDior

“Accessories make everything better…”

Trending Words

Studying trending words of the fashion accessory field is also a good way to create brand name ideas. By this way, you will get more familiar with the brand naming process.































Fashion Accessories Brand Name Ideas

These brand names are designed by our brand name specialists, to support you to get an idea about naming your fashion accessories business. Refer these brand names and design a brand name which is creative and unique.

The Taste

High Fashion

The Vogue

The Fashionables

Up Town

High Heels

To Heaven

New Trend

Trendy Lifestyle

Fashion Show

The Craze

The Fascination

Fashion Hunt

Trend Edit

Fab Magazine

Foot Spot


City Soles

Cute Boots

Best Sole

Shoe Girl

Only Leather

Casual Look

Comfy Feel

Lady Fashion

The Fashionable

Her Flavour

Trendy Foots

Vogue City

Fash Flash

The Updated

The Glamour

Fab Channel

The Stylize

Fashion Gig

Fancy Dream

Rich Fashion

Fancy Season

Fashion Passion

Craze Rage

Her Coolness

Fashion Obsession

Bell Bottom

Bliss Fashion

Fashion Expression

Trendy Taste

Stylish Chick

Fashion Week

These brand name suggestions can be used for fashion accessories businesses. If you expect a local customer crowd and have no plans for updating your business for an online platform, these brand name ideas are perfect.

Why Your Fashion Accessory Business Needs A Trending Brand Name?

Your brand name does a lot more than you think of your business. These following factors will explain why…

  • Attract The Customers

Your brand name is the first detail the customer gets about your fashion accessory business. The first impression is so important in the naming process and it determines the customer’s future interactions with your business. So it is so important to get a trending and best brand name for your fashion accessory business.

  • The Culture Of Naming

As customers, we have a habit which is linked to the brand names. In a way, it is a culture. Your business is expected to have a brand name. By giving a name to your fashion accessory business you give a personification to your business and it makes it easier for the customers in attaching to your fashion accessory brand name. 

  • Marketing Tool

Do you know the brand name of your business is a powerful marketing tool? Entrepreneurs do spend lots and lots of money to make their businesses more popular. But the brand name of your fashion accessory business is a marketing tool itself. If you get the perfect brand name, your marketing cost will be reduced. Here, knowledge of brand name qualities is so important which shapes your fashion accessory brand name an error-less one.

  • Long Life Time

When you register a brand name for your fashion accessories store, it means the brand name represents your business forever. It is not advisable to change your brand name, as it confuses your customers and is costly. So the brand name is bound to your product and therefore choose it carefully.

  • It’s Your Narrator

The brand name represents the values, the mission, the message to your customers. It narrated the story to the customers on behalf of you. Without a brand name, your fashion accessories business won’t move a single step forward.

Brand Naming Trends In The Fashion Accessories Industry

Do you know there are many brand naming trends in the world that have been followed by entrepreneurs? In the fashion accessories industry there is a famous  brand name trend to use Spanish, French and Italian words to their businesses which are known as romantic languages. For example, Gucci is an Italian word and Dior is a French word. Check out more amazing startup naming trends which are still valid for your fashion accessories business.

There are several other brand naming trends which have been followed in the fashion accessories industry. Studying these brand naming trends are also important in creating a great brand name. 

  • European Personal names- Prada (Mario Prada), Gucci (Guccio Gucci)
  • Founders names- Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford
  • Mythical names- Hermes (a Greek god of commerce)
  • Unique names- Rolex


These are some of the brand naming trends in the fashion world and do you know the latest naming trend in the fashion industry? From the last decade, a considerable amount of entrepreneurs in the fashion accessory market have focused on brandable brand names. Brand name qualities make a brand name brandable and they are as follows.

  1. Your brand name needs to be unique –Rolex
  2. Your brand name needs to be easy to pronounce and memorise – Prada
  3. Limit your brand name to one word- GUCCI
  4. Do not imitate successful brand names in the fashion industry- Chanel / Channel
  5. Do not buy a brand name with a history- ( Google is a world known brand name and assume they sell their brand name, you cannot successful with that brand name as it is known for another service)
  6. Make sure your brand name is robot friendly- Hermes
  7. Avoid generic words in your brand name- Beautiful
  8. Avoid keywords in your brand name- Bracelet
  9. Avoid numbers and special characters in your brand name- Fashion 9ight
  10. Make sure your brand name does not generate a negative meaning in other languages – kiss is a perfect brand name for fashion accessory business but in Sweden kissa means pee.


Consider these brand name qualities seriously when you create or select a brand name for your fashion accessories business. Knowing these brand name qualities in detail will help you more in the brand naming process.

More Stylish Brand Name Ideas

Brand Name Ideas For Online Fashion Accessories Business

Moda Online

Fashion Insta

Glam Site

Click Bliss

Fav Mark

Style Online

Access Feed

Vogue Space

Fashion Line

Wall Moda

Fashion Ship

Lux Collection

Up Line

Fash Culture

Lil Missy

Fasho Continent

Online Bliss

Sugar Coat

Sky Palace

Bead N Beauty

These brand name ideas are suitable for ladies online fashion accessories businesses, online gent’s fashion accessories business, online jewelry businesses etc.

Footwear Store Name Ideas

There is an unchanging demand for ladies footwears and the following brand names samples are handpicked by our brand name specialists for ladies footwear businesses. These brand name samples are suitable for ladies, gents and kids footwear stores.

City Shoes

Shoe Kingdom

Best Sole

Comfy Footwear

Only Leather

Neat Feet

Shoe Hut

Walking Mate

Footwear Love

Amazing Shoes

Feel Better

Fashionable Shoes

Foot Spot


Walk Classy

Trendy Foots

Toe Fit

Fashion Mood

Free Self

Best Collection

Pretty & Practical

Good Taste

Free Bird

Hot Ticket

Lifestyle Product Store Name Ideas

If you are planning to open up a store lifestyle product such as clocks, radios, boomboxes etc, you can take these name examples for your newly opening store. All these brand names are created by our brand name specialist to deliver you the best name examples.

Life Of Living

Luxury Goods

Top Level

Unique Products

Perfect Own

Outstanding Products

Lifestyle Place

Trendy Way

Best Shopping

Best Deals

Royal Lifestyle

Offers On

Discount Store

Dream Store

Shade Life

Trend Lifestyle

Dove Hut

Super Store

Your Lifestyle

Best Choice Store

Store Code

Trendy House

Lifestyle Zone

Best Offers

Jewelry Store Name Ideas

Opening up a jewelry store will need a high capital investment as well as some unique designs to grow up in the market. Here are the best brand name ideas for your Jewelry shop.

Jewel Hub

Luxury Jewel

Diamond Beauty

Gem & Gold

Amazing Jewel

Stunning Palace

Pearl Forever

Glitter House

Sparkle Jewel

Glamour House

Jewelry Palace

Amazing J Collect

Shine Bright

Heaven Of Jewelry

Elegant Look

Classy Look

Crystal Hub

Beauty Look

Jewel For You

Sparkling Diamond

Fab Luxy

Crystal Land

Premium Jewel Hut

Adore Jewelry

Piercing Store Name Ideas

At present piercing  has become a trendy fashion among the young crowd. Here are the best brand name examples for your piercing store.

Pierce Time

Body Beauty

Art Of Piercing

Pierce Love

Time For Piercing

Lip Pierced

Body Pierce

Pierce Parlor

Second Choice

Pierce House

Heaven Of Piercing

Your Choice

Tattoo Store Name Ideas

These unique brand names are created by our brand name specialist for your Tattoo store.

Needle Art

Art Of Tattooing

Tattoo Hub

Tattoo Life

Amazing Body Art

Ink Art

Needle Time

Skin Coloring

Best Tattoos

T House

Mr & Mrs Tattoo

Tattoo Lagoon

Fashion Accessories Brand Names On The Map!!!

We have listed several well-known brand names in different countries to help you get acquainted with how the brand naming process for fashion accessories businesses operates in the world.

Fashion Accessories Stores In Italy

The below listed brand names are famous for ladies fashion accessories, ladies jewelry, gent’s fashion accessories and gent’s fashion accessories.

  1. Parfois
  2. TOKO
  3. Salvatore Ferragamo
  4. Borsalino
  5. Coccinelle
  6. Balenciaga Capri
  7. Piumelli Outlet
  8. Italian Beauty
  10. Fendi

Fashion Accessories Stores In The USA

  1. Icing by Claire’s
  2. Lou Lou Boutiques
  3. Fendi
  4. ALDO 
  5. Icing
  6. Furla
  7. Cuyana
  8. Prada

The above listed brand names are well known in the USA for fashion accessories.

Fashion Accessories Stores In Russia

We have listed several well-known brand names in different countries to help you get acquainted with how the brand naming process for fashion accessories businesses operates in the world.

Fashion Accessories Stores In Russia

  1. Alexander Mcqueen
  2. Furla
  3. Swarovski
  4. Radical Chic
  5. Louis Vuitton
  6. Piaget
  7. Gucci
  8. Accessorize
  9. Tiffany & Co
  10. TOUS

All these listed brand names are famous in Russia for jewelry, fashion accessories and  ladies fashion accessories.

“The Importance Of Logos Into Today’s Fashion Is Un! Be! Lievable!”

Yes, logos can do a lot more than you think, especially when it comes to the fashion accessory field. Logos are also as important as the brand name. Make sure to design a perfect logo as great as the brand name you’ve selected.

Logos are so important as they are eye-catching and add more value to your fashion accessory brand name. Do not forget to get an ideal logo for your fashion accessories business which expresses your brand story.