Catchy Brand Names For Social Media Business

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Social media is the hottest trend in human interconnection and it makes the world more involved and updated than ever. New apps, tools and websites are added on a daily basis in this industry and the cool app you recommend to your friend today could be history by the next week. 

The competition is unbelievably rude in this industry and most of the social media startups end up in breaking down. There is one important factor most of these social media startups forget about; the brand name. The brand name can handle many things including the competition if you get the right one.

Selecting the perfect brand name for your social media business is not an easy process. But Brinso is always here to help you. This article will guide you to get the perfect brand name idea for your social media business. The right brand name will add more value to your masterpiece.

Some Masterpieces In The Social Media Industry

The following brand names are professional. Not only that but also uniqueness and high memorization power are another best brand name qualities of these brand names.

Xfinity logo






Facebook logoFacebook

Whatsapp logoWhatsapp

Twitter logoTwitter

Instagram logo


Wechat logo




These social media brand names are skyrocketing and hard to find someone who does not use one of these services. According to the brand name specialists of the Brinso, the product idea and the brand idea should be given the same importance and attention, in order to get the ideal brand name for your social media business.

What Makes An Ideal Brand Name?

Brand name qualities make an ideal brand name for your social media business. So do not forget to include them to your brand name.

  1. Should be uncommon
  2. Hard to forget
  3. Easy to say aloud
  4. Limited to 4 – 6 Characters
  5. Easy to Spell as well as write
  6. Having .com domain name
  7. Avoiding generic words
  8. Easy international application
  9. Avoid numbers and special characters
  10. Familiar to robots

These characters make your brand name perfect and it is better to know these brand name qualities in detail.

Is Your Brand Name A Smile Or A Scratch?

Here is another way to measure your brand name. Check whether to find out which type your brand name is more relatable.







Spelling mistakes





Curse of knowledge

Hard to pronounce

If your brand name has more smile facts than scratch facts your brand name is a better one. But always follow the recommended brand name qualities mentioned above to select the best brand name for your social media business.

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.”

David Alston

Professional Brand Name Ideas For Social Media Businesses...

The following brand name ideas are designed for social media businesses and each brand name included all the brand name qualities. The good news is, all these brand names are totally available to pick.

Densso logo


Socialina logo


Sociany logo


Deroal logo



Gafexo logo





Sociata logo


Blurba logo



Commonly Used Brand Names For Your Social Media Business

In order to help you get the best brand name idea for your social media business, our brand specialists have handpicked these brand name ideas. Get a good understanding of choosing the best brand name for your social media startup.

Social Bird

So Social

The Connected

Inter Connected

Never Let Go

Ever Connected


Link Ink

Touch Base

The Tie

Social Me

The Meme

The Plug

Friend Vibe


Net Pal

Fast Pay

Pro Com

Friend Cable

Like It

Love Link

Data Share

The Explore

E Bond

E Couple

E Partner

The Guide

Hyper Thread

Good Vibe

In Touch

The Exchange

Quick Pay

Best Media

Funny Media

Drop Films

Pure Play

Moonlight Dia

Fast Media

Daily Ring

Happy Media

Media On Beach

Media Meme

Step Trek

Map Magic

Tool Box

Sweet Mint


Share Photo

These brand name ideas are recommended by our brand name specialists for the businesses that are expecting local customer crowds and can be used for media sharing websites and social media websites.

Need More Filtered Brand Name Ideas?

Here if you are searching for more brand name ideas related to the niches.

Media Sharing Website Name Ideas


Blessed Earful

Good Listener

Moti Speech

The Earbuds

Story Teller

New Thought

Important Stuff

Ear Love

See N Believe

Every Current

Hawk Eye

Daily Update

Filmy Us

Your Comment

The Unseen

Wild Life

Another Planet

Your Collection

On The Air

Music Player

Calm Mind


Medi Vibo

These brand name examples are suits for audio sharing companies, video producing companies and song producing companies.

Social Media Website Name Ideas

Check out the below-listed brand name ideas designed for social media websites such as discussion forums, social networks etc.

The Talk

Talk Falk

Chatter Box

Let’s Chat

Your Story

EX Share

Black Magic

Shared Secret

Name Less

X Talk

Hard Talk

Safe Secret

Dark Corner

Dark Room

Un Revealed

Free Bird

Voice Blog

The Plural

E- Mate

Good For U

Review Site

Social Proof

Brand Explore


Tools Used To Find Best Brand Name Ideas

  • Brand name Generator

There are several methods that can be used to find a brandable brand name and those methods are directly associated with different tropes of great tools. The brand name generator can be considered as the most popular tool. You can come to a conclusion by analyzing the pros and cons of them about the way in which these generators will help to find a brand name idea.

  • Vocabulary score

You can find out the vocabulary score of your brand name through 0 to 10 value scale is provided by the tool. The vocabulary score of a brandable brand name is more than 6 while a non-professional brand name’s score is less than 6. Therefore we recommend you make sure to pick a brand name that has more than 8 vocabulary scores to make it super easy to pronounce and memorize.

What Brand Name Style Do You Want To Follow?

  • Pragmatic

These brand names are descriptive and tell the customer what they do through their brand name. For example, Messenger, Facebook.

  • Emotional

These brand names are attached to an emotion, when you see these types of brand names for the first time, you feel interconnected to these brand names. It’s because they are emotional brand names. For example, Viber, WhatsApp.

  • Modern

These brand names are new and cannot be limited to a specific brand name style. They could be anything, for example,  Skype.

  • Classic

This brand name style is timeless and could be compatible with any time pace. For example, Youtube.

  • Clever

This brand name style is funny, impressive and more memorable. For example Twitter.