500+ Catchy Brand Names For Social Media Business

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Did you know that some of the most famous social media platforms rebranded their original names? “The Facebook” became “Facebook”, “Twttr” changed into “Twitter” which are now imprinted on our minds with no clue about the former versions. 

In the business world, the first impression actually is the last impression. So, a good name can make a huge difference in the competition. You only have a very short time to make your customer choose you or ignore you at the first sight. 

That’s why we came up with the best solutions on the internet to name your social media business. Let’s jump into the examples.

How To Make A Catchy Social Media Business Name?

The below-listed brand names are listed by our brand name specialists mainly because of the catchiness and professionalism that they have. A catchiness of a brand name comes with the simplicity and memorability of the brand name. As far as the brand name can easily spell, pronounce and memorize, it is catchy.

Catchy Brand Name Ideas For Social Media Businesses...

The following brand name ideas are designed for social media businesses and each brand name includes all the brand name qualities. The good news is, all these brand names are totally available to pick.

Densso social media business logo


dihoke social media business logo


fentho social media business logo

Fentho .com

Deroal social media business logo


heluxo social media business logo

Heluxo .com

Gafexo social media business logo

Gafexo .com

Hiskoo social media business logo

Hiskoo .com

Umsmi social media business logo

Umsmi .com

social media business name ideas

Social Media Business Name Ideas

What Should I Name My Social Media Business?

The below-listed brand name ideas are suitable for any type of social media business. These brand names are manually created by our brand name consultants after research on brand naming trends and catchy words in the industry.

The catchiness of a social media business name is very important to its existence. The top 4 factors to identify the catchiness of your social media business are simplicity, memorability, uniqueness, and character count.

Click Pro

Media Lab

Sound Reach

Medium Social

Share Outlet

Reach Tweet

Social Glow

Media Fair

Loyal Media

Social Builders

Sound Options

Quick Source

Read Media

Social Club

Golden Likes

Latest Leak

Social Buzz

Declare Moment

Link Media

Social Chat

Masters In Biz

Business Fire

Click Bay

Business Zone

Buy More

Happy Selling

Click Hub

Best Choices

Yours Shop

Buy One

Best Deals

Grab Best



Lofty Zap




Exalted App

Flex Buddy



Arioo Medier

Or Zone



Socia Medya


Nutro V







Sup Chats

Social Media Names

Looking for good social media names? Here are some examples for good social media name ideas from our naming team.

Social Alert


Social Me

So Me


Phenix So

So Log

Hit Social

Mean Media

Media Melody

Social Melo

Catch Me

Gift Xo

Mad Media

Soul Media

Social Center

Blue Apple

Silver Whale

Chat Gang

Chat Matter

Social Party

Chat We


Follow Box

So Social

Media Meet

Stick Social

Fun Social

Bliss Nova

Feso Things

Mezo World

Peyt Log

Nemo Share

Brave Team

Loep Pad

Medo Loed

Creative Names For Your Social Media Business

As a good name is important to a social media business, you can’t choose just a  social media name. You must take your time and find the best name that you can find.

In order to help you get the best brand name idea for your social media business, our brand specialists have handpicked these brand name ideas. Get a good understanding of choosing the best brand name for your social media startup.

Social Bird Hub

Social Platform

The Connected Hub

Inter Connected House

Never Let Go Live

Ever Connected Place

Interlink Game

Link Ink App

Touch Base Application

The Tie House

Social Me Application

The Meme House

The Plug Nest

Friend Vibe Hut

Reconnect Place

Net Pal Hub

Fast Pay Live

Pro Com Digital

Friend Cable Nest

Like It Application

Love Link Incorporation

Data Share Mart

The Explore House

E Bond Net

E Couple App

E Partner Nest

The Guide Data

Hyper Thread App

Good Vibe Application

In Touch Live

The Exchange Digital

Quick Pay Company

Best Media Hut

Funny Media Lab

Drop Films Nest

Pure Play Spot

Moonlight Dia House

Fast Media Hub

Daily Ring Media

Happy Media

Media On Beach

Media Meme

Step Trek Application

Map Magic App

Tool Box House

Sweet Mint Spot

Photoniac App

Share Photo Lab

These brand name ideas are recommended by our brand name specialists for the businesses that are expecting local customer crowds and can be used for media sharing websites and social media websites.

Social Network Name Ideas

The best strategy for attracting new users to a new social network is introducing new options. But a good name has more power than that. A good name can make a good impression on people’s minds. So make sure to choose the best social network name you can find. Start with our set of social network name ideas.

Me n U


Digi Diary


Tip Talk

U Buzz




Now Wow




Zap Wap

Abley Yup






Naming your social media company is easy if you know the exact process and trends of naming a company. The above-listed names are manually created by our brand name experts for your social media company. These brand names are recommended for those who do not want to expand their business in the future. If you need a brandable brand name for your social media company check our professional and brandable brand naming list.

How To Name Your Social Media Company?

These social media company name ideas are specially designed for those who are looking for a creative social media company name. These brand names are manually created by our brand name specialist after analyzing the naming trends of competitors.

Social Outlet

Follow & Reach

Sound Loud

Connect Zone

Social Pro

Chat Box

Social Vibe

Beyond Connect

Social Elite

Vibe Pro

Globe Connect

Medio Zone

Outlet Spot

Social Bee

Global Outlet

Crystal Mart

Ocean Outlet

Wide Collection

Target Bazar

Mall Pro

Skyline Mart

Line Bazar

Shipping Point

Online Pro

Zeio Media

Lkoe Group

Seoo Network

Uiomo Event

Awom Marketing

Lopi Media

Tourner Media

Effacer le canal

Chat Maker

Msg Outlet

V Share


Share Build

Quick Follow

Reach Wide

Big Options

Fair Share

Power Follow

Loud Message

Share Front


Announce Option

Like Link

Post Scoop

Status Ups

Fit Posts

Like Cloud

Sharing Buds

How To Name Your Social Media Marketing Agency?

When creating a name for your social media marketing agency there are many universal factors that you need to pay attention to. These factors will always be based on your intention. Among these factors, using generic words in your social media marketing agency has been something popular and most new startups are trying to do this. But most people don’t know that using generic words for your social media marketing agency must be based on your intention. 

If you are starting a social media marketing agency with no idea to expand it in the future and not in a professional way, you can use generic words with your brand name. But if you need to start your social media marketing agency in a professional way and have an idea to expand it in the future, DO NOT use generic words with your brand name. It may affect your business in a negative way.

Apart from the social media marketing agencies, the below manually created brand name ideas are suitable for digital marketing companies, media companies too.

Social Reach

Tweet Respond

Share Media

Social Update

Marketing Media

Marketing Club

Social Experts

Shair Sources

Reach Sources

Share Talk

Right Podcast

Mate Diary

Social Sharing

Share Tweet

Outlet Agency

Reach It

Reach Agency

Reach Team

Right Away

Social Club

Connect Link

Media Leak

Social Moment

Social Chat

Kemo Media

Media It

Awijn Us

Lesom Marketing

Cemok Digital

Emoii Media

Buzz Just

Polme Spot

Smart Site

Online Media

Life Marketing

Big Up

SEO Fusion

Cyber Structure

App Coast

Promo Discovery

Marketing Hunt

Media Break

Web Choice

Digi Media

Smart Structure

Media Buzz

Online Up

Media Hunt

Smart Marketing

Media Brains

Marketing Professionals

Crowd Media

Online Fuel

Digi Help

Big Prep

Cyber Help

Digi Discovers

Web Vox

Prep Structure

Hunt Apps

Media Force

Web Break

Choice Promo

Promo Prep

Fuel App

Smart Discover

Digi Brain

Web Professionals

Including Generic Words In Your, Social Media Marketing Agency Is Acceptable?

If you are starting a social media marketing agency with no idea to expand it in the future and not in a professional way you can use generic words with your brand name. But if you need to start your social media marketing agency in a professional way and have an idea to expand it in the future, DO NOT use generic words with your brand name. It may affect your business in a negative way.

How Do I Name My Social Media Marketing Agency?

There are a few things that you have to keep in mind when you are going to name your social media marketing agency. Here are a few tips for you to consider.

  • Make sure that the name you select has no bad past.
  • Make sure not to include embarrassing or funny abbreviations.
  • Do not choose a name that limits the scope of your business.
  • The name must be smooth enough to pronounce easily. So do not use any difficult words.
  • Do not use any name or word that is linked with any current situation.

Social Media App Name Ideas

What Can I Name My Social Media App?

There are thousands of social media users in every passing minute because whenever someone gets free time automatically goes to any social media app. So as an entrepreneur who is going to start a new social media app, you must be aware of the tough competition in the field with hundreds of existing social media apps. To be a recognized social media app choose the best social media app name that you could find.

We would highly recommend choosing a professional brand name for those who want to start their social app in a professional way.

Social Hood

Social Code

Switch Tick

Social Portal

Sky Click

Hello World

Live Like

Post Box

Like Up

Click Post

Swipe Down

Connect Chat

Zap Connect

Buzz Me

Social Lite

Vibe Now

Snap Tap

Online Yard

Vibe Flore

Your Buzz

App Join

Tech Defi

Click Pro

Click Cell

Socio Com

Bond Wire

Pop Vidly

Grow De

Time Line

Zeno Lo

Log Me

Join Hub


Chat Mi

Find Mo


Nav U

Share Yard

Click Joint

Buzz Tick

Vivid Buzz


Big Hood

Meet Raw

Chat Mi

Find Mo


Share Yard

Click Joint

Buzz Tick


Nav U

Vivid Buzzer


Big Hood

Meet Raw

  • Choose the right method of naming your social app. Your name is the first impression that people get from your business. It will carry your identity, represent the emotions you want to express, and also show your value to the world. So choose an appropriate method with the right tone.
  • Make a list of brand name ideas based on the method you have chosen. The correct method may help you to create a list of suitable brand name ideas for your social app. You can also use trending words and catchy words to create names for your social media app.
  • Learn from the competitor apps. You can do research and analyze the names of your competitors and find out how they have named their social media app and what are the meaning methods that they have followed.
  • Choose a brand name that helps you to rank your social media app. This is also very important. Follow the SEO guidelines when naming your social media app.

WhatsApp Business Name Ideas

Are you looking to start a business on Whatsapp and looking for a name for it? Here are the best brand name ideas for your Whatsapp Business.

During the process of selecting a business name that you’re conducting on Whatsapp, you should not forget that the name you choose is unique and attractive. As there are thousands of Whatsapp businesses available you should have a powerful name idea to give a boost to your new Whatsapp business. The uniqueness and attractiveness of a Whatsapp business name come with its simplicity. If you choose a name that is really uncommon and attractive the possibility of gaining popularity is high. 

Social Fusion

Tap Paradise

Click In

Fit Shop

Biz Wiz

Click More

Shoppie Hunt

Family Mart

Shopping Gallery

Mini Shopping

Just Ask

Shop Here

Happy Shoppers

Ask More

Shop With Love

Galore Mart

Buy and Sell

Shopping Express

Shop More

Click Bliss

Your Choice

Wide Sky

Click Collection

Your Shop

Business Out

Pay Once

Get It

Sell Me

Click Type

Business Time

Check Out

Find Best

Quality Buy

Fair Reach

Quick Purchase

Business Click

Order More

Reach Best

Expert Link

Advice Media

Extra Tap

Business Tap

Fusion Zoo

Virt Biz

Biz Buzz

Digi Alley

Biz Connect

Tap Buy


Social Media Management Company Names

What Should I Name My Social Media Management Company?

Naming a social media management company isn’t as easy as we think. With the current competition in the world, a perfect name is a must factor to go parallel with other competitors. Here are a few brand name ideas for your social media management company.

Social Burst

Red It

Outer Lynx

Social Fusion

From Social

Link Illusion

Mile Zant

Trick Tech

Technical Zant

Pyramid Tap

Xtra Zoo

On This

Globe Town

Social Linked

Get Click

Social Report

Social Now

Media Up

Latest Status

Number Marvel

Jemdo Marketing

Byte Media

Media Bird

Kokoj Drag


Médias vibrants

Plus Nest

Crowd Media

Socio Manage

Social Bird

Wings Media

The Social

Social Media Platform Name Ideas

What should I name my social media platform?

As you already know how competitive the social media market is, you need to find a way to stand out from the competition. With a brandable brand name, you can attract customers to your social media platform. Here are some name suggestions for your social media platform.




Social Plate



Soul Media

Media Column


Social Mint

Media Cube

Digi Word

Express Thought







Reality Mo

Pic Den

Yellow Ray

Circle Q

Peep Squad

Celeb Gallery

Great Zeek


Me Point

Teen Diary

Ed Fun



Mod Thinkers

Innovate Plus

CliQ Me

Swipe Now

The majority of people who are starting a new business think less about the brand name they choose. The name of your social networking site is the first thing that represents your business to the world. It carries your identity, values, reputation, mission, and vision to the world. Considering all these factors, we have created these social networking site name ideas.


Log Me







Share On



Follo Wo

Connect Line

Link Wide

World Link

Network Corner

Index World

Add Link

Connect More

Network Hub

Unite World

Link Tank

Unite Together

Social Zee

Networking Pro

Social Weapons

Creative Networking

Global Connect

Networking Media

Chat Digital

Trading Pro

Networking Crown

Instagram business name ideas

Instagram Business Name Ideas

What should I name my Instagram business?

Instagram is one of the trending platforms in the e-commerce field. So the competition for better recognition between Instagram business pages. As you are looking for an Instagram business name idea, make sure to find the best name that could attract people as soon as they see your business name. The following list of Instagram business name ideas are created by our team just for you.

Cleaver Reach

Fezo Biz

Mesomi Closet

Creature Station

Pecacho Biz

Lofedo Mart

Jecob Mall

Awomi Store

Mefozi Manso

Kedomo Hub

Qofuni Mart

Connect Mo

Drop Online

Insta Mart

Cost Pro

Kart Zone

Follow Spot

Market E

Shopping Bot

Bazar Vibe


Store Pro

Easy Outlet

Buy Fast

Click Work

Click DIary

Click Snap

Digi Talk

Worth Buying

Buzz Tune

Business Talk

Share Net

media sharing website name ideas

Media Sharing Website Name Ideas

These brand name examples are suits for audio sharing companies, video producing companies, and song producing companies.

When naming your media-sharing website, uniqueness is very important because only a unique name can successfully come up in the business. If you need a unique name for your media-sharing website you have to think out of the box. You should be your own and come out with a different name that has not been used before. Make sure you own the .com domain extension of the name you choose for your media-sharing website. Owning the .com domain extension makes you unique among others because as per the USA law those who own the .com domain extension of the brand name is the owner of the company. So if you own the .com domain extension of your brand name no one else can be like you and even if there are companies with the same name the real owner of the brand name is you.


Blessed Earful

Good Listener

Moti Speech

The Earbuds

Story Teller

New Thought

Important Stuff

Ear Love

See N Believe

Every Current

Hawk Eye

Daily Update

Filmy Us

Your Comment

The Unseen

Wild Life

Another Planet

Your Collection

On The Air

Music Player

Calm Mind


Medi Vibo

Bright Shout

High Net

Share Pixel

Worth Share

Social Clan

Share Force

Social Split

Social Follows

If you make a simple mistake in the process of naming it may break your business and spoil all your dreams. The main factor of a perfect social media website name is simplicity and memorability. If your social media website is simple and also memorable, you have chosen the name successfully.

Check out the below-listed brand name ideas designed for social media websites such as discussion forums, social networks, etc.

The Talk

Talk Falk

Chatter Box

Let’s Chat

Your Story

EX Share

Black Magic

Shared Secret

Name Less

X Talk

Hard Talk

Safe Secret

Dark Corner

Dark Room

Un Revealed

Free Bird

Voice Blog

The Plural

E- Mate

Good For U

Review Site

Social Proof

Brand Explore


Creative Social

Link Social

Worth Optimize

Website Promotional

Digital Trading

Share Spot

Social Vibe

Social Strategy

When forming a group on social media, you have to give a name to it. Not a boring one but an interesting one. As you are searching for one, you can try the social media group name ideas created by our team if you are interested.

Pro Square

Reality Wire

Strong Border

Gab Across

Virtual Buddies/p>

Screen Time

All Strong

Cousine Zone

Language Fun

Familia Chatz

V Folk

Parent Pool

Sis Signals/p>

Selfie Girlz

Spicy Peek

Pack Bust

Taco Fire

Street Boyz

Tuck World

Cool Gang

cute Instagram name ideas

What Are Cute Instagram Names?

Are you new to Instagram? Having a cute and attractive name is important to build a social media audience with your profile. Choose the most suitable name for your Instagram profile.

Tips To Choose A Cute Instagram Name

  • Use lovable and cute words such as xoxo, love, hugs, honey, sweet.
  • Use words from other languages such as Linda, l’ amour, Amor.
  • Mix up cute words and create new words such as Xoamor, Honeylinda.

Honey Ever

Awsome Me

I Bite

Tweety Rose

Xo Xo Page

Sweet Breeze

Moon Punch

Shadow Eyes

Cutie Pooh

Kitty Eyes

Glory Miss

Diamond Bloom

Moon Point

Love Pink

Sweet Punch

Sparkle Smile

Start Heart

Lovely Taste

Zoom Style

Rose Shadow

Oops Maker

Dear Heaven

Lovely Doll

I Fresh

Honey Bunch

Glory Cuite

Love Touch

Miss Love

Candy Love

Love Land

Baby Cute

Smoothy Lovely

Having a unique name in your social media profile is very important to build your own identity. Choose the most unique brand name idea for your social media profile.

Angel Pie

Shark Bark

Armor God

Sugar Zoo

Honey Bunny

Zig Zoo

Ice Life

Evil Master

Mind Dee

Human Monster

Exit Poodle

Bright Doom

Angel Blossom

Sweet Lolly

Evil Station

Cookie Toff

Snow Flake

Mind Minister

Prep Mojo

Evil Net

Monster Dee

Him Hound

Prom Diva

Dark Doom

Hey Guys

Every Minute

Cool Spot

Love Life

Zein Cool

Nexxo Digi

Live Long

Fun Hun

What is a unique username?

A username represents yourself to the world and it’s your identity. You can not be like anyone in the world and no one else can also be yourself. So you should always keep in your mind that to be unique and make sure no one else is there like you and you are not representing someone else’s identity.

Instagram group name ideas

Instagram Group Name Ideas

Are you looking for a catchy name for your Instagram group? Here is a creative collection of name ideas that will suit your Instagram group. The name that you have to choose for your Instagram group is based on the purpose that you’re going to manage it. It may be for fun, for something professional, or any other intention. Choosing the correct name based on your need and intention is very important.


Youth Zone

Positive Vibe

Feco Zone

Wonder Greek

Nest Chat

Touch Feed

Life Brains

Postive Legacy

Lucky Dawn

Life Devils

Lenomi Zone

Dewomi Nomad

One Feather

Dream Mates


On Fire

Mind Gap

Dot Zone

Blood Bond

Across Barriers

Fries Forever

Core Zone

Secret Swift

Life Clues

Gule Pals


Secret Over

New Life

Join Hands

Crazy Bump

Best Rest

Mind Blowing

username for social media business

Usernames For Social Media Business

 A username will always represent the identity of your business to society. Make sure to choose a unique and creative name for your social media business. Here are some username ideas that will match your social media business.


























Chat _Go







Tools Used To Find Best Brand Name Ideas

  • Brand name Generator

There are several methods that can be used to find a brandable brand name and those methods are directly associated with different tropes of great tools. The brand name generator can be considered the most popular tool. You can come to a conclusion by analyzing the pros and cons of them considering the way in which these generators will help to find a brand name idea.

  • Vocabulary score

You can find out the vocabulary score of your brand name through vocabularyscore.com. 0 to 10 value scale is provided by the tool. The vocabulary score of a brandable brand name is more than 6 while a non-professional brand name’s score is less than 6. Therefore we recommend you make sure to pick a brand name that has more than 8 vocabulary scores to make it super easy to pronounce and memorize.

Steps To Find The Perfect Brand Name Idea For Your Social Business

  • Make A List Of Suitable Brand Names

When you have an idea to start a social media business the first thing that comes to your mind is what is the best name that will suit your business. Most people are not aware that the brand name can make your business professional or non-professional.

 If you need to start a professional social media business the first thing you need to do is to find out what are the characteristics of a professional brand name and then make a list of brand names with all the brand name qualities. Such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you need a professional brand name list you can browse our professional brand name list.

If you have an idea not to expand your social business in the future or if you are not planning to grow your business you can just create a brand name without any hesitation. Either you can just name your business as you feel or you can search the words that will go along with social media business such as “Reach”, “Log”, “Click”, “Event” etc. 

All you have to do is to list out a few brand names according to the way you like to name your social media business. At the end of this step, you will have a list of brand names that will match your social media business.

  • Do A Summarization Of Your Brand Names

With the step above now, you will have a list of brand names for your social media business. As the second step choose only 4-5 brand names that will mostly match your business or the business name that you like. 

When you’re summarizing the brand names make sure to consider how easily the brand names can be remembered and pronounced. If you need a professional brand name do not forget to consider the other brand name qualities too. 

  • Check The Availability

Once You get the most matching brand name ideas list you can check the availability of those brand names. You can check it online and take help from social media. Check if it has already been registered or not. Consider the .com domain extension too. From this step now you will have very few available social brand name ideas with you.

  • Feedback & Finalize

As the last step, you can get feedback on the brand names you have and select the best and most suitable brand name for your social media business. To get the feedback you can choose your family, friends, colleagues, or else you can use the most popular social media business and brand name communities to finalize your brand name.

What Makes An Ideal Brand Name?

Brand name qualities make an ideal brand name for your social media business. So do not forget to include them in your brand name.

  1. Should be uncommon
  2. Hard to forget
  3. Easy to say aloud
  4. Limited to 4 – 6 Characters
  5. Easy to Spell as well as write
  6. Having .com domain name
  7. Avoiding generic words
  8. Easy international application
  9. Avoid numbers and special characters
  10. Familiar to robots

These characters make your brand name perfect and it is better to know these brand name qualities in detail.

Is Your Brand Name A Smile Or A Scratch?

Here is another way to measure your brand name. Check whether to find out which type of your brand name is more relatable.







Spelling mistakes





Curse of knowledge

Hard to pronounce

If your brand name has more smile facts than scratch facts your brand name is a better one. But always follow the recommended brand name qualities mentioned above to select the best brand name for your social media business.

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.”

David Alston

What Brand Name Style Do You Want To Follow?

  • Pragmatic

These brand names are descriptive and tell the customer what they do through their brand name. For example, Messenger, Facebook.

  • Emotional

These brand names are attached to an emotion, when you see these types of brand names for the first time, you feel interconnected to these brand names. It’s because they are emotional brand names. For example, Viber, WhatsApp.

  • Modern

These brand names are new and cannot be limited to a specific brand name style. They could be anything, for example,  Skype.

  • Classic

This brand name style is timeless and could be compatible with any time pace. For example, Youtube.

  • Clever

This brand name style is funny, impressive and more memorable. For example Twitter.

Factors To Be Considered When Starting Your Own Social Media Business

  • You Should Have A Good Knowledge

Unlike other businesses, when it comes to social media business you should have good knowledge on how to handle the business and what are the key points that you should consider more. In a business like social media, you should have good skills on how to present your social media business, the audience that you’re targeting, how you are going to generate profit, how to take help from social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Understanding Your Business Type & Clients

The type of your business may differ according to the knowledge that you have. You may start a Media sharing website, a social media app, or a social media consulting business, etc. Make sure to choose the business type that you are more interested in and think about how you are going to make money out of it. You may target the local customers, or international customers but make sure to present your business in an attractive way.

  • Collect Information About Industry Giants

You may be hoping to start a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, etc or you may have an idea to start a social media marketing company like Lyfe marketing, openmoves, etc. Do analysis and collect their data. Study how they started the business, what are the marketing strategies they used, how they grew up in the industry, their failures, and successes, etc. This information will help you to drive well in the industry.

  • Hire People

When you’re starting a Social Media related business you will need a whole lot of knowledge. Basically, you need designing knowledge, marketing knowledge, development knowledge, Content development knowledge. So if you think that you cannot manage all these skills together or if you have a lack of knowledge in one area then better to hire a professional who can manage the skills. 

  • Finance

You should have a plan on how to find finance for your social media business. You may obtain a loan, ask for money from your parents or friends, you may take your savings, etc. So make sure and have a proper plan on how you will find finance and how to spend it.

Social Media Related Business

  • Social Media Marketing Company
  • Social Media Influencing Company
  • Videography Company
  • Community Managing Company
  • Content Development Company
  • Niche Website Company
  • Online Newsletter Writing Company
  • Live Steamer Company
  • EVent Promoting Company
  • Social Media Platform Company

Ways To Name Your Social Media Business

  • Use Acronyms Pattern

If you have an idea on what are the words to be used for your brand name then you can be creative by abbreviating the initial letters of other words and then pronouncing it as a word. 

Ex -:

My Social Space Click – MSSC

We Can Chat And Buzz – WCCAB

  • Letter Mashups

You can mashup two words and can create a new brand name for your social media business.

Ex -: 

Space  + Buzz = Spazz

Click + Tube = Clickube

Share + Tag = Shag

  • Inspiration From Mythologies

You can have deep research and find Mythologies and find words from those; like the most popular Footwear company, Nike did. The brand name Nike comes from Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, Nike means Winged Goddess of Victory. It symbolizes the sound of speed, movement, power, and motivation.

  • Use Foreign Words 

You can use different words from a foreign language and get an idea of how to name your business.

Ex -:

redes sociales – Spanish

sotsial’nyye media – Russian

Sōsharumedia – Japanese


Media społecznościowe – Polish

  • Use Your Name

You can use your name as a social media business name. Many Sports companies, Clothing companies named the company with the owner’s name.

  • Words From Map

You can use names from the map. Like names of Waterfalls, Rivers, Oceans, Cities, etc. The company Amazon did the same thing by using the name of the river Amazon.

  • Pick A Name From Dictionary

You can pick a name from the dictionary and use it as your brand name.

  • Merge Name With Partnership Company

You can merge your name with your partnership company if any is available or you can join the names and create a new name.

  • Use Brandable Name

You can find a brandable and perfect name for your social media business.

Trending Social Media Business Words

Some Masterpieces In The Social Media Industry

What are the best social media companies?

The following brand names are professional. Not only that but also uniqueness and high memorization power are another best brand name qualities of these brand names.





These social media brand names are skyrocketing and hard to find someone who does not use one of these services. According to the brand name specialists of the Brinso, the product idea and the brand idea should be given the same importance and attention, in order to get the ideal brand name for your social media business.


  • How to create a perfect username?

You can use your favorite words, catchy words, and trending words and create a list of username ideas based on those words, or else you can create a user name based on the location or something you love. Combining these words will help you to create a perfect and unique username for you.

  • How Vocabulary Score Helps When Naming Your Social Media Business?

A perfect social media business name should always be a memorable and easily pronounceable one. There is no use of a brand name that can not be pronounced and memorized easily. In the process of naming your business, you might feel that certain names are easy to remember and easily pronounceable, but actually, those names might not be fit as a brand name for your social media business. Vocabulary score is the easiest way to know how easily the chosen name can be memorized and pronounced. It helps you to know the exact value of the social media business name you have chosen.