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369+ Best Shopping Mall Name Ideas

“Start your shopping mall with a game-changing brand name…”

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Selecting the ideal name for your shopping mall can be a rewarding yet challenging task. With a variety of styles, both classic and contemporary, the possibilities are abundant. However, the process of finding that perfect name can be overwhelming. 

Here, we’ll delve into top shopping mall name ideas and offer tips to help you discover the ideal match for your brand.

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Professional Mall Names

Here is a list of premium mall names for your business. We analyzed all the required brand name qualities to come up with these professional brand name ideas. 

The premium qualities of these mall names create a psychological value that can easily attract your customers. If you have a premium brand name, you can start your business with that confidence.







Do Not Miss The Benefits Of Premium Mall Names

Professional names are the perfect choice branding specialists recommend for your mall. Because uniqueness is important. Same as that, the trust towards the .com domain extension can attract loyal customers to your business.

With these premium mall names, below you can find 369+ catchy shopping mall names suggested by our branding specialists.

Reduce Your Marketing Cost By Half With a Premium Name!

We can help you name your shopping mall if you require professional assistance. Brinso Brand Name Specialists will prepare a comprehensive report to name your business with a perfect brandable name. Our suggestions will be your path to a better start!

Shopping Mall Name Ideas With Trending Words

Important: Professional brand names are the best investment you can make for the success of your business. Rather than just being a name, it can be the most effective marketing icon for your business.

Brinso recommends a name as a premium brand name, only if it contains all the brand name qualities and scores higher than 80% in the Brinso brand name evaluation.

If you are brainstorming name ideas with dictionary words, be extra careful to avoid common naming mistakes.

Creative Shopping Mall Name Ideas

Discover unique and catchy names for your shopping mall. Stand out with a strong brand identity. Choose from our list or get inspired to create your own. Avoid confusion and ensure uniqueness. Let us help you create a memorable name that sets you apart from the competition.

Amazing Mall

Shop Together

Under One Roof

Public Market

Wide Spread

Shopping Arcade

The Most

Shopping City

Platinum Mahal

Mall Wonders


Complex Shop

Shopping Date

New Plaza

Extra Large

Shopping Valley

The Empire

Heaven Day

Royal Reality

Green Palace

Amazing Date

Platinum Mall

Mega Shopper

Super Customer

Eco Market

Style Mart

Blink Plaza

City Store

Biz Corner

Blue Town

Phenom Palace

Bloom Stock

Green Yard

New Boutique

Shopping Wizard

Golden Mall

Shopping Delight

Treasure Plaza

Happy Groceries

Luxury Lines

Study Your Customer Base Before Naming A Shopping Mall

As a business owner, you have to study your target audience to understand their expectations and behaviors. For example, you know that a too-classy name will not work well for a vintage shop because it will not give your customers the right impression.

Similarly, you must select a shopping mall name idea that is relevant to your customer’s preferences. Unless it will not be helpful for your business growth.

Cool Shopping Mall Name Ideas

Discover captivating and trendy names for your shopping mall. Our curated list of cool mall name ideas is designed to make your retail destination unforgettable. Whether you’re aiming for a modern urban vibe or an upscale and luxurious atmosphere, our names will perfectly capture the essence of your brand. Stand out from the competition and become the ultimate shopping destination with a name that resonates with your target audience. Explore our Cool Mall Name Ideas now and make your mark in the retail industry!

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Unique Mall Name Ideas

You can try unique mall names to represent your business identity without using generic words. But, you must consider the availability of the .com domain and the same social media handles before choosing a mall name.

That will make a one-of-a-kind value for your mall name that no one else can imitate. It is also helpful for anyone to engage with your shopping mall online. Let’s look at a few examples.

Majesta Mall

Max Wonderland

Millenic Plaza

Metrica Center

Selite Plaza

Metagrand Mall


Neoprime Plaza

Vibeserf Mall

Ecodelight Plaza

Zafaria Mall

Starcity Mall



Primex Store

Glamora Mall

The Beyonder

Design Plaza

Shopping Delight

Grand Capital

Wonder Walk

Harmony Hub

Infinity Mall

Zen Zone

Radiant Ridge

Unity Uptown

Marvel Mall

Liberty Lounge

Serenity Plaza

Apex Arcade

Gateway Galleria

Legacy Lane

Quantum Zone

Radiance Square

Apex Zone

Vibrant Villa

Style Haven

Trend Setter

Urban Vogue

Chic Plaza

Vogue Emporium

Elite Oasis

Iconic Center

Luxe Bazaar

Explore The Coolest & Famous Mall Names In The World

Here are some of the industry’s most well-known malls with catchy business names. Analyzing these can help you come up with the best name for your shopping mall. 

Do not forget to evaluate their qualities with Brinso to know the hidden value of their names.

  • Aventura Mall -USA
  • The Avenues Mall -USA
  • The Eatons Center -Canada
  • Magna Plaza -Holland
  • Metrocentre -UK
  • Greenbelt -Philippines
  • Ala Moana -USA

Catchy Mall Name Ideas

To choose a catchy mall name, you can consider your target audience, the location, and the name’s memorability and uniqueness. Make sure it reflects the mall’s image and is adaptable for future expansions.

Please note that some of these names may already be in use. So, it’s always good to check the availability before finalizing the name.

Style Isle

Shop Lord

Mall Avenue

Plaza Point

Market Square

Shop City

Fashion Avenue

Fashion Street

Emporium Plaza

Fashion Faire

Mall Mirage

Shopping Haven

Empyrean Plaza

Vertex Plaza

Zenith Plaza

Stellar Plaza

Luminary Mall

Paragon Palace

Radiant Point

Pinnacle Plaza

Shop Haven

Style Hub

Trend Plaza

Fashion Central

The Shopping

Urban Marketplace

Glamour Junction

Elite Emporium

Chic Avenue

The Retail Arcade

Fashion Oasis

The Shopping

Trendy Junction

Style Square

The Fashion

The Style

Captivating Mall Name Ideas

To come up with a captivating mall name, try thinking outside the box and using a more creative approach. You can also consider using puns, or a play on words that relate to the shopping experience. Think about using a unique word or phrase that expresses the vibe of your mall.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different languages or combine words to create a one-of-a-kind name. Finally, making sure the mall name will help customers easily identify and recommend your mall.


Shopping Row

Market Square

The Bazaar


Trend Central

Style Station

Chic Chateau

Fashion Forward

Outfit Oasis

Accessory Avenue

Glamour Galleria

Luxe Lane


Style Savvy


Glamour Guild


Trendy Tangerine

Fashionable Front

Shopping Society

Shopping Realm

Fashion Flair

Shopping Spree

Glamour Guild


Trendy Tangerine

Fashionable Front

Shopping Society

Shopping Realm

Fashion Flair

Shopping Spree

Enchanted Plaza

Serenity Mall

Vogue Arcade

Thrive Center

Luxe Haven

Harmony Plaza

Urban Oasis

Emporium Heights

Catchy Shopping Center Name Ideas

Here are some catchy examples of shopping center name ideas. They can help you get easily noticed and attract more customers to engage with your business.

These business names will be ideal for your local department stores, shopping complexes, plazas, malls, and supermarkets.


The Most

Multi Serve

Many One

One Roof

Color Choice

All in One

Shopping Trend

Big Seller

Multi Color

The Lot

Each & Every

The Specialist

The Home

New Culture

Shop Stop

Cash & Carry

The Daily

Mega Range

Chain Store

Max Shopping

Food Mart

Icon Store

Vogue Home

Electro House

One Roof

Green Outlet

Organic Palace

Icon Stores

Legacy Line

Zeta Shopping

Urban Mart

Enchanted Plaza

Serenity Mall

Vogue Arcade

Thrive Center

Luxe Haven

Harmony Plaza

Urban Oasis

Emporium Heights

Stellar Junction

Radiant Plaza

Posh Bazaar

Majestic Mall

How to Make Your Shopping Center Name Classy?

Are you interested in creating classy shopping center name ideas? We recommend you explore the latest business naming trends in the industry before you brainstorm. That can energize your ideas on the right path.

Same as that, using rhyming or rhythmic words in your business name can make a shopping center name classy and memorable for customers.

Shopping Complex Name Ideas

Choosing a name that resonates with your target audience is challenging. But here is a simple tip to come up with ideas. Brainstorm related words that can evoke emotions or convey the essence of your shopping complex. Think about the type of shopping experience you want to offer and the values your complex represents.

Once you have a list of potential names, you can narrow it down to a few favorites and see which one resonates the most with your audience. Let’s see some examples.


The Arcade

New Bazaar

The Emporium

Nimbus Plaza


Luminary Plaza

New Zephyr

The Serenade

Shopping Verve


Harmony Plaza

Luminous Hub

Nexus Mall

Modern Aspire

Prime Solace

Aurora Mahal

Bloom Bazar


Infinity Complex



Plaza Paradise

Retail Rendezvous

Mall Marvel

Bazaar Bounty

Market Moxie

Shopping Square

Avenue Arcade

Emporium Elegance

Boutique Boulevard

Gallery Galore

Arcade Alley

Outlet Oasis

Haven Hub

Emporium Elite

Plaza Pleasure

Market Mania

Avenue Ambience

Destination Den

Concept Store Name Ideas

As a business, concept stores have a higher chance of making a loyal customer base. But first, you have to come up with the right concept store name to attract customers to engage with your business. To do that, understand what makes your business unique from the competitors.

Try to reflect those values of business through your concept store name. That will give your customers a positive impression to engage with your business.

Concept Plaza

Premium Shop

Super Mart

Glorious Mall

Green Heaven

Direct Retreat

Shoppers Store

Meta Range

Delight Shoppe

Happy Shoppers

Concept Galore

Mirror Hub

Humble Vision

Oracle Center

Insight Home

Master House

Intro Palace

Prime Paradise

Pico Heaven

Legacy Complex

Store Clubs

Crown Hub

Idea Lab

Infinite Choices

Idea Kingdom

Oracle Plex

Smart Spaces

Value Vibe

Trend Fusion

Artisanal Nexus

Urban Gallery

Concept Haven

Mindful Marketplace

Creative Curation

Innovation Baz

Idea Emporium

Prepare Your Concept Store Name Ideas For Voice Search

Voice search is becoming a new trend among customers. So, the number of times your business can be searched by voice assistants is also increasing. Customers will be confused if your concept store name is difficult for voice assistants to recognize.

So, it is time to think about the problem; are you safe from these technological evolutions? Consider it while naming your stores.

Catchy Department Store Name Ideas

Department store names shouldn’t be focused on your products and services. That can limit your expansion possibilities and will not deliver the right message to your customers.

Check out these examples before naming your department store.

Flair Mart

Urban Store

U Super Mart

Marina Mall

Amazing Mall

Top Buy

Happy Discount

Dream Buy

Comfort Shopping

Fair Price

Buy Enjoy

Craft Square

Happy Mart

Save Store

Fresh Mahal

Herbal Outlet

City Plaza

Mega Classics

Oscar Group

House of Lux






Elite Emporium



Classique Depot

The Style Hub


Trendsetters Emporium



Stellar Style

Couture Central

Supermarket Name Ideas

Cool supermarket names must be easy for customers to realize what to expect in your business. But using your business name to describe the business is not the correct way to do it. You have to creatively express what you need.

You can try some supermarket name ideas like these below that sound cool rather than confusing.

Super Corner

Grocery Cart

Full Spot

Mega Store

Treat Bite

Shoppe Shelf

Full Space

Mega Boutique

Wholesome Space

Shopping Suite

Shop Goods

Fashion Hub

Elite Super

Charm Street

City Mart

Delight Super

Dream Home

Herb Cart

Cloud Yard

Glory Store

Prime Fashion

Supreme Sales

Mystic Mart

Fresh Mart

Dream Buy

Pet Secrets

Super Green


Fresh Haven

QuickCart Stop

Prime Pick

Smart Shop

Mega Market

EasyShop Hub

Value Village

Foodie Plaza

What To Know Before Naming Your Supermarket

In a supermarket, customers expect to buy various products. So, supermarket names have to represent the business in the same way without limiting it to a targeted product range. 

Customers usually spend a significantly short attention span on your business name. But, those few seconds are all you have to trigger their emotions to engage with your business.


We have gathered these frequently asked questions by entrepreneurs on social media platforms like Reddit & Quora. All these answers below are provided by Brinso branding specialists.

How Do I Choose A Perfect Shopping Mall Name?

If it is a premium brand name you need, you have to make it professional. A shopping mall name can be perfect if it has all the brand name qualities. You can use the Brinso brand name evaluation tool to review them easily.

Quality shopping mall names must score higher than 80% in the report.

Can’t I Name My Shopping Mall Using My Own Name?

Yes, you can. It is a common method among entrepreneurs who already have powerful personal branding. They can use it as an advantage to make their businesses visible in the field. If it is not the same in your case, better to think twice. 

What Is The Ideal Character Count For My Shopping Mall Name?

Character count is important because it directly affects the memorability of your shopping mall name. According to the professionals, the best character count to use in a shopping mall name is 4-6. 

Longer business names than that limit can damage memorability.

How Can I Know The Phonological Loop Value Of My Shopping Mall Name?

The most accurate method to measure the phonological loop value is the Brinso brand name evaluation tool. It can give you an idea of how brandable your choice is.

You can consider the phonological loop value as an undeniable secret behind many successful shopping mall names.

How Much Should I Pay For A Premium Shopping Mall Name?

Your shopping mall name is the most valuable investment in your business. Branding specialists do not recommend you spend over $1000 even for a premium mall name. 

If you plan for a big budget, you can purchase a premium brand name below $1000 and spend the rest on marketing.

How to Choose an SEO-friendly Shopping Mall Name?

Even though many people believed, Google does not consider a domain name as a ranking factor, no matter how good it is.

After the 2012 EMD update, the Google algorithm started penalizing EMD websites with spammy and low-quality content. Other than that, search engines do not care what your domain name is.

You just have to choose a name that can be appealing and memorable for users.

Trending Words For Shopping Mall Names

Things To Consider When Naming Your Shopping Mall

  • Your Business Niche

Before naming your shopping mall, you should have a clear idea of the business niche you are targeting. It gives you an idea about your target market and expansion possibilities. Most importantly, it will help you come up with a perfect shopping mall name.

  • Competitor Names

Do a competitor analysis on popular shopping mall names, naming trends, failures, and growth to get a clear idea of the impact the brand name made on their business.

  • Think Out Of The Box

Do not stick with the regular shopping mall names. Think out of the scope. As much as your ideas are open, you will get many cool brand name ideas for your shopping mall. 

  • Brand Name Collection

Brainstorm ideas and create a list of shopping mall names. It will help you choose the best one.

  • Review Session

Do a review session to finalize shopping mall name ideas and choose the best for your business. Getting help from family, friends, and social media will help you to decide.

  • Do Not Limit Your Brand Name Idea

Never choose a brand name with keywords that can limit the scope of your business. When you need an expansion, it affects you negatively. Choose a brandable shopping mall name to avoid any regrets.

  • Brand Name Qualities

Consider more on the brand name qualities a perfect shopping mall name should have. 

  • Meaningful Shopping Mall Name

Try to come up with a shopping mall name with a good meaning. It is a great plus point to build your reputation and also to make the name more memorable.

  • Domain Availability

Check the domain availability with .com for your chosen shopping mall name. Owning the .com domain extension will make your shopping mall name unique. If it is already purchased, just go for another name without doing small changes to make it unique.


How To Check The Trademark & Domain Name Availability?

You can check the trademark availability of your shopping mall name from the USPTO (The United States Patent And Trademark Office). And you can use a registrar to check the domain name availability…

If you are not familiar with the process or require professional assistance, Brinso brand name specialists will provide you with a complete report.

Do Not Forget To Evaluate Your Shopping Mall Name!

Evaluating the qualities of your shopping mall names help you identify the strengths and weaknesses, and make them perfect to win the competition!

Evaluate Your Brand Name Here!

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