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Naming your kid’s clothing brand or kids-related business is a challenging task, right? It requires a proper understanding of the brand naming process. We are here with everything you need to know before naming your kid’s clothing brand or any kids-related business. 

Invest your time to explore, and that is going to be the smartest thing you do for your success. Let’s dive in.

Professional Kids Clothing Brand Names

Here is the list to help you reach your business goals faster. Most of all, these premium brand names give you the confidence to start your business. You can use them for your kids clothing brand names, baby shop names, or any kids-related business. All these brand names are available with the .com domain extension.








Bribzy logoBribzy

Why Do We Recommend Professional Kids Clothing Brand Names?

Your business name heavily impacts your success or failure in business. To achieve the maximum benefits for your efforts, you need the premium qualities of the above brand names. Major companies spent millions on rebranding just because of mistakes they made while choosing a name. So, it is your choice to make the right investment at the right time.

If you are not planning a professional business, try some catchy kids clothing brand names below.

Catchy Kids Clothing Business Names

Here are some catchy kids clothing business names. They are ideal as baby shop names, or children’s clothing business names to easily reach your customers. If you are targeting a local customer base, these business names are a good pick for you!!!

Baby Cotton

Cute Weaving

Baby Silk

Baby Bamboo

Cuddly Soft

New Bee

Stylish Kiddo

Kids Paradise

Kiddy Fash

Kids Look

Cute Needle

The Kidsdome

Kiddy World

Smaller Model

The Princess

Girly Style

Little Buddy

The Kiddie

Cute Fashion

Kiddy One

Little Model

Fashion Under

Child Stuff

Tiny Dream

Fash A Boo

Small Needle

Cute Fashions

Adore Stuff


Fashion Full

Kid Glove

Sweet Shorts

Cute And Lovable

Cute Lady

Mom And Daughter

Dad And Son

Lil Fashion

Fashion Magazine

Cute Darling

Fashion Buddy

Fash Hash

Prince And Princess

Fairy Tale

Smart Kids

Vid Kid

Mod Young

Stylish Gene

Lil Model

Stella Vogue

Dandy Clothing

Royal Attire

Glory Outfits

Swan Garments

Poplin Turnout

Flex Clothing

Idol Wear


Pink Kids

Kids Lobby

Giggle Buddy

How To Come Up With A Catchy Kids Clothing Brand Name?

There are ten characteristics to consider before choosing a catchy kids clothing brand name. If you dream to become a successful kidswear brand in the field, a powerful name is a must. So, explore more about these brand name qualities to nail the task!!!

Pro Tip - Parents care about their kids more than anything. They only purchase goods for kids from a trusted brand or a business. As a new kids' clothing store in the field, your business name needs to sound trustworthy and professional as well to gain the trust you need. Remember you are selling clothes for kids, but your target audience is parents!

Catchy Kids Clothing Line Names

Catchiness is a must for your kids clothing line names. Make sure your business name has that quality in order to make the clothing line names memorable.

Baby Fashion

Baby Slip-On

Nipper Blue

Mom’s Angel

Chaff Garment

Dude Clothe

Nestling Wear off

Shaver Fagout

Toddler Tuxedo

Kids Offspring

Kaddie Grab

Yealing Costume

Childhood Collection

Childlike Outwear

Kidly Look

Daycare Frazzle

Girls’ Kirtle

Puerile Outfit

Crazy Collection

Childsafe Caftan

Icon Clothing

Duke Collection

Phenom Fashion

Alpha Teens

Dawn Garms

Elite Gear

Eco Duds

Dream Clobber

Exo Garb

Flash Array

Grace Wear

Hero Deck

Happy Fairy

Prince Wear

Costume Land

Poplin Dreams

Snow Girl

Baby Wear

Baby Fabric

Tog Pal

What Are Some Cute Kids Boutique Names?

If you are looking for a cute business name to name your kids boutique, here is the ideal collection for you. 

Child Dress

Daughters' Attire

Doll Wear Out

Fairy Outwear

Girls’ Look

Baby Dolls

Cute Spot

Cute U

Hello Kitty


Comfy Poppy

Flower Petal

Baby World

Dandy Kids

Baby Collection

Cute Pal

Baby Paradise

Happy Birds

Boss Baby

Baby Shine

How To Choose The Best Baby Business Name?

Before finalizing your baby business name, do the following steps to make sure you have the best brand name for your business.

  • Analyze the other baby clothing brand names in the market
  • Ask your friends and family to give their feedback about your brand name
  • Make sure the selected brand name is not registered using

Do not forget to get the .com domain extension for your baby clothing store.

What Should I Name My Baby Boutique?

Check out these baby boutique name ideas by Brinso branding experts to help you get inspired on the right path.

Baby Play

All Baby

Baby Needy

New Born

Comfy Baby

For New Member

New Life

Baby Stuff

For Them

New Member's List

Baby Products

Cute Stuff

Hello Baby

Sunrise Attire

My Baby

Mini Angels

What Is The Role Of Your Baby Boutique Name?

Your baby boutique name is not just to represent your business. It plays many roles to help your business grow up to become sustainable and stand out in the industry. Here are a few.

  • Delivering a great first impression for the customers
  • Holding the unique identity of your business
  • Being the main marketing icon in your business
  • Helping your business with branding and expansions
  • Making customers remember you effortlessly  

What Are Some Catchy Baby Store Names?

Here is the inspiration you need to start brainstorming a baby store name. Find the right one that can help you build brand awareness around your business.

Comfy Thread

Cute Bundle

Cotton Flower

Pink Dreamz

Soft N Comfy

Pinky Star

Tiny Kittens

Rose Buds

Happy Bubble

New Born

Soft Kiss

New Buddy

The Tiny

Tiny Measure

Teansy Pebble

Baby Clouds

Baby Kisses

Kissy Kids

Tulip Corner

Baby Rangers

Power Buddy

Happy Pal

Unicorn Magic

Baby Dream

Make Your Baby Store Name Define What You Do

Describing words in your business name is not helpful to stand out in the industry. But still, you can use some relevant words to help customers know what they can expect in your business. Using relevant words without describing is a smart way to name your baby store.

Classy Baby Shop Name Ideas

A classy name can be appealing for the customers in any business. Let’s explore how you can apply the same strategy to your baby shop name. The following kids brand names are listed to help your task.

Cute Baby

Baby Boy

The Baby

B Fashion

Sweet Collection

The Toys

Baby Album

Cute Smile

Tiny Measure

Cute Sew

Fine Baby

Cute And Cuddle

Baby Vibes

Lavish Kiddo

Baby Tribe

Baby Aura

How To Make Your Baby Shop Name Classy?

A classy baby shop name is a good choice to name your business. Before brainstorming, take your time to explore the current business naming trends in the industry. Using a rhythmic tone in your baby shop name is also a good idea to come up with a classy name. 

Catchy Baby Clothing Store Name Ideas

Parents are likely to engage with baby clothing stores with cool names. Explore the list below to come up with a catchy baby clothing store name to shine in the industry.

New Baby

The New

Tiny Clothing

Rose Buds

Flower Petals

Comfy Baby

Cuty Closet

Happy Baby

Baby Clothing


Baby New

Little Sparkle

Baby Paradise

Little Charm

Baby Hub

Poplin Corner

Milli Kids

Nimble Clothing

Shadow Shine

Paradise Charm

Nexus Clothing

Milli Charms

Lance Apparel

Heavenly Wear

Can Your Baby Clothing Store Name Build Brand Awareness?

Brand recognition and brand recall are the main things you need to consider in every step of your marketing plan. A good business name supports you to build brand awareness in your target audience. If it fails, you will end up having a huge marketing cost just to get noticed in the field. 

Teen Clothing Business Name Ideas

How can you attract teens into a clothing business? It will be a different game than selling other clothing types. Try these teen clothing name ideas to give them a welcoming impression. 

Happy Teens

For Us

Cool Teens

Teens’ Super

Comic Corner

Lil Lady

Fashion Factory

Mister Classic

Teen Fashion

Mini Funchine

Smart Prince

Flower Girls

Jolly Teens

Teen Boy

Clever Doll

Teen Delight

Teen Vibes

Teen Pink

Style Gene

Hero Girls

Elite Teens

Flex Fashion

Diana Girls

Genie Boy

Maintaining The Online Presence Of Your Teen Clothing Business

Teens mostly engage with clothing businesses through the internet and social media. When you choose teen clothing line names, make sure the same social media handles are available. Create the accounts as soon as you come up with a teen clothing business name before it becomes too late.

Hair Bow Business Name Ideas

The customer base you are targeting has a good sense of style and fashion. To catch their attention, your hair bow business names have to be appealing. Take your time to explore the list before you brainstorm hair bow business names. 

Bow Kids

Cute Hair

Bow Heaven

Blessed Curls

Little Bee

Bow Boo

Bow Collection

B Paradise

Soft Fash

Curly Carol

Hun Color

Baby Bows

Opal Hair

Monroe Fashion

Lavish Colors

Happy Curls

Goldy Bows

Palace Merida

Jasmine Bows

Fine Curls

Baby Gift Shop Name Ideas

When you are naming a baby gift shop, do not choose too formal or too classy tones with your name ideas. Just try to give a cool and playful impression through your baby gift shop name.

Twinkle Baby

Gift Fairy

Charming Surprise

Treasure Villa

Aladdin's Boutique

Gift With Love

Santa Souvenirs

Highfive Greetings

Wish A Gift

Heavens Delivery

Cookie Palace

Kids Corner

Paradise Charm

Pick Amaze



Epic Carts

Gift Bay

Santa House

Happy Blink

Gift Buddy

Angel Blink

Retro Kids

Happy Vibes

Baby Accessories Shop Name Ideas

Try to find a good business name that will not limit your expansions with new baby accessories. Here are some of the cute baby accessories shop names we came up with.

Rainbow Accessories

Unicorn Palace

Dream Accessories

Kids In Wonderland

Charley’s Factory

Comic House

Baby’s Dream

Bluestar Kingdom

Matilda Palace

Floating Castle

Little Villa

Treasure Palace

Fireball Accessories

Relic Kingdom

Lil Paradise

Toy House


Scooby Palace

Bloom Factory

New Kinderland

Cute Slime Business Names

All the kids love to play with slimes. If you are planning to launch your own slime business, you have to come up with cute slime business names to attract your customers. Here we have listed cute slime shop names to help you sharpen your ideas.

Rainbow Slimes

Slime Delight

Aqua Slime

Slime Buddies


Slime Mart

Happy Slimes

Slime Charms

Mystery Slimes

Unicorn Slimes

Slime Dreams

Happy Drops

Slime Lotus

Slime Fame

Spring Slimes

Heal Relics

Slime business is a new trending business not only among kids. So you can create a good customer base around your business with the right efforts. Slime business names or slime shop name ideas need to give a fresh and cool impression to the customers. Your slime business name is the key to achieve the maximum benefits from your efforts.

Online Kids Clothing Store Names

You need your online kids clothing store name to be appealing to customers. Unless it can easily go unnoticed in the competition. But using an attractive business name can effectively turn the tide. Check out these online kids store names for example,

On Kids

Handsome Line

Boys Online

Boys Line

On Look

Fash Kids

Modern Kingdome

Online Collection

Hey Kiddo

Live Fashion

Cute Look

Kids Measure

Fashion Space

Kiddie Decor

Kids Range

Fashion Clicks

Kiddo Fashion

Kids Space


Kids Collection

Pinky Kiddo

Semase Kid

Teen Bubble

Angel Carts

Baby Heaven

Apex Teen

Star Vibes

Mystic Kids

Ace Attire

Phantom Wear

Star Kids

Regal Costume

Born Classic

Blink Finery

Bloom Apparel

Delight Garms

Pebble Delight

Bambi Pals

Cheery Panda

Fairy Baby

What You Need to Consider before Naming A Kids Clothing Website

As you know, a name with .com is important for your website. Online competition is not easy to withstand. So, you will need your marketing strategies on social media platforms as well. In that case, you need a kids clothing website name to support your overall online presence. 

Extra Tip - We recommend you explore the industry for successful kids clothing line names, kids brand names, and baby shop names. You need to analyze your competitors better than themselves. You can apply the knowledge in your business name to stand out. To help you with that task, below you will find some existing business names in the field.

Baby Shop Names In London

Are you interested in exploring some catchy baby shop names in London? All these are sustainable businesses with good reputations. Explore and get your ideas inspired with these cool British baby shop names.


Natural For Baby

The Nursery Window

To Tiny London

Oh Baby London

Tommy’s Uk

Baby May London

Bob & Blossom

Little Olive Company

JoJo Maman Bébé


Designer Baby UK

Catchy Baby Shop Names In France

Check out the list of magical children’s stores you can find in Paris.





Cybex Store


Atelier Choux

Marie Puce

Baby Shop Names In India

Frangipani India

Pink Blue India

Peony Kids

Curious Village

Baby Couture India

Born Kidswear




Baby India

Knitroot India


World Famous Kids Clothing Brand Names

Let’s take a look at the best kids brand names in the world.

Babyhug logo


Mothercare logo


Meme logo


Etsy logo


Babyshop logo


Beebay logo


Huxbaby logo


Gymboree logo


Yk logo


Gap logo


H-M logo


ZARA logo


How Do I Start A Baby Clothing Business?

We thought it would be a help if we list these steps for you to consider. Check and make sure you do not miss anything!!!

  1. A business plan– This is the first-ever step you need to make in your kids clothing business. With a great plan, it’s half done.
  2. Funding your business– be clear about the funding resources for your kids clothing business. For many startups, the funding resource is a loan.
  3. The location– you need to find a great location for your kids’ clothing store. Be smart to find a place that is comfortable and attractive for your target market.
  4. Effective bookkeeping– this is important for your business to maintain a healthy and neat financial history. Keeping an accountant is the top option of most businesses in this case.
  5. Promote your kids wear business – as the last step, you need to market your business to attract more customers to your business.

We hope this helped, and it is better to know more information regarding starting your own children’s wear business for a better business journey!!!.

Business Names To Avoid

Now you know how to come up with kids clothing brand names or kids-related business names. But, what types of business names do you have to avoid for the sake of your business? Without much explanation, we are here with examples. 

Cloths For Kids
Wear Your Kids
Cloth For You
Wear Your Cloth
Best Dress For Kids
Clothes For Babies
Nice Clothes For Kids
Wear Nice Clothes
Best Wear For You
Nice Dress

Having a good idea of tips before naming your startup will help you to avoid mistakes you may make.