Kids Wear Business Name Ideas

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A brandable brand name is a must if you need to start a successful kids wear business journey. For that, Brinso brand name specialists have listed brandable brand names for you. Check out the best brand names for your kids wear business with Brinso!!!

Brand Name Ideas For Your Kids Wear Business

These brand name ideas are handpicked by our brand name specialists, for your kids wear business. All these listed brand name ideas are suitable for any business related to kids wear, such as, street kids wear business and babywear business. If you have no plans to upgrade your business into online platforms, these brand names are just for you!!!

Baby Cotton

Cute Weaving

Baby Silk

Baby Bamboo

Cuddly Soft

New Bee

Stylish Kiddo

Kids Paradise

Kiddy Fash

Kids Look

Cute Needle

The Kidsdome

Kiddy World

Smaller Model

The Princess

Girly Style

Little Buddy

The Kiddie

Cute Fashion

Kiddy One

Little Model

Fashion Under

Child Stuff

Tiny Dream

Fash A Boo

Small Needle

Cute Fashions

Adore Stuff


Fashion Full

Kid Glove

Sweet Shorts

Cute And Lovable

Cute Lady

Mom And Daughter

Dad And Son

Lil Fashion

Fashion Magazine

Cute Darling

Fashion Buddy

Fash Hash

Prince And Princess

Fairy Tale

Smart Kids

Vid Kid

Mod Young

Stylish Gene

Lil Model

Brandable Brand Name Is Important...

You may not have a good knowledge about the brand naming process as you have about your kids wear business and that is not a surprise. But you need to know that you have to select a brandable brand name for your kids wear business. What is a brandable brand name? Simply a brand name with all the following brand name qualities known as a brandable brand name.

There are ten characteristics you need to confirm in your brand name to recognize it as a brandable brand name. They are, 

  1. Uniqueness– your brand name needs to be distinctive from other brand names(Etsy)
  2. Simplicity- the ability to pronounce and memorize easily (H&M)
  3. Not included generic words– you need to avoid generic words or partial generic words in your brand name. It makes your brand name less unique and attractive(Cuddly Kids)
  4. Avoid brand names with histories– if your brand name stood before for another business, you need to avoid those brand names. (you cannot use Rolex for your kidswear startup even if it is available, as the brand name Rolex known for a whole different business category)
  5. One-word brand names are perfect– make sure your brand name is not longer than 6 characters, the ideal character count of a brandable brand name is 4-6. (Meme)
  6. Avoid keywords in your kids wear brand name– avoid keywords and partial keywords in your brand name. you cannot stand out in the market with a brand name included keywords. (Kids Wear)
  7. Do not imitate a successful brand name in your industry– imitating another brand name is not a good business practice. Make your own brand name for your kids wear business. (Baby hug/ Baby bug)
  8. Avoid numbers and special characters in your kidswear brand name– brand names with numbers and special characters are less memorable and it makes your online customers uncomfortable as these types of brand names make lots of typing mistakes.(Baby@8)
  9. Robots friendly- make sure your kids wear brand name is robot friendly. Some brand names do not perform well with robots and do not let that happen to your kids wear brand name. (GAP)
  10. Avoid negative connotations in your kids wear brand name- if you have an idea to expand your kids wear business overseas, this fact is so important. Confirm that your brand name does not generate negative meaning in other languages. 

If you have an idea to become one of the successful kids wear brand names in your field, a brandable brand name is a must. So know more about these brand name qualities and do not forget to include them in your kids wear brand name!!!

Brandable Kids Wear Brand Names

These are a few professional brand names which are suitable for kids stores. These brand names are unique with the .com domain extension and very easy to memorize and pronounce. These brand names are simple because none of these brand names consists of numbers or special characters. These brand name does not imitate any other popular brands too.

Crinol logoCrinol Kids Wear

Logerro logoLogerro Fashion

Tiyono logoTiyono Clothing

Hesomi logoHesomi Apparel

Bribzy logoBribzy Cute Fashion

Nozfi logoNozfi Kids Fashion

Sifoz logoSifoz Fashion

Nizow logoNizow Kids Wears

Vesloo logoVesloo Clothing Designers

Cipzi logoCipzi Kids Wears

Sejizo logoSejizo Kids Apparels

Suvixo logoSuvixo Clothing

Lozri logoLozri Kids Clothing

Nequm logoNequm Kids Fashion

Rezri logoRezri Apparels

gihum logoGihum Kids Wears

More Children's Wear Brand Name Ideas

The following brand names are designed for the sub niches of kids wear business. Scroll down to get your dream kids wear brand name…

Kids Online Clothing Store Name Ideas

Our brand name consultants have handpicked the following brand name samples for the kids online clothing stores such as girls online clothing websites.

On Kids

Handsome Line

Boys Online

Boys Line

On Look

Fash Kids

Modern Kingdome

Online Collection

Hey Kiddo

Live Fashion

Cute Look

Kids Measure

Fashion Space

Kiddie Decor

Kids Range

Fashion Clicks

Kiddo Fashion

Kids Space


Kids Collection

Baby Shop Brand Name Ideas

The following brand name ideas are handpicked by our brand name consultants for any baby item businesses.

Cute Baby

Baby Boy

The Baby

B Fashion

Sweet Collection

The Toys

Baby Album

Cute Smile

Tiny Measure

Cute Sew

Fine Baby

Cute And Cuddle

Kids Street Clothing Store Name Ideas

Baby Fashion
Baby Slip On
Nipper Blue
Mom’s Angel
Chaff Garment
Dude Clothe
Nestling Wear off
Shaver Fagout
Tiddler Tuxedo
Kids Offspring
Kaddie Grab
Yealing Costume
Childhood Collection
Childlike Outware
Kidly Look
Daycare Frazzle
Girls’ Kirtle
Puerile Outfit
Crazy Collection
Childsafe Caftan

These brand name suggestions are best for kids street clothing, Kids Street clothing stores, Kids Street clothing websites, Kids Street clothing styles, and anything related to kids street clothing.

Girls’ Wear Store Name Ideas

Child Dress
Daughters' Attire
Doll Wear Out
Fairy Outwear
Girls’ Look
Baby Dolls
Young Slops
Baby Napkins
Pinky Babies
Rose Glit
Sunbonnet Fabrics
Missy Webbings
Little Girls Paradise
Young Women
Teen Girl
Blonde Textile
Babe Girl
Cutie Pie
Sweet Canvas
Sugar Cane

These brand name ideas are perfect for Baby girl frocks, Baby girl shirts, Baby girl skirts, Baby girl tops, Baby girl gowns, Baby girl suits and anything related to girls wears.

Boys’ Wear Store Name Ideas

Boys Cotton
Sons’ colslection
Toddler Material
Baby Garment
Handsome Son
Teen Boy
Clot Woven
Dudes’ Place
Fella Garment
Mr. Handsome
My Boy
Brothers’ Choice
Best Collection
Dude Linen
Buddy Apparel
Juvenile Attire
Toddler Boy
Gentleman Fabric
Youth Collection
Little Boy

Kids Party Clothing Store Name Ideas

Kids Rich Look
Baby Party Wear
Babies Day Out
Youngster Outfit
Kiddos Party
Best Collection
Tike Party Wear
Hey Kids
Minor Apparel
Babies Party
Handsome Boy
Rich colslection
Angels Fiton
Rich Kids
Beauty Look
Best Apparel
Teen Clothing
Candy Kids
Sweet Kids

These are perfect brand name examples for Girls party frock, Boys party suits, Girls Party gowns, Girls party dress, Boys party shirts, Boys party trousers, Boys party tie and any business related to kids party wear,

Kids Winter Wear Clothing Store Name Ideas

Cold Collection
Winter Wear
Kids Wintery
Toddler Icy Wear
Over Wintering
Kids Winter Collection
Winter Care
Snow Baby
Tyke Fibre
Wool Kids Winter
Winter Doll
Snow Man
Cold Season
Babe Cold
Buddy Snowy
Dude Winter
Little Skate
Kiddo It’s Winter
Infant Icy
Zima Clothing

These brand names are the perfect example for kids’ jackets, Kids Sweaters, Kids winter cap, Kids winter tops, Kids winter coats, Kids winter trousers, Kids winter raincoats, and any business related to kids winter wear.

Kids Summer Wear Clothing Store Name Ideas

Baby Summer
Childrens Daylight
Kiddo Sun
Spring And Summer
Summer Collection
Kids Linen
Comfy Summer
Best Summer Collection
Cute Girly
After Winter
Summer Dot
It’s Sunny
Summer Apparel
Summer Time
Kids Hot Spot
Best Collection
Join Summer
Kids Zone
Trendy Kids
Summer Fashion

These brand name examples are suitable for kids summer wear tops, Kids summer wear skirts, Kids summer wear t-shirts, Kids summer wear shorts, Kids summer wear shirts, Kids summer wear hats, Kids summer wear trousers and any business related to kids summer wear.

Kids Denim Wear Clothing Store Name Ideas

Denim Collection
Kids Denim
Junior Outerwear
Baby Plaid
Tyke Twill
Cowboy Design
Kids Couture
Toddler Jeans
Kiddo Pant
Best Kiddo
Handsome Boy
Kiddo Pant
Buddy Garments
Hey Junior
Babe Pant
Denim Paradise
Kiddo’s Collection
Your Choice
Looking Handsome
Girl & Boy

These brand name ideas are perfect for Kids denim trousers, Kids denim dresses, Kids denim jackets, kids denim skirts, Kids denim shirts, Kids denim vest, Kids denim jumpsuit, kids denim t-shirts, Kids denim overalls and any business related to kids denim wear.

Kids Sports Wear Store Name Ideas

Play Kids
Toddler Sports
Tyke Athlete
Youngster Zone
Sporty Look
Sporty Boy
Under One Roof
Kiddo Disport
Sporty Girl
Romp’s Collection
Best Sportswear
Kids Sports Zone
Sporty Minded
Sportive Kids
Amazing Look
Sporty Gang
Yours Sports
Sportive Buddies
Next Generation
Sprog Sporty

All these brand name ideas can be used for Kids sports shirts, Kids sports trousers, Kids sports jackets, Kids sports leggings, Kids sports shorts, Kids sports Crop Tops, Kids sports dress, Kids sports clothes and any company related to kids sportswear.

Steps To Start Your Own Kids Clothing Business…

We are sure that you know pretty much everything about starting a kids clothing business, but we thought it would be a help, if we list these steps for your convenience. Check these steps and make sure you do not miss anything!!!

  1. A business plan– This is the first ever step you need to make in your kids clothing business. With a great plan, it’s half done.
  2. Funding your business– be clear about the funding resources for your kids clothing business. For many startups the funding resource is a loan.
  3. The location– you need to find a great location for your kids’ clothing store. Be smart to find a place that is comfortable and attractive for your target market.
  4. Effective bookkeeping– this is important for your business to maintain a healthy and neat financial history. Keeping an accountant is the top option of most businesses in this case.
  • Promote your kids wear business – as the last step, you need to market your business to attract more customers to your business.

We hope this helped, and it is better to know more information regarding starting your own children’s wear business for a better business journey!!!.

World Famous Kids Wear Brand Names

Let’s take a look at the best brandable kids Clothing Names in the world.

Babyhug logo


Mothercare logo


Meme logo


Etsy logo


Babyshop logo


Beebay logo


Huxbaby logo


Gymboree logo


Yk logo


Gap logo


H-M logo


ZARA logo


Kids Clothing Stores In USA

Modern Rascals
Ladida Childrens Wear
Lulu Kids Clothing
Gap Kids
Cookie’s Department Store
Kid City
Mini Mioche
Rachel Riley
Tea Collection

Here are a few popular clothing stores in the USA for kids jeans, Kids pants, Kids frocks, Kids skirts, Kids shorts, babies clothes.

Kids Clothing Stores In Australia

Juno Kids Australia
Shorties Childrens Store
Ollies Place Kidswear
Laramy Collection
Buckets And Spades
Cotton On Kids
Jacadi Paris
Deezo Kids Wear
Seed Heritage
Pavements Brands

Here are a few popular clothing stores in Australia for baby dresses, Baby nappies, Baby towels, Baby clothes, Kids clothes.

Kids Clothing Store In UK

Moonson Kids Wear
Gap Kids
Elizabeth-anne Children’s Wear
Childsplay Clothing
Children’s Outlet
Next Children
Kids Cavern

Here are a few popular clothing stores in the UK  for kids Outfit, Babies outfit, Kids toys, Kids dresses.

Kids Clothing Stores In India

Frangipani India
Pink Blue India
Peony Kids
Curious Village
Baby Couture India
Born Kidswear
Real Choice

Here are a few popular clothing stores in India for kids dresses, Kids frocks, Kids pants, Kids toys, Baby wears.

Brand Names To Be Avoided

Cloths For Kids
Wear Your Kids
Cloth For You
Wear Your Cloth
Best Dress For Kids
Clothes For Babies
Nice Clothes For Kids
Wear Nice Clothes
Best Wear For You
Nice Dress

Things To Consider When Naming Your Business.

  • Make your brand name has no number and Special Characters

Always make sure to choose a brand name with no numbers and special characters because brand names with numbers and special characters have a high possibility of being forgotten by users.

  • Make sure your brand name does not imitate any other popular brands

Imitating popular brand names will add less trust to the brand. So always make sure to be unique.

  • Choose a brand name has no negative meaning

Having negative meaning in the brand name will impact the future of your brand negatively. Make sure not to use any negative meaning with the brand name.

Having a good idea on tips before naming your startup will help you to avoid mistakes you may make.