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Can You Easily Voice Your Brand Name?

The pronunciation ability of a brand name is a must, and it is one of the brand name qualities…You may have this experience with some brand names, that you adore their product or service, but you cannot make further contact with that business as you couldn’t catch their brand name just because it is hard to pronounce. 

Always remember that you are selling your product to customers and that the customer is your biggest marketing source. Have you heard of “the word of mouth quality of a brand name”? When a customer gets satisfied with your product or service, they introduce your brand name to their friends, they share your brand name on social media, etc. When your brand name is easy to pronounce, your business gets naturally promoted by your customers which are known as word of mouth quality for a brand name. 

This article is all about how important “an easily pronounceable brand name” is for any business,  what are the factors you need to consider in order to get a pronounceable brand name, and more. Let’s create a brand name that can engage with users in a matter of seconds.

When a brand name is easy to pronounce, it is also easy to remember...

Why Is It Important To Have A Name That Is Easy To Read?

As mentioned earlier, “easy to pronounce” is one of the universal brand name qualities. It gives you many benefits. A brand name needs to be universally applicable and this quality makes your brand name universal. Check out the other benefits of an easily pronounceable brand name.

  • Customer Recognition

Easy – to – read brand names are also easy to memorize. So customers can easily recognize your brand name whenever they see your brand name. With a brand name that has an easy pronunciation, you can earn customer recognition towards your business. Assume your brand name is difficult to pronounce, then your customers easily forget your brand name and it would be hard for you to attract customers for your business.

  • Customer Loyalty

Getting a brand name that is easy to pronounce to your business is like getting a customer attractive magnet to your business. When the customer knows your business by the brand name, it makes a loyal customer to your business. They look for your brand name among other options in the market when the brand name is easy to read and remember. It is true the brand name alone cannot make a loyal customer but a pronounceable brand name is very important in maintaining a loyal customer crowd.

  • Higher Employee Motivation

Not only the outside parties from the business, but also the employees working in the business are also benefited by the perfectly readable brand name. How? As the brand name has a loyal customer base and a higher customer recognition, the employees are motivated to work in the business. Positive employees are a blessing for a business. 

  • Low Price Sensitivity

When your brand name becomes recognized and loved by the audience they do not care about the pricing of your product, they just choose you over your competitors.

  • Increased Word Of Mouth

When you get a brand name that is easy to pronounce and remember, it is also easy for your customers to recommend your brand name for their friends, relatives and colleagues. This is called word of mouth quality and you can freely market your business without spending a single dollar, through your loyal customers.

How Much Is The Vocabulary Score Of Your Brand Name?

Vocabulary score is a tool that calculates how easy your brand name idea can be pronounced and remembered for the people who are reading it for the first time. And it generates a score from 1 to 10 for that particular brand name. If your brand name scores more than 6 it is somewhat easy to pronounce and if it is more than 8 points, you got a super brand name. And you might need to move for another brand name or change the selected brand name if the score is below 6. So if the vocabulary score is higher, your brand name is easy to read for anyone.

How To Get A Brand Name That Can Be Pronounced Well?

Pronunciation is a key factor in the branding process of a business. But it is also a hard process, as there is not much information about how to get a brand name that can be pronounced smoothly. We have analyzed this factor deeply and listed the following points to make sure that your brand name is errorless.

1. Can You Say Your Brand Name Out Loud?

This is the first thing you should do if you are interested in getting an easy pronounceable brand name. Say your brand name out loud and see if it sounds what you expect it to be or it sounds something else and whether it rolls off your tongue without making any pauses. This is a key feature of a well pronounceable brand name.

2. Is The Name Easy To Pronounce In Other Languages?

When you introduce your brand name to the other countries, it often adds new meanings that may not be relevant to your core business. And some countries have unique pronunciation patterns which make your brand name sound totally different than in your native language. For example, English speakers distinctively pronounce the letter /v/ and /w/. Germans pronounce words starting with /w/ in a /v/ sound so “wine” becomes “vine” and ”we” is pronounced as ”ve.”

3. Does Your Brand Name Flow Naturally?

If you need your audience to pronounce your brand name easily, create it with familiar sounds and letters. Make sure your brand name flows naturally. For example, 

Tain, do you find this name hard to pronounce? No, because it has a natural flow, natural combination of sounds and letters.

Tnai, this brand name is hard to pronounce as it doesn’t flow naturally.

So, create a brand name that flows naturally and contains natural letters and sound combinations with the relation of the dictionary.

4. Are There Any Other Pronunciation Possibilities?

If your brand name has multiple pronunciations it will confuse your target audience. Careful if your brand name starts with the letters that have several pronunciations such as C, U, G as it’ll confuse users when they type in your brand name.

5. Misspellings And Modifications

This point is more appropriate for the companies who created their brand names by adding, changing, or eliminating letters from keywords. Here, the brand name is pronounced the same as the keyword or the brand name they prefer but the spelling is different. According to brand name specialists, selecting a keyword or a word that sounds like a different word is not a recommended brand naming approach. Making the brand name simple is also important.

The founding name of Twitter is Twttr, but as they realized their mistake they rebranded it as Twitter to avoid this confusion.

6. Apply Simple Pronunciation Patterns

Some people use very difficult words and pronunciation patterns to their brand name in the purpose of creating a luxurious, high class brand name. This is probably a myth that you need to avoid. Simplicity is a quality of a brandable brand name. So apply a simple pronunciation pattern that does not confuse your customers. All the top brand names in the world have simple pronunciation patterns; for example, Snapchat, Facebook, Nike, Youtube, Netflix, Visa, Google.

7. Sample Your Brand Name Pronunciation

Before registering your brand name, test it with a sample audience. Can they easily pronounce your brand name without any delay or without any hesitation? You have found a perfect brand name. If not, well you better move for another brand name.

How Brinso Evaluate The Pronunciation Quality Of A Brand Name?

We consider the following factors in evaluating the pronunciation ability of a brand name.

  1. Vowel placements of the brand name. 
  2. The most used English letters and letter combinations.
  3. English letters and letter combinations that are difficult to pronounce.
  4.  Brand names that are easy to pronounce and their naming methods (Nike, Google, Amazon, etc).
  5. Brand names that are difficult to pronounce and their naming methods (Analtech, Sam & Ella’s Chicken Palace, etc).

If you’re evaluating a brand name of a successful brand such as Google, Zara, Nike, you can see the value of the marks they got for the pronunciation value. It’s because they know how important it is to use a brand name which is easily pronounceable.

You can check the pronunciation value of your brand name from our brand name evaluation tool.

Fun Fact:

There is a notion in society about brand names that are difficult to pronounce, as luxury brands or exclusive brands. Is it true??

You may have come across a statement like this when you are dealing with brand names. But this is nothing more than a MYTH. The brand names such as Rolls Royce, GIVENCHY, Tag Heuer, Porsche, Volkswagen are some of the well-established brand names in the world. But what about their pronunciation ability? All of these brand names are hard to pronounce and how did they become so popular in the market?

The answer is simple, all these businesses were founded in the pre-internet era. The competition they had by that time was way lesser than today. This made it very easy for them to establish their business easily in the market. Whether these brand names are hard to pronounce and memorize, the customers had only one or two options in the market. 

But today the situation is totally upside down. The competition is aggressive and your brand name should be unique and perfect in every perspective a brand name is measured, including pronunciation. For example, Google, eBay, Amazon, Apple these brand names are founded in an era in which the internet was used more widely by the users and they are easy to pronounce, memorise and they are trending. This is why your brand name should be easy to pronounce.

Pronunciation Ability Of A Brand Name And Marketing…

Simply, marketing is promoting the selling of the product or service of a business. It is based on four P’s. They are Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Brand name plays a vital role under the promotion part in the marketing process of any business. With a perfect brand name, the marketing part becomes easier. 

But How?

You may have come across these four words, Word Of Mouth Marketing which is also known as WOM Marketing. WOM Marketing means when a customer recommends your brand name to another customer as he or she is satisfied with your business. For example, the quality of your product or service, the customer care services of your business, the trust they have built with your business etc. If the brand name is hard to pronounce it becomes less word of mouth. How? 

  1. When the customer does not catch your brand name correctly, even though your product or service is marvellous, they cannot recommend it to another one.
  2. When the customer cannot pronounce your brand name, they may misspell your brand name in their texts or emails.
  3. You will miss the customers who google about your brand name, as they mistype your brand name.

Have you ever noticed your brand name could affect this much on your business? Well, now you know!!! So make sure your brand name can be pronounced easily by anyone.

Selecting A Common Word/Words To Make Your Brand Name Easy To Pronounce???

You may think this is a good way to avoid brand mispronunciation. Common words are already established and customers do not get confused pronouncing your brand name as the pronunciation patterns are known for common words. In a way this fact is true but if you want to get a professional brand name that makes you stand out from the competition, this is not a very smart decision; including generic words/ dictionary words in your brand name. A common brand name only leads you for a tiresome competition with other same brand names in your industry. Simply put, common brand names waste your time and money. So get a pronounceable unique brand name for your startup. This is a very important business decision you have to make for your startup!!!

Virtual Assistance Must be Able to Pronounce the Brand Names Easily

The most popular AI-based virtual assistants are Alexa (Amazon), Siri (Apple), Google Assistant, Cortana (Microsoft), and Bixby (Samsung). So, if these robots can spell and pronounce the brand names correctly, obviously humans can spell and pronounce them without any difficulty. Technological advancement has created pathways to many developments in that sector and AI has been the most developed in the recent past. Since it is a creation of man, this AI-based virtual assistant has the ability to pronounce words that can be understood and read by man as well.

Avoid Using Names That Are Hard To Spell

If you intend to choose a name for a new business, it is best to choose a name that is easily pronounced by your customers. Because easily pronounced brands stay in the minds of customers for a long time. They ignore hard-to-spell brands. So the customers Choosing a brand that is easy to pronounce and understand is the most important decision you can make.

Brand Names That Are Mispronounced All The Time

  • Adidas
  • Hermes
  • Stella Artois
  • Fage
  • Porsche
  • Givenchy
  • Comme des Garcons
  • Saucony
  • Chevrolet
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Ikea
  • Bayer

Popular Brand Names That Are Easy To Pronounce

Below we have listed some of the most popular brands in the world that prove how useful the ability to pronounce is for a successful brand. All these brand names have high word-of-mouth quality and they have earned customers all over the world.

Popular Brand Names That Are Easy To Pronounce

Didn’t think pronunciation matters this much for a successful brand name do you? Well, now you know… congratulations on a successful brand naming from Brinso!!!