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Uniqueness Of A Brand Name

Unlike the past two decades, the challenges that a startup has to face today are a hundred times more complicated and difficult as the market is so competitive and wide. The biggest challenge for a startup is to reach its target audience and form a loyal customer base in a short time of period. Did you know that customers are more likely to interact with unique and distinctive brand names? A unique brand name helps you to stand out from the competition and it helps you to archive your business goals quickly. So the uniqueness of your brand name is very important. Read the article to learn more about unique brand names and how to create one for your business. 

Important: Owning .com domain extension is the most important factor in recognizing whether your brand name is a unique one or not.

This article will guide you to choose a unique brand name. Well, let’s get started!!!

How To Create A Unique Brand Name?

The following listed are some popular and successful ways to create a unique brand name. Want to create your own unique brand name for your business? Well…try these…

  1. Be Creative!!!- Uniqueness is inspired by creativity. So be creative, think of different and distinctive ways to approach your customers as business instead of old fashioned names. For example, brand names like Twitter, Moncler, Nike, Fossil are some brand names that are both creative and unique. All these four brand names have creative and strong brand stories. So think creatively to come up with a unique brand name.
  2. Avoid Generic Words And Keywords- This is also a very important fact to consider when selecting a unique brand name. Using generic words or keywords will only make your brand name look like your competitors. To become a unique brand name, avoid common dictionary words and the words that are related to your product or service.
  3. Length matters- this is also a unique quality of a unique brand name. Long brand names cannot be considered as a unique brand name as it makes the brand name less attractive. So limit your brand name within 4 to 6 characters which is the ideal length of a unique brand name.
  4. Made Up Words– take a rare and original word and make a small change in the word. For example, Googol became Google. 
  5. Word Combination- take two words that sums up your brand story and combine them in a creative way to one unique word. For example, Instagram is made from combining instant camera and telegram. 
  6. Adding Suffixes And Prefixes– this is also a good way to create a unique word; adding suffixes or prefixes to the original word. For example, spot + fy became Spotify.
  7. Removing Characters – removing characters from the original word and creating a new word is the next pattern. For example, Flicker – Flickr.
  8. Have a strong brand story- brand story is a narrative that includes all the values, promises and goals of your brand name. A strong brand name is itself a marketing tool for your business. With a strong brand story you can attract customers towards your brand name. But most importantly, don’t forget to follow the brand story you set in the beginning. Your outputs should reflect the brand story. Most of the unique brand names are inspired by strong brand names.

Advantages Of A Unique Brand Name

Know the advantages of getting a unique brand name for your startup…

Choosing a business name entails more than just picking any old name. You will attract clients and create an emotional connection between your brand and your customers if you choose a unique and memorable name for your business. Remember, choosing a name that truly portrays your business and matches your brand can assist to put your business up for long and short-term success.

1. Unique Words Set Your Brand Name Apart

A unique brand name helps you to make your own identity in your industry. It helps you to stand apart from the competition. Instagram, VISA, Google are some of the examples for unique brand names and they are highlighted in their industries. Brand your business with a unique word.

2. Allows You To Develop A Unique Brand Identity

Unlike in a common brand name, unique brand names allow you to set a distinctive brand identity. You can develop a unique and meaningful brand story for your brand name which sticks to the customers mind.

3. Easy To Attract Customers

Customers prefer to engage with unique brand names, as they are more memorable and innovative. When customers are attracted to a brand name they like to recommend your brand name for their friends and family. In that way, you can freely promote your brand too.

4. Does Not Block Your Future Business Possibilities

You can easily move forward with the changes in your business strategies when you have a unique brand name. Brand names like Yummy Cookies or Jane’s Bakery limit the ability to expand their marketing and geographical capacity in the future. If you get a unique brand name this is another advantage.

5. Easy To Gain The Domain Name

When you move with a unique brand name, you can easily get a domain name, as you stand apart from many other same descriptive brands. Most of the businesses like to get .com domain for their brand name. The rebranding possibility of a unique brand name is less in the case of taking a domain name.

6. Easy To Memorize

This is also a very important advantage. With a unique brand name, you can make your brand name easier to memorize for the customers. Memorization is a very important factor for a brand name.

Can .Com Make My Brand Name Unique?

Yes!!! In a way owning .com extension makes your brand name totally unique and totally safe from your competitors. .com  is the most popular domain extension for businesses. Your brand name can be recognized as a unique one when you have the .com ownership. Did you know Google did not register with .com initially and later they had to pay millions of dollars to own the .com domain extension for the brand name? To be unique with your brand name choosing the best domain extension for your startup is very important.

Why Is It Important To Have A .Com Domain For Your Brand Name?

There are many domain extensions such as .net, .org, .co, .us, .info, .edu and here is why you need to take .com for your brand.

    1. Owning .com domain name for your business makes you the legal owner of your domain name. Your brand name cannot be pirated. Only .com domain extension comes with that extra facility.
    2. ICANN introduced .com for businesses. With .com domain name users recognize you as a business website. 
    3. 47% of website trust .com domain extension.
    4. Owning .com raises the credibility of your brand name.
    5. Most of the internet users assume that a URL ends with .com.
    6. With .com domain name search engines recognize you as a business and your online customers easily reach you through the internet. 
    7. Most of the users do not know the newly introduced TLDs, such as .online, .agency, .biz.

What If The .Com Domain Name Isn’t Available?

As mentioned earlier, there are millions of websites using .com domain names, including non-profit businesses. So there is a pretty chance your domain name is already taken. So what should you do exactly if your domain name is not available? You may think you should change your brand name. Not in such a hurry…here are a few things you can try before you give up your brand name or .com domain name. 

  1. Try changing the order of the characters in your brand name. For example, is not available, try In a way this is risky. If there is another business with a domain name exactly the same as your brand name, you can lose most of your traffic to that domain name. So be careful about that.
  2. The next way is to try adding some characters to your domain name and see if it is available. For example,
  3. If your brand name is longer than two words, create your domain name with the first letters of each word. Assume your brand name is Good Travel Company, set your domain name as
  4. And if your brand name is longer than one word, try changing word order and see whether the .com domain name is available. For example, Good Travel, change this to

Well Known Businesses That Became Successful In The Second Attempt With A Unique Brand Name

Google is the most visited website in the world, yet they made a mistake in the beginning by choosing the wrong brand name. Their original brand name was Backrub and they realized the brand name is weak and cannot perform the targets of the business as planned. Then they rebranded the business as Google and we all know what they have become now!!!

Did you know Brad’s Drink was the original name of Pepsi? Brad’s drink is a descriptive brand name and it does not make the company stand out in the market, from the other players. With the use of the Pepsi brand name for their business, it made a revolution in the market.

The famous web service provider Yahoo was originally called Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web. And later on, they moved to a better and unique brand name Yahoo, an acronym for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.

How Brinso Evaluates Uniqueness Of A Brand Name?

We consider the ownership of .com domain extension, as a crucial fact in recognizing a brand name as a unique brand name.

To be unique with your brand name choosing the best domain extension for your startup is very important.

Almost all the popular companies use .com extensions with their brand name; they are unique among others.

You can check the .com domain availability with our brand name evaluation tool.