Why Is It Very Important To Create A UNIQUE Brand Name?

The brand name is your identity. A brand name can make or break your business so you cannot pick whatever you come across as your brand name. A brand name plays a significant role in your business and it affects almost all the parts of your business plan. Your brand name conveys your business ethics, values and goals. Choosing a unique brand name is a process that you need to craft thoughtfully.

Important: Owning .com domain extension is the most important factor in recognizing whether your brand name is a unique one or not.

Advantages Of Unique Brand Name

These are the top advantages that can be gained with a unique brand name.

1. Unique Words Set Your Brand Name Apart

A unique brand name helps you to make your own identity in your industry. It helps you to stand apart from the competition. Instagram, VISA, Google are some of the examples for unique brand names and they are highlighted in their industries. Brand your business with a unique word.

2. Does Not Block Your Future Business Possibilities

You can easily move forward with the changes in your business strategies when you have a unique brand name. Brand names like Yummy Cookies or Jane’s Bakery limit the ability to expand their marketing and geographical capacity in the future. If you get a unique brand name this is another advantage.

3. Easy To Gain The Domain Name

When you move with a unique brand name, you can easily get a domain name, as you stand apart from many other same descriptive brands. Most of the businesses like to get .com domain for their brand name. The rebranding possibility of a unique brand name is less in the case of taking a domain name.

3. Easy To Memorize

This is also a very important advantage. With a unique brand name, you can make your brand name easier to memorize for the customers. Memorization is a very important factor for a brand name.

Can.Com Make My Brand Name Unique?

Yes!!! In a way owning .com extension makes your brand name totally unique and totally safe from your competitors. .com  is the most popular domain extension for businesses. Your brand name can be recognized as a unique one when you have the .com ownership. Did you know Google did not register with .com initially and later they had to pay millions of dollars to own the .com domain extension for the brand name? To be unique with your brand name choosing the best domain extension for your startup is very important.

Why Is It Important To Have A .Com Domain For Your Brand Name?

  • There are many domain extensions such as .net, .org, .co, .us, .info, .edu and here is why you need to take .com for your brand.
    1. 47% of websites use a .com domain extension.
    2. Owning .com raises the credibility of your brand name.
    3. Owning .com gives a more established appearance.
    4. Search engine favouritism over other domains.

Well Known Businesses That Became Successful In The Second Attempt With A Unique Brand Name


Google is the most visited website in the world, yet they made a mistake in the beginning by choosing the wrong brand name. Their original brand name was Backrub and they realized the brand name is weak and cannot perform the targets of the business as planned. Then they rebranded the business as Google and we all know what they have become now!!!


Did you know Brad’s Drink was the original name of Pepsi? Brad’s drink is a descriptive brand name and it does not make the company stand out in the market, from the other players. With the use of the Pepsi brand name for their business, it made a revolution in the market.


The famous web service provider Yahoo was originally called Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web. And later on, they moved to a better and unique brand name Yahoo, an acronym for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.

How Brinso Evaluates Uniqueness Of A Brand Name?

We consider the ownership of .com domain extension, as a crucial fact in recognizing a brand name as a unique brand name.

To be unique with your brand name choosing the best domain extension for your startup is very important.

Almost all the popular companies use .com extensions with their brand name; they are unique among others.






You can check the .com domain availability with our brand name evaluation tool.