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How Is The Character Count Affecting On Your Brand Name?


Having the ideal character count is one of the crucial requirements of a brandable brand name. Most entrepreneurs “nowadays” seem to consider this factor when they name their business or startup. The character count of your brand name matters in creating a customer friendly brand name. Why is character count so important in the branding process? Let’s discuss in-detail…

Selecting a brand name for your startup is the most important decision you will make on your business. You need to choose a brand name that is easy to understand, pronounce, and remember to the audience and for that, you need a brand name that has a perfect character count. In this article, you will get a complete understanding of the character count of a brand name.

Why Is The Character Count So Important In The Branding Process?

The character count of your brand name is important in creating an easily memorable, understandable and pronounceable brand name. In short, to attract more customers to your brand name, the character count is a must to consider. Researches have shown that short brand names are easier to retain, understand and pronounce compared to long brand names. For example, which brand name is more attractive to you from these brand names. 

  1. Nexil
  2. Nexiloody
  3. Nexil Villa Paradize

 Probably you select the first brand name, as it is quickly readable, understandable and memorable compared to 2nd and 3rd brand names. And also “Nexil” only has two syllables which makes it easy to retain to the listener. Is the syllable count also important in naming your brand name? Yes!!!

The syllable count of your brand name…

Researches have shown that the words with less syllable count have higher memorizing power compared to the words with more than 3 or 4 syllables. So syllable count also matters when it comes to brand naming. It is advisable to limit the syllable count between one to three syllables. For example, Google- two syllables

Microsoft- three syllables

Nike- two syllables

Youtube- two syllables

 It is advisable to check the syllable count of your brand name idea before finalizing a brand name for your business.

So What Is The Ideal Character Count For A Good Brand Name?

The ideal character count for a brand name is  4 to 6 characters. As mentioned above short brand names are more beneficial than long brand names. Here are some benefits of selecting a brand name that has an ideal character count.

Keep in mind:

Many successful companies have one-word names, such as Google, Apple, Nike, or Orange. However, these names do not accurately describe what the firm performs. As a result, throughout their early start-up period, they will have had to spend a significant amount of time and effort describing what they do by promoting themselves and their product. Including a quick explanation of what you do in your company name may save you a lot of time for the ordinary small business. When you include phrases like plumber, baker, or IT in your company name, potential consumers know they’ve discovered the correct individuals.

Benefits of getting a brand name that has an ideal character count…

  • Easy To Remember

When your brand name is within the ideal character count it is easier for the customer to remember. For example, what will you remember at once from these two brands NIKE or Lord Hobo Brewing Company? I think you know the answer.

  • Grab The Customer’s Attention Easily

If I give you two brand names, check which brand name grabs your attention first. Is it Paypal or Polo Ralph Lauren? PayPal grabs your attention because it has 6 characters and Polo Ralph Lauren has 15 characters, that is why you choose PayPal even though you did not know this logic before.

  • More Professional Appearance

This given character count is the professional length of a brand name which gives a professional appearance to your brand name. So you need to choose a brand name that is within the character count to make your brand name look professional.

  • Easy To Say And Spell

When a brand name consists of 4 to 6 characters it is a short brand name. Short names are easier to say and spell when compared to long brand names consist of more than 6 characters.

  • Visual Appealing

Not only your logo that has to be visually appealing to the reader but also your brand name. When someone sees your brand name for the first time, it is important to make positive feelings about your brand name. Which brand name is more visually appealing from these two brand names? Brand or brandingcompany?

The Connection Between The Ideal Character Count And “The Phonological Loop Value”

Phonological loop value is a value that is given to a brand name based on how memorable it is for a person who hears it for the first time; the possibility of a heard brand name stored in a person’s memory. This is a very effective factor to consider when selecting a brand name. The memorization power of a particular brand name is based on the phonological loop value. 

Long brand names have less phonological loop value, which makes it difficult to memorize when it is first heard. Brand names with ideal character count have higher phonological loop value. Words with 4 to 6 characters have the highest memorizing power compared to the words that have higher or lesser character count. Here are some top brand names with their phonological loop values. 

Google- 84.6

Yahoo- 90.2

Amazon- 85.6

Tesla- 85.9

By limiting your brand name  within the ideal character count, you can maximize your brand name’s memorizing power.


Is your brand name idea very long? So attracted to the brand name can’t move for another? But no idea to trim it down? Don’t worry. You have one option to try; acronyms. This is the best way to shorten your long brand name without harming it’s brand story. Use the first letters of all the words and use it as your brand name. This way you can keep the brand story, and get an attractive brand name. 

For example,‘BMW’(Bayerische Motoren Werke) and ‘KFC’(Kentucky Fried Chicken) Or you can go further and make it more readable and pleasant by giving it a more worldly appearance. For example, Tesco (T E Stockwell & J Cohen) and Fedex (Federal Express)

How Does Brinso Evaluate The Character Count Of Your Brand Name?

These are the points Brinso evaluates when considering the character count of a brand name.

  • We highly recommend choosing a brand name with 4 – 6 characters as it’s the ideal length for a professional brand name.
  • A brand name that has less than four characters is less catchy.
  • Brand names that have more than eight characters have less memorization and pronounceable value. 
  • Brand names with seven to eight characters are good but not recommended. It would be better if you can go for a less character count brand name.

World-known Brand Names That Have An Ideal Length

All the following brand names are giants in the industry and the character count of each brand name is within the ideal character count 4 to 6. This is why you need the ideal character count in your brand name.

  1. Google
  2. Amazon
  3. Apple
  4. Yahoo
  5. NIKE
  6. Toyota
  7. Disney
  8. Intel
  9. Visa
  10. Oracle

Is Length Important When Choosing a Business Name?

When selecting a domain name for your business, the standard advice is to avoid anything longer than 15 characters. The logic for this is that the name should be unique and memorable. According to psychology, the limitations of human short-term memory are roughly 4-6 bits of information. So, if you’re coming up with a business name.

What About The Many Other Popular Brand Names That Exceed This Ideal Character Count?

You may be wondering, if the 4 to 6 character length is the ideal length a brand name should have to gain the maximum benefit out of the brand name, how do other popular brand names such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Mcdonald’s become popular?

The reason is, by the time these companies started, (Coca cola-1892, Samsung 1938, Macdonald’s 1955, Microsoft 1975 ) the competitors were much lesser compared to today’s competition. So even if they had some issues in character count, they could easily establish in the market as their product or service was novel to the market.


Brinso evaluation tool considers character count when evaluating a brand name and go see the result for your desired brand name ideas.