Brand Name And Negative Connotation

Brands are directly dealing with humans. So your brand name should be human enough to be a successful brand name in the world. Brand names make connections with humans.

 The effectiveness of the brand name depends on how powerful the context, the background and the experience the customer builds with your business.

The meaning of the brand name is a very important turning point to your business even though people do not think much about it. Each and every word carries a feeling and that’s why worm and warm generate whole different feelings. The same goes for your brand name.

Giving the customer a meaningful and memorable experience through your brand name is very important!!!

Why Your Brand Name Should Be Universal?

The world becomes smaller with the development of technology and there is a huge competition among the businesses to become a recognizable brand name on the internet, in the market. So a brand name which has a universal meaning is very important and for that, you need a brand name with a positive meaning. The meaning of the brand name is very important because it deals with humans across the continents. 

These three facts are important in making a universal brand name.

  • Authenticity- building trust with your audience is very important in creating a universal brand name. So a positive meaning of the brand name is very important in building trust with the customers.
  • Personal connection- dealing with the actual people is important. So you can be away from the usual branding process and connecting with people will give you a much better idea about how you should shape your brand name.
  • Customer experience- giving a customer an ultimate satisfaction through your brand name is important and it runs from the brand name to your products, sales, marketing and customer services.

Advantages Of Brand Names Free From Negative Connotation

  • Improves Customer Recognition

Humans have a great bond with the positive feelings, so if your brand name generates a positive impression, your target customers recognize your brand name as an impressive and vibrant brand name. A brand name with a positive meaning improves customer recognition.

  • Created Trust

The latest research about the brand names have proven that the brand names with positive meanings are more trustworthy and brand names with positive meanings  generate loyal customers.

  • Supports Advertising

Brand names with positive meanings are easier to advertise as it has something meaningful and useful to market. But advertising something with a negative brand name is difficult.

  • Memorable

Human mind is very attractive towards advantages, positive impressions, positive feelings,  because of that it is obvious that brand names with positive meanings are memorable.

  • Generate Customers

This is an illustrated advantage of the earlier mentioned “created trust” point, trustworthy brand names generate more and more new customers towards your brand name as the word of mouth quality of a “positive” brand name is higher.

What Are The Real-life Examples?

Here are some real-life examples of the brands that have a negative meaning in other languages.

  • Pee Cola

This is a very popular soda in Ghana which means “a very popular cola”, but in English, it generates a whole different meaning and this is why you need to think more than twice when you name your business.

  • Lumia

Lumia is a smartphone series from Nokia which seems unique but when translated to Spanish, Lumia is similar to “The prostitute”.

  • Barf

This is a detergent manufactured in Iran which means “snow”. But outside of Iran, it refers to something less new and comfortable which has a negative meaning and negatively affects the business when they are going to expand the business.

"Create an unforgettable first impression with your brand for your customers by adding a positive feeling..."

How Can You Find Whether Your Brand Name Has A Negative Meaning In Other Languages?

You can find this in two ways and they are, 

  • You can check from our brand name evaluation tool. This is the easiest method you can find out whether you got the perfect positive brand name or your brand name has a negative meaning in other languages. Plus, it is totally free!!!
  • Another way is you can manually search whether your brand name has a negative meaning or not.

Popular Brand Names That Are Free Of Negative Connotation

Here are some popular brand names in the world that has no negative connotation but generate great and deep meanings in a positive way.

  1. Tesla- named after a great American physicist Nikola Tesla
  2. Nike – Greek goddess of the victory
  3. Google – 1 followed by 100 zeroes
  4. Visa– paper that has been seen
  5. Apple– represents the knowledge, simplicity
  6. Microsoft- micro computer software
  7. Amazon- the largest river in the world

Tip: How To Attract More Customers To Your Business Throughout The World?

These are some of the tips many famous brands have followed to attract more customers throughout the world to their businesses and establish their businesses in the market that you can do too.

  1. Showcasing employees(you can reveal the true heroes of your business, the true reason for your business’s success) 
  2. Develop an employee-generated content
  3. Holiday celebration
  4. Social events
  5. Contests
  6. Celebrate Traditions
  7. Office tour