Is Your Brand Name Virtual Assistants Friendly?

We are living in a digital age. Our lives are always freshening with the innovative waves of technology. Robots, or virtual assistants or voice assistants, are also one of the revolutionary moves in technology that changed the human lifestyle. But, how does this become important in the brand naming process?

That is what you are going to find out in this article.

What Is The Connection Between Your Brand Name And Voice Assistants?

As mentioned earlier, virtual assistants are the most innovative step in search engines. So instead of type-in search, internet users are more likely to voice-search as it is more easy, comfortable and quick. Whether your customer uses either ways or both ways, your brand name needs to be applicable. How? Your brand name needs to be voice assistant friendly; easy to recognize, easy to pronounce, easy to identify your brand name from your competitors and more. As you can see, it is very important to create a virtual assistant friendly or robot friendly brand name!!!

Why Does Your Brand Name Need To Be Voice Assistant Friendly?

So what are the benefits that you can get by getting a voice assistant/ robot friendly brand name for your business? The use of voice assistant technology is increasing day by day. Instead of type-in, this method is much easier. The latest findings done in 2020, 128 million people in the US use voice a voice assistant at least in a month. Not only by smart phones and smart speakers; this technology is used in smart TVs, wearable devices, vehicles, etc. So your brand name needs to be perfect to keep up with the latest technology updates. 

Main qualities of a robot-friendly brand name are, easily recognizable as a brand name of a product or service, grab your brand name easily and do not confuse your brand name with another brand name (your competitors brand name). When a customer voice searches for your brand name, and when they go to the correct place, make them feel your brand name is trustworthy and motivate them to engage with your brand name more. 

How To Get A Robot Friendly Brand Name? What To Consider?

Here are some facts you need to know when selecting a robot friendly brand name.

01. Your Brand Name Need To Be Distinctive

When your brand name is different from your competitive brand names, virtual assistants can easily identify your brand name and direct the user to your website. But if your brand name sounds like your competitors’ brand names, it can cause confusion of which to select and the user who searched to can end up in your competitors website. So being distinctive is very helpful for the virtual assistants to function smoothly with your brand name.

02. Avoid Numbers And Special Characters

Do you want your brand name to perform smoothly with virtual assistants? Then this factor is a must. Including numbers and special characters also confuses voice assistants. Imagine you are voice searching “Foods @ 24/7”.  “Foods” is easy, but “@” how do you convince the voice assistant to use the mark (@) instead of “at” and 24/7 is even harder to search with virtual assistants. If your company has a global reputation with an active user base this is not an issue, but if you are a startup, this matters a lot for your business. So to make your brand name robot friendly avoid numbers and special characters.

03. How Pronunciation Is Important In Brand Naming?

Have you ever thought about how pronunciation is important when it comes to robots and brand names? The pronunciation ability of your brand name is important for both humans and robots. If the customers find your brand name hard to catch, the probability of getting the brand name correctly by the robots is also less. Pronunciation is a notable brand name quality that you have to consider before selecting a brand name.

Good pronunciation ability of a brand name is a good boost for memorizing a brand name. The memorization power of a brand name highly depends on the phonological loop value of a brand name. To consider a brand name as a memorable brand name, the phonological loop value of the brand must be more than 60%. For example, the phonological loop value of Google is 84.6%.

As you can see, all these brand name qualities are interconnected. Here is one more important thing before you leave, do you know many internet users use voice search over type and search? Voice search is a trend, and according to the studies, 16% of internet users in the world are using voice searching mode. So we can assume these ratings will increase. That explains why your brand name should be easy for the robots to understand. Design your brand name while keeping this in your mind!!!

04. Avoid Awkward Letter Combinations

Uniqueness is a must need quality in your business name. It is not a bad idea to try misspellings and modifications to come up with a unique brand name. But you have to be careful not to make it awkwardly unique. It will only confuse both your customers and voice assistance. So, it will be helpful to retain and attract customers.

05. Be Careful With Possible Multiple Pronunciations

Multiple pronunciations is another dead end you have to worry about. Some letters can make customers confused about how to correctly pronounce your brand. As an example, the letter ‘y’ is pronounced differently in some languages. The brand name skype is pronounced as ‘skyp’ in English but ‘skypee’ in some parts of Europe.

06. Common Words And Keywords

Using common words in a brand name is very risky when it comes to upgrading your business online. With a common word or keyword in a brand name makes it difficult for the customers to identify your business space on the internet. There can be millions of things using the common word keyword that you have used in your brand name. So this consumes your customers’ time and lacks their trust towards your brand name. Get a unique brand name so virtual assistants can recognize your brand name fast and satisfy your customers!!!