550+ Makeup And Beauty Business Name Ideas

“Complete Guide To Choose A Perfect Brand Name For Your Beauty Business”

Finding a random brand name is a super easy task. But finding the right brand name is not as easy as you might think. Here, on this page we do provide a huge brand name list for both your Beauty and Makeup business as well as all the other businesses related to the niche of beauty and makeup. We do provide a brand name list and also evaluate brand names that you already got in the mentioned niche. Find the most suitable solution for any questions related to your brand name ideas in the Beauty and Makeup business field. 

  1. I need a list of business name examples
  2. I already have a brand name idea and I need to evaluate it
  3. I’m looking for tips and tricks to find a good brand name

Professional Beauty Brand Names

Professionalism is a very important factor to be successful in the field of the beauty business. Starting from the name of the business to the service you provide, everything should be professional to win the world of business. Uniqueness, simplicity, and also psychological impact are the main factors that will help your beauty business name to be professional among others. We are proudly saying that all these brand names are created by our brand name specialist after considering the factors like vocabulary score, .com domain availability, brand name qualities, and mainly the emotional impact that a brand name creates in the human mind.









Important: The first name of each business name in the list is the brand name and you can change the second part of the business name according to your requirements. Each brand name is available to buy and are unique with .com domain names.


Catchy Beauty Business Name Ideas

The catchiness of the brand name comes with how unique and simple they are. As far as your brand name is catchy, it connects to the human brain fast and helps you to be unique from the other businesses in the same industry.

Here we help you find catchy business names for your Beauty Shop, Cosmetic line business, Skincare business, Beauty page, Makeup business, Fragrance business, Hair products business, Makeup products business, Skincare business, Nail care business, and Salon.

Cute Girl Cosmetics

Be Beautify Store

Beauty Secret Hut

Your Choice Hub

Youth Beauty Choice

Grey To Black Cosmetics

Vogue Beauty Palace

Classy Beauties Collection

Over The Day Makeup

Basic Style Hub

Amazing Styles Closet

Be Glamorous Shop

Beauty Nest

Lovely Hub

Angels Place

Secret Beauty Place

Your Cosmetic Place

Comfy Beauties Hub

Sparkle Your Makeup

Classy Peoples Collection

Cutie Pie Boutique

Her Favorite Choice

Miss Bliss Hut

Mrs Boss Collection

Glow Soft Store

Super Style Hub

Beauty Mood On Shop

Stunning Out House

Full Of Gorgeous Hut

Love On Shop

Feel U Beauties

Beyond Fantasy Limited

Hidden Charm Boutique

Creative Beauty Hub

Adore Girly Collection

Simple Touch House

Elegant Beauty Store

Elite Beauty Hub

Stunning U Shop

Magical Creation Shop

Beauty Proven House

Peal Beauty Boutique

Beauty Paradise

Pure Look Session

Royal Makeover Hut

Beauty Tour House

Magical Arcade

Amazing ur Collection

Beauty and Makeup brand name ideas

Beauty Product Name Ideas

Beauty products are one of the fast-growing industries in the world. There are countless beauty products available in the market. If you have an idea to open a beauty product business choose a name that is very attractive and unique. Make sure all you have to give is a pleasant impression to the customers with your name. 

Elite Queen

Pretty Chic

Beauty Bliss

Sparkle Hunt

Be You

Sun Shine

Amy Beauty

Bright Skin

Beauty Experts

Elite Inc.

Glossy Neat

Glow More

Duzzle Petal

Glitz Nourish

Girl Couture

Charm Works

Evo Cosmetics

Kitny Beauties

Maco Beauty

Tio Lavish

Beauty Date

Loxo Elegance

Glam Rossess

Lily Beauties

How Can I Find A Unique Name For My Beauty Product Business?

For the betterment and success of a beauty product business, a unique brand name is very important because when you enter the field you should not be like anyone else and in the future, no one else should be like you. Only a unique beauty product name can carry your identity to the world. 

If you need a unique name for your beauty product business, all you have to do is to choose a business name with the .com domain extension. According to USA law, those who own the .com domain extension of a business name is considered as the owner of the business or service. So as far as you own the .com domain extension you’re unique.

Makeup Product Name Ideas

Catchy Makeup Business Name Ideas

How To Choose A Makeup Company Name?

Here we have listed a few catchy makeup business names for your startup. These business names are only suitable for those who have no idea how to expand their business in the future.  You can use these brand names for your makeup business only if you’re starting small in your area. We do not recommend these brand names for a professional makeup business and also those who wish to start big and grow their business in the future. 

Beautiful You Productions
Blusher Look LLC
Lovely Choice Cosmetics
Glory Soul Beauty
Ever Mate Production
Miss Perfect Cosmetics
Pink Shadow Professionals
Luxury Choice Ltd
The Queen Cosmetics
Fairy Princess Beauty
The Gorgeous Products
Royal Glance Holdings
Universal Choice Company
Sparkling Beauty Holdings
Angels Glam Cosmetics
Magical Beauty LLC
Elegant Look Professionals
Bliss Beauty Professionals
Stunning You Products
Pure Touch Look
Lavish Beauty Holdings
Lady Rose Cosmetics
Secret Touch LLC
Choice Of Angels Company

Luxury Beauty Brand Name Ideas

If you’re going to start a luxury beauty brand, here is the most suitable brand name ideas list for you.

When starting your business, not only the products but also the brand name matters a lot. Your brand name should represent the luxuriousness of your products and the quality of them because the brand name carries the value of your beauty brand.

Beauty Queen

Rich Touch

Lux Glam

Queen n Me

Royal Touch

Stylish Look

Style Classy

Supreme Makeup

Luxury Beauty

Luxury Lavish

Heaven Bliss

Diamond Shine

Glitter Royal

Soft Lux

Shine Rich

Glow Gold

Diamond Touch

Shine Wine

Beauty Delights

Luxurious Smooth

Beauty Palace

Rich Canvas

Brush Glow

Rich Sparkle

What Makes a Beauty Brand Name Luxury?

The luxuriousness of a brand name comes with the qualities it consists of. If you need a luxury name for your beauty brand, choose a name with all the brand naming qualities. Following all the brand name qualities will make your brand name luxurious.

Beauty Shop Name Ideas

Pink Petals

Love Dreams

Lady Glow

Glow Zone

Pretty First

Natural Products

Charming Devine

Beauty Roots

Gloss Hub

Perfect Solution.

Ulta Beauty

Pretty Vision

Beauty One

Charming Galore

Jelico Look

Neo Beauty Hub

One Look

Beyond Beauty

Charming Bay

Beauty Moon

What Is The Best Character Count For a Beauty Shop Name?

Let’s look at the most successful beauty shop names in the world. Lafco, Shen, Alcone, Ayla, etc are a few famous beauty shops in the world. Each one of these brand names is limited to 4-6 characters. According to the psychological factors, brand names with four, five, or six characters are best to memorize and pronounce. 

Cosmetic Line business name ideas

Cosmetic Brand Name Ideas

What Should You Name Your Cosmetic Line?

The cosmetics business is one of the fast-growing sub-niche businesses in the field of beauty.  When it comes to the usage of cosmetics almost all people are using them. These listed brand names can be used for your cosmetic shops, cosmetic line business, online cosmetic stores, cosmetic business, etc.

Fresh Glow
Glow First
Cool Beauty
Cosmo Blossom
Fortunate Bee
Master Makeup
Glowly Queen
Natural Bloom
Fresh Worldly
Clear Magic
Ultra Glow
Clean Lifestyle
Cosmatic Lover
Lipstick Paradise
Pretty Collection
Best Choice
Warm Beauty
Glory Worth
Attraction Spot
Shining Touch
Miss Lovely
Diamond Glow
Smooth Luxe
Miss Bliss/div>

How to come up with my cosmetics business name?

  • Do an analysis on competitor cosmetic business names
  • Choose a simple cosmetic business line name
  • Choose a catchy cosmetic business line name
  • Get feedback on your cosmetic business name
  • Check the availability of your cosmetic business line name
  • Get the .com domain extension for your business line name
Beauty Page name ideas

Creative Beauty Pages Name Ideas

What Should You Name Your Beauty Page?

These page name ideas can be used for your Facebook beauty pages, Instagram beauty pages, for beauty apps, etc. While creating beauty page names, make sure your choice is available as social media usernames. Do not try to modify the name if it’s not available on social media. Instead of modifying the name that you have chosen for your beauty page, choose a brandable beauty page name to avoid all the inconvenience that may occur in the future.

Gloss More
Pretty Bloss
Smoothy Lo
Touch Glossy
Beauty Colors
Beauty Tips
The Beauty App
Glow More
Glam Go
Blush Art
Hidden Beauty
Bliss Full
Glam Pros
Glow Luxe
Real Love
Pure Touch
Crave Smiles
Spotless Beauty
Stunning Click
Lavish Mood
Sparkle You
Smooth Touch
Glamour Beauty Business name ideas

Glamour business name Ideas

If you have an idea to start a glamour business, these are the ideal name ideas that are best for your business. All these brand names are created after considering the emotional impact of the human brain toward a glamour business name.

Glam Elegance

Glamorous Hub

Glam Beauty

Charm Vision

Sparkle Vision

Elegance Style

Stunning Style

Classic Glam

Glam & Beauty


Your Glam House

Beauty U

Glam Boost

Cristal Cheeky

Extra Glamorous

Makeup Elixir

Shine Beauty

Lovely Glamorous

Elegance Line

Glitter Zone

Spark Beauty

Shine Charm

Adore Beauty

Stunning Click

Nail Business Name Ideas

Perfect Nail Business Name Ideas

There is a wide range of products available in the world to keep your nails beautiful. The below brand names are created for those who are interested in the nail care product business. You can use these names for your nail salon, nail technician business, nail tech educator business, etc.

But if you are looking for a professional business name in the field of nails t, then you can browse our professional brand name ideas for nail businesses.

Dazzling Look Nails
Shiny Look Art
Polish Nails
Classy Nail Art
Nail Love
Pinky Nails
Splashing Naily
Cutie Nails
Looks Amazing Nail
Nail Club
Sparkle Shine Naily
Glitter Style Proffesionals
Perfect Nails
Happy Nails
Spot Shine Nails
House of Nail Art
Best Choice Nail Hub
Nail Session
Best Nail Colors
Classy Look Nail
Nail Hut
Amazing Nail Set
Lovely Naily
Top Nails

What is a good slogan for a nail business?

  • Nails n Me!
  • Nails Beauty Evaluation!
  • Beautiful Nails Take You To A Higher Place!
  • Every Kiss Begins With Awesome Nails!
  • Love Your Nails !!!
  • For Those Who Love Nails!
  • A Perfect Room For Your Nails!
  • Perfect Nails With Awesomeness!
Beauty and Wellness business name ideas

Beauty And Wellness Business Name Ideas

How to name your beauty and wellness business?

If you have an idea to open a beauty and wellness-related business, here are the best business name ideas for you. You can use these business name ideas for your Beauty & Wellness Blog, Nail Studio, Fitness Center, Skin Clinic, Makeup & Hair Styling business, or Beauty products manufacturing business.

All these brand name ideas are manually created after a deep research about the brand naming trends.

Wellness Studio

Beyond Health

Care Zone

Wellness Experts

Body Beauty

Well Care

Healthy Life

Relax Living

Healthy Lounge

Care Well

Mind & Body

Palace Of Wellness

Elite Fitness

Beauty Wellness

Vogue Health

Wellness Touch

Drizzling Beauty

Bliss Belleza

Secret Makeover

Fitz Chic

Beauty World

Pearl Touch

Beauty Regimen

Beyond Charm

What are good salon names?
Salon Name Ideas

Stylish Salon Name Ideas

Having an eye-catching brand name for your beauty parlor can bring customer attraction. The pleasant look and sound of the name of your salon are very important to make you stand out. 

These brand names which are created by our brand name specialist are catchy and also unique but we do not recommend these brand names for those who are looking for a professional salon name.

Best Cut Salons
Trendy Look Professionals
Classic Style House
Best Scissors Hut
Secret Look By Anna
Amazing Style Hut
Solo Cut Salon
Sharp Blade World
Curly Flip Parlor
Charm Session Gallery
Classy In Hut
Unique Style Professionals
Cravy Look House
Love It Salon
Flip On Professionals
Cool Gang Salons
Flare Style Professionals
Crazy Chop House
Little Cute Hub
Cool Gang Salons
Salon Mr and Mrs
Perfect Look Parlor
One Hour Look
Dazzling Bubble Salon
Skin Care Products Name Ideas

Creative Skin Care Business Name Ideas

What Should You Name Your Skincare Business?

A unique, simple business name is very important to make your identity known to the world. Try to reflect an appealing impression through your skincare business name. It can help you reach a potential customer base and keep strong customer relationships with them.

Skin Care Products
Dry Out SKin Manufactures
Hidden Care Proffesionals
Love Den Products
Organic Bliss Products
Fresh Look Manufactures
Skin Beauty Corporation
All In One Prodcuts
Best Treat Creation
Glow Skin Beauties
Peel Off Productions
Pretty Love Proffessionals
Perfect Skin Products
Just For You Manufactures
Amazing Shine Collection
Shiny Girl Products
Natural Look Proffessionals
Pure Skin Production
Click Beauty Factory
Care Cave Products
Rich Care Manufactures
Elegant Shine Proffessionals
Smoothie On Production
Yours Favorite Collection

These brand name examples are suitable for body moisturizers, cleansers, toners, Scrubs, Serums, sun protectors, night creams, and day creams.

What are the best skincare brands?

There are millions of skincare brands in the world, here are the top 5 skincare brands in the world.

  • Estée Lauder
  • Cerave
  • Drunk Elephant
  • Sukin
  • Cosrx
How do I name my makeup artist business?

Makeup Artist Name Ideas

Being a makeup artist is not an easy job. To get a kick start in the field, you should have the best makeup artist name. It can carry your identity and value to the world. Here are the best name ideas for a Makeup Artist. 

Supreme Appears

Beauty Radiance

New Generous

Glam Looks

Best Fusion

Hidden Beauty

Glitter Dot

Sparkle Stories

Makeup Contour

Glaze Splash

Beauty Mistress

Fabulous Color

Makeup Canvas

True Love

Magical Touch

Stunning Town

Twilight Glamour

Makeup Paradise

Beauty Love

Beauty n Me

Beauty Heaven

Spotless Look

Touch Smooth

Love The Beauty

mobile beauty business name ideas

Mobile beauty business names

For all those who have an idea to start a mobile beauty business, here are the perfect, coolest, and unique brand name ideas for you. None of these brand names are auto-generated. All the brand names listed are manually created by our brand name specialist to deliver the best experience for you.

Beauty Up

Yours Favo

Beauty Cube

Glam Look

Beauty Studio

Beauty Bar

Amaze Zone

Charm Hub

Style Cube

Billion Beauties

Trendy Beauty

Beauty Palette

Beauty Gem

Beauty Moments

Elegance Palace

Elle Glam

Glamorous Verge

Classy Look

Pure Sparkle

Beauty Segment

Shining Dame

Pretty Crave

Stunning Style

Beauty Jade

Beauty Supply Store Name Ideas

When opening a beauty supply store, you should have a cool name. The below name ideas are ideal for a beauty supply store. 

Unique Beauty

Your Choice

Pearl Beauty

Magical Products

Shine Beauty

Beauty Suite

Glow Products

Beauty Supply

Ever Beauty

Beauty Bridge

Glamour Focus

Real Vogue

Connect Beauties

Smart Products

Beauty Centre

Beauty Station

Organic Beauty product business name ideas

Organic Beauty Product Name Ideas

If you have an idea to open a beauty product manufacturing or selling business with organic ingredients here are the most suitable brand name ideas for you.

Organic Beauty

Natural Products

Enrich Organic

Herble Fortune

Natural Beauty

Organic Shine

Natural Dove

Glow Naturally

Bare Glow

Pure Herble

Herble Comfort

Spotless Glow

Herbal Elements

Herbal Glow

Healing Herbs

Natural Care

Organic Spot

Magical Ingredients

Ancient Beauty

Glow & Shine

Ultra Herbs

Smoothy Herbs

Organic Charm

Charm Belleza

Stylish Beauty And Makeup Business name ideas

Stylish Beauty And Makeup Business Name Idea

If you’re searching for brand name ideas for your beauty and makeup business here are the best brand name ideas for you. Choose the most suitable brand name idea according to your choice. While creating these brand names our brand name consultants have mainly considered the stylishness of the brand name.

Beautiful You


Your Choice

Amore Love

Love Hub

Beauty Basics

Glam Bella

Bossy Beauty

Glam Glore

Vogue Bella

Allure Generous

Glam Bliss

Glow Seranity

Simply Beauty

Blink Glowry

Pure Duzzle

Exclusive Glamour

Bliss Glam

Belleza Looks

Amazing Sensation

Beauty Seekers

Beauty Image

Lovely Gloss

Beauty Closet

Fragrance Name Ideas

Fragrance Business Name Ideas

The fragrance is one of the most popular beauty industry-related businesses. Once the fragrance business comes to mind the users expect nothing more than the sweet and pleasant smell. With the analysis of the fragrance industry naming trends, we have listed a few fragrance name ideas for you.

These fragrance name ideas can be used for Ladies; perfumes, Gents; perfumes, and Deodorants.

Long Last Scent

Eau De Cologne

Dreamy Cologne

Bossy Feel Perfume

Pleasant Feeling Scent

Odorize Mist Perfume

Bonded You Fragrance

Lavender Dew

Red Rose Smell

Royal Aroma

Spray Time

Long Lasting Spray

Modish Scent

Fresh Sweetness

Pride Perfume

Fresh Attitude Heaven

Cologne 22

Love Of Sweetness

Frozen Perfumy

Petal Hearts Scent

Go Wild Purfume

Magic Smell

Aura Smell

Feeling Of Love

Personal Care Product Name Ideas

Personal Care Business Name Ideas

Personal care or Health care products are almost used by all age groups of people. These products are used by people in their day-to-day life. The users expect protection, comparability from these products.

Fresh Ever Products
Wellness Life Creations
Treat Yourself Products
Healthy Bliss Proffessionals
Good For You Manufactures
Healthy Smile Productions
Strong Care Proffessionals
Close More Factory
White On Products
New Look Holdings
Dreamy On ltd
Bright Care Proffesionals
Beauty Shape Company Ltd
Magical Bond Holdings
Heavenly Manufactures
Better Image Production
Softened Skin Holdings
Rose Petal Incorporation
Handy Privert Ltd
Care You Proffessionals
Pleasant Feeling Corporations
Lovely Image Holdings
Perfect For You Ltd
Your Choice Holdings
Online Beauty Store Name Ideas

Online Beauty Store Name Ideas

Opening up a beauty store is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. There are millions of beauty stores available almost everywhere in the world and online beauty stores are also growing fastly because of the wide scope they have in the industry. Here we have listed a few brand name ideas that you can use for your online beauty store.

Heaven Of Beauty
The Beauty Shop
Cosmetic World
The Body Shop
All Under One Roof
Everything You Need
Sparkle Time
Glowing Globe
Pittiness Collection
Your Collection
Beauty Arcade
Classy Collection
Miss Bossy
Glamor Hut
Dazzling Collection
Feel Amazing
Everything You Need
Lovers Choice
Beauty Hut
The Elegance
Stunning House
Heavenly Feel
My Choice
Place Of Enchantress
Aesthetic Beauty business name ideas

Aesthetic Beauty business names

Choose the best aesthetic beauty business name idea for your business. All these brand names are created manually after considering the brand naming trends of the industry.

Proven Excellence

Superb Skin

Heaven Spa

Rola Aesthetic

Skin Reflection

Smooth Skin

Beauty True

Wonder Skin

Fez Beauty

Diamond Facial

Beauty Enhance

Beauty Love

Glowry Bliss

Beauty Mistress

Love Polish

Beauty Coma

Beauty Paradise

Sparkle Glaze

Glow Charm

Glitter Glow

Diamond Belleza

Fresh Glow

Beauty Sparkle

Glass Vibe

Foreign Words Inspired Beauty Makeup Business Name Ideas

Foreign Words Inspired Beauty & Makeup Business Name Ideas

If you’re searching for “French cosmetic name ideas, Spanish cosmetic name ideas, Italy cosmetic name ideas, or if you’re searching for Russian beauty and makeup business name ideas, here are the brand names created by our brand name specialist after considering each market individually.

Toque De Belleza

Classy Estilo

Glam Sentir



Arrossire Lavoro

Sentire Bellezza

Bellezza Amore

L'amour City

Feziyo Charme

Beauty Luxe

Adorer Bliss

Belleza De Lujo

Beauté Réelle

Amore Di Bellezza

Belleza Exótica

Stile Di Bellezza

Hermosa Tu

Belleza Completa

Centre De Beauté


Le Toucher


Beauté Explorer

"If you already have a beauty and makeup brand name idea you can evaluate it with our brand name idea evaluation tool. This tool will give you a detailed report on the chosen brand name idea"

example 1 example 2

How To Come Up With A Catchy Business Name?

All the business names should be catchy. To be catchy with your business name first you have to understand and study the human mindset and their behaviors. You should have a clear idea of what kind of beauty brand name can attract customers.

In simple words, if your beauty brand name is easy to memorize, pronounce, spell and write then you have a catchy beauty brand name with you. The catchiness of the brand name comes with the attraction of users towards the brand name. As far as your brand name can attract the customers you win.

How To Be Unique With Your Unique Beauty Business Name

Being unique with your beauty brand is very important to the existence of your company. To be unique with your brand name you have to own the .com domain extension for your desired brand name. According to USA law, those who won the .com domain extension are considered as the owner of the business vice versa. 

Steps To Name Your Beauty Business

  • Conduct A Brainstorming Session

Once you get the idea to start a beauty business, naming your business is one of the important aspects. Your beauty brand name can make as well as break your beauty business. Choosing the right name for your beauty business is the challenge that you have to go through. As the first step, list down any name that comes to your mind, which you think will suit your beauty business. In this step, you can do a competitor name analysis too. Find as many names as possible and create a list with you. In this process, you can even create names on your own by using trending words and catchy words that will suit your beauty business. You can create your list by the below methods,

  1. By analyzing the competitor names
  2. Thinking of a short and cute name that will suit your beauty business
  3. You can think about your future plans and create a list of names
  4. You can choose some trending or related words and create a new naming with those words for your beauty business. 
  5. Create names based on the location of your business


  • Shortlisting The Brand Names

In the first step, your ultimate goal was to list brand names as much as possible that will suit your beauty business. In this process, you have to analyze each brand name individually. The brand name carries your identity to the world and also it is a future investment that you’re making in your business. So taking time to analyze each and every brand name is not a waste. 

Analyze each brand name according to the main intention of your business. Before shortlisting your ideas you have to make sure what is the main intention of your business, either you are starting it in a professional way or starting your beauty business without any idea of expanding it in the future.

If you’re having the idea to start your business in a professional way you will need a professional brand name too. So if your intention is to start your beauty business in a professional way shortlist your brand name ideas according to the brand name qualities.

If you have no idea to expand your beauty business in the future you can shortlist your brand name ideas according to easy memorization, easy pronunciation, convey what your business does, etc.

While analyzing the names individually consider the below factors,


  1. Memorability
  2. Simplicity
  3. Catchiness
  4. Not a name that will limit your business
  5. Emotions you want to express
  6. Hard spell and write names
  7. A meaningful name

After analyzing the above factors individually, cut off all the brands that do not consist of these qualities and keep the rest.

  • Feedback Session

At this step, you will have only a few brand names in your hand. Once you shortlist the brand names according to the brand name qualities or other factors, the left out brand names can be best out of the huge list you had in the beginning. Now you come for the most difficult step in the process because almost all the brand names you got with you are best. Now to choose the most suitable one among these go for a feedback session. You can take help from your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. If you’re not satisfied with the answer you got you can get help from social media. There are many social media forums, groups that can help you to choose the best. In this step, you can get help from robots like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana too. If the robots can spell and pronounce when they hear it for the first time then it says that the humans too can grab it soon.

  • Check For The Availability

In this final step, all you have to do is check if the chosen brand name is available or not. To avoid legal issues you have to legally own the name as well as the .com domain extension. Choosing a name that has been registered before will affect your business negatively and also it can harm your identity too.

Tips For A Catchy Beauty Business Name

  • Competitor Analysis

Naming isn’t an easy task and it is not something that to take simply because the name of your business is going to decide that you will stay in the business industry or be destroy forever. Unless you’re a brand name specialist, choosing a business name on your own is not easy. The best decision you take as per your knowledge might be the largest mistake according to the brand name industry. So before naming your beauty business, do research on the name of your business competitors. Find out the naming trend that they followed and how did they choose their brand name and also have research on the failed beauty brand names too.

Best Beauty Brand Name Ideas To Do Competitor Research

  • MAC
  • Chanel
  • NYX
  • NARS
  • Dior
  • Olay
  • Brand name with keyword or a professional name

If the beauty business you’re starting is a professional one we would not recommend using brand names that include keywords or generic words because it affects the SEO process of your business, as well as Google, does not accept the brand names with keywords after introducing the EMD penalty.

If your beauty business is a small one that has no idea of expansion in the future then you can use the most trending and catchy words with your brand name but make sure that it is not so descriptive. 

  • Choose a memorable name

You can check the memorability of your beauty business name in different ways.  You choose words that bring a rhythmic pronunciation for your brand name or else think out of the box and think of a brand name of your own. Make your brand name simple and catchy. Take the help of free tools like phonological loop value too to check the memorability of your brand name.

  • Choose A Brandable brand name

A brandable brand name is the most important factor in a beauty business. Choose a brandable brand name for your beauty business with all the brand name qualities.

  • Do Not Describe What Your Business Does

Never use your business name to describe what your business does. Look at the most successful companies and their naming methods. None of them have explained what their business does with the name. They have always been unique and creating a brand name makes a difference and also they have chosen a brand name thinking out of the box.

  • Consider SEO

Naming your beauty business is not just about adding a name. An SEO-friendly brand name matters a lot. Keep in mind to choose a brand name that will help you to rank your business site and help you to reach the top with the help of the name you choose.

  • Do Not Be Limit With The Brand Name

Never choose a brand name that will limit your beauty business niche. At present, you may start small only with a specific niche but later when you grow or when you get into an expansion a limited brand name will be a huge problem. So choose a common beauty name that will not limit your business.

  • Use Brand Name Reseller Or Brand Name Generator

There are two options to find the perfect brand name for your beauty business. One is you can use a brand name reseller. When you’re browsing a brand name generator make sure to choose the perfect one for less price. We do not recommend spending more than $1000 on a brand name.

The second option is to use a brand name generator. Our brand name consultants do not recommend this method because choosing a brand name with beauty keywords is not effective. Even Google refuses brand names with keywords. 

Here are the best Brand name generators and Brand name reselling sites to find a brand name for your beauty business.

Brand Name Generator 

Brand Name Resellers

Check the trademark availability of your chosen beauty brand name because it may have registered already. So make sure to be unique and classy with your beauty brand name.

  • Simplicity

When you’re selecting a brand name make sure to make it simple. Simplicity and uniqueness are most important in the beauty industry. With a wide range of products, users will not give an extra effort to remember your beauty brand if it is not simple. You can use the vocabulary score to check how easily your beauty brand can be remembered and pronounced.

Let’s look at the best beauty brand names and check how simple and memorable those are.

Brand Name Vocabulary Score Value Phonological Loop Value
MAC 9.11 93.5
Chanel 8.53 87.6
NYX 8.29 84
NARS 8.32 85.5
Sephora 8.32 85.5
Dior 9.1 92.1
Olay 8.76 90
Mecca 8.77 88.8
Avon 8.85 90.8

How To Choose A Brand Name For Your Beauty Business?

Most of the people used to ask how to name my small business? and some others ask for how to name my large-scale business? When starting up a business either it is small or big, brand name qualities and the standards of a brand name will not change. The only thing that changes is the intention. The name you choose for your beauty business matters a lot because it carries your identity, value, mission, and worth to the world. 

Choosing a brand name for your beauty business may differ according to your intention. You may have an idea to start a professional beauty business with the intention of expanding and growing it in the future. Some might have the intention of starting a beauty business in a very small way and with the decision not to expand their business. 

For those who have the intention to start their beauty business in a professional way, they have a long journey to go and they have to be more careful with each and every point. Choosing a professional beauty brand name is not easy. Always keep in mind that your brand name is a future investment you’re making for your business because it is the main factor that carries your identity to the world and helps the existence of your beauty business. Carefully analyze all the brand name qualities a professional brand name should have and get an idea from the top beauty brands in the world.

For those who have not many dreams about the business and who have the intention not to expand the business in the world, you can choose any name you like to start your business. You do not need to pay more attention to the basic theories of brand naming. Here are a few more factors you have to consider, 

  • Think Out A Professional Name

Professionalism is very important to the growth of your business. No one will like to buy products or services from an unprofessional business. One of the main factors to show your professionalism to customers is your brand name. The brand name will give the first impression about your business and it will decide will the customers come in or walk for an alternative. So be professional as well as attractive with your brand names like beauty and makeup giants in the world.

  • Show Your Talents

When you’re starting your business use the slogan or a motto to express how experienced you are in the field of beauty and makeup. You may have a related degree or follow a special course or win a competition. Try to Express those plus factors but make sure not to use your brand name to express those.

  • Know What Are The Factors Of A Perfect Brand Name

Before choosing a brand name know what are the factors that will make a brand name professional and perfect. Learn about brand names, concentrate more on the best and popular beauty and makeup brands in the world, read articles that teach you the characteristics of a brandable brand name, and stick into those.

  • Do Not Limitate Yourself

Do not name your brand name by limiting it to a certain part. It may be a geographical area, age limit, or a specific field in the beauty industry; because with the growth of your business, you may expand it to a wide range. So make sure to grow up with a common name that will match any of the sub-niches in the beauty and makeup industry.

  • Give A Thought About International Market

Always remember the more you dream the more you can achieve. Think about how you can go to the international market, what you should do to grab it and how the brand name will help you to grow. You may start small but no one can say how you will be in the future because all the giant companies in the world were small startups earlier.

Methods Of Choosing The Best Brand Name For Your Beauty Business

01. Explain What You Do With Your Brand Name

As the beauty industry has a wide range of products your business may be different from other competitors. You can use your brand name to show what your business is about. You may sell hair products or makeup products etc so having a brand name that will explain your product is what most entrepreneurs do.

This method is not recommended by branding experts because what your beauty company does may affect the company in a negative way. Even Google says do not use keywords with your brand name. This may limit your business scope too. If you really need to explain what you do, you can use the logo and slogan to explain it.

Example – :

  • “We make you beauty”
  • “Hair Cutting”
  •  “Makeup For You”
  •  “Nail Designing”

02. You Can Use Your Name

You can use your name as your beauty product. This method is most suitable for popular characters who want to build their own brand identity. 

Example -:

  • “Hellen“ founders name “Hellen Yuan”
  • “Kjaer Weis” founders name “Kristen Kjaer Weis”
  • “JinSoon” founders name “Jin Soon Chai”
  • “Pat McGrath Lab” founders name “Pat McGrath”
  • “Kristin Ess”  founders name “Kristin Ess”
  • Renée Rouleau” founders name “Renée Rouleau”
  • Huda Beauty” founders name “Huda Kattan
  •  “Bobbi Brown Cosmetics” founders name “Bobbi Brown”

03. Use A Dictionary Word

Naming your beauty company with a dictionary word is also a popular method that is used by many entrepreneurs. This method can be used if you have a high amount of money to do the marketing part of your beauty business because overcoming a generic word as a brand name is a very tough task.

Example – :

  • “Dove”
  • “Covergirl”
  • “Nude By Nature”
  • “Make Up For Ever”

04. Use A Unique Name

This is the most acceptable and professional way to name your beauty business. Having a unique name will always make you different from others and lead you to success. A unique beauty name should always be simple and memorable. It should be eye-catching too. Having a .com domain extension will also help your brand name to be unique.

Example –

  • “MAC”
  • “L’oreal”
  • “Chanel”
  • “NYX”
  • “NARS”
  • “Revlon”


You can choose a perfect brand name for your beauty business from one of the above brand naming methods. We only recommend using a unique brand name for any type of beauty business and we have listed below the best available beauty brand names from best brand name marketplaces.

The Best Brand Name Holders In The Industry Of Beauty.

Sephora logo

The company Sephora started in 1970. It can be named as one of the best beauty companies in the industry. Sephora got its name as an inspiration from the Greek word Zipporah. It means the wife of Moses. According to folklore, Moses was named as one of the beautiful persons and his wife too. Maybe that’s the reason why they named it Sephora. Sephora sells almost all beauty products. They own the .com, .ae and .sa domain extensions.

L’Oréal is the world’s largest cosmetic company. It was founded in 1909. The meaning of the company name L’Oréal is “Accumulated knowledge or beliefs held by a group about a subject, especially when passed from generation to generation by oral tradition”. This company manufactures almost all beauty products and makeup products.

Mac is one of the leading fashion businesses in the industry that sells cosmetics. It was founded in 1984 and the headquarters is located in New York. MAC got its name from the Acronym Make-up Art Cosmetics.

Why Should You Evaluate Your Beauty Brand Name Idea?

Choosing the wrong brand name for your beauty business may be an irreversible mistake. Before you finalize your beauty brand name make sure to evaluate it and get an idea of how good or bad the brand name is. It will be rescued from future rebranding attempts. To evaluate your beauty brand name you can use a brand name idea evaluation tool or you can evaluate it with the branding knowledge you have on the beauty industry, but if you’re evaluating the brand name by yourself make sure you have a piece of good knowledge about all the brandable brand name qualities and current beauty brand naming trends.

What Should You Do After You Select Your Beauty Brand Name

01. Choose The Business Type

Once you select your beauty brand name, register it as a company. You should register your beauty business under sole trading, partnership, Limited liability, or Corporation.

02. Design Logo

Without explaining what your beauty business does, show it from your logo or slogan. It is a powerful factor to attract customers.

03. Build Your Online Identity

Currently, online identity is very much important to stick with the industry. Building a website, social profile for your beauty brand will expose you and your brand to the worldwide customer market.

Why Brand Name Is Important For Your Beauty And Makeup Business

  • It carries your identity to the world.
  • It gives the first impression of your business.
  • It can make and break your business.
  • It carries your reputation
  • It is a future investment you make
  • It impacts the thought of the people who sees your business

What Are The International Words For Beauty And Makeup

  • Belleza -Spanish
  • Schönheit – German
  • Schoonheid- Dutch
  • Beleco – Esperanto
  • Ομορφιά(Omorfiá) -Greek
  • Красота(Krasota) – Russian
  • Měilì- Chinese
  • Utsukushi-sa – Japanese
  • Aleumdaum – Korean
  • Jamal – Arabic

Trending Words In The Industry Of Beauty And Makeup

Tips When Starting A Beauty Business

  • Have a business plan

Before you start with your beauty business the first and foremost thing you need to do is to create a business plan. In the business plan list out your goals, the time period you want to achieve those, funding systems, etc.

  • Invent new beauty products

To be successful and come beyond the competitors you have to be unique and introduce something new and attract the users.

  • Choose an attractive Packaging

Along with the quality of the product, the container also matters a lot. That is also another factor that will attract users. You can use different shapes of bottles, different shapes of boxes like no one used before. 

  • Build your brand image

You can select a professional brand name for your beauty business and build your identity. As the brand name represents your company to the world, make it a powerful one and create an attractive logo to look professional and pleasant.

  • Packing

The packing of your beauty product should be clean and neat. You should use an attractive color for your packages, and also an attractive text font to be printed on the package. These factors make your beauty business amazing.

  • Display

The way you display the beauty product is also important. Displaying them in an attractive way will make users come and check for them.


  • What Do You Call A Beauty Business?

A beauty business is any product or service done by a particular person or company to make the physical appearance of people beautiful and pleasant. It may be a salon, cosmetic products, personal care products, skincare products, etc.  

  • What Should I Name My Beauty Business?

When you’re going to name your beauty business the first thing you have to do is to find the correct name for it. But choosing the right name may be challenging. The name you choose depends on the intention of your beauty business. 

If you are going to start your business in a simple way you can use any naming trend to name your beauty business but if you dream big and if you have a goal to expand it in the future you must go for a professional and brandable brand name and also follow the correct and suitable brand naming trend. 

If you need a simple brand name you can choose any of the above brand names for your beauty business and if you wish to go with a professional and brandable brand name you can go for our premium brand name ideas list.

  • Can I Use .beauty as my domain extension?

Yes, there are no prohibitions or restrictions not to use the .beauty domain extension and it is completely your wish but there are many negative factors that will affect your business by using this domain extension. 

Almost all the businesses that are generating profits using .com as their domain extension. .com is the world’s most popular and trusted domain extension up to now. It brings many positive factors from the SEO side too. The uniqueness of a company name is almost based on the .com domain extension. When it comes to .beauty, only a few people know this domain extension and the trustiness towards this domain extension is very less among people. We would highly recommend the .com domain extension for your beauty business.