Everything About Your Dream StartUp

Once Google, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook, eBay were startups. There are many more startups which listed to the largest company name list later.This is a complete guide about how to select a brand name for your startup and we have written this article with the reaches results of all those largest companies.

  • Start-up name generators
  • Mistakes You do when choosing a startup name with real-world examples
  • Best start-up name ideas
  • How to choose the best start-up name
  • Everything about the domain extensions
  • Trademark and Copyright with your startup name
  • How will the logo and slogan help with your startup name?
  • Choosing a startup name based on the category
  • Market Place to find the best startup names.
  • Benefits of choosing Brinso

Start-up Name Generators

Now its something common that using startup naming generators to find a start-up name for your business because it is an easy process and without any effort instantly you will get thousands of names on your screen when you entre two-three keywords related to business. All you have to do is just to pick one without any second thought.

Let’s take a look at the leading Startup Name Generators available.

It will be a great help to you if you can find out what are the Pros and Cons of using Startup name generators. Let’s look into the following points.


  • Superfast- You don’t need to think a lot with one click you can get what you want.
  • Easy to use – You just have to type two or three keywords and click the button generate, you will get thousand of results in front of your eyes. So anyone can use it because nothing complicated is there.
  • Free – As it’s free even if you didn’t select a name you can get a large number of ideas.


  • Keywords- When your using startup name generators keywords will be included in your startup name. As Google doesn’t give any priority to keywords it is a major disadvantage for you.
  • Unprofessional- Startup name generators will always suggest you some unprofessional name. They will always try to combine the keywords to give an output.Ex-: If you type the keyword as beauty the startup names will be such as Recover beauty, beauty good, beauty top, etc. Actually they are not brand names they are just word combinations.
  • Give synonyms- When the startup name generators provide a name they will try to give a brand name adding synonyms for your given keyword.Ex-: If you give your keywords as the beauty you may get results like Charmtour, Charmspeedy, etc.
  • Misspelled Names- Startup name generators purposely give misspelled startup names if your .com domain is already taken. As per 17/10/2019 the amount of .com domain registered is 144,274,383 so the possibility of getting your.com domain is very less.Ex-: If you are searching for .com domain for the startup name ABC and its already taken you will get options like AABC.com, ABBC.com and so on.

By considering all the above points the brief idea that we can get is using startup generators to choose your startup name is a negative point as it contains lots of disadvantages. The only benefit that we are getting is it is easy and fast.

But, We Brinso manually review each and every startup name and try to satisfy your needs. We do not lists automate startup names as per your keywords. What we do is, we only list out names manually considering many positive factors.

Startup Name Mistakes

Almost all the entrepreneurs look for catchy, attractive, awesome, creative brand names for their startups. When we put all these words together they are searching for a perfect brand name with uniqueness. Finding out the best brand name will be depending upon the knowledge that they have on brand naming. If you know well about branding you can succeed with your brand name.

There are many mistakes you might be doing when you are choosing a startup name. Here are a few basic points that should really be careful when choosing a startup name for you.

01.Using Startup Name Generators

As we have already detailed you using startup name generators will only be beneficial for you on a very few points but the disadvantage of using them is very harmful and it can ruin your dream business.


Another mistake that you do while selecting a startup name is that you consider more about the industry which your business belongs to.

A startup name is completely a new name for all the people in the world. The popularity of the startup name begins with the trust and loyalty it builds with the time period.

Once Google, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook, eBay were startups. There are many more startups which listed to the largest company name list later. None of those companies consider the industry.


Yes, everyone starting up their business with lots of dreams and we are pretty sure that your willing to spend any amount of money to find the best startup name for you.

Almost all the Brand Name reselling sites are selling startup names for an unreasonable price. They will buy all the .com available domains and resell it for a high price. Finding a startup name with .com for a reasonable price is impossible.

If you need a brand name for a reasonable price you have to go through millions of websites to find out a brand name for a reasonable price.

Brinso always makes sure to list out Super Brand Names for a reasonable price. The highest value of your super brand name is $500 and the lowest price of a super brand name is $308.

There are many more mistakes that you might do when choosing a startup name. You can get more knowledge about brand name mistakes visiting our site to avoid them.

Let’s take a look at companies that re-branded their names because of the mistakes.
Old Name Current Name
Possibilities for the Re-brand
Burbn Instagram *Vocabulary Score(Burbn-5.54, Instagram-8)
Weight Watchers WW *Including keyword
*Single-word name is suitable for a brand name.
*Vocabulary Score (Weight Watchers-Doesn’t give value by Vocabulary Score, WW-7.81)
Dunkin’ Donuts Dunkin *Including keyword
*Single-word name is suitable for a brand name.
*Vocabulary Score (Dunkin’ Donuts-Doesn’t give value by Vocabulary Score Dunkin-6.16)
Lucky and GoldStar Co., Ltd LG *Including keyword
*Single-word name is suitable for a brand name.
*Vocabulary Score (Brad’s Drink-Doesn’t give value by Vocabulary Score Pepsi-8.71)
Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC *Including keyword
*Single-word name is suitable for a brand name.
*Vocabulary Score (Kentucky Fried Chicken-Doesn’t give value by Vocabulary Score KFC-7.84)
Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web Yahoo *Including keyword
*Single-word name is suitable for a brand name.
*Vocabulary Score (Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web-Doesn’t give value by Vocabulary Score Yahoo-8.78)
BackRub Google *Single-word name is suitable for a brand name.
*Vocabulary Score (BackRub-5.93, Google-8.35)
Relentless Amazon *Vocabulary Score (Relentless-4.65, Amazon-8.22)
PC’s Limited Dell *Including keyword
*Single-word name is suitable for a brand name.
*Vocabulary Score (PC’s Limited-Doesn’t give value by Vocabulary Score, Dell-9.4)
Blue Ribbon Sports
*Including keyword
*Single-word name is suitable for a brand name.
*Vocabulary Score (Blue Ribbon Sports-Doesn’t give value by Vocabulary Score Nike-9.35)

Best Startup Name Ideas

Let’s look into newly formed well-established startup companies. Specially which started in 2018/19. Take a look below.

All of them are using Simple, catchy brand names with the .com domain extension. All the names are brandable which consists of all the brand name qualities. None of them are using brand names as below.

Always try to use an easily pronounceable word and branded word to be professional with your brand name. Never use any other common words for your startup such as the “My company”, My-company-online.com.

Let’s look into few new best startup names

How to Choose the Best Startup Name

Choosing a startup name isn’t as easy as it seems. There are many methods of choosing a startup name for your new business.First let’s look at what are the methods available to choose a brand name.

Methods of choosing a brand name

  • Use a brand name reselling website

In this case, you must care about the price of the Brand Names. 

Some websites are charging unreasonable prices for brand names. We don’t recommend spending more than $500 for any kind of startup name because still, you can find brand names like Google, Yahoo, Amazon for $200-500 from startup name crawlers.

  • Use a Brand Name Crawler

Currently, Brinso is the only service that provides this service.

Brinso crawler almost scans all the brand name websites to find the best .com available brand names considering the Vocabulary Score and The Phonological loop.

Then Brinso lists out the startup names which available the .com domain according to its price (lowest) and vocabulary score (highest).

  • Register Your Own Brand Name Using a Domain Registration Service

Still, you can buy a domain for your startup for $10-15 from GoDaddy, name.com or any other domain registration service. 

But unfortunately, you cannot find catchy brand names with high vocabulary score because almost all the brand names with vocabulary score 8 and higher have been registered by domain resellers.

You should always make sure to choose the .com domain extension. You can easily find other extensions such as .net, .info easily but you have to pay an unfair price if you want to convert it to the .com later.

When your choosing a brand name the main thing which you want to consider is Brand Name qualities. If your selected start name fulfills all the brand name qualities it means you have chosen a super brand name.

Let’s take a look at the Brand Name qualities. It will help you to select the best startup name.

01. Uniqueness

Uniqueness is everything about owing .com domain for your chosen startup name. You should always make sure that you want to be different from all the other companies in the world. You should have your own identity and also no one should be able to take your identity too.

As per US law If you own .com you will be the copyrighted owner of the brand name vise Versa

  • .com = uniqe

02. Simplicity

A startup name should always be easy to pronounce as well as memorize. As the First impression is last long you have to make sure that your startup name is super enough to stay in people’s mind which out an extra effort.

As there are millions of alternatives in the world people will not stick into you if they forget your startup name.

Now it’s super easy to know how simple is your chosen startup name with the help of the vocabulary score. The vocabulary score shows how easily people can pronounce and remember your brand name.

  • Vocabulary Score 6-8 = Good Brand Name
    Vocabulary Score 8-10= Super Brand Name

03. Brand names should not have generic words or partially generic words

With the EMD penalty update to the Google search algorithm in 2012, there’s a possibility that Google considered domains with keywords as spams so that it could affect negatively on SEO. Take a look at what Google Webmasters has to say

  • No generic words for your startup

04. Should not buy a brand name which has a History

Trustworthiness is the most important part of a business.Some startup names are already been used for spam purposes and also the industry of the previous and current may be different.

  • Avoid startup names with a History

05. Brand names should be single words

Look at the best companies in the world almost everyone is using single phrase words because they are memorable and easy to reach out.


  • Google->Google Liability Company Ltd.
  • Facebook ->Facebook Incorporation.

  • Startup name should be a single phrase one

06. Brand names should not have keywords

Using keywords for your brand name doesn’t give your startup name a professional outlook. Using keywords will confuse the search engine too.

The world’s best SEO company changed its name from SEOMOZ to MOZ.com after they understood the disadvantages of using keywords.

  • Avoid keywords for your startup name

07. Brand names should not imitate any other popular brands

The main disadvantages of imitating popular brands are that people don’t trust imitated startup names and also the search engine will automatically try to correct the imitated brand name to the original one.

  • Should not imitate

08. Brand names should not have numbers or special characters

Never use special characters or numbers for your start name because it will soon be forgotten by the people and also it may confuse the search engines too.

You can use them if your targeting Chinese, Japanese or Korean markets.

  • Avoid numbers and special characters

09. Brand names should be those that Siri, Cortana, or Alexa can spell

If your startup name cannot be spell by robots like Siri, Cortana or Alexa it means that there is a possibility that humans may too get it wrong.

  • Check your startup name with Siri, Alexa or Cortana

10.The brand name should not include any negative connotations

Check your startup name have any negative meaning from any other popular language because when expanding your business it may affect the growth of it.

  • No negative connotations

Choose a Simple Startup Name

There are four methods you can choose your startup name.

01. Use a unique start name

As per the surveys, almost 95% of startups are using unique brand names.If your startup name contains all the brand name qualities you got a unique startup name.This method is highly recommended.

02. Use a generic word or word combination

As Apple incorporation limited using Apple.com you too can come up with a generic word but the budget you have to spend on it is very high and also it will be a waste of money.

03. Use business owner’s name

This method is only suitable if you want to improve your personal brand. It is recommended for very famous people, celebrities, politicians, actors, singers, writers, etc.Having a few friends doesn’t help you with this method.

04. Explain your product or service with your startup name

Never go for this method because even Google says to avoid keywords with your startup name.

Domain Extension

When we are talking about startup names we can’t skip the point which domain extension should be used with your startup Name.

Currently, there are 280 domain extensions are in total. Out of these domain extensions, you should be wise enough to choose which is best to come up with your startup name.

Here are the top 10 domain extension in the world

  • .COM : 82.01 million
  • .DE (Germany) : 13.05 million
  • .CN (China) : 12.55 million
  • .NET : 12.42 million
  • .UK (United Kingdom): 7.83 million
  • .ORG : 7.79 million
  • .INFO : 5.24 million
  • .NL (Netherlands) : 3.5 million
  • .EU (European Union) : 2.98 million
  • .RU (Russia) : 2.31 million

Out of all the domain extensions, the oldest and the most trustable domain extension is COM. We can say that .com is the king of domain extension world.

Take a look at the most popular companies in the world. Each and everyone are using .com as their domain extension.

  • Google – Google.com
  • Amazon –  Amazon.com
  • Yahoo – Yahoo.com

When we look into the domain registered amount the highest amount of domains registered with the .com domain extension.Currently, more than 250M .com domains have registered.

Benefits of using .com as your domain extension

  • Owning .com will make you unique and it will help you to stand out from others.
  • As per US law If you own .com you will be the copyrighted owner of the Brand Name and vise versa.
  • Most trustworthy domain extension in the world.
  • Owning .com will help you to rank your site.

When can you use other domain extensions

Here are a few places that you can use other domain extensions with your startup.

  • If you are running a nonprofit organization you can always go to .org
  • If your website is for an educational purpose you can use .edu
  • If you are selecting only a target area you can use the specific area extension.

Trademark and Copyright

How trademark is important to your startup?

01. It’s a communication tool

Trademark can present everything about you to the community. It may be a message on behalf of you, or it may represent your product or service and also it may represent the reputation of your startup too.

02. Easy to Reach

Trademarks will help you to stand out from your competitors.As currently there are countless competitors in the world having a trademark will give you an identity.

It will help people to identify you sooner and they can get to know with whom they are dealing with

03. Effectively utilize the Internet and social media

It will help you to bring traffic to your page and more traffic will take your page into the high rankings.

04. Trademark never expires

Trademark will never expire until you use it in US e-commerce.

How patent will help your business

  • It increases the value of your company.
  • It generates new ideas.
  •  It motivates the employees.
  • It can increase the price of your company by generating new features.
  • No one can sell, import, copy or manufacture your product or service without your permission.
  • You can sell your product /service or you can use it by yourself.

Steps how to Trademark your business

  • Is Trademark suitable for you -> First before trying to trademark you want to know do you really need to trademark your startup.
  • Get ready -> Prepare yourself for trademarking because you want to do it with proper care as there are many legal formalities.
  • Application -> Prepare and submit your application
  • Receive your trademark -> Once you get the approval you will be the trademark owner for the selected trademark.
  • Maintain -> The final step you want to do is maintaining the company registry.

You can learn more about the steps of trademarking.

Benefits of Logo & Slogan

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs do is try to include keywords for their startup name,they totally forget above the help that a slogan and a logo can do.

You can always go for a brandable startup name and try to explain your product or service through your logo and slogan.

And think about how deeply a logo can stick in our minds. Products and services like Apple, Facebook, Twitter can be identified only with the logo. Even a small kid can find out those products and services with the logo.

Choosing the Brand Name Based on the Category/Industry

All the brand name generators, as well as brand name reselling sites, give you an option to choose the industry before they provide you the startup name list. When choosing your startup name like that have you ever notice that the same startup names appearing in more than 2-3 categories?

A Startup name can never be selected staying in a selected frame. It will end up suggesting your names including keywords or some unprofessional startup names.

Let’s make it understand as follows

So choosing your startup name based on the industry is a useless factor because you will be framed with a small area. If you want your startup name to be unique and stand out from others, you always have to think out of the box.

Marketplaces for Best Startup Names

There are millions of places where you can choose your startup name. Here are few best market places where you can buy your startup name.

Brinso Benefits

Brinso is one and only Brand Name crawler in the world. We browse almost all the brand name reselling sites.One of our brand name consultants will manually review each and every brand name and list out only the best brand names for you.


  1. We do only give you .com domain Startup names.
  2. We do consider all the 10 brand name qualities. If we found a startup name that misses even one brand name quality we do not list out it.
  3. Brinso will only list out startup names below $500.
  4. We do list out only super brand names(Vocabulary score above 8)
  5. We do consider the phonological loop.