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How To Name Your Startup?

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The brand name is the backbone of your company. If you made a mistake with it you will not be able to make it correct easily. You can easily make changes with your logo, website, or slogan but not with the brand name. Brand names do not only carry the identity of your startup it helps to distinguish your startup from others. The future of the startup will be based on the name that you’re choosing because perfect, short and brandable brand names with all the brand name qualities will be remembered by the users forever. Here is a complete guide on how to name your startup.

Ways To Come Up With A Best Brand Name?

There are four main methods to choose a brand name. Choosing the most suitable method for you is in your hands. You should have good knowledge of all these methods to know which is the most suitable for you.

  • Use a unique brandable name

This is the brand naming method that has been used by almost all the popular companies in the world. They have been creative enough to come up with a brand name either with a hidden meaning or a unique value. 

And having a unique ownership is also important for your startup. Make sure to get the legal ownership and .com domain name for your brand name.

Ex -:,,

  • Use a generic word or word combination

You can use generic words or words to name your business. The most famous company Apple has used this method when naming their business. This naming method was one of the successful methods before the internet era but now with the high competition and Google updates using generic words or words to the brand name will affect your business in a negative way.

Even if you are using a generic word as your brand name, make sure it is at least a unique brand name in your niche. For example, Amazon, the biggest e-commerce company in the world, used the name of the largest river in the world. It is a generic word, but it worked for the company very well. How? Amazon carries the company’s brand mission to the world and it is unique in the e-commerce industry. 

  • Use founders name or family name

Companies like Adidas, Disney, Dior used this naming method with less competition and less effect on the internet they had during those days. But now with the higher competition using this brand naming method is not recommended. 

But Tesla founded in 2003 but became the top electric car company in the world in a very short period of time. How? They found the perfect brand name to represent their product. Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest physicists and an electric engineer in the world, known universally for his work on the electricity supply system. Nikola Tesla is the father of electricity so they name their electric car company after him.

  • See the big picture of your company

What is the vision of your company? Getting a brand name that represents your company’s ultimate vision is also a creative way to name your startup. Nike is a world famous sports company who chose the perfect brand name. According to Greek mythology Nike is the Winged goddess of victory. Sport is also centered around victory. The brand name covers everything that they have to say about their products. 

So when you choose a brand, consider the big picture of your company. It will give you the perfect idea to name your startup.

  • Analyze your competitor’s brand names 

This is also a smart way to come up with an outstanding brand name. By analyzing your competitor brand names in the market, you can understand the both positive and negative points in their brand names. This way you can design a better brand name idea that you can stand out from the competition.

  • Check the brand name qualities

This is the most recommended way to select the best startup name. checking the brand name qualities helps you to get a universal brand name for your startup.

  • Uniqueness.(Select an uncommon name and make sure to select a brand name with a .com domain name)
  • Simplicity (the brand name needs to be easy to pronounce and memorize to anyone, simply put your brand name needs to be human friendly)
  • No negative connotations ( some brand names generate negative meanings when they are translated to another language, this is a disadvantage if you are planning to expand your business in the future.)
  • Have a limited character count ( the ideal character count of a perfect brand name is 4 to 6 characters).
  • No registration history (using a brand name that registered with another business before, is not very favorable for a start up business. It costs you time, money and there can be legal problems linked with that brand name.)
  • Not a generic word (do not use common/dictionary words as your brand name. It makes you too common and difficult to beat the competition in the market.)
  • Not included a keyword (do not explain what you do through your brand name, avoid using words that are related to your business, product or service).
  • No numbers or special characters are included (it makes your brand name difficult to remember and cause confusion for your customers)
  • Virtual assistant friendly brand name (Brand names should be those that robots such as Siri, Alexa, Google assistant can spell and recognize)
  • Not a copy of a popular brand name (Brand names should not imitate any other popular brands )

Connection Between Your Brand Name And Human Psychology

As human beings we have an emotional side that is involved in the decision making process. So obviously, when selecting a business name also, your customers make emotional decisions. Unlike with the other nouns, the human brain functions differently when dealing with brand names. So when creating a brand name or selecting a brand name for your business, don’t forget to apply the following psychological features in your brand name. 

What makes a brand name psychologically effective? First one is the memorability of your brand name. It’s not about getting a brand name that is easy to remember, but a brand name that is hard to forget. Learn the tips and tricks to get a memorable brand nameThe second one is the character count of your brand name. Too many characters makes a brand name complicated and long. So select a short brand name. The ideal character count of a brand name is 4 to 6 characters. If your brand name is easy to remember, that helps the listener to remember the brand name easily. If your brand name rolls off the tongue smoothly means it is simple. Simple words are easy to remember. So make sure the brand name is easy to remember.

Including these factors, consider the above mentioned brand name qualities if you need a customer friendly brand name.

How To Come Up With A Brand Name/Startup Name?

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner or a startup owner you are definitely familiar with this question. Well if you are still looking for a satisfying answer, here it is. Actually there is no verified process to come up with a brand name. There are many methods. Among them, here is the most successful one. 

  • Understand Your Business (what is your business, what are the values and ethics of your business, who are the customers of your business, what are the business objectives/ goals of your business)
  • Analyze Your Competitors (by analyzing your competitors you can understand their both plus and weak branding points. This helps you to come up with a better brand name idea)
  • Startup Naming Trends (what are the most successful startup naming trends so far? Which startup naming trend is most popular in your industry, what are the old startup trends to avoid? Understanding the startup naming trends will narrow the brand naming process)
  • Analyzing The Trending Words (before jumping to create a brand name, learn what are the popular/ trending words used in brand names by your competitors.)
  • A Name List (now you are ready to create a brand name on your own. With the knowledge you have and using your creative ideas, come up with as many brand name ideas as possible and make a list!!!)
  • Narrow Down Your List   (to get the best brand name out, we recommend filtering the brand name list with brand name qualities. Or simply using our brand name idea evaluation tool and selecting the best ones)
  • Feedback Session – Get feedback from different people in the world. It may be your friends, colleagues, neighbors, family, brand name specialists, businessmen, social media, etc.
  • The Availability Check (now you have the brandable brand names in your list. Check whether they are taken by someone already. And register your brand name as soon as possible. Important: Make sure the brand name you select also has the domain name availability and social media availability.)
  • Domain and social media availability check- (if your brand name isn’t registered by anyone, you need to check the domain name availability and social media availability of the brand name. Most businesses maintain a website and to get the maximum benefit for your business it is very important to get the exact match domain; a domain name that exactly matches your brand name. And also social media is the best platform to promote your brand name and expand your customer base even more. So domain name availability and social media availability is very important. And this is the final step if selecting a brand name) 


By following this method, you can definitely come up with a unique and brandable brand name. It is time consuming but totally worth it!!! If you want to get a brandable brand name but do not have time to spend on it, you can see our professional brand name collection and select whatever you prefer as your brand name. All you have to do is select your industry, go to the professional brand name list and select the one you like the most!!!

Tips To Consider When Naming Your Startup

  • Don’t Be Descriptive

Being descriptive with the brand name is one of the common mistakes that most startups make. Almost 80% of startups are making this mistake due to the less knowledge they have on this factor. Do you know that a few of the most successful companies went for the rebranding process because of being too descriptive? Later they ended up rebranding their name after paying a huge amount of money. The best example of a descriptive name is “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web”. The company “Yahoo” was initially called Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web” and later rebranded it to yahoo.

  • Don’t Go For Limitative Brand Name

The best example of being a limitation brand name isApple Computer Company”. As initially, it was selling apple computers they named their company as Apple computer company, but with the fast growth of the company, they expanded their production for several other categories too. As being with the name “Apple computer company” they found it difficult to market their other products to the world. So at last they rebranded the company name to Apple Inc.

Never try to stick your business name for a specific room. Always keep a space for the future. Not now, but later you might be successful and go for an expansion. So never choose a name that will limit your business.

  • A Global Name

When choosing a name for your startup, be sure that it is a name that is globally accepted. In simple terms, make sure the name you choose has no negative connotations. The famous company “7Up” went through this situation when they started to promote their product in Shanghai, because in Shanghai “7up” means “death through drinking”.

  • Avoid Hard Names

The most important three factors of a brandable brand name are that those brand names should be very simple, easy to pronounce and memorize. When choosing a name for your business make sure that you choose a brand name that can be easily spelled, pronounced, and remembered. That is very important to the existence of your business.

  • .com

If you are starting a profit-generating business you should always own the .com domain extension. .com domain extension is very important to build trust among users, grab more users, rank the site, and much more. 

  • Meaningful Name

Take a look at the most successful brand names in the world. Almost all of them have a meaning with their brand name. When it comes to the brand name apple, the brand name comes as apple because the favorite fruit of Steve Jones is apple. When it comes to Nike, the meaning of the brand name is “Greek goddess of victory”. 

  • Follow the brand naming steps

When naming your company do not forget to follow the brand naming steps. Following the steps accordingly will help you to get the most suitable and perfect brand name idea.

Where can you buy the brand name you're looking for?

01. Use Brand Name Reselling Website

There are many brand name resellers that provide you millions of brand names from a single click. All you have to do is to select a brand name reseller and enter the industry your startup belongs to.

The main disadvantage of brand name resellers is most of them selling the brand names for unreasonable prices. The ideal price for a brandable brand name is $500. We highly recommend not to pay more than that for a brand name.

The other disadvantage is most of the brand name does not consist of all the brand name qualities. Not considering the brand names will lead you to a disaster.

Here are a few of best brand name resellers in the field,

  • Brandbucket
  • Brandroot
  • Brandpa
Use Brand Name Reselling Website image

02. Register Your Own Brand Name Using a Domain Registration Service

Under this method, you can buy a startup name for $10- 15. It is a very cheap amount when compared to the brand name resellers and by entering one keyword you will end up having countless startup names in front of your eyes.

But unfortunately, you cannot find catchy brand names with high vocabulary scores because almost all the brand names with vocabulary scores 8 and higher have been registered by domain resellers.

As well as the brand name the owner of the .com domain is also very important. Owning another domain extension except .com is useless. If your startup is not a commercial one you can use any other suitable domain extension for your startup.

Here are a few of domain registration services in the field,

  • GoDaddy
  • Sedo
  • Shopify
  • Namecheap
Register Your Own Brand Name Using a Domain Registration Service

Best Brand Names in the world and reasons why do we call them as best brand names

Best Brand Names in the world and reasons why do we call them as best brand names

There are many companies that are listed on the largest company name list which were once startups. Google, Apple, eBay,  Microsoft are a few of them. All those giant companies consist of all the best brand name qualities. Here are the factors that show why those brand names are best.

Why are they called good brand names?
  • The vocabulary score of all those brand names is above 8. which means it can easily memorize and pronounce.
  • Those are unique with the .com domain extension
  • No generic words included in most of the names but Apple won the industry with a generic name because it had a good financial background to do the marketing part.
  • All these brand names have a clear brand name history.
  • All those brand names are single-word brand names.
  • Google does not say what they do (no keywords).
  • These brand names do not imitate any other popular brands.
  • All these brand names are free from numbers and special characters.
  • These brand names can be easily spelled and write by robots too
  • None of these brand names have any negative meanings.

Worst Brand Names in the world and reasons why do we call them as bad brand names

Worst Brand Names in the world and reasons why do we call them as best brand names

01. The boring company

Why is The boring company called a bad brand name?

  • The vocabulary score does not provide a value for this brand name because of the unprofessionalism it has.
  • Having generic words in the brand name will make the company lose many opportunities.
  • Having more than one word in the brand name will add less memorization value for your brand name.
  • The ideal character count of a brand name should only be limited to four, five, or six words. Brand names that have more character count than 8 are not recommended.
  • A brand name should always represent a positive meaning; having a word like “boring” is not suitable as a brand name.


02. Analtech

Why is Analtech called a bad brand name?

  • The vocabulary score of this brand name is 5.15. Which means this brand name can not be memorized and pronounced easily.
  • Having keywords in the brand name is considered as spam even by Google.


03. Morning wood company

Why is Morning wood company called a bad brand name?

  • The vocabulary score does not provide a value for this brand name because of the unprofessionalism it has.
  • Having generic words in the brand name will make the company lose many opportunities.
  • Having more than one word in the brand name will add less memorization value for your brand name.
  • The ideal character count of a brand name should only be limited to four, five, or six words. Brand names that have more character count than 8 are not recommended.


04. Bunghole Liquors

Why is Bunghole Liquors called a bad brand name?

  • The vocabulary score does not provide a value for this brand name because of the unprofessionalism it has.
  • Having generic words in the brand name will make the company lose many opportunities.
  • Having more than one word in the brand name will add less memorization value for your brand name.
  • The ideal character count of a brand name should only be limited to four, five, or six words. Brand names that have more character count than 8 are not recommended.

Best Startup Names

Let’s look into newly formed well-established startup companies specially which started in 2018/19.

Best Startup names

All the names are brandable which consists of all the brand name qualities. All of them are using Simple, catchy brand names with the .com domain extension. None of them are using brand names as below.

None of them are using brand names

Brand Names Based On Industry

The best way to find the brand name suitable for your industry is to do a complete analysis of the naming methods of best and worst brand names based on your industry. Do not forget to study the meaning of those brand names too. Having complete knowledge about the naming methods will help you to follow the plus points of them and avoid the minus points.

 Look at the meaning of a few Popular Brands

  • The brand name google came from the word googol. Googol means digit one followed by a hundred zeros. From that, they wanted to show that they provide countless information to the users.
  • The brand name eBay came from the word echo bay. As it is based on echo bay technologies they wanted to name it as echo bay. With the reason for the unavailability of that brand name, they chose eBay.
  • Nike means “the Greek goddess of victory”.
  • Amazon is the world’s longest river and that implies their ambition on the field to be the greatest and the wide range of their products.

The best thing for the new entrepreneurs is to identify and analyze the popular brands according to each industry and follow up on their naming system.

You will realize that almost all the popular brand names in the world have a hidden meaning which they wanted to say to the users. Each and every brand name belonging to the different industries has a meaning related to them.

Meaning matters the most to establish your new brand!

Ways to check how good or bad your startup name is

Once you get a startup name idea with you the first thing you have to do is to evaluate it to know how good or bad it is. There are a few ways to evaluate your startup name.

  • Follow the guidelines given by professional blogs

At present everything is available on the internet. There are many informational websites as well as blogs managed by brand-name consultants on the internet. You can study any of those websites and get knowledge on how to evaluate your startup name.

A few best websites to get knowledge on how to evaluate your brand name.


This method is not recommended 100% because browsing the sites’ information and blogs will not give you a 100% idea on how to evaluate your brand name.

  • Get help from brand name consultants

You can hire any of the professional brand name consultants to evaluate your brand name. Here are a few websites where you can get brand-name consultants for hire. The average hourly rate of a professional and experienced brand name consultant is $30.


As you have to spend money on purchasing a startup name, spending money to evaluate your startup name will be an extra expense for you. Always remember to save money for the future of your startup.

  • Sampling customers

Your business is centered around your target customers. So testing your brand name idea is the best way to evaluate your brand name. Sample your target customers and learn what they think about your brand name. If they think it is a good brand name, you can keep it or if the results are negative, you can move to another better brand name idea. And also you can conduct a poll in social media such as Facebook.

  • Use a brand name idea evaluation tool

The brand name idea evaluation tool is not another brand name generator. It is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based tool to evaluate your brand name. Once you enter your brand name it generates a complete evaluation report considering all the brand name qualities. The main factor is it is a lifetime free service.

Brinso is the world’s first AI-Based brand name idea evaluation tool. It is a lifetime free service developed to all the entrepreneurs who want to evaluate their startup name idea.

Best domain extension for your startup

When we are talking about startup names we can’t skip the point of which domain extension should be used with your startup Name.

This is also known as TLD ( Top Level Domain)

Currently, there are 280 domain extensions in total. Out of these TLD s, you should be wise enough to choose which is best to come up with your startup name.

Here are the the mostly used 10 domain extension in the world

  • .COM : 82.01 million
  • .DE (Germany) : 13.05 million
  • .CN (China) : 12.55 million
  • .NET : 12.42 million
  • .UK (United Kingdom): 7.83 million
  • .ORG : 7.79 million
  • .INFO : 5.24 million
  • .NL (Netherlands) : 3.5 million
  • .EU (European Union) : 2.98 million
  • .RU (Russia) : 2.31 million


Out of all the domain extensions, the oldest and the most trustable domain extension is COM. We can say that .com is the king of the domain extension world. At the same time, it also simplifies the uniqueness of a brand name.

Take a look at the most popular companies in the world. Each and everyone is using .com as their domain extension.

  • Google –
  • Amazon –
  • Yahoo –


When we look into the domain registered amount the highest number of domains registered with the .com domain extension. At the end of the year 2019, more than 157 Million .com domains have registered.

Benefits of using .com as your domain extension

  • Owning .com will make you unique and it will help you to stand safe, in case of any imitation by another company.
  • As per US law If you own .com you will be the copyrighted owner of the Brand Name and vise versa.
  • Most trustworthy domain extension in the world for businesses
  • Owning .com will help you to rank your site.
  • Most internet users assume your business’s domain name ends with the .com.


When can you use other domain extensions

Here are a few places that you can use other domain extensions with your startup.

  • If you are running a nonprofit organization you can always go to .org
  • If your website is for an educational purpose you can use .edu
  • If you are selecting only a target area you can use the specific area extension.

Things To Consider When Buying A Brand Name


Yes, everyone starts up their business with lots of dreams and we are pretty sure that you are willing to spend any amount of money to find the best startup name for you.

Almost all the Brand Name reselling sites are selling startup names for an unreasonable price. They will buy all the .com available domains and resell it for a high price. Finding a startup name with .com for a reasonable price is impossible.

If you need a brand name for a reasonable price you have to go through millions of websites to find out a brand name for a reasonable price.

There are many more mistakes that you might make when choosing a startup name. You can get more knowledge about brand name mistakes by visiting our site to avoid them.

Using startup Name generators

Brand name generators have both advantages and disadvantages. Earlier most of the entrepreneurs, startup founders, business owners used brand name generators to get a brand name idea for their businesses. Because brand name generators are benefited with the qualities such as easy to use, thousands of related brand name ideas, free of charge. But, now most people use name generators just to brainstorm name ideas for their startups as it turns out that brand name generators also come along with the following issues. 

  • Auto generated brand name ideas
  • Less quality brand name ideas
  • Most of the brand names are either meaningless or have simple mere meaning
  • Include keywords and generic words
  • Lack of creativeness of the brand name
  • Too long brand names
  • Too common brand name ideas

Getting A Logo

Benefits of Logo & Slogan

Some brand names can be recognized just with their logo such as Facebook, Apple, Instagram, Twitter, Nike, Gucci. All these brand names have strong logos that relate to their brand story. Logo is not just an image, your logo is the foundation of your brand identity, it helps to improve brand recognition, more memorable as visual data records faster in the brain, it keeps you separated from other competitors and you can express your brand message in a more creative and strong way. So get a logo right after trademarking your brand name.

Getting A Slogan

Slogan allows you to be more descriptive about your business values, goals and customer policy. A slogan needs to be strong, attractive and needs to be capable of delivering a strong and positive message to your customers about your brand name. So consider creating or selecting a slogan for your brand name. Here are the benefits of a slogan.

  1. To get customer attention
  2. To make a strong brand appearance
  3. To win customer’s trust towards your brand
  4. Slogan is an opportunity to express your brand message

So make sure to create a slogan for your brand name!!!

Trademark and Copyright

How important is a trademark to your startup?

01. Easy to Reach

Trademarks will help you to stand out from your competitors. As currently there are countless competitors in the world having a trademark will give you an identity.

It will help people to identify you sooner and they can get to know with whom they are dealing with

02. It’s a communication tool

Trademarks can present everything about you to the community. It may be a message on behalf of you, or it may represent your product or service and also it may represent the reputation of your startup too.

03. Trademark never expires

Trademarks will never expire until you use it in US e-commerce.

04. Effectively utilize the Internet and social media

It will help you to bring traffic to your page and more traffic will take your page into the high rankings.

Steps how to Trademark your business

  • Is Trademark suitable for you -> First before trying to trademark you want to know do you really need to trademark your startup.
  • Get ready -> Prepare yourself for trademarking because you want to do it with proper care as there are many legal formalities.
  • Application -> Prepare and submit your application
  • Receive your trademark -> Once you get the approval you will be the trademark owner for the selected trademark.
  • Maintain -> The final step you want to do is maintaining the company registry.

You can learn more about the steps of trademarking.

How patent will help your business

  • It increases the value of your company.
  • It generates new ideas.
  •  It motivates the employees.
  • It can increase the price of your company by generating new features.
  • No one can sell, import, copy or manufacture your product or service without your permission.
  • You can sell your product /service or you can use it by yourself.

Top 5 Brand Name Generators

  • Shopify

Shopify can be known as one of the leading e-commerce platforms and they have introduced a brand name generator too. Here they provide a wide range of brand name lists according to the keyword that you provide. Shopify provides very good assistance to the users and the domain availability is also at a satisfactory level. Shopify is very user-friendly and most of the users have a good experience with it.

When we look into the brand name qualities of the brand name that they provide we can’t be satisfied with it. Nearly 60% of brand names do not have all the brand name qualities a professional brand name should consist of. The phonological loop value and the vocabulary score values of the brand names are also very low.

  • Oberlo

Oberlo is another brand name generator that provides a wide range of brand names to the users according to the keyword that you provide. When we talk about Oberlo it provides better assistance to the users and also educates them why they need a business name generator. Oberlo is easy to use so the user-friendliness is high.

A professional brand name should always be simple and memorable. As everyone knows, a single world brand name is more memorable than a brand name with more than one word. So Oberlo does not provide any single word brand names and all the brand names that generally include keywords but Google highly recommends not to use brand names with keywords. Oberlo does not provide domain name extensions for those who want to buy brand names.  The main unsatisfactory factor of Oberlo is that it does not sell brand names; it only provides suggestions to you. 

  • Namelix

Namelix is a brand name generator that uses an AI-powered algorithm to generate names. When you enter a keyword it provides you three options according to the brand name length you need. Once you enter the name length you need you can choose the name style that you need. Make sure to choose the brandable brand name style because only a brandable brand name can carry you to the world. In the section of brandable brand names, nearly 45% of brand names consist of all the brand name qualities and also most of the brand names consist of the “.com” domain extension. Namelix provides you with an additional service of designing logos for your startup. The user-friendliness of Namelix is very high.

When we talk about the phonological loop values and the vocabulary score values of the brand names in Namelix; most of the brand names get less value than the ideal value a professional brand name should have. The price of a brand name in Namelix goes from $5000 to and higher. Overall Namelix has a good impression from the side of users.

  • Panabee

Panabee is a media company but provides a brand name generator as a second option. Unlike most of the other brand name generators, most of the time Panabee generates single-word brand names for you. The brand name that Panabee generates has no negative connotations and also the domain extension of the generated brand names is limited to the .com domain extension. The user-friendliness of Panabee is high.

When we talk about the cons of Panabee the first thing is that the phonological loop values and vocabulary score values are very low in the brand names that they generate and almost all the brand names consist of keywords. Sometimes Panabee generates brand names with numbers and special characters too. These are a few qualities a professional brand name should not have. 

  • Name Station

Name station is also another brand name generator used by most of the users in the world.  Name station provides you a list of domain extensions that you will need to name your business. You can choose any of the domain extensions you need. Name Station provides many additional services to the users such as hold name contests, Username generators, etc.

Almost all the brand names they generated consist of keywords and also numbers which are not qualities a professional business name should have. The phonological loop value and vocabulary score values go under 5. It simplifies that these brand names are not recommended. 

Pros And Cons Of Using Startup Name Generators


  • Superfast

You don’t need to think a lot with one click you can get what you want.

  • Easy To Use

You just have to type two or three keywords and click the button generated, you will get thousands of results in front of your eyes. So anyone can use it because nothing complicated is there.

  • Free

As it’s free even if you didn’t select a name you can get a large number of ideas.


  • Keywords

When you’re using startup name generators keywords will be included in your startup name. As Google doesn’t give any priority to keywords it is a major disadvantage for you.

  • Unprofessional

Startup name generators will always suggest some unprofessional name. They will always try to combine the keywords to give an output.

Ex-: If you type the keyword as beauty the startup names will be such as Recover beauty, beauty good, beauty top, etc. Actually, they are not brand names, they are just word combinations.

  • Give Synonyms

When the startup name generators provide a name they will try to give a brand name adding synonyms for your given keyword.

Ex-: If you give your keywords as the beauty you may get results like Charmtour, Charmspeedy, etc.

  • Misspelled Names

Startup name generators purposely give misspelled startup names if your .com domain is already taken. As of 17/10/2019 the amount of .com domain registered is 144,274,383 so the possibility of getting domain is very less.

Ex-: If you are searching for the .com domain for the startup name ABC and it’s already taken you will get options like,, and so on.

Things To Do After Naming Your Business

  • Design A Website

At present having a website for your business is really important. In the internet era almost all businesses are not skipping to open a website for their business. Having a website makes it easy for people to find you and if you do proper SEO you can also rank your company’s website on the internet. While designing your website, be creative, catchy, and attractive with it. Do not be too complex with your website.

  • Create a Logo

According to the universal brand name qualities describing what your company does through your business name is not a positive factor. Rather than express what your company does with your brand name, use the logo for that. Deliver a small message from the logo. Be simple and attractive with it. Use colors that are pleasing to human eyes. 

  • Marketing Activities

A proper and planned marketing plan is also a must for a successful business. Everyone should know that you’re there and these are the products or services provided by your company. Have a proper marketing plan, whether it is paid or non-paid to have a great business plan with you to give a boost for your business.