How To Get The Best Brand Name?

How to choose the best Brand name banner

You need a perfect brand name when you are going to start a business. There can be many brand naming approaches. But it is important to make sure you end up with the best brand name, whatever the process you follow, right?

In this article, we will guide you to select the best brand name for your business. 

Popular Brand Name Approaches

These are some brand naming processes followed in the business world. Let’s dive into the details.

01. Using Generic Words

Brand names like Best Fresh Fruits, Gems, Pizza, Cola are generic and descriptive words. A customer can easily assume what kind of product or service they can expect with these brand names. 

But descriptive names are not recommended. Many latest research proved that brand names have to be unique. Descriptive brand names are common, and you need to spend a large budget on marketing to make your brand name stand out. So it is better to go for a unique brand name.

This is what Google has to say about adding keywords or generic words to your domain name.

But What About Apple And Blackberry?

Both Apple and Blackberry are generic words. Specialty in these brand names is, they do not represent the product they serve. Although Apple and Blackberry are generic words, they do not relate to the product. 

These brand names are linked to their product and business uniquely.

Steve Jobs reveals that he selected Apple as the brand name because it is fun, spirited, and not intimidating.

The reason to choose blackberry as the brand name is that the keyboard buttons resemble the drupelets of the blackberries.

02. Use The Founders’ Name

You know there are many businesses named after the founder’s name. Such as Disney (Walt Disney), Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton), Johnson & Johnson (James wood Johnson and Robert Wood Johnson). 

But if your name is too common to use for a business, we do not recommend it as a good brand name. If you desire to use a common personal name for the business, you can try the initials of your name as long as the brand name is unique. Make sure to limit it to three characters. 

As an example, DHL the initials of Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn.

03. Acronyms

Using acronyms is also a common brand name approach. 

For example, ADIDAS (All Day I Dream About Soccer), MAC (Make-up Artist Cosmetics).

As stated earlier about using the initials of a personal name as a brand name, as long as the brand name is unique, We recommend brand names with acronyms.

04. Made Up Words

The uniqueness of a brand name is a prominent factor in considering a brand name as a good one. Using made-up words is the best way you can make sure your brand name is unique.

For example, Sony, Visa, Google, Huawei

Analyze The Best And Worst Brand Names In Your Industry...

Analyzing existing business names is another effective method you can try before naming. First, you can explore the brand names in your target industry. Try to identify the strengths and weaknesses in their business names that can help you sharpen your ideas. You can have a proper idea of the brand naming task with this experience you gathered. 

With all these brand naming methods, considering a suitable domain extension is also important because of the ranking factor and identity. Try to have an understanding of how to choose the domain extension for the brand name as well.

Make Sure…

Make sure your brand name has these brand name qualities before you finalize your brand name idea.

  1. Uniqueness
  2. Simplicity
  3. Avoid generic words
  4. Avoid brand names with history
  5. Limited to one word
  6. Avoid using keywords
  7. Do not copy the popular brands
  8. Avoid numbers and special characters in the brand name
  9. Familiar to robots
  10. Avoid negative connotations

These ten brand name qualities make a brand name a perfect one and you can learn more about these brand name qualities in detail.

Follow The Brand Naming Trends

Business naming trends can be changed according to the industry. It is a smart choice you can make to study the current brand naming trends. It can help you manage your ideas on the right path to come up with a perfect brand name. 

Another benefit you can have is, a good brand name can help you in many ways rather than just representing your business. As an example, it can help you achieve the maximum benefits through your online presence, especially in social media.

Learn And Avoid The Common Brand Naming Mistakes

You can make a mistake while naming your brand because of a lack of knowledge or accidentally.  If so, how you can make sure to avoid all the possible mistakes. It needs you to invest your time in exploring the brand naming mistakes. It will be helpful for you to keep all your efforts safe in business and to avoid the future needs of rebranding.

Does the .com extension make your brand name a unique one?

Yes!!! For the last four decades, the .com extension has been used by half of the business websites and it is the king compared to the other top-level domains. 

Speaking of the title, assume your brand name is and there is another person who has the same brand name with another domain extension; Of these two, the legal ownership for the domain name is owned by .com. So owning the .com domain matters for the uniqueness of your brand name.

Things To Consider

  • A domain name is also as important as the brand name of a business. As stated earlier, the .com domain is the perfect domain extension for a business as .com is shortened for commerce. Let’s find out some popular domain extensions and to what type of businesses can use those domain extensions.
  1. .Org- this domain extension was originally recommended for non-profit organizations and we also recommend .com for non-profit organizations.
  2. .edu- this domain extension can be used for educational websites. Some educational sites have .com domain names such as,, and
  3. .net- This is the domain extension for network websites. 
  4.  You can use regional domain extensions if you are targeting to reach a regional customer base.

Choose A Future-Proof Brand Name

It is advisable to have a clean and complete vision of your brand before starting to choose a name. Why do you need to worry about the future? You are starting your own brand and giving all the effort you can because of your will to be successful. So, you need to have a bigger picture of your brand. You may or not have a clear idea about what will come next for your brand. But your brand name is something that will not change. So it should be potential enough to help you through any stage of your business. 

Make sure your brand name has the potential to grow with your business and be adaptable to any future expansion.