How to choose the best Brand name

Mainly there are four methods of choosing a brand name.

We though reviewing all of these brand naming methods so that you will get an idea which method you can use to select your brand name.

  • Use a Branded /Unique word ( Highly recommended)
  • Taking a generic word or word combination
  • Use the business owner’s name ( not recommended)
  • Describe your product or service ( worst case)

01. Use a unique brand name

Almost every popular brands are using a unique brand name.

Just remember all popular brands that you know, about 90% popular brands or professional startups are using a unique word made by them. 

It is useless caring about the meaning of a brand name.

Reality is that no point of caring the meaning of a brand name. even no one care about your brand name, you must choose a brand name which anybody can easily remember and easily pronounce. It will bring your brand name worth.

But you must consider the following,

  • You must have .com domain ownership of your brand if you are planning to run a commercial business. If the intention of your business is different you can use the following domain extensions.
  • We recommend having both .com and .org for non-profit organizations.
  • We recommended having .edu if it is relating to education
  • We recommended using the region domain extension if you are targeting a specific region.
  • According to US law, the owner of the Brand Name will be the legal copyright owner of the .com domain and vise Versa.
  • Brand name must have a clear Brand history-You always wants to make sure that your brand name has a clean brand history because choosing a brand name which has a history can impact your business in the future in many ways. Either it’s in a positive way or a negative way.

Still, if you haven’t chosen your Brand name, we recommend checking the Brinso’s Brand name crawler’s list. 

Brinso automatically scans all the brand name reselling websites and list out only the best brand name according to the buying worthiness.

02. Taking a generic word or word combination

In this section, we talk about Brand name types.

  • Use a Single generic word.
    Ex-: Apple/Blackberry

We recommend this brand naming method if you have a high budget to spend on your brand name. 

Take the word “Pineapple” as an example if you choose this as your brand name you have to spend a high budget to come over the pineapple fruit to promote your brand.

You must be careful about the meaning of the generic word when you are using it.You have to make sure not use it irrelevantly.


  • You must use the .com domain.( but the cost will be very high – and it is a waste of money)

Alternatives like below are not recommended.

  • theapple

Users always believe .com is the official website, they hesitate to buy/engage when they see something different than .com. 

Some generic brand owners have rebranded their brand names.


You can find these kinds of brand names from 

  • domainsbot
  • panabee
  • namestation
  • impossibility
  • instantdomainsearch,  generators. 
  • Generic word + Brand name

Ex –  Cisco labs, SEO, Dunkin’ Donuts, Blue Ribbon Sports 

* Not recommended,

Ex: Apple inc –


  • SEOmoz to Moz
  • thefacebook – facebook
  • Quantum Computer Services– AOL
  • Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spice and II Giornale Coffee Company-Starbucks

You can find these kinds of brand names from

  • nameboy
  • leandomainsearch
  • shopify
  • namestall
  • domainpuzzler 
  • namemesh ,generators.

03. Use the business owner’s name

This branding method recommends only for very famous persons, celebrities, politicians, actors, singers, writer, etc.

This is a good method if you want to improve your personal brand

But it is a negative impact on business expansion 

It’s OK to use your name as your brand name if you have built a very strong personal brand. Don’t try to do this if you only have a few thousands of friends or fans of your social profile. Only use your name as the brand name if you are a world-famous person.

Was very popular before the internet era.

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce these brand names became very familiar for us because of those days there were very few popular brand names.

Almost no startup, company in this digital era, especially not at this 2018,2019

Now it’s hard to get registration and licensing.

04. Explain your product

* Don’t do it ,

why ?

It attracts fewer users as these kinds of names are less trustworthy. Will you buy stuff from ?

Search engines discriminate for exact match / partial match domains in this time, because Google defines they are as spams.

Learn more about SEO disadvantages for a Brand name with keywords from the video provided.

But for some industries, it is completely ok to express what you do.

Ex- Airlines – Malaysian Airlines, Fly Emirates

You can find these kinds of brand names from, 

  • shopify
  • dotomator
  • webhostinggeeks
  • nameboy
  • namemesh
  • impossibility  ,generators.