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How To Select The Best Domain For Your Brand?

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As we live in a digital era, online presence is crucial for every business to reach their customers. Online presence is very beneficial for both business owners and customers. Selecting the best domain is the very first step of developing a strong online presence of your business. 

Selecting the best domain name is not difficult at all. All you have to do is clarify the point of starting an online business. It will lead you to the best domain name. Following are the qualities of a good domain name.

The Golden Peaks Of Domain Naming For A Perfect Brand

Make sure the domain extension you selected attributes well in your domain name to gain all the following qualities of a good domain name.

  • Unique appearance

The domain extension you choose will always reflect the uniqueness of your business. As per USA law, those who own the .com domain extension of a business name are considered to be the owner of the company and vice versa. 

  • positive impression 

Negative meanings make the domain and the brand out of use as anyone doesn’t try to memorize an unpleasant word repeatedly.

  • Simplicity 

If you want to survive among the thousands of competitors your name must be simple, which makes your domain easily usable.

  • Avoid numbers & hyphens 

This is also a way of placing the domain name in the user’s mind. Numbers and hyphens confuse your visitors and make it less memorable.

  • Avoid Keyword usage

Earlier known as a way of increasing the access of the search engines, but at present has become a fault under spammy conditions for the google bots.

  • Having no history

If the domain is brand new then you have no issue of former illegal or negative marking faults.

  • Avoid generic words and keep search engine friendly

Generic words usage has also become a threat in lowering the rank of your website in google search results.

We started this discussion by mentioning the most important points regarding the point. But some may have no idea, What a domain name is?

So for the convenience of all, Let’s check it first

What is a Domain name?

Your domain is simply your identity or the path to your store on the internet. It acts as the address here. Usually, a domain consists of a SLD(Second Level Domain ) and a TLD ( Top Level Domain) .com is the most commonly known extension as a TLD.

SLD is also known as the brand name.

Let’s take an example.

SLD is Google and TLD is the .com

As discussed, a domain name makes the users reach your site by marking your place in cyberspace.

Domain extensions

TLD is the part that marks your uniqueness and ownership  while SLD stands for your service or the product as the brand name.

Here is a list of a few domain extensions using today. How many of them are familiar with you?

  • .com – in the field of profit targeted economy. but currently used in all type of websites
  • .org – org is used by organizations whose mere ambition is not the profit.
  • .net – famous in the field of networking
  • .edu – used in education sites and institutes of higher education
  • .gov – used by US government websites.
  • .mil – used by US defense sections
  • .uk – country code
  • .lk – country code
  • .cricket  – website stands with the field, cricket

Thus it is clear that there are many extensions in use and one must be intelligent in choosing one out of them for his life journey as the maiden step.

  • Why must a domain go in accordance with the golden peaks of domain naming? 

In the past days, the market had very limited stores. But when it comes to the present, almost every company has paid much attention to the trend of the era, e-commerce. Even some companies are only online marketplaces while then and now giants in the economy also had paid attention to the new trend. That is why we mentioned earlier that choosing the correct domain for your brand name is the utter purpose as a beginner.

What are the plus points you take in the market then?

  •  Expanding brand with profitable ventures – If profit gaining is your mere ambition you must have a widely spread brand that comes to the mouth of the customers once in a second. The above-mentioned qualities are the key to such memorable words.
  • Brand awareness  – The fact of popularity among the public
  • Network traffic – Each and every website has a ranking on google. The most visited and the high marks gainer comes the first in any search results. The ranking and marks giving system is managed by the Google algorithm. The probability of visiting our website is named the network traffic and it is clear that the higher the traffic is, the higher the ability to achieve the income becomes.

The site ranking system of Google is based on the friendliness of the website with its real visitors. Network traffic also highly affected by the not use of generic words and keywords, the part done by the search engines.

Spammy sites

As the competition arose some followed tricky ways such as using keywords multiple times in the content and small-sized fonts in a very small space of the article. This made the search engines bots pay much attention to read and recognize the lines.

But as Google itself found that the trick behind it, they have developed their algorithms to avoid such spams in their marking scheme. So, now if you use the spammy tricks you will definitely end by losing the current rank even.

Let’s now take examples from the real world and get a very clear idea

What Is The Best Domain Extension For Your Business?


If you’re going to start a profit-generating business then you must definitely go with the .com domain extension. .com domain extension is the most used domain extension in the world and also the most trusted domain extension among the users. Currently, most of the non-profit generating sites also started to use .com domain extensions for SEO benefits.

Benefits of a .com domain name…

  • 47% of global business websites have a .com domain name.
  • Higher customer recognition.
  • .com domain names are trusted by many users compared to other domain names.
  • Selecting the .com domain extension makes you the unique legal owner of your domain name.
  • SEO beneficial.
  • .com domain names are easier to rank compared to other domain names.
  • Gives a unique appearance.


This domain extension is mostly used by non-profit generating organizations. This domain extension was introduced to the world especially to the use of non -profit organizations.


The .net domain extension is introduced to the companies who start the business related to the internet. Such as networking, hosting, data-based reading, etc industries but at present even these companies are using .com domain extension to rank their sites.


This domain extension was introduced to those who wish to start a business in the education field. 

Country Code Domain Extension

Those who start the company only for a specific country can use their country-code domain extensions for their business.

Profit Gaining Companies Processing With A Suitable Domain



Amazon logo

The world’s largest online shopping complex. Look at the domain. Do you find any mistakes within?

The name has been marked as unique as they have .com extension. And also the presence of no keywords and the simplicity of the word has brought their luck in memorizing. Thus the domain has made the company both search-engine and human friendly.

Did you know that the starting name of this company was “Cadabra” which has the pronouncing similarity with the cadaver. So that the management has decided to use the positive spirited word Amazon as their trademark.




Kentucky Fried Chicken was later abbreviated to KFC following the peaks of domain naming which gave them an aggressive climb in the industry. There are no keywords, no generic words, no imitation of popular brand names and thus they have no issue of legal as well.

Non-Profitable Companies Without Domain Name Qualities



800degrees logo

Do you feel comfortable with the name? Will you remember the name after the first visit there?

As it is a word that needs much effort in remembering it is far from the path of victory in the online trades. Also, the use of keywords and the use of numbers are the other two significant fails in this name.

02. net- a-


net- a- logo


The addition of hyphens and the combination of keywords had made this domain brand unhealthy to the search engines. Hence it has to satisfy with a lower rank in the field and has no opportunity to expand its brand.


You will surely now have the problem of finding a good domain for your new starting company.

If you are not confident enough of creating a domain of your own, the search engine specialists of the field have manufactured lists of legally confirmed domains for the newcomers.

Why not try such a perfect domain now? I’ll give you a tip.

Brinso can be named as a site that fulfills these all necessities of a newcomer. Recently it has gained popularity among the users because of the free evaluation tool they provide.

It is the main reason that it comes as a recommendation.

Do try this and I’m pretty sure that you will end with creating your own super brand name!

Furthermore, if you don’t have trust in the availability of the domain, don’t worry,

There are options for this too!

  • Simply type your domain and check whether there is a site available
  • If it has an owner sometimes the owner will agree to give you the name for a charge.
  • ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, also has the ability to solve your doubts about getting the owner and finding the availability.

We hope that you now have a clear idea to find the most matching, victorious domain for your brand name. Our pure intention is to make your attempt to wait for the results of your company!

Usage Of Top Level Domain Extension In The World

Which Domain Extension Is Best For 2022?

The best, suitable, and most recommended domain extension for all the profit-generating businesses that are hoping to start in 2022 is the “.COM” domain extension, because according to statistics .com domain extension is the most trustable and memorable domain extension with other TLDs. When people try to search for a website they always assume that the end of those will be .com. So, after considering all these factors we can say that the .com domain extension is the most suitable for businesses that are above to start in 2022.