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We all know that the most famous social media platform and the giant in the social media industry “Facebook” rebranded its corporate name into “Meta” in the meaning that implies the “Metaverse” with its future vision. With a simple single word, a great and massive message can be given. So choosing a complex name as a social media business name is not necessary because through a good choice of branded name a good message can be transferred.

If you are starting a Facebook Page, you need an attractive Facebook page name idea. There are thousands of Facebook pages and to stand out from the competition and to reach the target audience you require an outstanding, attractive, and unique name idea. For that, you have come to the perfect place!!!.

The procedure of deciding a Facebook page name or name for another social media platform is so tricky because it will be there forever. So the name choosing step must be done with great care with the right knowledge is compulsory.

What Do We Have To Offer From This Page For You?

What Are Some Good Facebook Page Names?

While you are looking for a good Facebook page name, there is an important thing you must know about Facebook pages and naming them.

Naming a Facebook page is different compared to other social media platforms because once you select and name a Facebook page you only get one chance to change it. If you can choose the name of your Facebook page with a great name at once, looking for another name again is not necessary. 

We have created a collection of Facebook page name ideas in different categories so that you can find “The Name” easily.

Facebook Page Name Ideas List

What Should I Name My Facebook Business Page?

Naming your Facebook business page is a bit tricky because the Facebook audience that you seek seems to be different when considering the real-world business customers. So make sure the name of your Facebook page is to the point without being cutely innovative. Try to match the popular search terms with the name of your business page. 

beautiful fb page name ideas

Unique Names For Facebook Pages

What Are Some Unique Names For Facebook Pages?

When using Facebook for your business it is a given that you have to face many competitors in that platform. So to overcome that first of all you can try a unique name as your Facebook business page name for a change. People always like to try new and unique things. Take a look at our unique Facebook business page name ideas.








Mo Mo

























Q we


Klop V






































Facebook page name

Facebook Page Name Ideas

Here are some name ideas for our brand specialists for your Facebook page. Get inspired. Focus on creating unique and creative name ideas for your page. The following are also available if it relates to your Facebook page content.

Happy Potato

Moral Story

Snow Balls

Love City

Virus Off

Hero Words

Car Gallery

Just Smile

Pepper Rock

Gossip Truck

Recip Hun

Home Remediez

The Talk

Movie Fan

Space Ship

Nature Bit

Creative Doc

Kitchen Kit

Karma Talk

Green Garden

Die Hard

Every Study

U Tutor

World News

The Gallery

Fine Wood

Do It Yourself

Creative Master

Inno Ideas

Home Garden

Super Mom

Brain Wis




Blue Diamond


Brain Grain

After School

Faith Head

Calm Walk

The Promise

Your Aroma

Pain Killer

Up Thumb

Like Me

Text Delight

Hash Tag

The Bot

Mask On

Mr. Potato



Unique Facebook Page Name Ideas For Business

Most of the Facebook page names look the same, created using the same set of words. To create a unique Facebook page name, you need to think uniquely. Try to explain what you do creatively and uniquely. You can combine two meaningful words and create a brand new word with an attractive meaning. The below-listed name ideas are just for your inspiration by our brand name specialists. How to create a unique Facebook page name?

Tip: Try foreign meaningful words and create a brand new unique Facebook page name. Make sure it has no pronunciation issues when reading it.

Zomy Fiesta

Nobeif Talk

Odeno Maker

Mate Reach

Fesiyo Network

Youth Shout

Lewoti Source

Jewoso Media

Soly Chare

Lemo Club

Aquo Diary

Benifo Glow

Monach Social

Picow Click

Mawo Sharing

Tungs Social

Rafola Club

The Galaxy


Wow Sky






Dancing Van

Candle Light

The Wind

Wavy Word

Ocean Floor

Winter Flower

Cross Needle

business facebook page name ideas

Facebook Business Page Name Ideas

Social media marketing plays a crucial role in the process of marketing a business. So most of the businesses maintain a Facebook page to keep in touch with online customers. So here are some name ideas from our brand name specialists for your Facebook business page.

Fokoz Snap

Zato Smarts

Bero Media

Ordee Engage

Bevoto Innovators

Beto Solutions

Mega Business

Smart Kart

Business Zone

Your Store

Deals On

Biz Connect

Discount Store

Your Store

Your Shop

E Mart



Biz Craze

Shopy Fa

Bis Wiz

Entre World

Startup Only

Brain Biz

Creative Doc

Idea Hunter

Biz Solution

Brain Massage

Up World


Big Buzz


Biz Boss

Shopper Diary

Shop Shout

Sale Scale

As mentioned earlier, Facebook is the best social media so far, to get the maximum customer engagement for your business. Here are the top successful industries on Facebook that have maximum customer engagement. See if your industry is on the list!!!

cute fb page name ideas

Cute Facebook Page Name Ideas

Cute names are very attractive and very suitable for the pages like baby products, babies, teen girls, kids, girls, etc. here are some brand name ideas suggestions from our brand name specialists.

Cute N Cuddle

Cuddly Bubble

Pinky Dreamz


Glitter Girls

Cute Bunny

Bunny Boo

Tiny Hands

Soft Cloud

Baby Star

Kidzy Wis

Comfy Cotton


Pinky Pase

Talk Cloud

Cute Thoughts

Girl Zone

Baby Talk

Bozz Baby

Cuddly Doggy

Diary Tune

Shout Share


Insta Tales

Go Binary

Share Go

Tale Options

Reach Wide

Luxy Gang

Reach Scoop

Xtra Route

Rout M




Traveler Post

Social Pad


Diary Den


entertainmane fb page name ideas

Facebook Page Name Ideas For Entertainment

Entertainment is a whole other subject. People are looking for entertainment to relax and get a break from their busy lifestyle. So the name you select for the page also needs to be as good as the content. Here are some brand name ideas from our brand name specialists.

Tip : Make your entertainment page without numbers and special characters.

Dancing Keys

Jazz Braze

Intro Amuze

Heart Melody

Soul Melo

Classy Music

Crazy Dancer

Dancing Bangle

Jump Up

The Heal

Folk Note

Vintage Album

Crazy Zone

Fun Hun

Pleasure Hut

Amusement Zone

Leisure Club

Enjoy Moment

Relax Mood

Fun Game

Leisure Web

Refresh Minds

Cozzy Life

Amuse You

Mood For Fun

Piccaco Fun

Zone Hunt

Refresh Negativity

Ento Mento

Fun Born

Fav Music

Ento Globe

Fun Vibe

Enter Inspire

The Amused

Enjoyed Full

Leisure Book

The Theatre

Story Book

The Entertainer

Beyond The Frame

New Glasses


Fun Divert

Music Doc

Dj Club



Brain Mint

Spicy Mix

Poem Knight

Fun Beyond

Mistry World

Film Star

Pop Cornz

Lovely World

Icon Studio

Exclusive Cinema

Famous Pictures

Listener Room

Red Entertainment

Magic Masters

Epic Shows

Super Studio

Show Bees

Drama Passion

Music Craze

ClassiQ Entertainment

Super Fun

Black Light

Delta Action

Major Moments

Gold Ticket

Fun Train

Classic Entertainment

Love Paradise

Facebook Page Name Ideas For Clothing

Using Facebook as an e-commerce platform is very effective nowadays. So people tend to start Facebook pages for clothing businesses. You must find a great name for your clothing business page as the competition between clothing business pages is getting more tight with the time and the pandemic situation. We have a great collection of clothing page names that you can try.

Fit Bet Stock

Fancy Fan Collecton

Fame Stitch

The Needle Vogue

Needly Art Wear

Nylon Hut

Suit Store

Clothy Logic

Woolen Love

Choice Of Yours

Hidden Style

Fashion Craze



Princess Lane

Laxo Q




Luxury U

Best Fits

Design R

Celeb House


Zag Mag



Lux Mo

Mod Line


Clothing Plus

V Designs

For more catchy clothing name ideas check out our apparel business name ideas collection.

Amazing Food Page Names For Facebook

Without choosing just a name, searching name ideas for food page names to start a food page on Facebook is great. A good name is too important to a food page because there is a different vibe to it that could positively affect your page. You are on the right path. To make your name search easy, we also have listed name ideas for food pages for Facebook. Take a look.

Yum Yum

Cravy Kitchen

Chef Clever's

Mr. Crave's

Cook Diary

Yummy Vibe

Food Fellow

Food N U

Green Wrap

Nature Taste

Tasty Drop

Pixie Foods

Pizza Lovers

Foodies Corner

Cook King

Kitchen Masters

Yummy Fever

Tasty Cravers

Food Diary

Food King

Delicious Note

Pie Life

Meal Deals

Cookie Rookies

Food Royals

Cooking Fever

Tasty Life

Kitchen Diaries

Yummy Craves

Meal King

Best Recipes

Kitchen Life

If you want to see more yummy food business name ideas we have a separate name ideas collection just for you.

Makeup and Beauty Facebook Page Name Ideas

The beauty industry is developing rapidly and everything is digitizing. Online shopping is so popular among people, so if you are a beauty-related business owner or a person interested in beauty, you might consider creating a beauty page on Facebook. In the process of creating a beauty page, you have to name the page. So you have to be clear about what aspects related to beauty are going to be on your page and decide the name. If you need a little help, try the following names to find whether you like any of them.


Beauty Being

Up Beauty

Inner Matter

Beauty Bond

Brown Sugar

Sweet Lime

Happy Mask

Plus Face

Be U

Beauty Band

Bound Beauty

Wear It


In Beauty


Facebook Page Name Ideas For Health Businesses

Best Life

Well Breath

Safe Beat

Hearty Rate

High Gene

Well Boozt

Care Taken

Well Doctor

Health Spa

Vitamin On

Medi Care

Treat You

Be Healthy

Tech Bio

Pain Killer

Medi Formula

Most of the time people open a Facebook page with their health business name. So visit our health business name ideas page for more business names…

beautiful fb page name ideas

Beautiful Names For Facebook Pages

Here are some beautiful name ideas for your Facebook page. If you are looking for a beautiful fb page name, consider eye catchy words, readable words and words with beautiful , pleasant meanings. The below listed are some examples from our naming team.

Pretty Heart

The Noble

Wabi Sabi


Pretty Petal


The Sakura

Spi Bloom


Spicy Life

Rainy Window

Mid Oil

Silver Cloud

Blessed Wind

Light Drop

The Cluster

Colorful Dream

Song Bird

Though Galaxy

Tiny Sparkle

Moon Stone

Sun Soon

Mint Think

Deep Think

Flowery Tale

Blossom Bee

Ever Spring

Petal Crown

Pink Heaven

Spring Life

Ulti Thoughtz

Shine Shrine

Old Wine

Vivid Mind


Happy Tint

fan fb page name ideas

Facebook Page Name Ideas For Music

Music Facebook pages are one of the most famous page types. So there are thousands of Facebook pages active and popular among a huge user base. If you want to become one of the best music pages on Facebook, start your journey today by selecting the perfect music page name for Facebook.

Song Island

Music Craze

Treble Makers

Music Lovers

High Notes

Music Season

Pop Buzz

Jazz Vibe

Music Roll

Rock n Roll

Note Doze

Happy Zing

Music Gossip

Audio Fuse

Musical Realms

Playlist Addicts

Sound Tips

Tune Plugs

Hip Beats

Music Junkiez

fb quotes page name ideas

Facebook Page Name Ideas For Quotes

Facebook pages for quotes are very popular and very easy to build a loyal fanbase in a short time period. As quoted are of different types, the name can vary too. But, we think the following name list will help you to catch the name patterns and special words you can use for your Facebook quotes page.

Daily Life

Taza Joy

Engaged Style

Wisdom Mind

Creative Minds

Wise Poetry

Connect Soul

Inspirational Age

Clear Vision

Words Bubble

Fresh DIY

Wonderful Quotes

Sentimental Mindset

Delight Sand

Sparkle Thoughts

Amzing Quotes

Wis Day

Daily Dose

Wis Thoughts

The Quoted

Life Changer

Word Lights

Blissed Sayings

Legend Talk

Life Quotes

Hundred Thoughts

Great Sayings

Mind Cure

Quotes Boat

Fancy Words

U Turn

Day Thought

Silver Line

Positive Words

Good Words

Legend Quotes

Biz Words

Holy Saying

God Voice

Soul Full


The Wording

Creative Mind

The Poet

Mind Ful

Pure Words

Quoted Boat

Filled Feeling

fb page name ideas for love

Facebook Page Name Ideas For Love

Here are some catchy and attractive Facebook page name ideas from our name specialists for “love”.

Love Birds

Beats For U

From Lover

Couple Goals

Till The End

Red Roze

Heart Rhymes

Dear Lover

Lo Adoro

Love Yourself

My Crush


Holy Vows

Love Line

Love Mint

For Life

Love Me

My Love

Love Story

Find Love

Heart Beat

Just You

Our Story

U And Me

Blossom Heart

Love Bliss

Twin Light

Passionate Heart

Love Delight

Twin Flamz

Soul Twinz

Love Zeal

Sweet Love

Soft Spot

Shine Heart


Soul Tribute


Feel Me

Fancy Luv

best facebook page name ideas

Best Facebook Page Names

Who doesn’t like “the best”? So here is the best name ideas list for your Facebook page from our branding specialists. All the following name ideas have qualities of a “good name”. Most importantly, you can use these names for any Facebook page category.





















best facebook page name ideas

New Facebook Page Name Ideas

Here are some new page name ideas for your Facebook page. All these name ideas are handpicked by our naming team.


Happy Breath

Happy Drop


Bamboo Under

Country Road

Antique Lamp

Golden Hour

Life Line

Happy Gather


Diary Moments

cool facebook page name ideas

Cool Facebook Page Name Ideas

What makes a cool FB name idea? To create a cool name idea, be more creative and different. Following are some examples of cool Facebook page names.

Every Tale

Fav Spot

Favy Cravy

Like Me

The Family

Fancy Corner

Spe Us

Share Us

Fav Thumb

News Library

Other End

Every Idea

Facy Lookz

The Smiley

Fun Furo

Fact Crazo

Soci Bird

Beyond Book

Your Diary

Poem Spot

The Author

Talking Photo

Good Braind

Brain Tips

World Artist

Cure Souls

E Pal

Next Planet

Brain Artist

Mr. Curie



Braided Beed


Fan Attic

Tree House

Note Flute


Nature Widow

Thousand Tales

funny facebook page name ideas

Funny Facebook Page Name Ideas

Using a funny name is an interesting way to get a memorable and catchy Facebook page name. Here are some funny Facebook page name ideas for you.

Humo Hippo

Crazy Kitty

Fury Furr

Happy Found

Jammed Joan

Doomed Diamond

Crap Crop

Dancing Fungus

Light Head

Laugh Out

Jumbled Giant

Weired Bud

Fun Smuggle

Wild Out

Unique Weirdo

Shifty Shoe

Knida Weirdo

Weirdo Diary

Friendly Mocker

Funny Baboon

fan fb page name ideas

Name Ideas For Fan Pages

Almost all the celebrities in the world have their Facebook fan pages, official or made by fans. The below-listed brand names are created by our brand consultants.

Tip:  When creating a Facebook fan page, make sure you select an attractive cover photo to create a long-lasting “bookmark” in your users’ memory.

Face Fan

Just Crazy


Fan Groupz

Crazy Fanz

We Love

Share Love

Kings Groupo

Cute Friends

Pan Fans

Friends Spot

Fans Fenz

Fancy Fans

Heart Bottom

Fans Planet

The Gang

Care Hearts

Crazy Love

The Beats

Legend Love

Fans Lane

True Love

Closet Fans

To The Space





Pile Fans

Heart Button

Fan Circle

We Love U

cute fb page name ideas

Creative Facebook Page Name Ideas

Here are some creative name ideas for your Facebook page. Use attractive words when you name your Facebook page.

Happy Hertz

The Crush

Glow Mindz

Love Birdz

Twin Flamz

Best Vibez


Pine Leave

Sticky Note

Happy Lens

Gossip Goal

Social Zip

game fb page name ideas

Facebook Page Name Ideas For Gaming

The latest statistics reveal there is an 18% increase in creating Facebook gaming pages for the last year (2020). To make your Facebook page name unique and catchy try using related and meaningful foreign words for your Facebook gaming page. The following are listed just for your inspiration. 

Game Zone

Gaming Life

Fexo Gaming

Gaming Giant

Gaming Club

Bunch Of Gamers

Gaming Experts

Desomi Gamers

Life Of Gamers

Game Mania

Fezi Gamers

TZone Of Gamers

Game Boy

On Sports

Key Hero

Brain Killer

Face It

Game Kight

The Revenge

Mask Hunter

Spice Dize

Score Maze

Game Buddy

City Game



The Pit

Fit Fight

G Heroes


Game Tips

Record Break

fb group name ideas

Facebook Group Name Ideas

Check out the Facebook group name ideas from our brand name specialists. These are listed just like the examples.

Tip: when you select a name, focus on the purpose of your Facebook group before finalizing a name.

Faceby Group

Fun Mania

Knowledge Sea

Share Know

Face Bank

Newest Updates

Face Memes

Pinky Gals

Brave Hearts

Face Club

Super Voice

Vid Minds

Game Buddies

Fun Club

Over The Frame

Brain Dev

Nature News

Gossip Gals

Fun Corner

Plus Thinkers

Ginger Zip

Fight Club

Movie Fanz

Girls Only

Browse more creative brand name ideas for your social media business…

For Your “Naming” Knowledge…

Below we have collected some important information you need to know about naming your Facebook page. Consider the following factors if you want to create your own perfect Facebook page name!!!

3 Facts For Choosing a Facebook Page Name

Be Specific

Easy Recognition

      Easy Reaching       


Keep It Simple




Keep It Short

Tells Its Own Story

  Ad Friendly   


How Do I Name My Page?

If you are planning to start a Facebook page, you must be looking for a good name. Facebook is a unique social media platform with different types of rules and regulations about everything that happens on Facebook. So obviously there are strict rules on naming a Facebook page. We have listed them out for you in a simpler manner so that you can understand them easily and correctly without wasting time.

The following information section will answer the question “how do I name my page?” question of yours easily.

Be Careful When Choosing a Facebook Page Name

The name of your Facebook page becomes the identity of your page as soon as you select it and use it officially. It will be the word or words that your target audience recognizes and finds you. It has the power to repel your customers or attract them.

You have to make sure that you choose the right name and a name you love when you are in the naming process. Because you can’t change it as much as you want because it could harm the recognition and customer base that you have built.

What Page Names Are Not Allowed On Facebook?

According to rules and regulations of naming a Facebook page,

Page names can’t include:

  • Terms or phrases that may be abusive or violate someone’s rights.
  • The word “official” is if the Page isn’t the official Page of a brand, place, organization, or public figure. 
  • Improper capitalization.
  • Symbols or unnecessary punctuation.
  • Descriptions or slogans.
  • Any variation of the word “Facebook”.


Page names can’t consist of only:

  • Generic words.
  • Generic geographic locations.

Consider When Choosing Your Facebook Page Name

Consider these important facts before choosing the name of your Facebook page because if not you might have to face difficulties in many ways. Make sure,

  • That there are no underscores or extra spaces in the name.
  • Not to put “.com” in the name because that would confuse.
  • That the name at least contains five characters.
  • That the name reflects the page content.

Tips To Create A Unique Facebook Page Name

There are zillions of Facebook pages created for different purposes. It is very difficult to create a unique name or find a unique name. So how to get a unique Facebook page name? Consider these tips to get a unique name for your Facebook page.

  • To get a good name, know your area first. What are you going to cover, what are the limits, who are the audience? This narrows your mind and gives you real confidence about your category. 
  • Try foreign words. You can replace foreign words instead of using usual keywords and dictionary words. Foreign words are more unique, catchy, and memorable than using generic words. 
  • Rhyming words. You can use two words and create a name that rhymes well and is meaningful. This will allow you to get a name that has a unique meaning as well. Just an example, if think you are going to start a Facebook page for makeup tutorials, you can name it “Face Base”. 
  • Combining words is also a smart way to come up with a unique Facebook page name. Take two words you prefer and relate to your niche and combine them in a creative and readable way to get a unique FB page name.

What Makes My Facebook Page Name Catchy?

Facebook pages are directly communicated with an audience. So the name you select or create is very important to reach your audience and maintain a loyal audience towards your page. For that, the catchiness of the name is very important. There are a few factors you need to consider in order to create or choose a catchy name for your Facebook page. 

  1. Select a short and simple name for your page.
  2. One-word names are very effective as catchy brand names.
  3. Present what you do with a creative name idea.
  4. Use rhyming words if you can.
  5. Do not use negative words in your Facebook page name.
  6. Using foreign words is also catchy, but make sure it has no negative connotations. 
  7. Come up with a meaningful name idea, which is also attractive.

Try these factors and create your own name idea for the Facebook page. Keep your audience in your mind and think as a page used to get the maximum out of your page name.

Tips To Create A Facebook Page Name

Make sure you do not miss the following tips when creating a Facebook page name.

  1. The Niche– Know the category you represent well; the niche. It can be entertainment, business, quotes, focus on your niche, it helps you to select a perfect name idea.
  2. Distinctive- Be different from many other Facebook pages using your name. There can be countless pages for the same product/category, so by being distinctive, you can get user attraction for your Facebook page. 
  3. Don’t Copy- Do not try to imitate your rival’s name. It will make you just one of the Facebook pages. Wanna stand out? Then make a unique Facebook page name idea.
  4. Short Is Pretty- You can use 50 characters for the username but short names are memorable and attractive.
  5. Memorable- Do not use capital letters or spaces in the middle of your Facebook page name. This will confuse the user when he types your name like when to use space and which letter is capitalized.
  6. Avoid complex pronunciation patterns- Make sure the name you select is easy to pronounce for anyone in the world. Use simple pronunciation patterns in your FB page name.

What You Should Not Do Naming Your Facebook Page?

There are some factors you should avoid when naming your Facebook page. Avoid the following factors to get a successful name idea for your Facebook page. 

  1. Do not include numbers or special characters in your name. When you include numbers or special characters, it makes it hard to remember your name and it also can cause mistyping errors.
  2. Do not select a name that limits you. We don’t know what are the possibilities in the future, whether you change the content or if you add more areas to your Facebook page. So select a name that allows future changes.
  3. Do not use geographical names unless they are popular. 
  4. Avoid generic words as much as possible.

What Are Some Well Known Facebook Pages?

It is interesting and worthwhile to know the top followed Facebook pages. Here are the most followed Facebook pages in the year 2020.  

  1. Facebook – 214.62M
  2. Samsung – 159.82M
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo – 122.28M
  4. Real Madrid CF – 111.22M
  5. Coca Cola – 106.96M

The most followed Facebook fan page is Cristiano Ronaldo’s page and the most followed Facebook business page is Samsung.

How Important Is A Catchy Facebook Page Logo?

A logo is very important for a Facebook page. When you select a logo make sure to select or design a related, catchy, and unique Facebook page logo. Here is why a creative Facebook page logo is important. 

  1. With a logo, you can easily express what you do.
  2. Catchy and unique logos are hard to forget
  3. Seeing is more effective than reading
  4. Logo can express more information than the name
  5. With a catchy logo, you can make a fresh first impression for the users.

Here are some free logo designing websites if you are interested in them.

  1. DesignEvo
  2. Canva
  3. Logogenie
  4. Logotype

Facebook Page Name Idea Evaluation Tool

If you already have some name ideas for your Facebook page, review them with our Facebook page name idea evaluation tool for FREE!!!.