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369+ Music Studio Names & Music Company Name Ideas

“Find your perfect music company name to kickstart the business!!!”

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Here we are guiding you to choose innovative music company names. It is crazy to think that many startups in the music industry fail in a short time due to not being creative. Your story shouldn’t be the same, right? 

With the rising competition, naming your music company can be challenging. But, Brinso helps you to rock it with a game-changing music company name. Our brand naming specialists regularly update the best ideas and naming tips on the internet for your music brand name.

Here, you will find out how to use your music brand name to stand out in the industry. Let’s jump in.

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♫ Professional Music Company Name Ideas

Choosing a professional music company name or a music studio name is a smart investment for your business. Professional names can emotionally tap into the customer’s brain. That helps you easily engage with your customers.

According to brand name psychology, these professional name ideas can help you create a unique value for your music brand.







🎙️ How Premium Music Brand Names Can Boost Your Business?

Premium brand names can create a powerful brand identity for your business. While choosing these names, we considered all the required qualities, naming trends, and psychological impact of them that can make the brand name perfect.

All the above brand names are available with the .com domain extension. No option can give you all these benefits other than professional music brand names.

How Popular Music Companies Named Their Brands?

It is always better to learn about your competitors and industry giants. In this case, we have listed these popular music brand names to give you a better idea of the brand naming task. All these perfect names are simple, unique, and brandable.

  • Vevo
  • Avid
  • Yamaha
  • Reverb
  • Roba
  • Bajaao
  • Landr
  • Curb
  • Reidys
  • Shure
  • Harman‌
  • Sony

Need Support to Choose a Perfect Music Company Name?

We can help you name your music brand if you require professional assistance. Our Branding Specialists will prepare a comprehensive report with suggestions for your requirements. With a Perfect Music Brand Name, you can greatly reduce your marketing cost.

Music Company Name Ideas With Trending Words

Before you go for the below industry-related music company name lists, you need a better understanding of what type of business name you really need. As we discussed, choosing a professional music studio name is the best choice, If

  • you are starting a professional company or a brand,
  • you have a good business plan and goals to achieve, 
  • you have enough budget to invest in a professional name. 

So, we only recommend business names with industry-related words for small businesses that only target a local customer base.

Creative Music Company Name Ideas

What are some creative names for music companies ?

When you are choosing music company names, try short & simple name ideas that can deliver a welcoming first impression. A simple business name can easily reach the target audience and help you avoid common naming mistakes.

Here are the catchy music company names we listed for your inspiration.

We Record

Your Label

We Entertain

Recording Globe

Muci Coustic

Music World

Rhythm Label

Unique Records

Enter Main

Amazo World

World Bring

Your Genre

Sound On

Tune Core

Player Lane

Sound Craze

Mudra Music

Lion Label

Mystic Canary

Century Music

Music Mantra

Majestic Sounds

Luxury Notes

Tone Legends

Melody Kings

Soul World

Air Label

Rock Label

Tera Label

Grove Music

Igna Acoustic

Ruby Record

Melody Craft

Rhythmic Ventures

Sonic Oasis

Tempo Fusion

Echo Vista

Harmony Haven

Note Nest

Beat Box

Serenade Stream

Resonance Realms

Virtuoso Visionaries

Auroral Harmony

Echo Vista

Harmony Haven

Note Nest

Beat Box

Serenade Stream

Resonance Realms

Virtuoso Visionaries

Auroral Harmony

Creative Music Company Name Ideas

🎙️ What Is The Role Of Your Creative Music Company Name?

If you know the true value of your music company name, you know it is the most effective marketing icon in your business. It is the best thing that can reflect the values of your business to the world.

As a catchy music company name, it can help you attract customers and keep your business in their memory for a lifetime with minimal effort.

Catchy Music Studio Name Ideas

How do you come up with a catchy music studio name?

Making your music studio visible and getting noticed in the industry is the real goal of your business name. A good music studio name can attract more customers and also helps you fight the competition.

You can nail that task using these types of catchy music studio names. Here are some good examples for you to choose from.

Music Dio

Bless Music

Magical Music

Rhythm Bliss

Top Studio

Rhythm Studiz

True Beatz

Mix Beatz

Tune Poem

Dream Studios

Studio Pluz

Dream Music

Karaoke Club

Classic Beam

Opera Muse

Rhythm Viola

Tone Romance

Folk Blues

Media Therapy

Pop Radio

Super Carol

Audio Culture

Techno Souls

Electro God

Rhythm Tale

Sesame Live

Faith Angels

Lux Town

Atlas Tone

Apex Vibe

Crystal Rose

Eco House













Nexus Studios

Matrix Productions

Sound Works

Sphere Studios

Studio Reverie

Acoustic Chromatic

Dream Studios

Melody Studio


🎙️ Tips To come up with a catchy music studio name?

To select a catchy music studio name, you can try these methods while brainstorming,

  1. Try some foreign words in your brand name,
  2. Consider negative connotations of foreign or made-up words,
  3. Combine words creatively,
  4. Try rhythmic words,
  5. Use rhyming words in your music studio name.

Cool Studio Name Ideas

What is a cool studio name?

Your studio name is an opportunity to reflect your creativity and showcase your brand’s personality. An uncommon tip to nail that task when naming your studio is to draw inspiration from literature, poetry, or art.

This can give your studio a sophisticated and cultured feel, while also making it memorable.

Sonnet Studios

Muse Media

Melody Makers

Rhythm Rhapsody

Beat Brigade

Tune Town

Chord Central

Harmony House

Piano Palace

Guitar Groove

Drum Dungeon

Bass Base

Jazz Joint

Blues Boulevard

Rock Room

Metal Maze

Folk Fortress

Electro Emporium

Symphony Studio

Vocal Vault

Reggae Rundown

Hip Hop Hideaway

Riff Ridge

Song Shed

Sonic Sanctuary

Harmony House

Rhythm Room

Beat Boutique

SoundScape Studio

Melody Mansion

Groove Garden

Tune Temple

Audio Attic

The Mixing Room

Sonic Sphere

Tempo Tower

Vinyl Villa

Riff Ranch

Note Nest

Chord Castle

Harmony Heights

Sound Summit

The Music Workshop

The Beat Lab

Recording Studio Name Ideas

What is a good name for a recording studio?

When you pick a name for your recording studio, you should think about how it sounds when you say it. How well people remember your business can depend on how easy it is for them to say and understand your name. 

So, make sure you say your possible recording studio names out loud before you decide on one. Next, check to see if they’re simple to remember and say.

Vindfang Studios

Sylvento Records

Arcadia Studios

Solheimr Recordings

Asgard Soundworks

Espectro Studios

Voixmaree Recordings

Ventana Studio

Eldfrost Recordings

Lumino Recordings

Magnum Sound

Nebula Studios

Sylphonia Records

Vifrost Studios

Aubeat Records

Myrvale Music

Solvindt Studios

Nattlys Studios

Glaceon Studios

Glemere Recordings

Moonlit Music

Mystic Melodies

Nightingale Records

Phoenix Sounds

Starlight Studios

Wildwood Records

Dreamland Records

Azure Audio

Sonic Oasis

Sound Studios

Acoustic Haven

Audio Alchemy

The Mix Room

Harmonic Hideaway

Audio Asylum

Melodic Manor

Brinso Recording Studio Name Ideas

Music App Name Ideas

How do I choose the best name for a music app?

To make a music app, you require proper industry knowledge and expertise. It is the same for choosing a music app name. If you have a perfect music app name, it can effectively increase customer engagement and also support app store optimization.

So, you have to choose the best name for your app to grab all the benefits. As a start, check out these music app name ideas.

Code Board

Hit It

Sing It

Good Ear

Top Soul

On Guitar

Music Buddy

Lyrics Find

Click Music

With You

The Notes

Band Bang

Mind Ful

Classy Collect

Song Academy

String Mix



Music Storm

Bravo Tunes

Harmony Hub

Beat Boxer

Sound Wave

Melody Muse

Harmony Hub

Melody Mix

Rhythmo Sphere

Tune Trove

Beat Buddy

Sound Sync

Note Nexus

Tempo Tune

Harmony Hub

Sound Wave

Tune Trax

Melo Mix

Groove Sync


Beat Blend

Audio Verse

Music App Name Ideas

Consider This While Naming Your Music App

You’re gearing up to release a fresh music app, and you’re on the hunt for a catchy name that’ll set you apart in the crowded market. Choosing the right name for your music app is the crucial first step in making it a hit on app stores.

Start by compiling a list of top-tier and widely-loved music app names that are currently thriving in app stores. Take a deep dive into these names to understand what makes them click with users. While you don’t want to copy them outright, you can certainly draw inspiration from their naming trends and qualities when coming up with your own unique music app name.

Music Entertainment Company Name Ideas

How do you name a music entertainment company?

If your music company name is too long or confusing, it can do nothing but harm to your business. As a music entertainment company, the best option is to choose a simple and rhythmic name. That can be appealing to your customers as well.

Here is a list of good music entertainment company names to help you sharpen your ideas.

Music Dream

Heart Chords

The Crossover

Fab Disco

Music Aura


Tune Mix

Fit Beat


Music Feed

Rhythm Floor

Heart Chartz

The Guitare

Music Notez

The Art

Pop Soul


Major Note

Tune Tour

Track On

The Playlist

Hearty Rhythm

The Bande


Meta Entertainment

Mokla Studios

Cyan Music

Manic Audio

Rhythm Squad

Melody Hunt

Evergreen Sounds

Dream Feed

Music Bloom

Sonic Pulse

Flash Vibe

Amp Tech

Sonic Experts

Fortune Flash

Fusion Geeks

Happy Hub

🎙️ How do you get attention to your music company name?

Most of the time, your music company name is the very first thing customers engage with. So, be aware of these three common mistakes to keep your business name visible in the field.

  • Do not use numbers and special characters in your music company name
  • Avoid generic words in your music company name
  • Do not use more than two words in a business name

Cool Music Production Company Name Ideas

What should I name my cool music production company?

Choosing the right name for your music production company can be difficult without much experience. But, you can make the task easy with the right efforts and inspiration. So, these examples will be the perfect lead you need.

Here we have some ideal suggestions for music production company names. You have to choose a good one that can help you achieve your business goals.

Zing Sing

Amazo Music

The Tone

Melody World

The Musica

Dream Beam

Music Make

The Rhythm

Mix Box

Music Vita

Devine Music

Your Tone

Tune World

Soul Rhythm

Second Life

Music Born

Mass Bass



Pure Entertainz

Soul Production

Melody Masters

Tone Legends

Reggae House

Born Muses

Heal Soul

Rhythm Dia

Apollo World

Shiva Music

Focus Rhythm

Tide Productions

Bliss Sounds

Halo Studios

Flash House

Wix Music

Silent Productions

Harmonic Haven

Sonic Synergy

Melo Vibe


🎙️ How To Come up with A Cool Music Company Name?

Here are some tips to follow if you want to come up with a good music company name.

  1. Try unique Ideas- Do not imitate any other Music brand names, come up with your own, creative ideas. 
  2. Explore the latest naming trends- There are cool business naming trends in the business world, invest your time to explore them.
  3. Keep it simple and short- Long music brand names are not recommended. Try your ideas within 6 characters.
  4. Avoid mixing words in confusing ways.

Music Publishing Company Name Ideas

How do I choose a music publishing company name?

A good music publishing company name can help you build up a good brand identity. That can make your customers easily recognize and recall your company name when they are in need.

That is a valuable positive impact on your marketing efforts as well. Let’s check these examples.


The Musica


Top Therapy

The Tune


Your Album

Rhythm Wave

Art Musico

On Sound

Pro Audioz


Ballad Birds

The Beatz


The Musicista

Rhythm Way

Soul Record

Music Mingle

Song Bird

Rap Melo

Old Blues

Music Lane

Chanting Chartz

Alto Publishing

Cleo Marketing

Blend Digital

Glamor Music

Vision Sounds

Faith Publishers

Neo Marketing

Celta Audio

Tribe Music

Sound Ace

Wisdom Union

Star Music

Vocal Delight

Eden Dreams

Impact Music

Miracle Sounds

🎙️ Why Your Music Publishing Company Name Must Be Special?

As a music publishing company, you are engaging with a specific customer base with creative and artistic minds. You can match their level of creativity by choosing a perfect music publisher name.

You can use our brand name evaluation process to make sure your choice is perfect. A good business name can help you build professional and lasting relationships with your customers. 

Catchy Record Label Name Ideas

What should I name my record label?

Using rhyming words in your record label name is also a cool method to attract customers. Here are some examples of catchy record label names that we came up with.

Mind Sounds

The Album

Peace Place

Musi Peace

Mixing Lab

Mixer Boxer

Song Library

Rhythm Vibz

Blessed Notes

The Gifted

Soul Catch

Dreamy Chime

Dream Chant

Icon Music

Healing Beats

Crown Acoustica

Vamp Music

Rave Sounds

Tomic Recordings

Dish Studios

Ace Sounds

Blast Zone

Tone Paradise

Elito Music

Digital Crown

Cloud capital

Wise Legion

Smart Fusion

Music Tides

Luminous Music

Bravo Bang

Music Mages

Tribe Vibes

Digital Hype

Flash Line

Sonic Capital

Brinso Catchy Record Label Name Ideas

🎙️ Prepare Your Record Label Name For Voice Search

Online presence is already a must for music businesses to sustain themselves in the industry. Since using voice search is also becoming popular, you must wisely consider that in the naming process.

It is better to choose a record label name that is easy to identify in a voice search. If not, your customers will get confused while trying to find you online.

Popular Record Label Names In The World

Exploring these major record label names in the industry will help you energize your ideas.

What Should I Name My Music Page?

Creative Music Page Name Ideas

Starting a music page or a blog is a great way to share your talents with an unlimited audience. You can attract and keep people engaged using a catchy and memorable music page name. 

Here are some cool name suggestions for your music page to rock your fans.

Melody Line

On Screen

On Mp3

Feel It

Music Mix

Vocal Dance


Tone Line

Fav List

Mu Buddy

Music On

The Tune

Music More

Top Albumz

Amu Muzic

Song Lab

Tone One

Jazz Flow

Party Vibes

Dance Hub

Tune Perfect

Canary Mix

Zone Music

Raw Records

Titan Music

Flash Cloud

Sky Rhythm

Icon Sonic

Air Wave

Music Cannon

Dolby Duo

Digi Cube

Music Page Name Ideas For Instagram

Instagram and Facebook provide opportunities to gain followers from all over the world. So, naming your music page on these social media platforms is not the same as naming a local business.

Make sure both your Instagram/Facebook music page name and username are appealing to your followers. Keep the same name for all your social media profiles to avoid confusion.

Insta Music

Music Gram

Music Inn

Tone Inspired

The Note

Heart Music

Insta Tuned


My Poem

Ins Lyrics

Insta Beat

Tones And Gramz


Healing Notes

Soul Gram

Cool Chant

Echo Chief

Soul Spark

Boom Tunes

Canon Mix

Mega Beats

Melody Kings

Tune Magnet

Loud Line

Classy Music Academy Name Ideas

What should I name my classy music academy?

Starting a music academy is a great way to share your music knowledge with a bigger customer base. To do that, check out the music academy name ideas we have below. 

These are ideal for a music school or an online music academy to help you build up a great identity in the music industry.

Music Collage

Song And Rhythm

Book Beats

Notes And Codes

Future Music

Rythmz Academy

Music Light

Instro School

First Music

Music Step

Learn Play

At Masters

HipHop Vibes

Jazz Canon

Karaoke palace

Tempo Zone

Sonic Beats

Digi Vibe

Rhythm Nest

Alpha Sound

Rhythm Rush

Rhythm Factory

Sharp Magic

Melody Marvel

🎙️ What Do You Need To Know Before Naming A Music Academy?

Music school names or music academy names are different from other business names. They must deal with generations of students and leave a lasting impression on them. That is the way it builds a reputation. 

So, try your best to come up with a great music academy name to make your students remember with pride.

Creative Music Club Name Ideas

What is a creative name for a music club?

If you are planning to launch a music club, it needs an energetic business name to attract customers. Let’s see how you can nail the task with some examples.

Tone Club

Magic Music

Club M

Classic Clubz


Musicuz Club

Rhythm Gather

The Clava

Club Glory

Tone Lab

Melody Club

The Chords

Karaoke Blues

Reggae Nights

Metal Boys

Disco Vibes

Music Geeks

Grand Memo

Heaven Beatz

Dance Depot

Nimble Classics

Neon Melody

Classic Peak

Pop Prime

Groove Lounge

Rhythm & Blues

Vinyl Vault

Rock Room

Funk Factory

Jam Joint

Tempo Terrace

Music Mill

🎙️ Study Your Target Audience Before Naming Your Music Club

It is better to understand your target audience and their expectations. Then you can get an idea about how to approach the business with the most appealing business name. 

Make sure it delivers the right impression to your customers to engage with your business.


Here are some FAQs about music brand naming. We have gathered these common questions from social media platforms like Quora and Reddit. The answers were provided by Brinso branding specialists.

How To Choose A Perfect Music Brand Name?

If you are choosing a music brand name, it has to be professional. So, you need to follow all the brand name qualities indeed. A professional music brand name scores higher than 80% in the Brinso evaluation report. That helps you make sure you have made the right choice.

Can’t I Use My Own Name To Name My Music Studio?

Of course. There are successful music companies that use their founders’ names. But those founders have named their companies to get the benefit of their already popular personal branding. 

If you don’t have that kind of opportunity, it is unlikely to get visible in the current competition. So, you need to think twice.

What Is The Ideal Character Count For My Music Company Name?

The ideal character count for your music brand name is 4 to 6. It is hard to find unique name ideas with 4 characters, so 5 or 6 is the best option to go with. Anything more than 6 can badly impact the memorability of your music brand name.

What Is The Best Domain Extension To Use For My Music Brand Name?

There are many domain extensions you can use with a music brand name. But, the only perfect extension branding specialists recommend is the .com domain extension. It helps you earn the trust of your customers.

What Is “The Phonological Loop Value” Of a Music Brand Name?

Considering the phonological loop value is one of the best methods to find out a perfect music studio name. A higher value means your brand name is brandable as well as memorable. You can use the Brinso evaluation tool to measure it in no time. 

How Much Should I Spend For A Premium Music Brand Name?

We regularly see domain resellers price premium domains over thousands of dollars. They can even reach 5-6 figures. But it’s not really necessary to spend that much on a brand name. 

Branding specialists do not recommend you spend more than $1000 for a premium brand name.

Can I Use A Business Name Generator To Pick A Music Company Name?

If you are planning a small business targeting your local area, you can go for a music business name with generic words. You can also try trending industry-related words. 

But, if you are looking for a professional music brand name, a name generator is not the right option. You can spot the difference by comparing the Brinso evaluation reports of a professional name and a generic name.

How to choose an SEO-friendly music brand name?

Well, if you are looking for an SEO-friendly music brand name, we are sorry to burst that bubble. Many people believe the domain name, in this case, the brand name, can provide you with SEO benefits. But it is not true!

There was a time before 2012 Google considered the domain name to identify what your website is about. But that became history thanks to the spammers. Now, Search engines are way too advanced. 

Using an EDM(Exact Match Domain) can slightly increase your chance to get penalized by Google if you are running a website with spammy or low-quality content.

Trending Words For Music Company Names

What are trending words for music company names?

Trending words in the music industry can help you create good music company names. So, here we have listed these trending music-related words.

How To Come Up With A Creative Music Company Name?

Here we have summarized the 10 most important steps you have to follow when you are choosing a creative music brand name. Combine your creativity with these 10 steps to unlock your path to a great music brand.

Identify your target audience

❧ Make your ideas simple and unique

❧ Make it brandable with no limitations

❧ Deeply analyze the existing business names and strategies

❧ Avoid exact match domain names with keywords

❧ Have a brainstorming session

❧ Shortlist your best name ideas

❧ Evaluate the qualities using Brinso Music Brand Name Evaluator

❧ Trademark availability search

❧ Ask for feedback in brand naming communities on social media


Check The Legal Availability Of Your Music Brand Name

After you come up with a music brand name idea, registering is the next important step. First, you need to make sure you are the first one to use it. so, check the trademark availability of your music brand name as well as the .com domain availability.

To do that by checking with the United States Patent And Trademark Office (USPTO) to check the trademark availability of your music store name. Through a domain registrar, you can find the availability of your domain name.

If you are not familiar with the process or require professional assistance, Brinso brand name specialists will provide you with a complete report. 

♫ Do Not Forget To Evaluate Your Music Brand Name!

Evaluating the qualities of your music studio names help you identify the strengths and weaknesses and make them perfect to win the competition!


  1. What should you consider when choosing a music brand name?

When choosing a music brand name, it’s important to consider factors such as the genre of music you specialize in, the target audience you’re trying to reach, and the overall message or vibe you want your brand to convey. It’s also important to make sure the name is unique and easy to remember.