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Music is the ultimate source of entertainment. Music and entertainment are inseparable and are intertwined in our lives in many ways. Because people have an unconditional bond with music, it creates a uniform demand for music. Starting a business in the music industry is a great idea and Brinso, we will boost your music business with a professional brand name. 

Brand name plays a vital role in any business so confirm your brand name is perfect and professional. Our brand name professionals have listed the best brand name ideas for your music company. Let’s grab that dream brand name for your music company!!!

Professional Brand Names For Your Music Business

To stand out from the competitors, a professional brand name is a must. The below listed brand names included all the universal brand name qualities which make them unique and brandable. All these brand names are perfectly suitable for any music company such as music publishing companies, music studios, music production companies etc.

Hecond Music

Funoly Production

Humvio Music Group

Jammio Music Publications

Digoly logoDigoly Music Creations

Yotoko Entertainment

Altavo Production Group

Vabasa Records

Motisy logoMotisy Entertainment

Dosopa Productions

Fliyon Music Group

Betcia Creations

As mentioned earlier, all these brand names consist of all the brand name qualities and each of these brand names have unique and strong meanings. All these brand names are available to be purchased.

To Get The Best Brand Name For Your Music Company...

Choosing the correct brand name needs lots of experience and knowledge about branding. Here’s a simple guide to choosing the best brand name for your Music business.

  • Analyze The Competitors

When you’re going to name your music business, first try to analyze the naming trends of your competitors. Make a list of your competitors and check what are the naming trends they have used to name their business. In the process of listing your competitors’ names make sure to concentrate on the naming trends before the internet era and after the internet era. Not only that you can analyze their marketing strategies and how their brand name supported the marketing strategy as well.

Here is the list of your competitors in the music industry, in other words these are the top music companies in the world.

 Vevo logoVevo

Avid logoAvid

Yamaha logoYamaha

Reverb logoReverb

Reidys logoReidys

Shure logoShure

Roba logoRoba

Bajaao logoBajaao

Landr logoLandr

Curb logoCurb

Harman logoHarman‌

sony music logoSony Music

  • List out the brand name ideas for your music company

After analyzing your competitors and the brand name trends, you can list the best brand name ideas you create for your music company. Knowing the brand naming trends of the music industry is so important to create brand name ideas for your music company.

For your convenience our brand name professionals handpicked some suitable brand name ideas for your music company as follows.

Brand Name Ideas For Your Music Company


The Musica


Top Therapy

The Tune


Your Album

Rhythm Wave

Art Musico

On Sound

Pro Audioz


Ballad Birds

The Beatz


The Musicista

Rhythm Way

Soul Record

Music Mingle

Song Bird

Rap Melo

Old Blues

Music Lane

Chanting Chartz

Music Dream

Heart Chords

The Crossover

Fab Disco

Music Aura


Tune Mix

Fit Beat


Music Feed

Rhythm Floor

Heart Chartz

The Guitare

Music Notez

The Art

Pop Soul


Major Note

Tune Tour

Track On

The Playlist

Hearty Rhythm

The Bande


  • Finalize The Brandable Brand Name

Once you listed all the brand name ideas you have, you need to reduce this list for five or three best brand name ideas. Checking the brand name qualities in the brand name ideas will help you to get the last best brand name ideas for your business and then you have to finalize the brand name you choose as the brand name.

  • Check The Exact Match Domain Availability

If the domain name which exactly matches with the brand name you selected is available you can move straight to the registration. If the domain name is not available for your brand name, you can either go for another brand name or you can register your brand name with a domain name that is slightly different from your brand name. According to our brand name consultants,  having an exact match domain is very important to present your company’s online identity. So keep in mind to check the domain availability of your brand name before finalizing it.

  • Feedback

Getting feedback about your brand name may also help you to choose a great brand name. Get help from your family, friends, neighbors, etc to know how memorable and catchy it is. If you think you need another opinion apart from the people you know you can submit your music business name in music business related communities, forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Trending Words Of The Music Industry

Studying the trending words of the music industry is also a good way to get a good brand name for your music company. So we have listed some trending words that can be found in the music industry.

Brand Naming Trends Of The Music Industry

We believe that studying the brand naming trends of the music industry is the best way to get the suitable brand name trend for your music business. There are many brand naming trends and you need to be careful to select the right trend for your brand name as some trends do not last long. Following we have listed some popular startup naming trends of music in the music industry.


  1. Using generic words as the brand name- Atlantic records, Virgin records
  2. Using acronyms as the brand name- BMG( Bertelsmann Music Group) , ABC(American Broadcasting Company)
  3. Including numbers in the brand name- 88Rising, Gener8ter
  4. Brand Names with Keywords Songclip, Live Music Records


Do you know the latest naming trend is? It is brandable brand names. 

Most of the entrepreneurs in the music industry are trying to create or select a brandable brand name for their music startup. Brand names that include all the brand name qualities are known as brandable brand names. Brandable brand names are unique and make your business stand out from the competition.

Copyright For Your Music Company Brand Name

Combined with a visual representation or a recognizable logo, the brand name represents the product or service a business provides and often perfectly shows the niche and personality of the company.

 In order to differentiate your product or service from your rivals, this should be a special piece of art. Many intruders, however, are keen to forge powerful brand names to divert customers into their products. Companies who in one night desired radical success and such instances always led to open intellectual asset debates have often imitated many successful businesses.

As your brand name and logo represent your business, it is important to apply for copyright and trademark registration to protect the identity of your brand. Having a vivid understanding and being acquainted with the following, however, will allow you to present your brand name uniformly.

Here Are A Few Brand Names With Amazing Logos And Online Identity

 Vevo logoVevo

Avid logoAvid

Yamaha logoYamaha

Reverb logoReverb

More Brand Name Ideas For Music Companies

Not satisfied with the brand name ideas we have listed? Well we have listed more brand name ideas according to the field in which you are engaged in the music industry.

Music Production Company Name Ideas

Zing Sing

Amazo Music

The Tone

Melody World

The Musica

Dream Beam

Music Make

The Rhythm

Mix Box

Music Vita

Devine Music

Your Tone

Tune World

Soul Rhythm

Second Life

Music Born

Mass Bass



Pure Entertainz

All these brand name ideas are suitable for music production companies. If you have no plans of upgrading your business for an online  platform, these brand names are perfect for you.

Brand Name Ideas For Record Labels

Here are some brand name ideas for your record label or your recording company. All these brand name samples are suitable for the record labels if you have no plans for updating your business to an online platform.

We Record

Your Label

We Entertain

Recording Globe

Muci Coustic

Music World

Rhythm Label

Unique Records

Enter Main

Amazo World

World Bring

Your Genre

Sound On

Tune Core

Player Lane

Sound Craze

Music Publishing Company Names

Entering into music production is not an easy task. Almost a few companies are dominating the industry. These brand name ideas are best for music publishing company name ideas.

Music Publish

Your Work

Art Work

Heart Music

Soul Tune

Rhythm Theme

Tone Born


The Musical

Big Band

Music Falk

Pitch Catch

God Note

The Variety


Tone Opinion

R And Roll

Vocalz Begin

Music Feature

Soul Beatz

Online Music Business Name Ideas

Melody Line

On Screen

On Mp3

Feel It

Music Mix

Vocal Dance


Tone Line

Fav List

Mu Buddy

Music On

The Tune

This brand name list is designed by our brand name specialists for online music-related businesses including music websites, song lyric websites, music mobile Apps, etc.

Brand Name Ideas For Music Instrument Stores

Opening up a musical instrument store is something amazing. You will have to stay around a musical background. When opening up a musical instrument store you should have good knowledge about every product you sell and being able to play those musical instruments will be an extra point to attract customers. Make sure to sell the best and most wanted musical instrument the users ask for. These brand name ideas will exactly match with your Musical Instrument Store.

Tool Musica

Hear Us

Your Genre

The Player

At Drumz

Player Pick

Instro Luv

Music Basics

Home Of Music

Find Music

Tune Amour

Music Pick

Music Band Name Ideas

Opening a music band is not like opening other businesses. You will need some talent and well-trained members. These brand names are best for your music band.

Music Opera

Music Artiste

Band Bang

Band Grand

The Major

Rock Lock

The She

Rap Recipe

Pink Mike

Melody Clap

The Classy


What Will Be The Best Option If You Miss Your .Com Extension?

We strongly recommend that you use the same match domain with your brand name, or you can find a legally owned brand name with a .com domain extension. 

However, you can choose one of the recommended methods to approve your brand with the highest gain if you have already picked your brand name and skipped your .com domain extension. 

Almost all famous Music companies like Yamaha, Reidys and Bajaao use the exact match extension of the .com domain for their brand.

The following steps can be taken if you miss the .com domain extension in your Music brand name.

  1. Rebranding
  2. Using any other domain extension
  3. Use an extra word with your Brand Name
  4. Use Numbers or any other special Characters
  5. Use synonyms for your brand name
  6. Use alternative Language for your Brand Name