What will be the best option if you miss your .com extension

Almost all the popular businesses are using exact match  .com domain extension for their brand name.

  • If your Brand Name is Apple your domain should be Apple.com.

We highly recommend you to use the exact match domain for your brand name, or you can find a brand name with .com domain extension with legal ownership from Brinso the Brand name crawler. 

However, If you have already chosen your brand name and missed your .com domain extension you can choose one of the recommended methods to authorize your brand with the highest advantage

01. Rebranding

This is the best option that you can do if you miss your .com domain extension. You could have chosen the world’s best brand name but no one really cares about it if you do not have the .com domain extension with you.

People only care about the following points                                                                                              

  • Are you the official brand owner

According to surveys, more than 95% of users think .com domain name ownership represents the brand ownership. If you are using any other extension it may cause trust issues among your customers/clients.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • How easy to pronounce, remember & type your Brand Name​

People really do not care about the length of a Brand name as far as it is Pronounceable and easy to remember. 

Currently, there are many Brand Name reselling websites as well as Brand Name generators available, yet choosing a brand name that is easy to pronounce and type is pretty much hard. However, if the vocabulary score of your brand name is above 6 it’s a good brand name.

Brandroot, BrandBucket, Novanym are some of the popular brand name reselling sites. There are millions of brand names over there but you should be wise enough to choose the best with a high vocabulary score as well as for low price. You should consider about the Brand Name qualities too.

Currently, Brinso is the only Brand Name crawler which scans almost all the Brand name reselling websites as well as Brand name generators and lists out only the super brand names(vocabulary score above 8) for below $500.

Pros of Rebranding

  • It will attract new customers
  • It will increase your engagement
  • It will help you to achieve new goals

Cons of Rebranding

  • It will confuse people and may cause a truth issues
  • You may lose few customers

02. Use an extra word with your Brand Name

Another option you can do is to use an extra word with your brand name and go for the .com extension with the extra word + brand name. This extra word could be a generic word or a keyword you are targeting.

For Example-:

  • If google.com is not available you can go with gogoogle.com
  • If facebook.com is not available you can go with thefacebook.com

But Brinso does not recommend using extra words. No matter if it’s a generic word or a keyword. 

One of the best examples for generic word + brand name combination has happened with Facebook. The previous name of Facebook was thefacebook.com but they rebranded their name to facebook.com

Also, the previous name of the SEO giant Moz was seomoz.com as the’ve included their keyword SEO to the brand name. 

But later they rebranded their name to Moz.com because google does not recommend using keywords to the brand name.

03. Using any other domain extension

Another option you can do is using any other domain extension except .com.The domain extension you chose will depend according to the nature of your business.

  • If you are running out a global organization you can use .net instead of .com
  • If you are running a non-profit organization .org will be a perfect match
  • If you are targetting a local area you can use the country extension
  • If you are targetting something related to education you can go for .edu

But Brinso does not recommend these options if you are planning a serious business. Most of the people think using .net will help you to replace .com but that is wrong. .net is being rejected by many people.

According to seoclerk If there is an option to choose which domain extension is good among .net and .com definitely it is .com.

.net was introduced nearly two months before .com but still .com is the king of all the domain extensions. You can learn more about .net from the Wikipedia article

04. You can use hyphens with your Brand Name

Another option that you can do is including hyphens with your Brand Name.It will help you to get the .com domain extension.

For Example-: 

  • Goo-gle
  • Face-book
  • Ama-zon

But we do not recommend it.

Pros of Rebranding

  • It will help you to get .com domain extension if you missed it with your Brand Name
  • It may avoid “slurl” issue.

Cons of using hyphen

  • It is an extra character to your brand name.
  • It will be difficult to keep remeber as almost everyone are using Brand Names without special characters.
  • Advertise problems may occur in the medium of radio and word of mouth.
  • Do not have any reselling value comparing to others.

You can learn more regarding using a hyphen with your brand name.

05. Can use Numbers or any other special Characters

You can use numbers or any other special characters with your Brand Name.It will help you to get the .com domain extension. 

For Example-: 

  • Goo*gle01
  • Amazon96
  • _faceb00k

But it is not recommended.But if you are targeting Chinese or Japanese market you can use special characters

For Example-: 

  • (Lùyì Wēidēng) — Louis Vuitton
  • (Gǔqí) — Gucci
  • (Ādídásī) — Adidas
  • (Jīnggōng) — Seiko

06. If you have more than one word in your Brand Name try to rearrange the order.

You can use this option only if your Brand Name contains more than a word. You can rearrange the order of your brand name.

For Example-: 

  • If your Brand name is Googlepro and if you did not be able to get .com for it you can try Progooglinstead of Googlepro.

But we do not recommend using more than one word as your brand name. Look at the most popular brands in the world. Each and everyone using a single word as their Brand Name and also many Popular companies who used more than one word changed their Brand Name into a single word Brand Name.

  • BackRub turned into Google
  • Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web turned into Yahoo
  • Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo turned into Sony

07. Use alternative Language for your Brand Name

You can use alternative language for the brand name you chose.It is not a perfect idea you may not like the suggestions but surely you can get some new Brand Name ideas.

For Example-: 

  • If your chosen Brand name is Music.com and if it is not available you can use gaana(which mean music in Hindi).

But using keywords for your brand name is not recommended.

08. Use synonyms for your brand name

You can use a synonym word for your chosen brand name. You may get a wide range of options.

For Example-: 

  • If your chosen Brand Name is myriad.com you can use one of the following synonyms.multitude, mass, throng, host, droves, horde, oodles, hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, zillions, gazillions, bazillions, gobs

Here in this case also using keywords or words which similar to any other popular brand is strictly not recommended and we have to care much about the vocabulary score too.