The Best out of .com and .net

The Best out of .com and .net image

Most of the users have a confusion on using .com and .net domain extension as their domain name extension. Being the oldest domain extensions these both have a higher registration amount than others. The domain extension is also important same as brand name for the memorization, identity and ranking factor.

Being the oldest domain extensions in the world, .com and .net domains share their credibility and trust among different fields or industries. Before proceeding with your selected brand name, it’s always good to get knowledge about what domain extension will serve your intentions best.

As per the information .net had been introduced to the world before .com

  • .net has been introduced in 01/01/1985
  • .com has been introduced in 15/03/1985

You are free to use any domain extension you want but choosing the right domain extension based on your business is very important.

The registration amount of .com domain extensions are 137million. The registration amount of .net domain extensions are only 15million.

Even if you had the idea of the difference between .com and .net, this is an irreversible critical investment where you’ve to decide the best option available for you. Currently most of the users choose .net domain extension if they missed their .com domain extension.That’s not a good option to do.There are more options to do if you missed your .com domain extension.

When You should use .com and .net domain extension


.com domain extension is used for all the profit-generating web sites.Almost 95% of companies using exact match .com domain extension for them.Currently some of the non profit organizations also used .com domain extension as it comes with trust and credibility.

Here are some non-profit organizations and blogs using .com domain extension,

Non-Profit organizations

  • National Geographic
  • TED

Non-profit Blogs

  • Pamelagrow
  • Thestorytellingnonprofit

.com domain extension is considered to be the king of all extensions due to its trustworthiness and authorization it has gained throughout history. When someone first hears your brand name and wants to know more about your business, [your brand name].com will be the first place they’ll be searching. .com domain is that powerful and valuable in this internet era.

Benefits of using .com

    • .com is the most popular TLD in the world.
    • .com has the highest recall value among people.
    • As .com is the king of all the domain extensions, sites without .com have less trustworthiness.
    • It has become the default extension among people. Everyone will type .com at the end of your business name even if they don’t know what’s your domain extension.
    • .com domain extension has a bigger resale value than others.
    • .com gives your business a highly professional look.

It gives your websites a small impact on ranking (SEO)

Drawbacks of using .com

    • Higher prices compared to other domain extensions.
    • Will not suit some non-profit organizations as it’ll look like a profit-oriented business.


.net is used for networking, hosting, internet or sites similar to these fields. Only in some cases, we can use .net behalf of .com.Unlike the universally (in most cases, of course,) accepted .com domains, .net has some limitations. You may have to carefully consider those if you’re planning to use .net as your primary domain extension for your brand name. As most web service companies used .net as their domain, it has an undeniable bond with .net domains.

Benefits of using .net,

  • Price is less than .com
  • Availability comparing to .com
  • Second most popular TLD


Drawbacks of using .net,

  • Less trustworthy when compared to .com
  • Resale value is less
  • Could be an issue when expanding a business

Will this Impact a Business or a Startup?

Yes, Indeed. When we’re building a new business we’ve to gain user’s trust. With .com it comes automatically and it brings the professional look for your business as other reputed companies.

Take a look at the most popular companies in the world,


Each and every reputed company in the world using .com as their domain extension.

Conclusion on .com or .net

Yes, It should be .com. With the review, we made almost in all the sites the register number of .com each day keeps increasing and also the price. With the benefits that .com has, we highly recommend you to use .com for your business and also we recommend .com for worldwide business even its web-based.