Make It Easy To Spell And Write!!!

Spelling and writing ability of a brand name is a very important factor in this digital era as no one likes to lose any leads due to someone misspell their brand name. Make sure your brand name does not include any errors regarding spelling and writing.

Why Is It So Important?

When your brand name is easy to spell and write it makes your target audience recall your brand name and search online or review about your brand name. And on the other hand, the spelling and writing ability of a brand name determines the pronunciation and memorization ability of your brand name. 

Therefore, choose a brand name that is easy to Spell and Write.

Why Should You Avoid Brand Names That Are Difficult To Spell And Write?

Make a great brand name with higher spell-ability and save your business from the following threats.

1. Poor consumer Awareness

If your brand name is complicated, your brand name quickly slips from the memory of your target audience. Brands like Apple or Nike use simple names and their consumer awareness is higher. Do not confuse your customers with complex brand names as it will never bring their attention to your business.

2. Limits Expansion

The ability to introduce new products to the market under your brand name becomes less possible when your brand name is too complicated to spell and write.

3. Loss Of Sales

The brand name is the very first detail a customer gets about your business. So your brand name should be errorless, easy to pronounce, easy to memorise, easy to spell and write in order to grab the customer to your business. If your brand name is weak, you will lose the customer and you will probably lose the sales.

4. Lack Of Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is basically depending on consumer awareness. When consumer awareness is increasing, customer loyalty increases accordingly. When you fail to give your business mission to your customers, with creativity and a simpler manner, you will face these kinds of problems.

What Makes A Brand Name Easily Write Or Spell?

1. Keep It Simple

Select a brand name that is short and simple. Do not use complicated letter combinations which makes it difficult for the customer to recall, write or spell. For example, Apple, Google, Rolex, these brand names are short, simple yet the giants in their own industries.

2. Easy Introduction For Other Countries

You need the best brand name for your business and you give a huge effort for it. Your brand name needs to be grand enough and simple enough when introducing to the global market.

3. Test Your Brand Name

Before getting your brand name registered, test your brand name ideas with a sample customer audience. Check whether the brand name is easy to spell and write for them or difficult to spell and write. If the results are positive, you can move and register your brand name!!!

How Brinso Evaluate The Spell And Write Ability Of A Brand Name?

  • When evaluating this factor, we have highly considered how easy a brand name can be spelled and written when they hear it for the first time without seeing it. A brand name that can be spelled and written easily without any difficulty will be easy to pronounce and memorize too. All these qualities are combined together.
  • These factors were considered when evaluating brand name ideas under spell & write.
  • Consider the letters with the same pronunciation which can confuse the users. Such as C and K, Si and Ti, V and W.
  • Pronunciation patterns like cy, xy, zy are not recommended.
  • Consider that letters can be silent.

 Ex: Hour, Psychology 

  • Spell & write is an important factor in the brand name idea evaluation as to when the users search for you with the wrong spellings the search results will take them to a wrong path. That will be the main reason users move for an alternative because time is really important to everyone.

The Real-life Examples For Complicated Brand Names

  1. Givenchy
  2. Comme des Garcons
  3. Saucony
  4. Chevrolet
  5. Louis Vuitton