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Legal Availability Check

Checking the legal availability is one of the most important factors when choosing a brand name. If you are having an idea to open a professional brand name do not forget to check the legal availability of it. 

Why Legal Availability Is Important?

Legal availability shows the ownership of your brand name. If your brand name is legally registered no one else can own it and use the same name back and if it is a sole trading business, registering your business is a must.

It can take 24 – 72 hours to receive a complete report with full details with your brand name’s legal availability.

What Are The Services We Offer

  • Trademark Availability Will Be Checked

We will give you a detailed report on the business name you selected and check that the business is registered before or not.

  • Previously Registered Companies And Their Details Will Be Checked

 If it is registered before we will provide you the details of the previous business. 

  • Online Presence Of The Brand Name

We will give you a detailed report about the online presence of the selected brand names. We will check if any companies with the same name are available and what is the nature of the business, when was it registered, etc.


Knowing the legal availability of your business will help you in the future and you have nothing to worry about the legal side of the business. Our aim is to help you all to have a safe business without any future interruptions. If you need to know more about the importance of your brand name’s legal availability, you can visit our legal ownership page to get a perfect idea regarding it.