Best Brand Names For Traveling Businesses

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We, Brinso brand name consults have listed the most suitable, brainstormed brand names for your travel based company. All of them are modern, creative, and catchy. Before doing this, 67890 brand names were analyzed. This perfect brand name list will be a great blessing for you to find the most suitable brand name.

Best of the Best brand names for traveling businesses

These brand names are professional. Having high memorization and pronunciation power and no negative connotation to destroy the brand name qualities.
















Cool Brand Name Ideas For Your Travel Based Business

The following cool brand names are developed and created by Brinso brand name consultants. If your business plan is not to be growing up to a large scale, no matter you can select one out of the following brand names.

Travel More
Wiz World
Unseen Beauty
The Heaven
Memory Diary
One Life
Travel Trend
Unseen World
The Pluto
Fair Travel
The Couple
The Walk
Memory Book
The Camping
Once Life
Country Road
The Hike
Memory Trace
The Journey
Road Trip
The Roaming
Travel Pal
The Guide
Air Travel
Travel Taxi
Fav Location
The Voyage
En Journey
Best Memories
Best Travelers
Bike Ride
The View
Mountain Range
Green Experience
Blue Sand
Gold Coast
Travel Guide
Around The World
Hyper Travel
The Wing
Travel Shoe
World Key
Ride Mode On
Tour Bird
Next Destination
Travel Diaries
Happy Traveler
Best Start

Are You Looking for more specific brand names?

We have listed brand names under subcategories of the travel industry so you can find the exact type your business related to, and get the dream brand name. All the brand names are categorized again under Travel Agency, Renting companies, Sole Proprietor companies, Bed & Breakfast companies, Tours companies, Camping/entertainment companies, Equipment Rental companies.

Travel Agency Name Ideas

The brand name ideas of travel agencies again can be categorized as Retail, Wholesale, Online, and Multi-destination brand name ideas.

Best Tour
You Travel
Tell Us
We Lead
Other End
Best Budget
Fun Holiday
Travel Us
Dream Palace
On Planet
We Journey
Off Road

Vehicle Renting Store Name Ideas

Here you can find the brand name ideas for Bike Rental companies, Scooter selling companies, Canoe & Kayak Rental companies, Car Rental companies and any business related to vehicle renting.

The Carriage
Travel Lover
Trip Rent
Go Riding
Rent Us
On Vacation
Lease Relax
Safari Life
The Speedy
Travel Journal
Traveling Park
Risk Lover

Sole Proprietor Travelling Business Name Ideas

If you need a brand name for a traveling event planner, Translator, House Sitters, photographer, Travel Personal Assistant, you can find it through the following.

Travel Lover
Your Event
World Plan
More Travel
Travel Mate
The Fluent
Land Love
Land Bird
Traveler’s Diary
Out Home
Better Guard
Own House

Bed And Breakfast Business Name Ideas

Here you can find the brand name not only for bed and breakfast companies but also for Host Home, Cottages, and Country Inn.

Camp Chef
Camp Courageous
Camp Crescent
Camp Lake
Beaver Falls
Red Arrow
Last Corners
Blue Triangle
Nature Fun
Time Camp
Camp Wonder
Four Winds

Tour Company Name Ideas

These twelve brand name ideas are for Bus Tour companies, Helicopter tour companies, bike tour companies, and any business related to touring.

Journey Enjoy
Happy Tour
Hop On
Sight Seeker
Tour Hour
Fantastic Tour
Great City
Top Tours
Heaven See
Bird Eye
Sky Park
Worth Flight

Camping business name ideas

The following brand names are appropriate for Campground companies, Glamping companies, summer camp companies, Ski resort and Water Park.

Camp Chef
Camp Courageous
Camp Crescent
Camp Lake
Beaver Falls
Red Arrow
Last Corners
Blue Triangle
Nature Fun
Time Camp
Camp Wonder
Four Winds

Equipment rental and learning

These brand names are for Diving Equipment Rental and Learning companies, Skydiving Equipment Rental and Learning companies, Snorkeling Equipment Rental and Learning companies, and Surfing Equipment Rental and Learning companies.

Beyond Big
Sky Taste
Earth Fun
The Workers
Max Ultimate
Earth Crimson
On Water
Adventures’ Hour
My Catering
Catering Angels
Camp Wonder
Four Winds

What are the most popular brands in the tourism industry?

Booking .Com












Make my trip

The Brand Name Competition

Due to the competition prevailing in the travel industry, a starter company needs to be very careful from the beginning. The one and the only way of winning this huge competition is having a professional brand name as such a brand name has all the best brand name qualities. Such as high memorization and pronunciation power, not including keywords or generic words and uniqueness and legal ownership.

How Using Generic Words Will Affect Your Travel Agency

Brand name specialists clearly advise not to use generic words as it is search engine unhealthy. Therefore try to choose a brand name that does not include dictionary words. If so you will lose a large number of golden opportunities in the travel industry. “Travel Brothers” is a brand name idea for a travel agency. but the thing is, these are just two words that have separate dictionary meanings. So such a brand name does not give any rare meaning rather than the direct dictionary meaning.

Vocabulary Score

A mind catching brand name always has a vocabulary score greater than 8. If a brand name shows a  vocabulary score of less than 5, the brand name specialists do not recommend them. The vocabulary score directly affects the brand name qualities of both memorization and pronunciation power. If the customer is unable to spell and memorize, at first sight, your brand name will be easily forgotten. Therefore always try to choose a brand name that has a high vocabulary score for your Tours planning organization or any business related to travel.

Do You Own The .Com Domain Extension?

With the ownership of .com comes uniqueness. This is the oldest as well as the most trusted top-level domain extension in the Domain Name System. The domain extension could depend on the nature of your business or star-up that you chose but .com serves all without confusion. 

Domain Extension Business Model
.com All the profit generating Companies
.org Non-profit organization
.edu Related to education
.uk/.us/.au/.ca Specific Region

Businesses related to the travel industry have a vast scope and could be expanded to a bed and breakfast service to a worldwide hotel chain. If you know the business, possibilities are unlimited in a field like this.

Therefore, it’s a waste of your money to spend on an unprofessional brand name as whenever you want to do an expansion, you’ll be stuck with a bad brand name you’ve chosen in the beginning.

To avoid that and to make some loyal customer base, invest in your brand name as it’ll be the key to success in your path. However, we do not recommend spending more than USD 1000 for a brand name and your brand name should consist of all the brand name qualities.