Catchy Brand Names For Social Media Business

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After analyzing more than 45677 brand names that are related to social media businesses, the following brand name list has been listed by the Brinso brand name consultants.

According to that, you can find the best brand name for your Media Sharing company, Social Networks company, and an online shopping platform.

Ideal Brand Names For Your Social Media Platform

The following brand names are professional. Not only that but also uniqueness and high memorization power are another best brand name qualities of these brand names.

Densso logo


Socialina logo


Sociany logo


Deroal logo



Gafexo logo





Sociata logo


Blurba logo



Commonly Used Brand Names For Your Social Media-Based Business

The following brand name ideas created and developed by the Brinso brand name consultants for your convenience of selecting the best brand name. If you have a poor idea regarding the development of your business, you can find one of the best brand names out of the following.

Social Bird
So Social
The Connected
Inter Connected
Never Let Go
Ever Connected
Link Ink
Touch Base
The Tie
Social Me
The Meme
The Plug
Friend Vibe
Net Pal
Fast Pay
Pro Com
Friend Cable
Like It
Love Link
Data Share
The Explore
E Bond
E Couple
E Partner
The Guide
Hyper Thread
Good Vibe
In Touch
The Exchange
Quick Pay
Best Media
Funny Media
Drop Films
Pure Play
Moonlight Media
Fast Media
Daily Clap Sharing
Happy Media
Media On Beach
Media Meme
Step Trek
Map Magic
Tool Box
Sweet Mint
The Photographer
Share Photo

Eye-Grabbing Brand Name For You

Here we have given the brand name list according to the subcategories of social-based businesses. They are for Media Sharing companies, Social Networks companies, and any business brand name idea related to social business.

Media Sharing Website Name Ideas

These brand names are suitable for Audio sharing companies, Videos producing companies, and songs producing companies.

Blessed Earful
Good Listener
Daily Dose
The Earbuds
Moti Speech
New Thought
Story Teller
Important Stuff
Ear Love
See & Believe
Everything Current

Social Media Website Name Ideas

The following brand names are suitable for discussion forums Social Networks, Social Networks, and any business related to Social.

Billion User
Massive Network
Attract Audience
Interact Anytime
Your Opinion
Comment Below
Q & A
Ask Us
Your Solution
The Talk
Talk Falk
Chatting Hour

Most Successful brands In Social Media Based Business

Xfinity logo






Facebook logoFacebook

Whatsapp logoWhatsapp

Twitter logoTwitter

Instagram logo


Wechat logo




How Can We Identify The Worst Social-Media Related Business Names?

If a brand name does not consist of the brand name qualities we can identify those as worst brand names. Some brand names are created with generic words that have clear dictionary meanings. Brand names that do not have the .com domain extension are also considered as worst. Some of the brand names are not easy to memorize and pronounce as their vocabulary score is less than 5.Using keywords and imitating with the popular brand name is another worst quality of a brand name.

Effectiveness Of Hiring A Brand Name Consultant

If the thing you are going to do with a brand name consultant is creating or choosing or evaluating a new brand name, there are ways to do the same tasks without spending any. you can use an evaluation tool for free and check the qualities and mismatches within your brand name to the super brand name qualities. We are having such a brand name evaluation tool that also gives a full report and thus it is the same as the task done by a hired consultant.

The Golden Rule Regarding The Character Count

The character count of a brand name directly affects the popularity of it among your competitors. Names with the character count 4,5 and 6 are recommended as good to use. The brand name that has the recommended character count is super easy to pronounce and memorize.

Let’s take a look at the brand names of the most popular companies in the social media industry.

  • Viber – 5 characters
  • Skype  – 5 characters

Tools Used To Find Best Brand Name Ideas

  • Brand name Generator

There are several methods that can be used to find a brandable brand name and those methods are directly associated with different tropes of great tools. The brand name generator can be considered as the most popular tool. You can come to a conclusion by analyzing the pros and cons of them about the way in which these generators will help to find a brand name idea.

  • Vocabulary score

You can find out the vocabulary score of your brand name through 0 to 10 value scale is provided by the tool. The vocabulary score of a brandable brand name is more than  6 while a non-professional brand name’s score is less than 6. Therefore make sure to pick a brand name that has more than 8 vocabulary scores to make it super easy to pronounce and memorize.