Name Your Skin Care Business In Professional Way

Skin Care Store Name Evaluation Tool

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Don’t name your business without having a good command of knowledge regarding the process of brand naming. Before purchasing a brand name, check whether it has the brandable brand name qualities or not, the price, and relevancy to the industry.

  • If your skincare business name is not professional, you are unable to gather the customers
  • The brand name consultants say not to spend more than 1000$ to buy a brand name as you can buy a professional brand name at a reasonable price.

Professional Brand Names Of Skincare Business

The following skincare related business brand names can be recognized as “professional” as they have all the brandable brand name qualities. They are, SIMPLE

  • S – Simplicity is shown  by having a high vocabulary and phonological loop value
  • I – Ideal character count is available as the following brand names have four, five, or six characters.
  • M – Easy to memorize at once. Memorable brand names will increase your customers day by day.
  • P – The phonological loop value is high.
  • L-No legal issues for these brand names as their domain extension is .com.
  • E – Easy to spell and write to robots

Hermes logo




GUCCI logo





The Creative Brand Name Ideas For Skincare Business

The following creative brand name ideas can be used for skin care business including  body moisturizer product business, Cleanser product businesses, Toner product businesses, and day and night cream products business

Silky Touch

Moisturizing Skin

Skin Recover

Rich Skin

Skin Mother

Skin Editor

Before Sleep

Vivid Skin

Smooth Skin

Beauty Law

Dry Out

Refresh Skin

Shady Skin

Golden Skin

Skin Protector

Blushing Skin

Cutis Studio

Cool Skin

Glowing Skin

Skin Master

Lovely Skin

Sparkler Skin

Angel’s Skin

Fresh Skin

New Skin

Protect Skin

Creamy Skin

Skin Taste

Cuddly Cutis

Skin Journey

Fresh Skin

Generous Skin

Shiny Skin

Her Skin

Rich Vitamin

White Skin

Skin Colorist

Apply To Skin

Wash Skin


Clean Skin

Silk Skin

Creatable Skin

Milk Skin

No Dusk Skin

Skin Type

Touch Skin

Pure Skin

Wish Skin

Snow Skin

The Worst Brand Names For Skincare Business

  • The following brand names do not keep your customers with you for a long time. As well as you can not expand your skincare business to a mass level with such worst brand names.
  •  If you choose one out of this as your final brand name, definitely you will have to go for the complex process called “rebranding.”


  • Best Skin Production From Us
  • For Your Door Step
  • Before Go Out
  • One Drop Is Enough
  • Bless For Your Life
  • Cheap Cream For You
  • Grand Mother’s Beauty Advice
  • 24 Hours Of Our Beauty Service
  • Skin Master In Your Home
  • Golden Drop

The Brandable Brand Name Ideas For Your Skincare Business







Exuple logo


Merove logo







  • These brandable brand name ideas are best to choose for your skincare business name as they are highly recommended by the brand name consultants. There is no keyword or generic word that makes the brand name worse.
  • If you are looking for such a brandable brand name, don’t get late to purchase one out of the above brand names.

The Local Brand Name Ideas

  • Here are a few popular skincare product stores names in the USA, UK, Italy, and India respectively. They are for toner product businesses, scrub product businesses, serum product businesses, body wash product businesses.
USA UK Italy India
Proactive SkinCare Pai Skincare Lush Roma Corso The Skin Store
The Face Shop Buttermilk Skin Care ACCA KAPPA Naos Skin Care India Pvt Ltd
Credo Clean Beauty The Beauty Store Kiehl’s Eminence Organic Skin Care
Bluemercury Tropic Skin Care SEPHORA ROMA MARCONI The skin Story
Choc Choc Cosmetic Dermalogica KIKO MILANO Indian Skin Care
Skin Care Shop Body Care The Body Shop Vilvah Store
Chistina USA LLC Space NK Oxford Sephora NewU
Space NK Prince Street Dermalogica Westfield London Bottega Verday The Body Care
Follain Pippettes Dispensary Domina Skin CAre srl ORIFLAME
BABOR North America P2bus Aesop Brera Kishmish Organic Skincare
  • Such long brand names will directly affect the durability of the business. Let’s check the phonological loop value of some of the above-mentioned brand names randomly.
Brand name Phonological loop value
Vilvah Store 31.2%
Lush Roma Corso 31.8%
The Beauty Store 24.5%
The Body Shop 40.6%
Domina Skin CAre srl 25%
The Skin Store 29.1%
Naos Skin Care India Pvt Ltd 34.1%
Dermalogica 50.5%
  • What Will Happen If You Choose A Bad Brand Name For Your Skincare Store?

    • Bad Awareness Of Customers

    Creating poor customer awareness is one of the negative effects of a bad brand name on your skincare products business. If your skincare business brand name is brandable, a large number of customers’ attention can be taken easily while a bad brand name fails to catch the customers.

    • How To Become A Brand Name “Bad”?

    Having generic words, keywords, and complicated words within a brand name, automatically such brand name becomes bad. 

    • Expansion Is Limited

    Skincare products and services business with a bad brand name is unable to expand its products and services more and more. As well as the business can not achieve the goals with a nonprofessional brand name. The business that has professional brand names are easy to win customers.

    • Minimal benefit for Brand Equity.

    The skincare product business with a strong brand name can create customer loyalty and repeat business. Though the professional brand name adds value to your product and service a bad brand name does not act so.