Best Brand Names For Your Security Company

“ Tool To Choose The Best Brand Name For Your Security Company”

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If you’re starting a security company it is mainly based on a quite lot of responsibilities than other businesses. This can not be started without good human resources. A well-trained, professional, and perfect team is a must start a business like this. If you need a professional Security brand name like Swann, Tranwo, or Nedap you always have to make sure to follow the same guidelines that they followed when choosing a brand name. Do not forget to choose a brand name with a high phonological loop value and make sure your chosen brand name consists of all the brand name qualities.

Our brand name consultants have carefully analyzed the existing and available best security brand names and have listed out a few professional and unique brand names for your Security company. These brand names are suitable for security guard companies and any security company-related business.

Professional Brand Names For Your Security Company

What is a good name for a security company?

In a business like a security company, professionalism is a must. Either you represent worldwide or not, the professionalism of your business will always help you to succeed. All these brand names consist of all the brand name qualities and the phonological loop value of these brand names is high. If you need to update your business to an online platform in the future or expand the business to other regions or countries, these brand names are perfect!!!

Lockle International

Locklio Securities

LoqKey Universal

Optkey Security Cameras

Cekku Systems

Imaspy Solutions

Lokx Security Systems

Gujas Technologies


Bisoky International

Fikond Defence Services

Drimok Security Group

Menoty Systems

How To Find A Catchy Security Business Name?

These above listed all the brand names are catchy. These brand names are listed after a deep analysis of the marketing trends, competitor analysis, checking brand name qualities, etc. Here are the factors that made our brand name specialist list these names as catchy security names.

  • Easy Pronunciation
  • Easy Memorization
  • Easy To Spell and Write
  • Ideal Character Count
  • High Phonological Loop Value
  • High Vocabulary Score Value
  • No Negative Connotation
  • One Word
  • Own The .com domain extension

Unique Brand Name Ideas

These listed brand names are manually created by our brand name consultants to your security business. In the process of creating these names, our brand name consultants have analyzed all the brand naming trends in the field. We do not recommend these brand names if you want to start your security firm professionally or if you have an idea to expand it in the future.

First Defense

Fast Force

Main Shine Security

Alarm On

Prozone Protection

Assurance Security

One guard

Superior Security

Golden Crown

Minute Safe

On Guard

Total Control

More Safe

Quality Protection

Protection Now

Your Home Secure

Best Secure

Triple Canopy

The Secured Fact

Security City

Safe Nest

Safe As Bond

Safety Control

Secure Mood

Requirements To Start A Security Company

All these requirements are for those who are going to start a security firm in the USA.

  • Private Patrol Operator License

When you’re going to start a security firm this is a must. You can get this license from the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection. Having this license will qualify your employees to work as security officers. So make sure all the employees in your security company have this license.

  • Qualifications

When you’re hiring staff for your security company there are some certain requirements they should have. The age limit to be a security officer starts from 25 years. When it comes to experience, they should either have 5 years of experience as a supervisor or 10 years of experience in a security-related field. They should not have any criminal record over the past 7 years.

When it comes to the owner of a security company he/ she should not be a person who is discharged from the military service and should have a good background with a good moral background.

  • Application

You should get a private security license before you start the firm. You have to fill up a forum with some other documentations. Basically, apart from the application, you will need two recent photographs of you, a fingerprint clearance card, a driving record, and later onward you will need letters from four different references. 

  • Permits

Before you start your security business you should obtain permits according to the state you are going to start it. The requirements may differ according to different states. If you are planning to start an armed force security service take the necessary steps to buy guns etc. For this, you should contact your state’s relevant officers.

  • Liability Insurance

Make sure to obtain liability insurance before you start your security company. It will be safe for both you and your client.

  • Financial Backing

Have a good plan on how you’re going to find funds to start your business. You may use the money you save, take from your parents, or obtain a lot. So have enough money before you start your security business.

  • Contracts

Have good contact among the people, organizations who will need your service. Be friendly and keep in touch with them. If you provide your best service to one company they will definitely recommend you to others.

  • Reputation

Never hire people who don’t fulfill the qualifications you need for less salary, always choose the best then you will be able to deliver the best services, keep up the manners and qualities on your own way and teach them to your employees, have an attractive brand name, always be professional. All these qualities will help you to succeed in your business career.

More Focused Brand Name Ideas

In the field of the security business, there are many sub-industries and you may have an idea to start a business related to one of the sub-niches of security. So our brand name consultants have listed these brand names for your security business according to separate categories.

Security Guard Company Name Ideas

Opening up a security guard company should provide both armed and unarmed security services to clients. Here are a few of the security guard company name ideas.

On Guard

Good Guard

Potential Team

Professional Forced

Well Trained

Secure Function

The Capacity

Capable Secure

Zone Clear

Best Guard

Best Protection

Armed Force

Security Equipment Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing security equipment will need some specific license you have to fulfill a few protocols. These brand names are best for your security firm.

Safe Equipment

Safety Plus

Risk Cover

The Evidence

Flash Security

Electronic Eye

Camera House

Third Eye

Pro Manufacture

Secure Leader

Smart & Safe

Protection Producer

Security System Name Companies

There are many security systems like automobile security systems, home security systems, commercial security systems, fire alarm security system,s, etc. These brand names will perfectly match with any of your security systems.

Zone Secure

Cover Protection

Stay Guard

Total Secure

Danger Free

Access Control

Secure Zone

Ensure Security

Protect You

Lock First

Safe Method

Secure Mind

Security Team Names

Humen Secure

Protection Team

Access Control

Team Rescue

Safe Team

Complete Secure

Team Eye On

Solid Team

Team A To Z

Team Watchers

Team Managed

Lion Group

Cool Cyber Security Names

Digital Ninja

Safe Defence

Cyberhood Lock

Safe Watch

Silent Risk

Good Privercy

Defency Field

Optimize Heros

Classic Core

Alpha Defence

Cyber Guard

Focus Privacy

CCTV Company Name Suggestions

Planet Secure

Security Alarm

Privert Solutions

Defense Alert

Watch Criminal

On Guard

Watch You

Secure Bond

Protect You

Safety Guard

Uplift Defense

Eye On

Who Are The Top 5 Security Companies?


  • Vivint is a public smart home service provider based in the UK and Canada. 
  • The earlier name of Vivint was APX Alarm Security Solutions. The present name is brandable than the earlier one as it has a less lengthy character count.
  • The vocabulary score of this brand name is 8.4 and the phonological loop value is 86.3. It justifies the easiness of pronunciation and memorization.
  • As “Vivint” owns the .com domain extension it is unique among the others. In another word, it has legal ownership.


  • Swann is one of the security camera manufacturing companies.
  • “Swann” is a perfect example of a good brand name in the industry of security. Not including special characters and numbers is one of the best qualities of this super brand name.
  • It has a .com. So the legal ownership is also available.
  • Apart from that, a high vocabulary score like 8.57, and the phonological loop value is 88 leads to memorization and pronunciation easily.


  • Tranwo is one of the security camera manufacturing companies.
  • Having a four to six character count shows one of the best qualities of a brand name. According to that, Tranwo Shows the quality of simplicity
  •  Owning .com is the factor for uniqueness and legal ownership.
  • 8.45 is the pronounceable value of this brand name and the phonological loop value is 86.8. while the robots can spell it and the human can both spell and write easily.


  • This is a security management company.
  • The company’s domain is .com. So the brand name Nedap has the brand name quality of uniqueness.
  • The pronounceable value shows an 8.71 value and the phonological loop value is 89.4. So it has the highest ability to grab and memorize once again at first sight.
  • The simplicity can be seen clearly as its character count is five.


  • Prosegur is a multinational security service.
  • 8.18 is the vocabulary score of this brand name and the phonological loop value is 84.1. It is clear that both memorization and pronunciation power is high. At first sight, it is easy to keep in mind.
  • Prosegur is not a generic word. On the other hand, it has not included keywords.
  • Being a single word is another best quality that has to memorize it easily.
  • It owns the .com domain. So it is clear that the brand name quality uniqueness is available.

Security Company Names In South Africa

  • SheerGuard SA
  • Secur 
  • TSU Protection Services
  • PSI Company 
  • 42nd Precinct Security
  • Stryker 
  • G4S
  • Servest Company
  • Fidelity Security
  • Tracker Connect Pty Ltd 

Security Company Names In UK

  • G4S
  • Mitie Total Security Management plc
  • OCS Group UK Ltd
  • Loomis UK Ltd
  • Securitas Security Services Ltd.
  • Advance Security (UK) Limited
  • Corps Security Ltd
  • Initial Facilities Services
  • Wilson James Ltd.
  • Axis Security Ltd

Security Name List In India

  • Pioneer Security Solution Pvt Ltd
  • Fireball Group
  • SIS India
  • G4S Secure Solutions India Pvt Ltd
  • Premier Shield
  • Globe Detective Agency Pvt Ltd
  • G7 Securitas
  • Tops Security
  • Tops Security Ltd (Topsgrup)
  • Walsons Services Pvt Ltd (Securitas India)