Best and worst brand name examples to Supermarkets & Retail Shops

The brand name is the main potential thing to consider when starting any business .Currently, Supermarkets and Retail shops  have become an industry where the online market affects directly. There is much evidence in the field-online retailers that a good brand name made the success of the company.  We have considered all of the brand name qualities to select these brand names and listed out the pros and cons. These brand names are suitable for all retail industries.

We have listed the best and worst brand name examples, refer to these examples to get an idea before you choose a brand name for your retail shop or supermarket.

Best Supermarket & Retail Shop brand name examples

01. Asda


Asda, is a British supermarket retailer whose name comes from the words (Asquith + Dairies). Look how efficiently they have used the names meanings where Asquith is a habitational name of the founder and Diaries is the other company they used to merge. Asda got its brand name as a short form of Asda Stores Ltd. They made the name simple because they knew that having more than one world will be difficult to remember by users and having keywords with the brand name will miss the business opportunities. 

The pronounceable and memorization value of this brand name is 8.75. Brand names above vocabulary score 8 are categorized as super brand names. There is no negative connotation with this brand name and as it has one world it is simpler to memorize. It’s unique with its .com domain extension and It has not imitated any popular other brands. This brand name consists of all the brand name qualities.

02. Target


Target Corporation is an American retail corporation founded in 1902. As George Dayton was the founder, Dayton got his name as the brand name in 1910. Usually, the founder uses their name as a brand name because the trend was like that at the time and after some merging with other companies they renamed the brand name as TARGET in 2000 recognizing the benefit of a single word as a brand name.

Target does not imitate any other popular brand. The uniqueness is a highly appreciated point with this brand since it owns the .com ownership. This name is a super brand name with a memorization and pronounceable value of 8.36. There are no any negative meanings in this name and perhaps it motivates employers to achieve the target of the company.

03. Boots


Boots UK Limited  trading as Boots, was established in 1849, by John Boot, is a health and beauty retailer and pharmacy chain in the United Kingdom and other countries. The founder's second name is used as the brand name since that was the trend on early days. As the name got reputed and it's simple and easy to pronounce, they continued to keep boots as the brand name without changing it and that is quite fine.

Boots had no issues using generic words because by the time of starting it has a few competitors and no usage of this name. They had no competitors so it made them easy to be popular among the world. The memorization and pronounceable value of the brand name is 8.21. Brand names with a vocabulary score 8 or higher are considered as super brand names which  are very rare to achieve.

04. Costco


Costco Wholesale Corporation, doing business as Costco, is an American multinational corporation started in 1976. As many companies, Costco merge operations with the price club organization and names the company as PriceCostco . With the exit of price brother In 1997, Costco changed its name to Costco Wholesale Corporation, and started to do business as Costco. Many successful companies follow the same way of naming their brand with simple and unique names when they get reputed.

Look at this brand name, It’s easy to pronounce. No need to get an extra effort to keep in mind. That means memorization power and pronunciation power is perfect. Costco proves that it is a brandable name by having a Vocabulary score of 8.22.

05. Ikea


IKEA is a Swedish origin multinational group that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories. The name IKEA was an abbreviation of  Ingvar Kamprad (the founder's name), Elmtaryd (the farm where the founder grew up) and Agunnaryd (the founder's hometown). Look how the name is composed instead of having long names. He has combined the first letters and that’s made this a unique name.

Simplicity can be seen clearly as its vocabulary score is 8.78. It proves once again that the memorization power and the pronunciation power is perfect. “Ikea” is just a simple brand name which does not include any character or number and with the .com ownership this brand name rules the industry.

06. Wilko


Wilko Retail Ltd is a British high street chain which sells home wares and household goods founded in Leicester by James Kemsey Wilkinson in 1930.

At the initial period the starting brand name was Wilkinson cash store and later in 2012 they recognized the need of changing the name to a single word and shortened it to Wilko which is a perfect name for a brand.

Vocabulary score counts a calculation of 8.57 to Wilko. The name also does not use any keyword so that it has become user friendly in search engines. Therefore this name perfectly matches the industry and popularity in making profits.

07. Tesco


Tesco, is a British multinational groceries and general merchandise retailer in the United Kingdom.

The name Tesco came about after founder Jack Cohen bought a shipment of tea from Thomas Edward Stockwell. He used the initials of the supplier's name (TES), and the first two letters of his surname (CO) forming the word TESCO. Look how simple this name is and that’s one of the reasons for their success in the industry. 

The vocabulary score of this brand name is 8.87 and it justifies the easiness of pronunciation and memorization. As well as this brand name is easy to spell and write. Robots can spell this brand name easily. The uniqueness of a brand name is dependent on the .com extension and tesco has no worries in that too.

08. Kroger


The Kroger is an American retail company founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883. The brand name Kroger is the name of the founder and that was a trend in naming on those days. Some companies change their names if the name is too long and complex but we can’t see any complexity here to change.

Although the brand name doesn’t have a specific meaning we can say it's simple and easily memorable with a vocabulary score of 8.1 which is a super brand name. Also this name does not have any keyword or generic word and that has made  this name a professional one.

09. Walmart


Walmart Inc. is an American multinational retail corporation founded by Sam Walton in 1962. Sam Walton first named the store as Walton’s 5&10. Later he understood the importance of a simple word without any numbers and special characters and renamed it as “Walmart”. A professional brand name does not consist of any symbols or numbers and that’s also a reason for the name change by Walmart. Most of the profit making companies use single and unique names and Walmart is one of them.

10. Sears


Sears, Roebuck and Co., colloquially known as Sears, is an American chain of department stores founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1893. Since the initial name was too long to remember they have shortened the name to “Sears” and that’s one of the vital factors to consider while naming a brand. The brand name also has a hidden meaning saying “Victory Army” and that is a positive way of naming a brand name.

Sears does not contain any generic term or symbols, which are positive facts in naming a brand. It is also a one word name,that shows the simplicity of the name.

Worst Supermarket & Retail Shop brand name examples

01. Lucky supermarkets

Lucky supermarkets

Look at the letter count of this brand name. It's more than a dozen and that contradicts the brand naming quality where it's advised to use maximum 6 to 7 letters or below that.

We do not recommend using the exact match keyword as your brand name, It will affect your uniqueness and professional value of the brand. Including two or three generic words is the worst case. It is entirely SEO unfriendly.

The possibility to forget this brand name is high,  as there are many alternatives they will not stick into one. However, it's great if they can think for a rebranding of their company with a new brand name

02. Pick ‘n save

Pick ‘n save

This brand name is very unprofessional and not a perfect one due to its character count. They have made the brand name including special characteristics which will be very difficult to identify in search engines. The funny part is the brand name and domain names are different to each other and we highly recommend not to have brand names and domain names different since it will lose many customers and users will find it difficult to search in search engines.

The users also won’t be able to read it properly. New business models recommend online the business, And while marketing this brand name it will be very difficult and tend to lose a lot of money in vain. So it’s wise to change their brand name to a new one and look forward to reaching a wide customer range.


The vocabulary score of this brand name is 1.29. It justifies the difficulty of   pronunciation and memorization. The uniqueness of the brand name depends on the .com ownership and here it’s clear that they have used country extension. You will think the country extension is fine for a local retail shop or supermarket but the problem is suppose if any other company gets the same brand name with .com ownership then you will pay the price. The default searches in search engines support .com domain extension and that will make your business to lose your reputation and may end up in buying the .com ownership by paying a huge amount of money.

04. Dunelm


There are few things to consider before keeping a brand name and most important things is the brand name should be user friendly and easy to pronounce and remember .This name does not satisfy all these criteria and it's very difficult to pronounce and people will forget this name in no time. The company needed to put an extra effort to market this brand since its SEO unfriendly and less memorable.

The vocabulary score  of this name is 3.36 and that shows the lack of pronunciation and memorization value. So we recommend having names without any complex character structures.

05. Oak Furniture Land

Oak Furniture Land

This is one of the worst brand names you will see in the market. It’s too long  and very difficult to spell . It also has a generic name where we highly recommend not to use generic words in the brand name .You can also see the word counts used here it will be difficult to search in search engines unless you completely type the whole three words, simply not SEO friendly. The possibility to forget this brand name is high because it’s too long to remember. Also robots like cortana , siri and alexa will not be able to pronounce it and will frustrate the users to search it. However, it's great if they can think of rebranding their company with a new brand name.

06. The works

The works

Having 4.8 in the vocabulary scores is not a way to be used as a brand name. The vocabulary score is based on the memorability and the pronouncing ability of a brand name. Therefore if it gives a value less than 6, that particular name is not worthy enough to use in a profit targeting company. The use of the generic word has made this brand name considered as a spammy site according to the policies of Google. Users perhaps need to type the whole name when browsing your website due to the use of generic words. It's better if they consider rebranding their name  to a professional brand name.

07. PriceChopper


The vocabulary score of this brand name is 3.4. It justifies the difficulty of pronunciation and memorization. As well as this brand name is not easy to spell and write. Furthermore having more than eight character count makes the above mentioned brand name difficult to remember. With the use of generic words this brand name loses its professionalism. Brand names should be single words without generic words and keywords  and that contradicts here. However it’s wise to consider rebranding the name to a single unique name.

08. Martins food

Martins food

“Martin’s” is a human name and the word “food” is a generic word where both make this brand name an unprofessional one. The maximum character count should be 6 or 7 for a perfect brand name and more than that will make it very difficult to spell by both humans and robots.

There are many alternative products with the name food and that show the lack of uniqueness of this name. Other than the general meanings there is no hidden meaning in this name. 3.35 is the vocabulary score of this brand name. All these reasons are more than enough to say that this is not a perfect brand name.

09. Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods

The memorization and pronunciation value of this brand name is null and that justifies the poor quality of this name. Brand name with three words is not recommended for a brand name at all. A professional brand name should always be a single word. When we look at the meaning of these words it has some negative meanings and that hurts the reputation of the company. Also having generic words make this name an unprofessional name and we highly recommend to rebrand or change to a new brand name.


Will you ever guess at first that Iceland is a supermarket? The word is meaningless with the industry they are involved in and it has a different meaning.

The vocabulary score has a very low value of 2.57. That shows the poor pronunciation and memorization value this name has. This name uses a country extension and a company without the .com extension is worthless according to U.S. branding laws. With all these mistakes figured out, now you can identify the poor nature of this brand name.

Available Best Supermarket & Retail Shop brand Name examples

01. Liplea

no preview1

Look at this brand name, it is pointed right to the purpose! Liplea is perfectly matching for a retail shop or supermarket and the reason for that is given below.

Li is taken from the word Light, which indicates the brightness or glow and the last four letters, plea, are from the word pleasant. And when we can combine these meanings it says “A pleasant way to glow in the industry”. As I said earlier this name perfectly matches the retail industry where it gives a positive vibe for the company.

Being a very short pronunciation, the name itself is a customer attraction. If a company gets this as the brand name they gain much confidence in the market as there is no similar identity as this name is not an imitation of any of the current brands using in the field.

02. Honide

no preview1

This name is perfectly suited and has the perfect letter count for a brand name. When names are easy to pronounce and memorize that really impacts the business where it attracts more customers and makes it a user friendly name. Most importantly this name does not have any generic or keyword that make this name professional. Not only that this name is having a hidden meaning that makes it more interesting.

Honide is a combination of these two words Honourable and ideal and that make a perfect hidden meaning for the brand name which says “An ideal place to get honoured”. Obviously customers are our trump card for any business and honouring our customers makes more people to attract our business. With these brand name qualities and meaning this name perfectly matches for a retail shop  or supermarket.

03. Joadap

no preview1

Let’s take a look at the meaning of this name.

By the combination of the first two letters of, Joyful and the word adaptable this brand has been created. Joyful means happiness and adaptability is the ability to adjust.

Retail industry oftenly changes with the invention of new business models and customer behaviours. And this brand name gives the perfect positive meaning that says “Being adaptive to changes makes you joyful”.

The brand name Joadap is also very easy to pronounce as well as memorize. The vocabulary score of this brand name is more than 8 making it a super brand name. This brand name does not consist of any generic words or keywords. It is simple as well as unique with its .com domain extension.

04. Blebea


Ble means the word Blessing and bea means the word beauty. With the combination of these meanings Blebea means” A place with many blessings makes it more delightful”. This is a perfect brand name for a business in the retail industry because blessings from everywhere make the business more successful and make you happy.

The vocabulary score of Blebea is 8.35. It shows that this name can be very easily memorized and pronounced. This brand name does not imitate any business around the world and it is unique with the .com domain extension. As this brand is easily memorable it will stick into users mind quickly and that makes your business successful.

05. Checre

no preview1

This brand name is a combination of the words Cheerful – happy and Credit. According to that, we can come up with a meaning as “We are creditable to our cheerful customers”. Customers are happy and we will make sure our customers are happy throughout the day and obviously we are creditable to our valuable customers. So no need to think twice, keep your business alive and gain the maximum benefits of this name.

This name is very much suitable for a supermarket or a  retail shop. All the best brand name qualities can be seen such as not being a generic word, high vocabulary score, best character count, and not including special characters and so on. When brand names give a value to the customers then ultimately more customers reach it and your business will be successful.

06. Plequa


Plequa is a combination of the words Pleasure and Quality and the perfect meaning of this brand name is Our Quality standards make our customer pleasure” .This brand name emphasizes our quality standard and customers pleasure which are the most vital things to consider when starting a business or startup.

The vocabulary score of this brand name is 8.35. It means this name is having high memorizing power and pronunciation value. The Legal ownership is also available as it uses .com extension. This name has no numbers or special characters included and that makes this name professional. Make your business successful by having a good quality brand name initially.

07. Heahon


Here is an awesome brand name for a business who is wishing to start a retail shop or supermarket. Heahon is a strange name and will you believe if I say this name has a meaning? Take a look below, we have done it for you.

Hea from the word Heavenly and hon from honourable.

Heahon - A heavenly place which makes our customer honoured.

Valuing our customers is a must in this era for any business and that condition is nailed by this brand name and you can market your business easily from this brand name itself.

Alexa, Siri and Cortana can easily note the sound that comes in Heahon. If robots can spell then without any flip outs it can be spelled by humans too. The title doesn’t contain any numbers or any other symbols making a favourable offer in the search results in any search engines. So don’t miss out this name and know the facts for a super brand name before selecting a brand name for your business.

08. Delgla


This is also a perfect name you can have for the retail industry where it’s simple to spell and easily memorable. Let’s look at the meaning it has and how it suits the industry.

  • Delightful 
  • Glamorous 
  • Delgla -We are delightful to serve smartly

Now the meaning matches perfectly for the retail industry where the company gives an idea for the customer that they will value and support the customer and serve them smartly .Obviously customers are the most valuable asset in any business and when they are given the assurance they will definitely believe in the business. In the company's point of view this brand name boosts the employees’ morale and gives a pride moment for all the employees which also helps them to work smartly as a unit.

09. Aurepi


Aurora - Referred to a natural light display in the Earth's sky.

Epiphany – inspiration 

The meaning of this brand name Aurepi isInspiration to rise brighter”. That’s a great positive meaning you can have for a retail shop  or supermarket which motivates you to reach the top level of the business.

The vocabulary score of this brand name is more than 8 and it justifies the easiness of pronunciation and memorization. As well as this brand name is easy to spell and write. Robots can spell this brand name easily. 

As this brand name owns .com domain extension it is unique among the others and it has no numbers or special characters included in the brand name. Furthermore, having less character count makes it easy to remember and that sums up the quality of this brand name.

10. Crogla


The memorization and pronounceable value of this brand name is more than 8 and names above this score can be said as super brand names. This brand name had no numbers and special characters so it made this brand name simpler. Single word brand names are perfect once. This is a good example for a brandable brand name.

The meaning of Crogla can be simplified as Cromulent- adequate and glamour- smart. With these words Crogla means” A smart place with adequate standards”. As It shows the quality you can have for the company from the brand name and this brand name is perfect for retail shops and  Supermarkets.

Available Worst Supermarket & Retail Shop brand Name examples


This is a worst example for a retail shop and supermarket that stands far away from brand name qualities. Let’s find what is wrong here.

The company has included the word ” Retail” directly. It makes the brand rejected under the policies of Google which make it SEO unfriendly.

.net is not the recommended universal domain. The uniqueness has been eliminated from the beginning. We thoroughly reject these kinds of name suggestions for a profit targeting retail shops and supermarkets.

02. market module

Don’t make your own risk by using these types of long word names which even don’t recommend by the vocabulary score. The ideal character count of a brand name should be at most six letters  or below that. If your brand name is hard to remember it will affect the popularity of your shop and if the brand is too hard to memorize it will vanish from the customers minds you target.

SEO friendliness is another factor to consider while naming a company. This name made its mistake in the mentioned fact by including a generic word which makes it search engine unfriendly.

03. 3shops

This name is not professional at all since names with numbers and special characters make it an unprofessional way of naming a brand. According to the brand name qualities keywords  should not be included in a perfect brand name. Not only that this name is very difficult to market online, since names with numbers and special characters make it SEO unfriendly. The pronounceable and memorization value of 3shops is null. When considering all these reasons 3shops is not recommended as a good brand name.


There is no way a normal human being can remember this name at first site perhaps need to memorize it and that’s even difficult. It’s very difficult to spell this brand name and very user unfriendly. Users hate to memorize complex names and obviously they will forget the name.

Brand names should be simple and unique which will make it SEO friendly but here in this name it will be very difficult to search in search engines. It’s a fact that you cannot have a meaning for this name at all since it’s a combination of various characters. So be wise in selecting your brand name and don’t fall into the trap unknowingly.

05. shopmart

A good looking brand name should always be a single word. Look at the most popular brands in the world. Each and every one are using single words as their brand name. The ideal character count of a brandable brand name is four,five or six. Brand names above 8 characters are not recommended.

The vocabulary score of this brand name is 5.2. That means brand names  with this score are poor in pronunciation and memorization. The inclusion of generic and keywords make this name more worse. Before selecting a brand name make sure to consider all the brand name qualities, so that you can succeed in your business.


What if you face a problem of finding a company with the exact name of your company? If you use this kind of extension other than .com, then there is such a probability. .com is the one and only TLD stands for the legal ownership of a brand name.

Retail is a keyword in the retail industry and having a key word in your brand name makes it unprofessional and you will find it difficult to search your brand in search engines. If you need a winning brand name then you must have to eliminate these bad brand name qualities and come up with a professional name

07. Peddlershop


Look at this name, it’s very difficult to spell and pronounce by both humans and robots like Siri, Alexa etc. This is the worst name you can have for a retail shop. The vocabulary score of this brand name is below 6 which means it cannot be easily memorized or pronounced as a brand name. Having the keyword for the brand name is not a professional way of naming. It’s obvious if you have these types of names that users will forget this name easily, since there are other alternatives with good names available in the industry. Make sure to avoid all these points when choosing your brand name.


There are few things to consider when selecting a brand name for your industry. And particularly for a retail shop these are some must facts to consider to omit.

  •  There are more than eight characters in the brand name.
  •  The vocabulary score is less than 6. 
  • Having more than one word in the brand name will affect the simplicity of the brand name.
  • Mostly .ly extension is used as a substitute for the .com and that’s a huge    disadvantage you can have.
  • Having generic and keywords make this name worse .


The vocabulary score of this brand name is less than 5. It justifies the difficulty of pronunciation and memorization. As well as this brand name is not easy to spell and write. Uniqueness cannot be seen as it doesn’t own .com domain extension. That means no legal ownership at all.

The character count of this brand name is eight, that it makes once again difficult to keep in mind. Having the keyword of the industry makes it unprofessional and SEO unfriendly. So it’s better to avoid names like this, when selecting your brand name.

10. 26STORES

Having a number in your brand name will affect the memorization and reading power. You should never use a number or special character for your brand name unless you're targeting a niche market. Including generic words with the brand name will make you lose many opportunities and customers.

This brand name is not unique since there are many other alternative products available with this generic name. The keyword usage that makes the brand rank lower can also be seen here. If you are willing for a profit-earning company a name selection like this will make all your dreams collapse.