Catchy Brand Names For Your Retail Shops

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Having a catchy brand name for your retail shop will help the existence of your company. Our brand name consultants have analyzed 65896 brand names using AI and have listed out the most suitable unique brand names for your Retail Shop.

These brand names are perfect for any business that comes under the retail shop category including grocery stores and supermarkets, warehouse retailers, mobile retailers, etc.

Premium Brand Names For Your Retail Shop

This is the best brandable and unique brand name collection on the internet for retail shops. These brand names are suitable for any retail store including shopping malls, outlet retailers, convenient retailers, etc. These brand names are more appropriate for businesses that hope to expand their business in the future.






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This brand name set is designed by our brand name specialists for any business that can be counted under the retail shop category. If you prefer small geolocation for your business or if you like to improve local customer attention more instead of online appearance, these brand names are recommended.

Retail Mill
Shop Drop
Happy Star
Crazy Delight
Happy Zone
Gift Fun
Care Zone
Happy Buy
Hearty Goods
Wonder Walk
Utterly Good
Shopping Line
Good Store
Supreme Good
Warm Store
Wonder Land
Shopping Feel
Marvellow Things
Dream Store
Shop Merchant
Shop Soul
Shop Drop
Retail Super
Retail Best
Retail Anywhere
All Star Retail
Aura Retail
Charm Shopping
Bliss Shop
Retail Deight
Crawler Store
Delta Shops
Best Products
Dream Store
Craft Retail
Best Natural
U Super Mart
Marina Mall
Amazing Mall
Top Buy
Happy Discount
Dream Buy
Comfort Shopping
Fair Price
Buy Enjoy
Craft Retail
Happy Mart
Save Store

Brand Names Under Sub Categories Of Retail Shop

Below we have listed the best brand names based on the sub categories of Retail Shops to give you the most suitable brand name according to your business nature. 

Retail Outlet Name Ideas

This brand name set is perfect for any business that comes under retail outlets including shopping malls, supermarkets, warehouse businesses, etc.

Multi Mart
Multi Serve
Shopping Mall
Shop Us
Big Seller
Only Joy
Huge Range
Multiple Counter
Shopping Outlet
Warehouse Club
The Barn

Retail Mechanism Name Ideas

These brand names are suitable for counter service businesses, delivery service businesses, second hand retails any other retail mechanism stores.

Second Shop
The Counter
On Mart
Business Do
The Merchandiser
The Serve
Table Care
Full Service
Door Step
Order Loader
The Race
To The Door

Malls Name Ideas

This brand name list is appropriate for malls including regional malls, super-regional malls, outlet malls, strip malls, and more.

Amazing Mall
Wide Spread
The Empire
Amazing Date
The Castle
Leisure Place
Market Run
Mall Spend
Extra Large
Super Share
The Midtown
Tower Power

Grocery Store Name Ideas

These brand names are listed for grocery stores including convenience stores, greengrocers, health food stores, etc.

These brand names are listed for grocery stores including convenience stores, greengrocers, health food stores, etc.

Large Scale
Hearty Grocery
Store Chain
Every D Item
Stopping By
Modern Day
Good Day
Foreign Land
High Quality
Produce Market
Best Goodies

Discount Store Name Ideas

These brand name samples are suitable for discount stores including food-oriented discount stores, discount variety stores and more.

Happy Customer
The Bottom
Super Cheap
Affordable Eatable
LowCost Diet
Light Meal
Bread & Butter
Discount Line
Discounted Place
Money Off
Daily Cut

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Ways To Choose A Retail Shop Name For You

Choosing a brand name is easy but choosing a professional error-free brand name is where most people get stuck. The brand name is something that takes your company reputation to the world, in simple we can say that brand name is your identity.

  • Choose a unique brand name –  The first thing you have to keep in your mind is that your Retail shop brand name should be unique and simple. Having a unique brand name will help you to stand out from others.
  • Use generic words – You can name your retail shop by using generic words or partial generic words with your brand name. This method can not be recommended because having generic words in your brand name will affect your business in a negative way.
  • Use founders name – You can use the name of the founder of your retail shop but this method is highly recommended only to popular figures in the world who want to build their business’ brand using their personal brand.
  • Describe what you do – You can explain what you do through your brand name. This is not recommended because even Google says do not use keywords with your brand name and you’ll be stuck when expanding.

Use Of Phonological Loop Value

In simple phonological loop refers to how long a brand name will stick in the human brain. Once a sound enters it will bounce in the human brain for nearly 5 sec. If sound bounces around the brain for more than 5 secs, we can categorized it as a brand name that can be easily memorized by humans.

We have to highly consider the phonological loop value of your retails shop before we finalized with it.

Mistakes You May Make When Naming Your Retail Shop

  • Taking naming as a simple task – Choosing a professional brand name is not an easy process. The brand name is an investment you make in your future so make sure to choose the best.
  • Using keywords – Try to explain what you do through your brand name is not suitable for a professional brand name, even Google does not recommend brand names with keywords. Try to use the logo or slogan to express what you do.
  • Mismatch the brand name and domain name – Make sure to use the same for both brand name and domain name if not it will lead to confusion among users.
  • Use a brand name without a .com domain extension – owning the .com domain extension makes you be unique among others. Use the .com domain extension to be unique.
  • Brand name with history – Make sure to use a brand name that has no history. Choosing a brand name with history will affect your business in a negative way.