The best and Worst brand names in Real Estate industry

The brand name of a company provides the first impression for potential customers to be attracted to your business and seek products or services. It is essential to make a mark at this instance and grab the minds of customers through a perfect brand name. This applies to Real Estate brands as well. This is the reason why few real estate brands are dominating the field. Let us discuss the features of the world’s best brands and worst brands and analyze what we need to do in order to dominate as a real estate brand.

Current best Real Estate brand names in the industry.

One of the main reasons for the prevailing best real estate brands that have become the choice of customers is the attractiveness of their brand name. Easy to pronounce with a good vocabulary score and easy to remember which sticks to customer minds is the main feature of these brands. These always entertain the habit of being found when searched. Also, the .com domain availability of the brand name without changing a bit is also a distinguishing factor between best and worst brand names. Here are some best current real estate brand names which you need to look through when finding a new one for your startup.

01. Remax


Remax is a leading global real estate company with over 120 000 agents all over the world which was built in 1973 in Denver, United States. Remax is an easily pronounceable name and got a vocabulary score of 8.09 which is perfect for a brand name. Remax is the short version for Real Estate Maximums and maximums word coming from a real estate concept called maximum commission concept. In a nutshell, Remax thinks that great things are due if driven individuals come together and treat real estate as a profession. More importantly, Remax has the .com uniqueness where the international market is easily attracted.

02. Era


The real estate company “era” was founded in 1971 by Jim Jackson which was originally called Electronic Realty Associates. Though the brand name carries fewer letters it has the meaning of “over a long period of time” that explains the stability of the company. The word is easily memorable with a high vocabulary score of 9.31 and with the .com domain, this shorter URL attracts potential customer minds where the company has become more competitive in the industry.

03. Dexus


Dexus is an Australian Real Investment Trust company that manages a $31.8 billion property portfolio. Dexus was rebranded in 2008 and was initially found in 1984. The word Dexus stands for freshness or the mysterious style and swagger. This easily pronounceable name has a good vocabulary score of 8.87 and it also owns the .com domain to crack its potential market. We recommend this brand name as a perfect brand name due to its positive meaning and vocabulary score.

04. Sedco


Sedco Holding Group is a diversified multisector company that also manages real investments in Saudi Arabia and around the world as well. The brand Sedco stands for the Saudi economic and development company. Their aim is not only to achieve success but to face the challenge of keeping it. And the company owns the .com domain for Sedco which is perfect when accessing the world market of real estate. The Sedco name also has a vocabulary score of 8.87.

05. Seeff


Seeff is one of the best established real estate companies in Africa which was founded in 1964 by Geoffry Seeff. Though the brand name is coming from the name of the founder himself it also consists of the meaning of spirituality, verve, and sociability which are the main regards of the Real estate industry. The property expert’s brand name has a vocabulary score of 7.81 which is perfect for potential customers to easily pronounce and remember.

06. Hines


Hines is a privately owned Real estate company that was founded by Gerald D.Hines in 1957 whose vision is to become the pioneer in the industry all over the world. They have achieved it because they have earned respect around the world as a real estate organization. They were supported in the process with the ‘Hines’ brand name which has a high vocabulary score of 8.82 which has led people not to forget the name and to pronounce it easily as well.

07. Zillow


Zillow is a brand that serves the full life cycle of living relating to the real estate industry. Zillow is a catchy brand name that catches the minds of customers and the brand name consists of a smooth flow of sounds when pronounced so that it sticks in customers’ minds and acquires new customers as well. The brand name has a vocabulary score of 6.15 which was launched in 2006 and headquarters are situated in Seattle.

08. Savills


Savills is one of the leading brands when considering the real estate industry which spans all over the globe from America, Europe, Africa, Asia to the middle east with their services. The company processes with about 39000 experts around the globe about the local and international property which convey their success in the industry. The brand name has helped them in the process of achieving success and using updated technology has allowed them to keep it. The name Savills has a vocabulary score of 7.91 which we can recommend as a good brand name. This company is one of the oldest real estate service providers which was founded in 1855 by Alfred Savill.

09. Redfin


Redfin is a real estate company whose mission is to redefine the real estate industry in the customers’ favor. The brand name is extracted from the word redefine as well. They researched through the customer requirements in the real estate area and worked accordingly using the technology to become  successful and to be unique among the other real estate brands. The brand name has a vocabulary score of 6.24 and got the .com domain for their brand name as well with the required positive meaning of redefining. This leading real estate company which is different from others was found in 2004 and located in Seattle.

10. Realtor


Realtor is referred to as a person who represents sellers or buyers in the real estate industry. Obtaining the .com domain for such a name as a brand is very valuable and a hard task. The brand name Realtor has the meaning of representative of buyers and sellers and has a vocabulary score of 8.05 which suggests that this brand name is catchy and can be easily found. Potential customers would always find this type of brand name as it is directly connected to the industry which they serve on and easily pronounceable. The company was created in 1995 and located in Santa Clara, California.

Current worst Real Estate brand names in the industry

Many of the startups and the companies who are new in the real estate field are using unbranded brand names which leads to failures and less business flow. This is mostly because they haven’t considered the brand name qualities when finding a perfect brand name and they have to rebrand themselves and it is a money consuming and hard process. When this happens they are less competitive with other successful companies in the world. Let’s look at some of the worst brand names currently in the world and why they are the worst.

01. Elite


Elite is a brand name with a vocabulary score of 8.91 which means easily pronounceable and good for a brand name but the reason which this brand name is in the worst brand name list is the uniqueness. The URL of their website is not but The real estate brand name elite does not own the .com domain for it. It is owned by another company. So the potential customers who may seek this real estate brand will not often find their website but another. Therefore it is vital to have the .com domain availability to be a perfect brand name.

02. Homehuntersofaustinreality


Real estate brand “Home Hunters Of Austin Reality” is obviously too long to become a good brand name. A long brand name is easily forgettable and difficult to be found when searched. As this brand name is created combining more words, it has less vocabulary score as well. So it is recommended not to use this type of brand name which is created combining two or more words.

03. Bhgre


Bhgre is a real estate brand which was created using the first letters of “Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate”. Going with an abbreviation is a better way to make your URLs shorter. But Bhgre is not pronounceable and has no syntactic meaning. People may spell this word swapping letters as it is not memorable. Also, assistants like Siri and Cortana are unable to read this word. The brand name Bhgre has a vocabulary score of 5.52 and it is not enough for a perfect brand name as well. Therefore it is vital not to take acronyms or abbreviations for a brand name which will result in failures of businesses.

04. Funda


Funda is a Netherlands Real estate company that has the Url of Here the brand name is okay with a vocabulary score of 8.74 but the problem is not owning the .com domain for the brand name. Therefore it is difficult to reach the international market and expand your business to other countries. So, a good brand name should own the .com domain other than .net .org or country-specific domains otherwise you will restrict your business only to your country.

05. Star Pointe Reality

Star Pointe Reality

The real estate brand “Star Pointe Realty” has a vocabulary score of 1.3. Which is not good enough for a perfect brand name. But the point which the brand name  is in this worst brand name list is using funky spelling. Here three words have been combined to create the brand name as Star, Point, and Reality. But the letter ‘e’ is used between point and reality without any meaning. As a result, clients may always forget to use this letter in between because it is forcibly embedded within the brand name. Therefore the use of funky spelling is not recommended and startups should always try not to use a combination of words as well.

06. Lee Reality

Lee Reality

Lee Reality is a real estate company who are specialists in buying and selling farmlands. It has a vocabulary score of 5.36 which encourages you to not use this as a brand name. Main problem in this brand is the use of homophones. Homophones are words that sound similar when pronounced but with different letters. Here Lee also can be spelled as Leigh or Li. Therefore customers can easily lose their way when finding you which forces you to constantly advise buyers and sellers on the correct spelling of your business name.

07. Pearson-properties


Person properties is a Real estate company which is situated in Austin. If your favourite company name is taken it sounds good to use a hyphen in between and use it which is not a problem in SEO as well. Though it is not a rule, the general consensus among SEOs is to avoid the use of hyphens in between words of URLs as they have been historically used by spammers and not a good practice. Vocabulary score also suggests the same as it gives out no value but invalid when typed in

08. No Hassle Listing

No Hassle Listing

The real estate company “No Hassle Listing” is having a brand name of positive meaning which people will find no hassles when searching for a property. Here the vocabulary score of 1.77 suggests that it is not a good brand and also it has used several words in creating this brand name. But the main problem exists in this brand name  is the worst word variations. Here people can easily misspell ‘listing’ as ‘listings’ with the plural of it. Or they have to remember it with a higher consciousness that the name does not have a ‘s’ at the end. If someone makes that mistake he/she will be directed to another website which you don’t want to happen. Therefore try to avoid situations like this to keep your customers at your place always if not they will be grabbed by other companies.

09. Reelter


Reelter Real estate uses an infringement of word as the brand name of the popular real estate company Realtor. This kind of trick  will mislead customers to come to your website. Though it is okay to do so and Reelter is a brand name  with a vocabulary score of 8.85, it is not wise to do so. Imagine you are telling someone about your company name and have to explain that No it is not that popular which everybody knows. It's a totally negative mark for your company. Use of this type of brand name can also be illegal according to state deceptive laws which means you are fooling customers telling them that you are someone which you are not. Therefore it is not recommended to use this type of brand names with trademark infringement.

10.  Century21


Century 21 is one of the leading Real estate brands in the world. But people may find difficulties in finding you by not remembering to write the number like ‘21’ or ‘twentyone’. You may lose potential customers due to this reason. Or there may be another website like  as well. You can get away with it if the company owns the .com domain names for both the version which is not so likely to happen more often. Another reason to not to use numbers is that numbers are not likely to be unforgettable by people as they have no meaning without a word connected to it. But this brand name escapes that issue as 21 has the meaning of the 21st century. When finding a perfect brand name, to avoid those confusing issues, it is good to avoid numbers in your brand name.

Best Real Estate company names available

This chapter consists of the Best real Estate brands available which have been created according to the best brand name standards with required vocabulary scores. These brand names have positive meanings that are embedded in brand names itself, so you can choose a meaningful brand name that will help you in the process of acquiring customers to your startup. Make sure you will provide the best service you possibly can to the customers and make a successful brand in the long run. These brand names will help in the process.

01. Trecxo

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You can purchase brand name Trecxo which is mostly relevant to the real estate industry. It is because the name is created using two words Treasa and Xo. Treasa means strong in Irish Gaelic we can consider it as the Irish version of Theresa. Xo means love, hugs and kisses. All together this brand name conveys a positive meaning of making a strong relationship with  parents, siblings, relations, friends, neighbours, partner or with loved ones with love and hugs. 

Due to the primary aim of real estate is buying and selling of houses above mentioned meaning would be ideal for a startup to seek potential customers as trecxo serves for making strong relationships with love. This word also has a vocabulary score of 8.34 which is easily memorable as well.

02. Grivil


Grivil is also another best brand name available for you to buy. The brand is created using the words grin and villa which are combined to deliver the meaning of villa with broad smiles. Here grin stands for broad smiles. It is perfect for a real estate startup as the brand name suggests that will provide you with a villa of broad smiles. This meaning will attract customers  to the company. The name is also having a vocabulary score of 8.48.

03. Drioll


The brand name Drioll is designed using two words dri and oll. Dri stand for directly responsible individuals and oll stands for orientation of the last layer. The word Drioll has the idea of helping the people who are in the process of achieving success. A sweet home is one of the last wishes of a settled person after achieving other things in their life. Orienting the last layer of life to achieve success is providing a property and being responsible for it all the time.

Therefore Drioll is a perfect brand name that can be chosen with a vocabulary score of 8.98 and with a better positive meaning embedded in it.

04. Graawo


When considered about the best real estate industry people use their property to express themselves to others. It is a way of showing the pride and the honour which they have achieved with their successful careers. So a brand which serves it would be ideal for a real estate startup. Graawo is a brand name that has been created using the two words grace and awoke to embed the meaning of bringing honour and make self realization. Therefore a new customer who is looking to sell or buy a new property would be considering their pride and this brand name will attract these customers.

The brand name Graawo has a vocabulary score of 8.51 with an unforgettable power once found by customers. Try this brand name for your startup below.

05. Grikop


Grikop is a brand name which is available to buy with all the recommended brand name qualities with higher memorization and pronunciation ability. It also has a vocabulary score of  8.34. This super brand name is perfect for the real estate industry as it has the meaning of go for success with your property. 

Grikop is designed from the two words grit and kopje by combining first three letters of both words. Grit means go for success and kopje means a small hill in a flat area. The word kopje is taken with the meaning of a property which is more attractive than others like a hill in a flat area.

06. Henory


The brand name Henory is created specially for the real estate industry because most of the houses and properties are designed using traditional best practises and beliefs of people. Architecture is a subject area which is based on scientifically proven beliefs.  The word Henory have the meaning of Succeed by believing and following traditional best processes.  The word was created using the words henotheism and ryokan. Henotheism means adherence to one particular god out of several, especially by a family, tribe, or other group  and ryokon means a type of traditional Japanese inn .

Therefore as a real estate startup who considers property making with traditional guidance, the brand name Henory is a perfect one with a vocabulary score of 8.75.

07. Laxot


Laxot is an available catchy brand name for your real estate startup with a vocabulary score of 8.71. The brand name possesses all the brand name qualities required. The word has been created using the latin word laxo which means come and first letter of the word treatment. The word laxot has the idea of come and Engage with us to give  relaxation to your uncomfortable life and make it simple even for a moment. The brand name is ideal for real estate because customers would love a property with relaxed, comfortable and simple life.

This unique brand name serves the purpose of a real estate startup which attracts new customers and gives the advantage in SEO marketing.

08. Prilod


If you need to find a brand you shouldn't be using generic words which talleys with your business idea. But you can hide the meaning of what you offer in the brand name where most of the successful brands throughout the world have done. 

Here prilod is a brand name that has been created using the two words primo and lodge. Therefore  Prilod has the meaning of the best place you can stay. Here lodge has been used indirectly where you are allowed to expand your brand other than buying or selling lodges. The brand name has a vocabulary score of 8.45 and is easily pronounceable as well. We recommend this brand name for a startup who seeks to achieve goals and expand the business to new levels in the process.

09. Romzor


Romance is one of the most important aspects of a couple, partners who are going to have a family life. The brand name Romzor is designed with the hidden meaning of romance. Zor stands for influence. Rom stands for Romance. Brand name Romzor has the meaning of “influencing with romance” which is perfect for a house buying and selling business.  With this positive meaning the brand name also has other required qualities of a brand name. Romzor is unique, memorable and has a vocabulary score of 8.47. 

If you choose this brand name it will help you in attracting both younger and older generations of customers who are seeking a happy family life with a romantic home.

10. Rudoxy


We also propose Rudoxy as a  good brand name for startups in the real estate industry. It has a vocabulary score of 8.67 and a great flow of sounds when pronouncing. It is a smooth brand name which is also creative because it has the meaning of “We are a reputed company of providing you a comfort and demanded service”. This meaning comes from the two words Rush and doxy which are combined to make Rudoxy. Rush means that sudden and strong demand and doxy is is greek word which explains reputation and comfort.

Clients seek comfort when dealing with companies and they love to connect with reputed companies with demanded options. Therefore Rudoxy is a better brand name for real estate startups which have a creative hidden meaning.

Worst Real Estate company name available

Though there are many brand names that are available to buy but they do not possess all the brand name qualities more often than not. Let's look at some of the brand names available which are not suitable and the reasons for that.


The brand name 21istic which is available to buy on other brand name generators is good to eye at first sight. But there are many problems associated with this brand name which is why we do not want to use it. Though shortest Urls are good, numbers should not be used in a brand name, because customers can spell them as twenty one as well according to the above example. And the word combination and the number cannot be read at once as a single word which means hard to remember and  pronounce. It also gives out no value in 

Though the brand name has the .com availability we do not recommend these type of brand names for your real estate startup.


The brand name real-estatery has the words real and estate inside the brand name itself. Use of generic words for a brand name relevant to the industry is not a good approach in marketing. You will not be allowed to expand your business and also it is not catchy for customers as designers of brand name have put little effort and less thinking into brand name which is not creative enough. Major problem in this brand name is the use of hyphens in the middle of the brand name which decrease the remembering ability of the brand name and when pronouncing we do not read the hyphen. So a website  URL with a hyphen is less findable when searched.

Also we can’t have a value for vocabulary score when a hyphen is used therefore ‘real-estatery’ is in the worst available brand names list.


When we find a brand name to our startup we should be certain of the availability of the .com domain for that exact word without adding any letter more than the letters in the brand name. The brand name estateslisting does not consist of many valuable qualities which are required to become a perfect brand name. 

This brand name is not unique because it has .com availability. After the word estate a letter ‘s’ is used which can be easily neglected by customers when searching and also listing is a word which can become plural when another letter ‘s’ is added to the end. Customers could think they should use the word ‘listing’ as ‘listings’ when typing. Therefore this brand name is messy and not a smooth one. Also vocabulary score is not given for this brand name as well.


Though remaxn sound like a good brand name with less number of letters and the .com availability, it is not. There is a world wide real estate brand called remax. Remaxn has just a little change when considering that brand. People might think they are fooled by the brand name. This is also called brand name infringement in a way and it is not good for your business. Think that you have to explain your brand to someone if they asked, is it brand remax? That will be an awkward situation for you and as entrepreneurs who are finding a brand name for a startup, it is totally a negative mark.

It also has a vocabulary score of 3.39 with a ‘n’ at the end of ‘remax’ suggesting that it is difficult to read and less memorable.


The brand name Renetic has a vocabulary score of 6.24 which is okay for a good brand name. It is also readable and short enough to be unforgettable. But think about that there is another website where the URL of it is  People are always searching for URLs with .com domains. If they want to find a website with .net domain they have to remember it deliberately. Brand name Renitec has no .com uniqueness which is why we don't recommend it as a perfect brand name to be used.

It is vital to look for .com availability when selecting a brand name for your startup.


When finding the perfect brand name you should address all the brand name qualities which are required. Then no problems will arise when branding your Real estate business. 

The brand name property mover explains what it does directly which is shifting properties. It is too simple and has no  wow factor for customers to be attracted. This brand name has been created using two words ‘property’ and ‘mover’ which is poor in designing a brand name. Also it consists of the generic word property as well. Vocabulary score of 3.93 suggests that this brand name is less reliable and memorable as it is too long and has word combinations. Therefore try to avoid these types of poor brand names available and try to tick all the required qualities to select a perfect brand name to your business.


A perfect brand name should be readable easily by assistants like siri and cortana.  The brand name realg which is available in other brand name generators has a vocabulary score of 5.52 which is not enough to become a good brand name. It suggests that it is less readable and less memorable. 

Though realg looks like a good brand name which is short and has the .com uniqueness, siri and cortana will face difficulties when identifying this brand name as sound ‘g’ is not coming when pronouncing. Try to avoid these types of less readable brand names.


If a company has a brand name which has a hidden positive meaning it is a good reason for customers to be attracted as customers think that owners of the company have given a fair bit of thought when selecting the brand name. Use of generic words with a direct meaning is not suitable to be used in a brand name.

The brand name Real Oceanview is not a best brand name which is available from other brand name generators because it is too long to be remembered. Also the generic words in it will remove the catchy factor in the brand name and also will not help in expanding the business to the international market.


The brand name estateporium is an available brand name  in other brand name generators to buy for your real estate startup. It has a vocabulary score of 3.03 which is not enough to be a best brand name. Though estateporium is pronounceable, it is too long to remember is the reason why gives out such a small value.

Also a combination of words ‘estate’ and ‘porium’ is done to create the brand name. Word combinations are not ideal for brand names as they make the whole word longer and assistants like siri and cortana would recognize them as two words. Therefore estateporium is not a good brand name to buy as there are so many brand names with required brand name qualities at the market.


The brand name homely sounds like a good brand name with a high vocabulary score of 8.75. It is also short enough to easily remember and memorable. The unavailability of .com domain for the brand name homely do not help. It will always become a problem with marketing and potential customers for homely brands as a real estate service provider will be going to the wrong site of more often than not and will find undesired results. As a result it is difficult to attract new customers to the business and keep the current customers without .com availability for your brand name.