Cool Brand Name Idea For Your Real Estate Business

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Our brand name consultants have analyzed real estate brand name ideas and listed out brand names that you can use for your real estate business. Coming up with the right business name is a harder task. But we, Brinso are here to provide the full guide for you.

You can find the best brand name for residential construction & rent services, commercial real estate, industrial real estate, and online business related to real estate.

Catchy Brand Name Ideas For Your Real Estate Company

The following brand name ideas are professional that can be easily pronounced with a good vocabulary score and it consists of all the best qualities.














Unique Brand Name Ideas For Your Real Estate Business

These developed brand name ideas are suitable for small scale businesses. If your idea is becoming famous among your competitors, then we recommended you not to use such brand names.

Land Broker
Property Sale
Estate List
Own Assets
Land Business
Financial Estate
Investor Group
Property Sale
Real Proprietor
Real World
Current Demesne
Transparent Docs
Occupancy Land
Echt Deed
Real sellers
Your Ownership
Commonage Property
Best Lawfulness
Personal Property
Best Agent
Landlords Group
Estate Agency
Construction On
Brokerage Free
Best Lender
Protect Your Security
Best Realize
Monopoly Field
Freehold Estate
Construction Agents
Best Premise
Chattel Property
Farmland Sale
Entail Property
Land Resales
Land Holding
Build Image
Lease Land
Best Choice
Land Renters
Buy Land
Land Tenure
Price Saving
Capital Gain
Land Lock
Estate Broker

Most Focused Brand Names To Real Estate Business

These specified brand names under the Real Estate industry will help you find the most suitable and unique brand name for your Real Estate related business according to its nature. These brand names can be used for residential construction & rent business, commercial real estate business, industrial real estate business, and any business-related to real estate.

Residential Construction & Rent Business Name Ideas

The following brand names can be used for multi family residential construction & rent services,condominiums residential construction & rent services and town house residential construction & rent services.

Blue Property
Stars Property
Multi Homes
Test Mind
Family Inn
Family Building
Dream Residence
Your Key
Single Home
Perfect Condo
Home City
Family Love

Industrial Real Estate Business Name Ideas

Here we have listed the brand names for Industrial Real Estate Business like warehouses, manufacturing buildings and flex properties.

The Landmark
Real Living
Big Block
Team Estate
Thousand Square
Big Estate
Manufacture Estate
Dream Constructions
Big Plan
The Warehousing
Real Warehouse
Real Property

Commercial Real Estate Business Name Ideas

You can find the suitable brand name for your commercial real estate of shopping,commercial real estate of offices and commercial real estate of medical buildings from the following brand name list.

Rental Building
Galaxy Store
Men Store
Cut Builders
Real Retail
Shop Design
Power Center
The Officials
The Dream
Hotel Builders
Hotel Dream
Dream Established

Online Real Estate Business Name Ideas

The following brand name ideas can be used for online business related to real estate.According to that you can find the brand name for your real estate blogger,app developer and courses.

Name Estate
Build Home
Marketing Plus
Paper Marketing
Your Property
Real Property
True Estates
New Land
Estate Market
Real Owner
Estate Education
Real Master

Real Estate Service Company Name Ideas

The following brand names are suitable for service companies like architecture firms, agent Firms, and Furniture companies.

Building Services
East Coast
Golden Key
Next Step
The Solution
Fine Estate
Build Partner
The Architecture
Estate Manager
Good Property
Wood Decor
Estate Furniture

Giant Real Estate Companies In The World












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Few Examples For The Best Brand Names In Real Estate Business In The World

  • Remax

“Remax” is an easily pronounceable name and got a vocabulary score of 8.09 which is perfect for a brand name. Remax has the .com uniqueness where the international market is easily attracted. This brand name has a clear brand history. As it has no numbers and characters it is easy to spell and pronounce by robots during interaction with humans. It has not imitated any other popular brands. It is a good example of a brandable brand name.

  • Sedco

The user made its uniqueness by using the .com domain ownership and that results in the name being the world’s most famous top rankers. So it is clear that gaining the ownership of your brand name by using the .com extension is a must fact in the naming procedure. The pronunciation and memorizing value are 8.87 and that shows the simplicity of this word. We highly recommend names like this to be used for real state business in order to reach more customers.

  • Dexus

This easily pronounceable name has a good vocabulary score of 8.79 and it also owns the .com domain to crack its potential market. We recommend this brand name as a perfect brand name due to its positive meaning and vocabulary score.

  • Hines

The vocabulary score of this brand name is 8.82 which means it is so simple and can be pronounced and memorized very easily. This brand name has no negative connotation and it can be spelled and pronounced easily by robots too. As this brand name has a clear brand name history it has no issues with trustworthiness.

Can Anyone Spell & Write Your Real Estate Name?

Without any misunderstanding or errors when consumers hear it for the first time, a brand name should still be easy to spell and write. Confusion or errors with the spellings can make your search in the wrong direction for the users. We have strongly considered how easy it is for a brand name to spell and write as they experience it for the first time without seeing it as measuring this aspect. It would also be straightforward to pronounce and memorize a brand name that can be spelled and written quickly without any difficulties. They add all these qualities together. 

These factors were considered when evaluating brand name ideas under spell & write.

  • Consider the letters with the same pronunciation which can confuse the users such as C and K, Si and Ti, V, and W.
  • Pronunciation patterns like cy, xy, zy are not recommended.
  • Consider that letters can be silent like Hour, Psychology 

Keep A Step Up To The Global With Real Domain Extension

Uniqueness is one of the most significant factors a brandable brand name can have. As it takes your identity to the globe, a brand name should still be exclusive. When they listen to you for the first time, the first thing people would remember is your brand name. You have to step out of the box to evaluate the best and worst brand names belonging to your industry as you call your business, so you have to follow the best brand naming strategies to prevent errors with the worst brand names. It is really important to be special in selecting the right domain extension for your startup with your brand name.

Vocabulary score of your brand name

Your real estate brand name must be pronounced easily at first sight. The vocabulary score tool will help you to measure the pronunciation and memorization power of your brand name. If your brand name shows more than an 8 vocabulary score, it is a super brand name while your real state business name shows less than 5 scores it is considered a nonprofessional brand name. Before buying your business name check it with this tool.