Best Photography Business Name Ideas

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Photography is one of the trending industries in the world and it is known as a lucrative industry. A group of researchers have revealed that the photography industry generates over 10 billion in revenue annually in the United States. As photography is a satisfying business in many ways, the tendency to start new businesses is high. 

What is your plan to overcome this competition?

To be a recognized business in this industry, you need a perfect brand name. With an ideal brand name, you can stand out from the competition easily. A brand name is a powerful tool if you handle it wisely. With our help let’s get a perfect brand name for your photography business!!!

A Brand Name Captures The Essence Of Your Photography Business…

A brand name can do a lot more than you think. So don’t just name your business for the sake of getting your business registered. You may not have considered it as an important thing yet, then check out the following factors and learn why a brand name is so important.

  1. Customer recognition
  2. Easy to connect to the customers
  3. Makes you different from other competitors
  4. Generates more customers
  5. Reflects the values of your business
  6. Increased customers trust
  7. Legal protection
  8. Makes you memorable

With a perfect brand name, you can easily approach your photography business dream.

How To Get The Best Brand Name Idea?

There are many approaches you can follow to get the perfect brand name idea for your photography business. Following are some of the successful brand name approaches that you can try.

  • Discuss with your family members and friends.
  • Writing down the ideas that you come up with.
  • Search for keywords.
  • Brainstorming photography business brand name ideas.

These below-listed brand name ideas will help you to get the brand name idea you are searching for.

Common Brand Name Ideas For Photography Businesses

The Image

Photo Feature

Dream Capture

Extreme Photos

Photo Foot


The Plus

Capture Moon

Studio Zoom

Foto Secure

Golden Frame

Ideal Choice

The Royals

Perfect Snap

Photo Bomb

Pic Zone

Picture Path

Lense Queen


Picture Square

Captured Moments

Events Studio

Picture Perfect

Snap Gallery

Art & U

Bliss Event


Image Stock

Photo Life

Photo Week

Frame Me

Pure Beauty

Happy Filters

Say Cheese

Blesses Moments


Magic Pic

Natural Picz

Own Filters

Pro Cam

Lasting Impresso

Lavish Picz

Colored Lenz

Best U

Pure Filters

Click On

Memo Bliss

Best Click

These brand names ideas are created for any photography business including photography blogs, event photography businesses that focus on local customers more than international.

Frame Your Photography Business With The Best Brand Name

It is all about getting you the best brand name and for that, we want you to avoid these common brand naming mistakes that many photography entrepreneurs do.

  • Use Of Long Brand Names 

One mistake that many entrepreneurs make. Using a sentence like a brand name is not a good idea for a brand name. Long brand names are hard to memorise and lessens customer attraction towards your business. One word brand names with ideal character count are perfect for a brand name. 

  • Words That Hard To Pronounce 

Do not select the words that are hard to pronounce. If your brand name causes pronunciation issues, it will lose the word of mouth quality. Always go with the words that roll off the tongue or easy to pronounce.

  • Use Of Common Name

If your brand name is too common, you cannot stand out in your industry. Unique brand names are always perfect.

  • Following Brand Naming Trends

Some brand name trends are too old and make your brand name sounds like it is from decades ago. Be careful in following brand naming trends.

  • Naming The Business With A Personal Name

If you are a celebrity who is popular all over the world, Brinso recommends your name as a brand name. But if not you better move for another brand name that is not someone’s name. Why is using personal names not a good idea?

  • Some names limit your business growth
  • If your name is too common
  • Some names are too long
  • Some names are hard to pronounce. 

Brand naming is a serious process that involves more attention and carefulness. If you focus on brand name qualities, it will make your brand name errorless. Here are some professional brand name ideas for photography businesses.

Clever And Unique Brand Name Ideas For Your Photography Business

Giusue logoGiusue


Tokxi logoTokxi

remlly logoRemlly

brengu logoBrengu



Yapix logoYapix



grojoo logoGrojoo


These brand names are handpicked by our brand name experts for your photography business including nature photography business, creative photography business etc. All these brand names have all the brand name qualities and they all are available for your business.

Here are some more brand name ideas for your photography business

Cool Brand Name Ideas For Nature Photography Businesses

Catch The Nature

Just Catch

Focus On

Suitable Lens

Land Capture

The Miracle

Dreamy View

Nature Part

Sensitive Shot

Wild Photo

Beach Side

Orange Shade

Bliss Memory

Land Light

Earth Lover

Green Capture

Best Of N

Great Outdoor

Go Wild

Great Life

Nature Part

Blessed Life

Great Wild


All of these brand names are suitable for nature photography businesses including wild photography businesses, nature photography blogs etc.

Elegant Brand Name Ideas For Event Photography Businesses

Here are some brainstorming brand name ideas for your event- based photography business such as wedding photography business and spots photography websites.

Fast Pace


Win Capture

Action Capture

Sport Magazine

The Recap

Big Day

Dream True

Best Memories

Wedding Album

Wedding Gift

Bride & Groom

For Ever

Blessed Day

Glam Capture

The Aisle

Lovely Day


Best Days

Blessed Days

Good Old

Old Gold

Together Memory

Our Past

Clever Brand Name Ideas For Commercial Photography Businesses

Trade Photo

Business Shoot

Account Album

Working World

The Shift

Work Capture

Business Life


Busy Capture

Vogue Capture

Renewable Shoot


Trendy Shot

Unique Tone

Hot Shot

Super Pic

Grand Brand

Good Goodie

Logo Snap

Best Capture

Product Collection

Market Update

Food Capture

Food Magazine

This brand name list is created for commercial photography businesses including food photography blogs, real estate photography businesses etc.

What Are The Big Names In The Photography Industry?









format logoFormat





These brand names are well-recognized brand names in the photography industry. I know, some of these brand names have done the upper mentioned brand naming mistakes. Most of these brand names are founded in the pre-internet era and there was no competition back then in the market as today.

As for today, it is very advisable to choose brand names that have brand name qualities.