500+ Catchy Fruit Business Name Ideas

"Names With The Fruity Vibe That You Look For"

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What Should I Name My Fruit Business?

As you know in the industry of fruits, Amwell, Berkane, Dole & Del Monte are some of the giant companies that rule the industry. So they do not have to worry about getting recognized and making a potential loyal customer base and as you are entering the industry as a new competitor there is an important thing which is having a good name because a good brand name has the power to inflict an emotional impact on a human mind.

You only have a few seconds to attract the customer’s attention towards you, and the first impression is crucial to a brand. If you make the right decision by choosing a good fruit business name, you are the winner. To make that task easy for you, we are here with great fruit business naming solutions and more.

What Does Actually a Good Fruit Business Name Mean?

All branding experts always mention good business names. But what does a good business name actually mean? It is very important having a good name for a fruit business. So make sure to pay attention to these points. Because these are the factors that make a good fruit business name. If a business name has these qualities, it means it is a good business name.

  • Short, sweet, and simple
  • Eye-catchy and memorable.
  • Does not get old with time.
  • No abbreviations.
  • Conveys a message about your business.
  • Points out your business professionalism.
  • No one has used it before.

What Are Some Cool Fruit Business Names?

Fruit business names

Fruit Business Name Ideas

What Should I Name My Fruit Business?

Visual images are too powerful when it comes to the human mind. If you are able to choose a fruit business name that could make a picture of fruits once someone hears the name it is perfect for a fruit business.

Green Cart

Vita Carts

Greeny Basket

Freshy Magic

Fruit Fiesta


Green Grocers

Tasty Ripe


Fresh Picks

Nutra Squash

Tasty Ripe

Local Ripes

Pure Garden

Fruity Sunshine

Berry Pure

Easy Fruits

Mango Magic

Eco Farm

Fruit Fill

Fruit Peak

Picky Orchard

Pro Fruits

Tangy Bundle

Fresh Grow

Fruitee Finds

Sweet Picks

Merry Berry

Citrus Flavours

Sweet Bunch

Fairy Fruits

Tangy Landl

Catchy Berry Business Names

What Are Some Unique Berry Business Names?

The freshness and flavors of the berries that could blow minds and relax them at the same time have made a great customer base to the Berry industry. As a choice of business, this is great because the revenue that can be generated through a Berry business is very high. As the first step, you have to find a great berry business name. No need to worry because we have curated great berry Business Name Ideas for you to try.

Berry Feelings

Berry Berry

Red n Blues

Flavor Blast


Juicy Bites


Seasonal Grabs

Wonder Ripes

Pluck Plucks

Mo Mo

Mo Flavs

Brei Core

BerRY Tastes

Berry Squad


strawberry business names

Strawberry Business Names

What Are Some Catchy Strawberry Business Name Ideas?

Everyone loves strawberries so the idea of starting a strawberry business is already good. To make that perfect, if you can choose a catchy name that has the power to attract strawberry lovers more towards you, you are the winner. Feel free to try our list of catchy strawberry business name ideas.

Berry Bliss

Tasty Reds

Red Drops

Divine Berry

Berry Spot

Juicy Blast

Juicy Reds

Berry Pluck

Stro Mo

Stro B

Juicy Plucks

Merry Berry

BigStro B

Blasty Red

Wonder Stro

Berry Mo

Strawberry Charm

Berry Fantasy

Juicy Straws

Delicious Surprise

Strawberry Shock

Sweet Rush

Strawberry Love

Best Berry

Berry Stock

Strawberry Plus


Red Blush

More Berry

Sweet Collection

Berry Treats

Sweet Plus


Strawberry Season

Love Reds

Fantasy Red

Quick Tips to Name Your Strawberry Business

  • Keep it Short & Simple
  • Be Creative 
  • Try to Be Unique
  • Think Strawberryly
Fruit & veg company names

Fruit & Veg Business Names

What Are Some Good Names for a Fruit & Vegetable Business?

Making profits is the ulterior motive of a business owner. Did you know that “the business name” plays a huge role in that aspect? So choosing a good business name as your fruit and veg company is important if you want to attract more and more customers to your fruit and veg company. 


Freshy Picks

Healthy Aisle

Green Lane

Fresh Fair

All Greenz

Fresh Bazaar

Fresh Picks

Farm to Cart

Today's Fresh

Happy Greens

Farm Fresh

fresh fruit business names

Fresh Fruit Business Names

The words like Green, Fresh, Orchards, and Nature give a good picture of freshness. So we have used these words to make names for Fresh Fruit Businesses. If you are looking forward to starting your own fresh fruit business you have to focus more on choosing the perfect name for your business. Give a try to the names in the following list.

Fresh Pickup


Viva Orchards

Nature Mades

Miki Fruiteria

Natura Arch

Fruity Bliss

Nina’s Fruits

Bene Fruits

Fruity Seasonals

Greene Vio

Fruity Vibes

Deli Pro

Fresh Fruity

Fresh Excellence

Orchard Fresh

Fresh Collection

More Fresh

Juicy Fresh

Fresh Mix

Fresh Palace

Fresh Ripes

Sweet Fresh

Fresh Exotics

Fresh Greens

Tasty Set

Greeny Fresh

Fruity Mades

Rich Pear

Fresh Fruitz

Perfect Grapes

Sweet Pie

Fine Frutescens

Fruit Aisle

Berries Galore

Fresh Apples

The Overripe

Fruits Lada

Sweet Orchard

Kiwi Apple

Fruit-Business-Name-Ideas- examples
juice company names

Juice Company Names

People love creative and catchy things so when it comes to creative and catchy juice company names are easily recognized by the consumers whenever they see one. If you can find that time of catchy and creative name it will be a turning point for your juice company in the means of popularity and profits.

Icy Squeeze

Feshy O

Blend Time


Freezy Breezy

Fruity Boom

Cherry Splash

Orangy Drops

Soda Factory


Nectar House

Leafiz Squash

chocolate covered strawberry business names

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Business Names

What Should I Name My Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Business?

You must be a lover of both chocolate and strawberries to decide to start a chocolate-covered strawberry business. To attract other potential customers to your business, you have to have a creative name that could make them crave your product as soon as they hear your business name.

Finding a good business name is not so easy because coming up with a good name takes time. So for you to save time, we have created a list of catchy chocolate-covered strawberry business names to try.

Candy Berry

Divine Tastes

Chocolately Strawberry

Coco Reds

Choc Drips

Strawberry Heaven

Candy Red

Sweet Browns

Brown n Red

Dark Berry

Berry Drips

Choc Drops

Berry Delight

Berry Rush

Strawberry Delights

Deli Berry

Big Choc Red

Super Way

Berry Kiss

Choc Dash

Aroma Choc

Heavenly Dose

Berry Delight

Candy Bon

Tasty Dips

Choc Stuff

Berry Temptation

Sweet Touch

Tempting Reds

Choc Charm

Hearty Treats

Magical Reds

Choc Berry

Berry Rush

Dreamy Bites

Choco Rush

funny fruit shop names

Funny Fruit Shop Names

What Should I Name My Fruit Business?

Your search for a good fruit shop name can be a bit harder than you think because there are thousands of competitors in the fruit shop business that you have to face. So instead of using a normal fruit shop, you can try a funny fruit shop name that could make your fruit shop unique from the competitors that could attract more potential customers to you. Try our funny fruit shop name ideas now without spending more time roaming around.

Woowy Greens

Hello Fruits

Nature Blast


Gangy Orchard

Fruity Isles

Fruit Drips

Frutzy Town

Papo Worlds

Berry Berry

Peachy Buyt

Yellow Hellow

Daddy’s Cart

Fruity Pile

Greeny Mount

Berry Feels

fruit orchard names

Fruit Orchard Name Ideas

What Should I Name My Orchard?

If your mind is puzzled by this question, “what should I name my orchard?”, we have the perfect answer for you. Scroll on and see what it is. You will get super happy with the answer that we have provided you with.

So you are planning to start a fruit orchard, finding a good name is too important to your fruit orchard because once you select and start using a name it becomes the identity of your fruit orchard. Make sure to select the best fruit orchard name that you can find.

Berry Hill

Green Orchard

Sweet Scent

Petals Orchard

Tasty Treats

Orchard Light

Lemon Trees

Meadow Orchard

Summer Dawn

Sunbeam Orchard

Creek Orchard

Dewy Ground

Happy Daze

Obliged Orchard

Citrus Orchard

Produce House

Best Fruitz

Vengy Organics

Fruity Treats

Harvy Orchard

Fruit juice business names

Fruit Juice Business Name Ideas

What is a Good Name for a Juice Business?

If you can select a name for your fruit juice business that can catch the eye and the attention of your customer as soon as they see the name, it is great. Finding a name with that kind of power is not always easy. So start your search with our fruit juice business name ideas list now.

Jucy Lush

Juicy Squash

Nectar House

Lemonades Corner

Fruto Baves

Smoothie Plus

Icy Splash

Jucy Collection

Smoothie Splash

Smoothie Splash

Fresh Squeezy

Fresh Elixir

fruit farm names

Cool Fruit Farm Name Ideas

Planning to start a fruit farm on your own? Then you must be looking for a fruit farm name. You are aware of the tough competition in the business. So being unique from your competitors is important so that the customers could identify you easily. To make that you can try selecting a unique fruit farm name for a change. You might get interested in our list of fruit farm name ideas. Take a look now.

Berry Alley

Fruity World

Greeny Tastes

Tasty Valley

Apples n Oranges

Pappy’s Fruits

Epic Vine

Berry Orchard

Fresh Acres

Melon Factory

Honey Grow

Fruit Hill

Lime Land

Fruit Paradise

Nature Paradis

Paradise Fruits

Organic Factory

Grape Zone

Tangy Zone

Fresh Ripes

fruit shop names

Fruit Shop Names

Green, Fresh, Picks, Valley, are some of the words that go along with Fruit Businesses and the words that people are familiar with when it comes to fruits. Using a fruit shop name that is included with these familiar will be a positive point for your business. Try them now.

Green Grocers

Orange Buzz

Fruit Valley

Fresh Mart

Greeny Side

Mornin Vitas

Fruit Shack

Tarti Valley

Spring Orchard

Fresh Basket

Fresh Picks

Vita Corner

Trutti Frutty

Freshy Berry

Delly Tropicals

Fruit Blast

Fresh Fresh

Green Cart

Pro Pear

Sandra's Exotics




Luscious Flavs

fruit stand names

Catchy Fruit Stand Name Ideas

What Are Some Good Fruit Stand Names?

As the origin of fruit stands goes way back and fruit stands are always popular among fruit lovers. You have to keep up to your reputation by choosing the perfect name so you can make that journey easier. We have created a list of fruit stand name ideas that fit the task perfectly with related words like  Finest, Cart & Seasonals.

Fruity Seasonals

Deli Finest

Finest Nutra

Freshy Cart


Freshlo Yard

Tangy House

Flavor Corner


Deli Acres

Freshy Stall


fruit shake business names

Fruit Shake Business Name Ideas

As you know already the number of people who love good fruit shake is almost uncountable. You must be targeting them as your potential customers. To do that you need a good and catchy name because the calling card of your business is the name of your fruit shake business.

Shake Queen

Icy Shakes

Jucy Lovers

Berry Smoothy


Green Shakes

Freezy Breezy

Coco Twist

Sweet Sisters

Heavenly Shakes

Fresh Press

Fresh Taste

Smoothie bar names

Smoothie Bar Names

“Splash, Flavours, Smoothie, Berry, Cherry” when we hear or see these types of words we feel the taste and the smell of fruits and sweetness immediately which is great because it is just a word, but words that are powerful enough to make the people feel. If you can choose a smoothie bar name by considering this amazing fact, your goal of attracting more customers is achieved.

Cherry Blast

Smoothie Life

Smash Splash

Berry Beatz


Smoothy Vibes

Straw Startt

Smoothie Smash

Perky Papaya

Smoothie Time

Fruit Fun

Mixed Flavs

dried fruit business names

Dried Fruit Shop Name Ideas

Naming a dried fruit business is not an easy task because you can’t use just a name if you want to be the best among your competitors. You have to take time and search for a good name that could reflect your business positively and attract your target customers.

Green to Brown

Pick Your Grams

Dry Buy

Crunchy Tastes


Fruity Crunch


Nut n Crust

Raisin Stocks

Almond Ark

Cashew Line

Wall Nuts

Date House

Cot Cots


Tasty Crunches

Fruit basket business names

Fruit Basket Business Names

One of the most important things is finding a good name for your fruit basket business when starting your fruit basket business. So you can’t choose just a name because people have a short attention span and tend to forget things easily and  the competition out there is tough and just a name is not going to cut it. So to make your search for good fruit basket business names easy, we have listed out some great fruit basket business names for you.

Delight Baskets

Flavor Basket

Fruity Hampers

Hamper Aisle

Fruit Delights

Green Treats

Fruitee Gifts

Tangy Collection

Tangy Delights

The Purple Pack

Delight Pack

Reds Collection

Red n Green

Basket of Flavours

Tasty Pack

Natural Tastes

Get Yours

Healthy Basket

Greeny Dreamy

Organic Plus

fruit snack names

Best Fruit Snacks Business Name Ideas

Looking for a good fruit snack name? You know that your name has to be attractive enough to catch the attention of your potential customers whose need is to find a good fruit snack. If you choose a name with that power you are going to be a winner and a rich person.

Berry Pro

Finest Collections

Tropical Fiesta

Tasty Mix

Munchy Fiesta


Honey Blast

Frozen Fruitees

Divine Flavours


Fine Exotics

Scarlet Ripes

unique fruit company names

Unique Fruit Company Names

Starting a fruit company is kind of challenging because the competition in the industry increases daily as the demand also grows. But making your place in the field is important. To do that, first of all, you have to find a great name for your fruit company so that you can make a great impression on your customer base and mark your territory.





Fruity Vibes


Q Mio


Greenie Vio

Zilong Fruits

Berry Q




Healthy Fruitos

Fruit Buddy


Fresh Royale

Green Aisle

Farm de Fresh

Fruit Waves

Fresh Stocks

Flavour Land

Fruit Masters

Professional Fruit Brand Names

In the industry of fruits, competition is much greater because hundreds of new businesses enter the field. In this type of situation as a new business willing to enter the industry the powerful weapon you can have is a professional fruit brand name. So that you can give a competition to your strong rivals. Because professional names could stand out from other sorts of names and attract more customers from all over the world. We are presenting you with professional fruit brand names just for you created by our branding specialists by considering every aspect that makes a good brand name.

fruit business names


fruit business names


fruit business names


fruit market names

Fruit Market Name Ideas

Choosing a good name for a fruit request isn’t so easy because there are hundreds of other fruit requests and you have to be one of them. So to be unique among hundreds of other challengers, attract further and further implicit guests you have to have a great name for your fruit request. If you need backing on that we’re then for you. We’ve made a list of good Fruit Market Name Ideas, give them a pass. 

Finest Collections

Citrus Aisle

Fruity Lane

Feisty Fruits

Fresh Island

Tasty Piks

Fruit Castle

Green Cartel


Flav Ville

Tasty Bunch

Freshy Acre

organic fruit business names

Organic Fruit Store Names

The trend of healthy living has encouraged people to use natural and organic effects. So the demand for organic food is soaring by making a great competition between diurnal growing organic fruit businesses. So to be in the game as an organic fruit store proprietor you must have the perfect name for your organic fruit store. Try the names in the ensuing list that we’ve created for Organic Fruit Stores.

Epic Fresh

Finest Organics

Green Cart

Magic Organics

Greeny Aisle

Grower Paradise

Macy's Organics

Natural Flavours

Healthy Blast

Fresh Harvest

Ripe Organics

Finest Picks

fruit market names

Apple Business Name Ideas

Starting an apple business is great because the demand for apples is never-ending and crazy high. To start an apple business, you have to select a cool apple business name because the name is the calling card of your business. Our team has created a list of good apple business name ideas that you can try anytime you want.

Apple House

Tasty Reds

Reds n Greens

Happy Apple

Best Choice

Fresh Taste



Red Collection

Applero Orchard

Quick Pick

Juicy Apples

Curnchy House

Apple Aisle

Mr. Apple

Greens First

House of Apples

Apple Delights

Apple Power


fruit shop names

Fresh Produce Brand Names

What Are Some Good Fresh Produce Business Names?

Demand for fresh fruits and fresh vegetables is skyrocketing. With that trend going on, new fresh produce businesses enter the industry by making the competition harder. So all the possible good brand names for fresh produce brands, you have to be quick and find a great fresh produce brand name soon. To make that procedure easy, you can try the following names that we have created as Fresh Produce Brand Names.

Green Basket

Garden to Cart

Fresh Picks

Morning Batch

Grab Now

Pick Picks

Green Stocks

Local Taste

Farm to You

Grans Garden

Tasty Greens

Pure Pal

Earthy Flav

Veggie Grow

Nutri Grow

Green Plate

Fruit basket business names

Fruit Box Business Names Names

Planning to start a fruit box business? Naming a business is not an easy task because you have to find the best name for your business. Once you select the name, it becomes the identity of the business. So make sure to find the best fruit box business name that you can find. You can try our fruit box business name ideas list also.

Flav Packs

Tangy Box

Flavoury Colours

Taste in Pack

Box Natura

Nature Pik

Sweet Parcel

Pick Yours

Natura Packing

Flavor Package

Tangy Deliver

Natura Sweet

Mo Flavs

Sweet All

All n One

One pack

Flav Box

Fruity Package

Fruity Pick

Boxy Fruits

Lemon Business Names

When you are going to start a lemon business, the first thing you have to do is find a great name for your business. Good lemon business names are hard to come by. But you have to take time and find the best lemon business name that you can find. We have created some lemon business names just for you. Try them out any time you want.


Citrus Green

Lemon Way

Zesty Feel


Tangy Pick



Sour Load

Lemon One

Citrus Lot

Lemon Love

Sammy Lemons


Lemon Buddies

Zesty Pick

Lemon Off

Tangy Piks

Lemon Feel

Tangy Park

What is a Good Name For a Fruit Business?

People have a short attention span and they forget things within a few seconds. So to catch the attention of your potential customers you only have a short window of time. If you have a powerful name that could grab their attention and make them want to come to you, the problem is solved. Do you know what type of name is good for a fruit business? Let’s see,

    • A name that is memorable
    • A simple name
    • A unique name
    • A name that tells a story
    • A flexible name

Why Should a Fruit Business Name Be “MEMORABLE”?

The following are some of the major points that explain to you why your fruit business name should be memorable and why having a memorable fruit business name is important.

  • For the customers to find you easily
  • Satisfied customers would recommend you to someone else if they know your name.
  • If anyone can remember the business name, they can find you easily through a web search.
  • If your business name is difficult to memorize, you will get forgotten and might lose potential customers.

Tips To Create The Best Fruit Business Name

01. Create A Tagline For Your Business

A brand tagline is a short statement that describes your company. It should clearly express what your food company or brand performs. Your tagline is your introduction; it must capture the curiosity of potential clients and persuade them to learn more about you.

02. Obtain The Correct Domain Name

Choosing the correct domain name for your business has always been important, but it is now more important than ever. A well-chosen domain name may help you differentiate yourself from the competition and build a better online presence.

To attract potential clients, you’ll need a strong domain name and an online presence with a strong portfolio. To attract new clients and expand your business online, buy a branded domain name.


How to Get Fruit Business Names?

There are many ways that you can get fruit business names, but only a few of them are up to the standard.

  • You can always make a name by yourself.
  • You can try a Fruit Business Name Generator. There are Brand name generators, Business name generators, and Fruit business name generators. Select a few and try.
  • Reaching out to Branding Professionals. There are professionals who create names for a fee. It is also an option you have.
  • Brand name-selling websites are also there. Google and try them too.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Name For Your Fruit Business

Choosing the best name for your fruit business has to be done in the right manner. So consider the following tips when you are in the process of selecting a name.

  • Learning About Your Competitors 
  • Try Not to Describe & Keep it Simple 
  • Be Creative
  • Think Out of the Box 
  • Always Focus on the Target Audience 
  • Think Fruitily