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Basically starting up a blog is based on the internet. You may have a passion to write articles, you may be a creative writer who is interested in a particular field or many fields, so starting up a blog may be your dream. You can generate revenue from your blog by publishing advertisements, providing referral links, charging from the guest writers, etc, but for all these methods the ranking of your site will impact a lot. There are countless blogs that exist in the world. To rank your site and to stand out from others you will need a perfect, SEO-friendly brand name. The below-listed brand names are created by our brand name specialist for both professional and non-professional blogs. 

What Is A Good Blog Name?

A good blog name refers to the blog name that consists of all the brand name qualities. The below name ideas are the best examples for perfect blog names.

Catchy Blog Name Ideas

The below-listed brand names are listed out for those who want to start a professional blog and who want to rank their site because all these brand names are SEO friendly and they are enriched with all brand name qualities. Among those qualities, mainly uniqueness and simplicity are highlighted.













Sites That Help You When Blogging

Learning and getting knowledge more about blogging is not a waste. Learning will make everything perfect. You will be updated with the new techniques, writing styles, and blog templates, etc. Here are some best free courses you can follow about blogging.


This is a site that is operated by two sisters who have a good knowledge of blogging. There are many free courses you can learn many things about blogging as you’re new to the business. They mainly teach on how to start and run a blog in a successful way.


This is also one of the valuable sources to study about blogging. It has several free courses as well as paid courses for everyone. 


This site helps you in your SEO strategy. Learning about SEO and Marketing Fundamentals will help you to rank your blog well.


This site provides many SEO related knowledge for both beginners and experts. As blogging is mainly based on the SEO side this site will help you a lot.


This can be named as one of the best sites that provide blogging knowledge for new bloggers. It offers many courses.

Unique Blog Name Ideas

These unique brand name ideas are manually created by our brand name specialists for your newly starting blog. We do not recommend these brand name ideas for those who want to generate an income from a blog, because these brand names are not SEO friendly. If you have no idea to start your blog professionally you can use any of these brand names.

Journal Blog
Blogger On
Podcast Flash
Your Diary
Web Blog
Editors Blogger
Blog Article
Food Blog
My Blogger
Cookie Blog
Bloggy Edu
Weblog Food
Live Food Blog
Bloggie Love
Love Reader
Informative blog
Publish Blog
Capture Block
Mommy Blog
Couple Blogging
Travel Blogger
Link Blogger
Blog Log
Hubby Blogging
Live Blog
Web Blog
Space Blog
Online Blog
Video Blog
Pic Blog
Foodie Blog
Journalist Blog
News Blog
New Feed
Keep On
Blog Fit
Love Publish
Online Edu Diary
Editors Hut
Press Headlines
Gossip On
Recap Blog
E-mail Blog
Blog Cafe
Join Blog
Blog Forum

More Focused Blog Name Ideas For You

The below brand name ideas are specially created for the exact sub-areas of blogging. You can use these brand name ideas for personal blogs, business blogs and entertainment blogs, and any blogs as per your intention. 

Fitness Blog Name Ideas

You can start up a fitness-related blog. All you need to update fitness tricks, exercises, healthy diets, diet plans, weight gain tricks, weight loss tricks, and any information regarding fitness. These brand names can be used for your fitness blog. If you have an idea to open a business related to Fitness you can get an idea about Fitness business brand names you can browse our Fitness company name ideas page.

Fit Hub

Relax Mood

Mind And Body


Fitness Cave

Fit Room

Fitness Together

Health House

Healthy Remedy

Healthy Bite

Fit Core

Next Fitness

Personal blog Name Ideas

If you have an intention to publish articles written by an individual you can start a personal blog. Under personal blogs, an organization will not be represented. You can use these brand names for Gaming blogs, Lifestyle blogs, Parenting blogs, etc. 

Uptown Castle

Personal Hut

Most Lovely

Cuba Block

Way Design

Lifestyle Vogue

My Blogger

Your Diary

My Way

Mode Class

Style Dash

Blog Wog

Business Blog Name Ideas

When it comes to business blogs you may have a certain blog for your own company and write articles regarding it or start a blog for all the business to provide news, update about the current business world and trends, introduce a new business, finance-related information, etc. These brand names will suit your business blog.


New Life

Living On

The Stories

Win Life

Twisted Whisper

Behind Dark

Office Head

Ceo Planet

Founder Diary

Good Life

The Guide

Entertainment Blog Name Ideas

If you’re going to start an entertainment-related blog you should have good knowledge about the industries like music, celebrities, comedy, movies, tv shows, etc, you should be updated on these industries and their changes. These brand names are for those who have an intention to start an entertainment blog.

Star Zone

The Galaxy

Star Gossip

Tune Romance

Rock And Roll

Fine Tune

Music Humour

Groove Fun

Funny Side

Just Joking


Fun Time

Food Blog Name Ideas

If you’re having amazing cooking skills, new recipes, foods of different countries, etc you can start a food blog. These brand names are best for your food blog. If you have an idea to open a food-related business you can visit our food business brand naming page.

Cook Book

The Baker

Tasty Dish

Foodie Goodie

Love Cooking

Simply Recipes

Like To Cook

Cooking Time

Favorite Recipe

Yum Secret

Classy Cooking

Recipe World

Travel Blog Name Ideas

Some people love to travel, if you’re one of those you can start a travel blog. You can include things about the best traveling places, how to reach them, the cost for the tips, places to stay, discover new places, introduce uncommon travel destinations, etc. These brand names will suit your travel blogs. If you are interested to get to know more about Travel business name ideas or Hotel business name ideas please visit our brand name idea category listing page.

Travel One

Wonder Land

Travel Soloist

Travel Soul

Single Wander

The Adventure

Travel Zone

Your Travel

Traveler’s Secrets


Flying Alone

One Journey

DIY Blog Name Ideas

If you are creative in making handicraft items or if you have a wide knowledge of it you can start a blog related to DIY.

Master Craft

Stampers Hut

Scrap And Craft

Haven Craft

Clay Arts

Tandy Leather

Hand Made

Art Cafe

Creative Display

Hand Skill

Ancient Gallery

Craft Mongers

Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas

Happy Life

Wonder Joy

Crazy Life

Loving Edge

Follow Dream

Valuble Moments

Stunning Memories

Shine Buzz

Life Events

Breath Soul

Wonder World

Life Begining

Beauty Blog Name Ideas

Impress You

Messy Hair

Makeup Bag

Sweet Beauty

Golden Tips

Beauty Girl

Handsome Team

Glowry Tips

Shine Hun

Beauty Soul

Wonder Glow

Makeup World

Education Blog Name Ideas

Edu Help

Learning Lab

Knowledge Hut

Learn Fast

Motivation Hub

Basic Knowledge

Edu Platform

Study Tips

Learn With Us

Exam Period

Study Enjoy

Education Club

Methods To Name Your Blog

  • Use Your Own Name

You can use your name for the blog you’re going to start. But this method is recommended for those who are going to start a personal blog. Mostly this is used by popular people in the world.

  • A Completely Random Name

You can use any name that is selected randomly as your blog name. It may be a word that you know, a word that you saw somewhere else, etc.

  • Blog Name Generator

You can take help from a blog name generator. All you have to do is to enter a keyword and choose a blog name from the list that they generate.

  • Competitor Analysis

You can analyze the blog name of your competitors and create or choose a name according to that. 

  • Rhyming Words

You can use rhyming words as your blog name. Words like “Blog Vlog”, “Blog Log” etc.

  • Acronyms

If your chosen brand name is a long one you can use the Acronym method. The acronym method is using the first letter of each word and creating a new blog name.

Ex -: Lifestyle Blog Of Me = LBOM

  • Another Language

You can use a suitable word from another language for your blog.

  • Brandable Blog Name

You can use a brandable name for your blog name. That is the most successful, suitable, and recommended method.

Factors To Be Considered Before Naming Your Blog

  • Identify The Niche

You should have a strict decision on the exact niche that you’re going to write about on your blog. 

  • Target Audience

Write your blog for a target audience. You have to choose your audience and should have a plan on how you’re going to approach your targeted audience.

  • Choose A Common Brand Name

Never use a brand name for a specific niche. Always choose a common name so that in the future you can write blog articles on other topics too.

Things To Know Before You Starting Your Blog

  • Pay More Attention To SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an art. It can not be done by everyone. It will help you rank your blog based on the keyword related contents per particular keywords in Google. To rank your blog you should write perfect content with related keywords and information. All you have to do is find keywords related to your blog. For this, you can take help from tools like,, etc., and then build unique content with the help of those keywords. You can get an idea of what are the common keywords that are used by top blogs in the world based on your niche.

  • Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the strong factors that will help you rank your blog. It is all about finding industry giants who can provide valid links about your blog and building up a strong relationship with them. You should have a proper connection with the people who can recommend you by providing links. For this, all you need is the best content.

  • Quality

The quality of your blog content matters a lot. Most people try to write more articles with less quality. Do not consider the number of articles you publish, only focus on the quality of the article you write in your blog. It will not only help you to rank the site but also it will make a good view on others to provide you a backlink.

  • Link Structure

When you are starting up a blog have a better plan on the link structure of it. You should have a good internal link structure that will combine all the related articles together within your blog and also you can provide external links as matches. External links go to other blogs that are related to you. This will make users stay in your blog for a long time because everything they need they can get from one place.

  • Blogs On Others

If your blog is still in the startup stage and not yet getting good traffic what you can do is to write a blog post in one of the leading blogs related to your blog niche and write an article about your blog on their site or you can request one of their editors to write an article about your blog in their site. This will help you to grab some of their traffic and it will make others know about your blog.

  • Take The Help Of Social Media

You can promote your blog on social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can create social media pages related to your blog niche and link your blog to the pages you publish on your social media. We all know that people use social media more than browsing it via the internet.

  • Be Creative And Attractive

Make sure you design an attractive and creative blog. It is a psychological factor that the human brain gets attracted to colors, fonts, images, videos, etc. Do analysis in human behavior and apply those to your site tactfully.

  • Update Your Blog

Do not base on a format or specific structure. Update your blog structure, images, videos, and especially contents as much as possible. Certain updates may help you to grab more traffic or lose what you have. So keep on track of the things that you’re changing and updating. 

  • Email Marketing

Collect email as much as possible related to your niche. Have complete documentation about the email list you have and do an email marketing campaign on your blog.

  • Show Up Yourself

When you’re starting a blog make sure to create an “about” page. Write down how you started the blog, why did you start, when did you start, etc. Make it in a way to attract users.

  • Blog Loading Time

No one would like to waste their time with a blog which takes quite a bit of time to load. 90% of people like to grab the info soon or to make the purchase easy. So use techniques that will increase your blog page loading speed.

  • Do Not Use Heavy Plugins 

Always try to be simple with your site. Do not add heavy plugins and make problems sudden. Be simple but creative.

.blog or .com


.blog was introduced to the world in 2016. It is mainly introduced to those who are going to start a blog. 


This is the most popular and used domain extension in the world. As it was introduced in 1985 upto now it has become the most trustable domain extension among users. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular blogs and the domain extension they are using.

Blog Domain Extension
Billboard .com
TMZ .com
Business Insider .com
Engadge .com
Entrepreneur .com
Fast Company .com
Seeking Alpha .com
The Verge .com
Pitchfork .com
Esquire .com

These are the top 10 blogs in the world and the domain extension they are using. All the blogs are using .com as their domain extension.