Vocabulary Score

Vocabulary Score2

Simply, it is the pronounceable value of a word. Pronounceable value is a directly associated fact with the memorability of words. You can calculate the vocabulary score for any given word using the vocabularyscore.com.

The vocabulary score is designed based on a special algorithm.The score is generated by considering how easy it is to memorize and pronounce the given brand name.

Memorization and pronunciation is a must for a brand name. Psychology of creating a brand name that users can’t forget is a challenging factor. So that vocabulary score has considered the phonological loop when giving the score for your brand name. According to the phonological loop when sounds enter your ear it will bounce around in an electrical memory only for 5 sec. When we are choosing a brand name we have to make sure to choose a word that bounces around our memory longer than that and has a higher probability of recording into the brain. Vocabulary score has considered all these qualities when scoring your brand name.

Having a high Vocabulary score is a plus factor that a new company can proceed with. Brand names with vocabulary scores greater than 6 are recommended and brands with vocabulary scores greater than 8 are super brand names according to the Brand name qualities.

Have a look at the vocabulary score of popular brands. Most of the profit gaining giants in particular industries have a high vocabulary score.

All you have to do is,

Just enter your Brand name and click the “Calculate” button.

It is one of the first things to do if you are planning to get a Brand name for a new business, new app or any purpose. Check the Vocabulary scores of the selected brand names and always avoid brand names with low vocabulary scores.

Too lengthy brand names will have no count on vocabulary scores. As in the brand name qualities, no memorability prevails in such words.

However, vocabularyscore.com only recognizes and applies the pronunciation patterns of the English language. That means, it’ll calculate the vocabulary score only for English words or word combinations. If you check the words related to a language other than English, It will show low vocabulary scores.

You will get very poor scores for African and Asian words.

Therefore we don’t recommend using the vocabularyscore.com to calculate vocabulary score of brand names other than the English language. Unfortunately, there is no alternative way to check vocabulary scores for other languages.