Using .org with your Brand name instead .com


There were over1500 different domain extensions used in this cyberspace at the end of the year 2019. Out of those generic TLDs, country-code TLDs and sponsored TLDs,  .com, .org and .net are the oldest Top Level Domains in the world. 

Using the correct domain extension is important the same as choosing your brand name. Using different domain extensions for your brand name will differentiate your website. Usually .com domain extension is used by profit-generating websites/business while .org is used by non-profit generating websites/business. Choosing the right domain extension adds your company/website to its own identification. As well the domain extension resolves the problems in legal ownership of a brand name.



Currently, this is the king out of all the domain extensions. .com was introduced on the 1st of January 1985. This is the type, generic TLD. According to research, it is the most trustable, memorable and registered domain extension in the world. .Com is mainly used by profit-generating companies and even others also use .com because of the popularity and trust people have on it.


.org was introduced on the 1st of January 1985 as consideration for non-profit organizations. But, there is no restriction on who can use them. Anyone can use them according to their needs but currently, almost everyone thinks that only non-profit organizations use .org.

Difference between .org and .com

More memorable and more user friendlyLess user friendly than .com
Used for commercial sitesUsed for non-profit generating organizations
Less availability as widely used alreadyMore availability as no much users there
More popular among usersLess popular comparing to .com
Price may highLess price than .com

The registered amount at the end of the year 2019,

        • .ORG - 10.5 million
        • .COM - 145.4 million

Out of .com and .org, what is the most suitable domain extension for you?


The best domain extension for profit-generating business is .com. .com is the most trustable and memorable domain extension in the is the most popular domain extension for any kind of business, it's a clause. Almost all the businesses are using the .com domain extension for their official website.

You have to keep in mind that  .org is not an alternative solution for .com. 

It is not a good idea to register a .org domain extension for your company, startup or anything if your .com domain is already registered by somebody else. 

So what can you do if your selected .com has already been registered

Out of all the options you have, one of the best options you can do is to go for another domain extension. 

The second best domain extension in the world is .net but the compatibility depends on what type of business you’re in. Learn more about which is the best out of .com and .net.

And also you can rebrand your name and get .com available brand name with all the brand name qualities.

Pros of choosing .com

      • .com is the king out of all the other domain extensions.
      • It makes the legal ownership of a certain brand name.
      • Trustworthiness is high among people
      • Recall value is high.
      • It has become the default extension among people.
      • It has good resale value.
      • .com gives your business a professional look.
      • It gives a small impact on SEO ranking.

Cons of choosing .com

      • Finding a .com extension available with a good brand name could be difficult.
      • The prices of .com domains are high compared to other domain extensions.


Look at the most popular brands in the world. Each and everyone is using .com as their domain extension.
      • Amazon -
      • Facebook -
      • Google -
      • eBay -
      • Nike -
      • Tesla -


.org domain extension is only recommended for non-profit organizations because almost all the non-profit organizations and also some informational blogs and sites are using .org as their domain extension. Don't use .org domain extension unless you are running a non-profit organization or open-source software like freeware which is fully free.

Psychologically users always expect that a non-profit organization will have .org as their domain extension. Users may have a trust issue if you are using some different domain extensions except .org.

Pros of using .org

      • .org holds the credit for non-profit organizations.
      • The price of .org is less when comparing to .com.
      • It is available compared to other domain extensions.


Cons of using .org

      • Highly it is only recommended for non-profit organizations.

Here are a few popular non-profit organizations using the .org domain extension.

      • American Red Cross -
      • Habitat for Humanity -
      • Metropolitan Museum of Art -
      • The Nature Conservancy -
      • The World Wide Fund for Nature -
      • United Way of America -


Here are some worst .org used non-profit organizations as per smartasset.

      1. Kids Wish Network
      2. Cancer Fund of America
      3. Children’s Wish Foundation International
      4. American Breast Cancer Foundation
      5. Firefighters Charitable Foundation
      6. Breast Cancer Relief Foundation
      7. International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO
      8. National Veterans Service Fund
      9. American Association of State Troopers
      10. Children’s Cancer Fund of America

Can Non-profit generating organizations use .com?

Yes, you are free to use .com domain extension for non-profit organizations too. Currently, there are few non-profit organizations using .com as their domain extension.

Example -:

And also if you're selling something to bring a donation for your non-profit organization you can use both .com and .org domain extensions. You can redirect your .com site to .org and get the traffic on. 

Pros of using .com for non-profit organizations

      • Attract more visitors/traffic
      • Memorable
      • Trustworthy

Cons of using .com for non-profit organizations

      • The domain extension suitable for a non-profit organization is .org.

Can you Use both .com and .org?

You can use both .com and .org domain extensions based on what you really do.

Even Google runs a non-profit organization apart from what they really do. vs

In simple it does everything for you from downloading software to managing the webserver.

This is free software, where you can download the software and manage the server on your own.

As per the research done by Brinso .org is only recommended for non-profit generating organizations as well as informational blogs or sites but .com can be used for the above-mentioned organizations and blogs too if you feel you want to grab more visitors. .com can be used for any kind of business either profit-generating or non-profit generating organizations. vs is the most used search engine worldwide which launched in 1977. is the charitable part of Google. They support racial justice, educational opportunity, crisis response after health epidemics and natural disasters, and issues affecting the San Francisco Bay Area community where it's headquartered. It also hosts regular challenges around the world to stimulate innovative uses of technologies to address local challenges.