Best And Worst Brand Names In Online Shopping Industry

The brand name is the main potential in a start-up company. There is much evidence in the field-online retailers that a good brand name made the success of the company. As well it is a noticed fact, most of the newly begun companies made a failure in their start-up with non-potentiated startup names.

For your concession, here we have categorized the profit earning companies along with their experiences in creating the brand names, the plus points they kept close, some unpopular companies along with their mistakes to be so, the perfect suggestions of our brand name specialists and the worst ones that are available at the times. These recommended brand names are suitable for your shopping website, Shopping store and any startup that is related to the shopping industry.


Best prevailing brand names in online shopping

The brand name is the main potential in a start-up company. There is much evidence in the field-online retailers that a good brand name made the success of the company. As well it is a noticed fact, most of the newly begun companies made a failure in their start-up with non-potentiated startup names. Let’s study the energies of following popular brand names and realize the above-mentioned fact.

1. Amazon


Amazon made its trademark in the field within a very short period of time. Jeff Bezos named the company as “Cadabra” at the start. But he decided to process with the name “Amazon” after about one year realizing the sonant closeness of Cadabra to the cadaver. The first name had to pronounce with an effort so that it was a hard type to remember.

Amazon has the meaning “curious and strange” and as Amazon is one of the world’s largest rivers his vision in spreading the company also could be expressed with it.

When the matter of .com uniqueness aroused amazon was standing erect among most of the companies which lost their ways. They have considered the fact very early.

2. eBay


This trending worldwide spread shopping service with millions of profit earnings was earlier known as “AuctionWeb”.The consulting firm, echo bay technologies wanted to launch its website as it was not available at the time Pierre Morad Omidyar used the domain by shortening echobay

The company is now secured with .com uniqueness and they do not want to bother about the legal matters.

AuctionWeb was too odd to remember. Its vocabulary score is 2.77. But the new name eBay has a vocabulary score of 8.76 which made the brand user easy.

3. Etsy


Etsy means “ a lot” in Italian. Thus it creates a picture of a place with a wide range of sales.

This is a single-worded brand name. It has followed the rule of simplicity in super brand name qualities. Also, it is free with generic words and numeric characters, which are two important qualities in choosing a brand name.



“AsSeenOnScreen Limited”, the founding name of the company was later abbreviated as ASOS. The initial name was too long to remember. Replacement done with the ASOS was a good decision as it is a super brand name with a high pronounceable value. 

ASOS does not contain any generic term or numerics or symbols, which are positive facts in naming a brand. It is also a one-word name, good quality in brand name creation.

5. Alibaba


This e-selling platform was launched in 1999. Jack Ma the founder states that as his plan was to come up with a well-known name that is familiar to anyone in the world he chose the famous story from one thousand one night. ( the Arabic story) He also says that Alibaba’s’ intention is to “open sesame for small to medium-sized companies”

Not including any numbers or emojis in the name is also a plus point. According to brand name qualities, it also doesn’t mean a negative idea. Thus Alibaba has become a super brand that could be memorized easily.

6. Walmart


Sam Walton first named the store as Walton’s 5&10. Later they zipped into the name “Walmart” the simple & familiar brand of people then and now. The starting name had an issue as it was hard pronouncing and remembering. And also it included numbers that are disqualified features of a good brand name.

7. Boohoo


Boohoo-the name is so simple and catchable. This upcoming online clothing retailer is a unique identity in the field as the brand name is secured with .com, following the principles of brand names as the brand name specialists recommend. There are no keywords included and it is also not a brand of multiple words, which are two must facts of an excellent startup name.

8. Zappos


They began with a very common name as  “”. It included generic terms. We can feel a little difficulty in pronouncing the word too so that it is not too user-friendly. 

Later on, they moved into the name “Zappos” which they extracted from the Spanish word Zapato. Here the previous errors were done. It is not a combination of general words in day to day life. It does not contain any negative undertones. The name is not an imitation of any other popular brands too. The name is in accordance with the brand name qualities.

9. Rakuten


MDM is the original name of this company. Then it was replaced by the name Rakuten, which meant Optimism in Japanese. It implies the intention of the company to achieve its goals. Therefore the name can be identified as a positive content.

Rakuten is an easy way of pronouncing when compared with the old one. By choosing the .com domain extension the company has become an absolute brand name with the “.com uniqueness”.

10. Uniqlo


“Uniqlo” came up when the clothing retailer “Unique clothing Store” was rebranded. It is a clear observation that the initial name was a combination of three common words in dictionaries. They have taken a wise step by shortening the three word hard recalling word into a simple name.

This brick wall company has made its brand name safe with .com uniqueness, which we also have defined as a thoroughly considerable brand name quality.

Worst prevailing brand names in online shopping

Many companies realize the problem of a stable brand name when moving with their career. We have listed some such examples to get an overall idea about the mistakes commonly done when choosing a perfect brand name.



A brand name must be simple and easily remembered.performance-pc does not give such an impression. The complexity of the word has made the brand too far from its popularity.

Keywords that imply their sellings is a worst-ever mistake. pc clearly denotes that they are a hardware store. It is highly advised not to do in the brand naming process.

At the same time, a hyphen is also included. It is also a huge mistake done neglecting the brand name qualities.



If a company is targeting an enormous jump it must be in accordance with the brand name qualities. Following are two such essential aspects,

  • Simplicity
  •  Having no include of generic words


Simplicity directly bound with the memorizing ability of a brand name. When we check this name with vocabulary score ( Vocabulary score is the best way so far to count the memorability and pronouncing ability) you can find the value is 3.35, which shows the worthlessness as a startup name. 

In consonance with the google search engines’ measures, the use of generic words is a negative point. Shop, good and will are two such dictionary words which made the brand inapplicable.



Although they changed from to, still the name has a score of 4.62 in vocabulary score although they made the mistake of .com uniqueness. The brands below 6 are not a way to go on according to the brand name specialists who are in the field for years.

They have used words taken from the dictionary without any change and it adds a minus mark to the entire company, during the examinings of google. This makes a vast objection to the company to grow up in the market.



gandgexpress is a shipping retailer. The name includes the .net extension skipping the adhered basic of using .com to make the uniqueness.

The vocabulary score has a very low value of 2.78. We can use the scale to calculate the simplicity of the chosen term and then do the necessary changes to make it tongue easy. Accordingly, it is clear that this title is way out of simplicity. With all these mistakes figured out, now you can identify the energyless nature with this brand name. Such nature had caused less popularity.



A brand name must be short. This is most likely a sentence. You can get a  flying start in the competition that prevails in today’s retailing with a short and sweet brand name. It will make your store memorable for the consumers.

Always try not to show the nature of the service you bring off. The problem here is it has used two keywords in online shopping. ( not a way of creative approach) It is precious if the idea is represented in a colorful way without the generally used words in the industry/field. It also makes a brand go hand in hand with the brand name qualities.



Generic words usage in a brand is a way that you make your own failure. Vast and buy the two words are commonly used words relating to the field.

This is not recommended as a name to use in any business because of the hyphen usage. Even a value cannot be counted in vocabulary score. It means that this is a difficult type and keeps in mind. The intention of marketing will not happen as their thoughts.



This is an unprofessional word that has a very law pronouncing ability that also has words that describe their product directly. As the score counted by for this name is 3.38 it is clear that Fashionothon is not a mouth friendly word. With the knowledge of the field, we do not recommend a name under the value of 6 at any concern. You can spell it and realize this word is not a smooth tongue!

The use of general words related to your field of e-commerce will not bring a sharp look to your store.” Fashion” is such a word.



A combination of three words is a way that is too tough to pronounce. It has made the worst loss in their startup, by not being a word that remains in mind at first sight.

All these words are also generic words. There is a  huge threat of being unpopular as the searcher does not find any uniqueness in such brands.



After the observations on the trends of the field, we have classified the 10 must facts brand name qualities for a super brand name. It is highly noticed that Including numbers or special characters will be a minus point as search engines will end up with a puzzle to get it. 

The more the name is smart and short the more it will last on one’s mind. But this name does not match that quality too. Likewise, they have started up with an inefficient brand name for the horse race they have to move with.



Is this a popular brand that you have seen? 

This brand name does not extension which causes a huge threat on their hand. It is a comprehensively determined fact when referring to the history of giants in the field of internet marketing that the uniqueness and ownership comes with  .com

Why depend on all common & usual words, when there is strength in finding an aggressive startup name? By leaning on a name with generic words, zenmarket did it wrong again. It has created their own misfortune.

Super brand name recommendations for an online retailer

01. Widoxy

Look, it is pointed right to the purpose! Widoxy is perfectly matching for an online retailer.

Wid is taken from the word Window, the last two letters, XY mean all the direction. As an online retailer sells unlimited products in all the sections this name is suitable for an online store. In the end, Widoxy means "The window reach any area in various directions"

Being a very short pronunciation, the name itself is a customer attraction. If a company gets this as the brand name they gain much confidence in the market as there is no similar identity as this name is not an imitation of any of the current brands using in the field.

02. Muforl


A meaningful mouth friendly brand name is the success maker of your journey. Let’s check the meaning first.

Muf from " muffler"                                  

orl from "Orla"

Muffler refers to clothing/ winter clothing. This means the snowing times.orla is the most stunning girl. Thus it means the most passionate. Muforl- Be the most passionate of the snow times.

Let’s check the brand name qualities here,

  • This is short and sweet, having a vocabulary score of 8.19
  • There are no generic words or keywords
  • No other popular, similar brand name is found
  • Hasn’t  include numerals or any other symbol
  • Does not have an adverse meaning

Mufor- isn’t it a handy name for your online retailer on winter clothing! 

03. Rongry

rongry 1

Rongry is the best way up if anyone is looking forward to launching a stall of musical instruments.

Why do we say so?

Rongry has not emerged with generic words. It is important because the use of generic words in your trade name is a way leading to your failure in the current rapid flowing of internet business. Its meaning can be explained as follows.

Ron is from "rondeau"

Gry is something great/amazing

As a rondeau is a type of french poem, it refers to music. Music is where musical instruments present. gry stands for superbness. Accordingly, it says  “ We, Rongry, are ready to cover all your instrument demands.”

Now we have knowledge that no keywords should be there in the brand name. Rongry fulfills that basis too.

04. Naniyu

Asset 3

Naniyu fulfills all the requirements of the super brand names. For example, it is with a pronouncing ability of above 8. Such an incredible value is proof that the brand is simple. Nowadays users’ choice is an effortlessly remembered name. Therefore having a single word is also a favorable advantage in making the brand popular among customers.

This is how we can define “Naniyu”

Nani - "beautiful" in Hawaiian

yu just means "you"

Naniyu is the place where you can make yourself beautiful

Don’t you feel that Naniyu is a perfect brand name for a cosmetic shop?

05. Nefixo


Nefixo is the best brand name you can ever find for a shop that goes with kids’ toys.

You must first check into the meaning as a meaningful brand name is the spirit of your journey. Check yourself, isn’t this a wow name of inviting?

 We all are familiar with the famous sock puppet Nefi. Puppets are bound with kids’ world xo means hugs and kisses. Hugs and kisses symbolize love. “Spread your love with our, Nefixo's wide range of knickknacks” is the meaning here.

If the brand name has a history then there is a threat of former misuses by the early users or being spam. So it is recommended to use newly created titles. Nefixo is a brand new brand name. You can use it without any hesitation.

You can also search and find whether there is any popular brand just like our approach. You will end up with no results. We have avoided the imitation of well-known brand names in accordance with the brand name qualities

06. Primog


What do you think of this brand name? Which industry is it matching with?

Check whether your conclusions are matching with true meaning.

pri is from "Prime"

Mog-the word itself

prime means the expert, mog is an acronym girls use for a person who they are interested in/mog-  "Man Of Gods".

"We are the experts in making Mans Of God", tells Primog.

This highly positive aroused title accepts the nature of a startup name by not presenting any negative essence. And also this is a name that can’t be found anywhere else.

07. Rugras

no preview1

Rugras, A comfy green garden!

See how it is told so, 

We put together the words Rug and gras when composing the name. Gras is from "grass" and denotes a green garden. Rug meaning comfortable. 

Rugras is a simple cool word in a way that the users easily remember it. As you know the meaning now, you also realize that the name exactly means a positive idea. With all these qualifications this will surely be a winning name for someone who is supposed to start an online store on garden appliances and decorations.

08. Selony


With its high pronouncing capability (score of 8.75) at the first catch, words will remain in one’s mouth. We responsibly state that this is not an imitation of any other popular brand name in this industry.

Selony is a composite of the words, Seleno and Onyx. Relating to the moon and valuable like a gem. This means one and only place which gives you valuable things. We highly recommend this is a superb match for a jewelry store available in the online market.

09. Jomodi

no preview1

Make your mobile selling store trendy with this name. With all the qualities required, this is a way brilliant to get the leading role in the field of online shopping.

You may be confused, Is it with a good meaning? We will clear your doubts now.

jomo- a kind of loneliness without social interactions.

di from " dialogue"

jomo means a kind of loneliness, it impresses a kind of part away. dialogue means a connection of people, a thing which makes the people closer.

Jomodi- We always keep your loved ones just by your side.

Now you saw that no pessimistic impression is shown through the name. So it is beyond the principles of naming. There is also no placement of exact dictionary words that will mark your name within the trending agents.

10. Priwom


Look at the way Priwom emerged. It is not violating any of the brand name qualities.

Taking the Pri from "Pris' ' and wom from “woman” the word has been composed. Pris means unique. Accordingly, priwom is a place where it makes you a unique woman. So, without a doubt, this is a perfect match for an online store for women’s clothing.

There is a point in super brand name principles that if robots can spell then it can be spelled by humans easily. Priwom is a name that can be easily noted by Siri, Cortona, and Alexa. The title doesn’t contain any numbers or any other symbols.


Suggested worst brand names for an online retailer

01. crispyshopping .net

This is a suggestion for an online retailer that stands far away from brand name qualities. Let’s find what is wrong here.

Creators have included the word ” shopping” directly. It makes the brand rejected under the policies of Google.

.net is not the recommended universal domain. The uniqueness has vanished from the beginning. We thoroughly reject these kinds of name suggestions for a profit targeting company.


Special characters are a way that makes a brand out of the reach of the crowd. That worst mistake is done here. The include of Shopping - the keyword has kept the brand name away from perfection. That is the higher advice of us not to purchase the names of these characters.


Three comprehensive words can be clearly seen. A sentence type name makes the company stay in the lowest of the popularity as no one gives much effort in this era to remember a name by hard. We must always use a simple brand name. The troubles made by the characteristics of this name make it unfriendly with the Search Engine Bots.


Do you know why we always advise not to use any numerals in the startup title of yours?

Because search engines end with confusion when distinguishing these weird type names. It is very unhealthy for your rankings. By including number 1 they have made that mistake here.

Another search engine unfriendly behavior is the use of keywords. They had been so careless by entering “shopping” in the name.


The importance of .com is that it stands for the ownership of a brand name. The uniqueness made by .com is a fact that makes your site come up in the google search results. So always avoid other domains like org or . net or .us etc.

This name had no coordination with the daily language of the people. Even the vocabulary score is very low, which means that if someone chooses this it will keep the store far away from the crowd.


As per the super brand name qualities, these types of long pronounced names are unsuitable. We warn you not to purchase these lengthy names which make you far-reaching from the clients. The repetition of generally used words had done severe harm. As you now know that this name is a disqualified brand name don’t purchase this kind and run into risk at your first step.


Answer the question, Is it a soft way of pronouncing? I’m sure you will agree that this is the worst kind of name to use.

With years of experience in the brand name creating field, the presence of numbers in the name is a must not. They have used generic words too. So this name is a way too far from reaching the consumers as well as google search engines.




  • .us is the domain extension that has been used.- If you want to make your brand unique, then definitely you must have the .com domain extension. Other than this there is no ownership gained through an extension. 
  • The keyword online has been used. - The use of keywords is also a point, why you should not try this name even. It makes the brand rejected by the search engine bots when making the rankings.

This is also a rejection in accordance with the naming psychology.


We don’t try to remember such long names although their products are standard than others. It will confirm with the less mark given by the vocabulary score too. If the name is far from the daily language of the people all your efforts are useless. Search engines cannot distinguish between the keyword and your shop’s name as “shopping” is embossed here. It is another issue with

So this also not a forward brand name for a blooming company.


When you refer to the vocabulary score you will get the answer as 1.72. Which means this is a poor brand name with low revising ability. The domain extension is also chosen in the wrong manner. .org is not recognized as a way of achieving ownership in consonance with the laws prevailing in the online market.

In order with such mistakes, we don’t agree that this is a wise selection.