Best And Worst Brand Names In Science And Medicine Industry

Science and Medicine is a popular and most important industry in the world. Here we have listed the best brand names in Science and Medicine and also the worst. After analyzing their naming methods Brinso brand name consultant has listed the best available brand names for you and also the available worst brand names that you should avoid. These brand names can be used to all the companies under Science and Medicine. It may be a laboratory, Pharmaceutical company, medical equipment center.

Best Companies

01. Stryker


Dr. Homer Stryker founded Stryker. It is clear that the brand name evolved from the founder. During the treatments to the patient, he understood some products are less than the requirements of patients. The company which was started to invent a new product currently is one of the leading medical technology companies in the world. As the company also has got the owner’s name it goes under personal brands. This can be only preferred as a good method for those who are popular in the world.

The vocabulary score of this brand name is 8.1. If a brand name has a score above 8 then it becomes a super brand. As those can be easily spelled and pronounced. Stryker is a name favorable in robot pronunciation during the interactions with humans, as it has no numbers and special characters. Stryker has a clear brand name history.

02. CSL


CSL gets a calculation of 8.5 for its pronounceable ability and memorization power. With that high score above 8, it belongs to the category of super brand names. Being such a super brand name this brand name satisfies all the brand name qualities. There is no negative connotation with this brand name and as it has one world it is more simple to memorize. CSL was wise enough to obtain the .com domain extension and mark its uniqueness from the start. It has not imitated any popular brands.

CSL got its name as a short form of Commonwealth Serum Laboratories. They made the name simply because they knew that having more than one world will be difficult to remember by users and having keywords with the brand name will miss the opportunities. So their sensible naming of the brand has made it as simple as possible to be memorized by users and they have avoided the negative effects of using keywords and generic words.

03. Biogen


The company first was first started as Biogen idec and later they changed their name to Biogen inc. Biogen got its name as a shortened shift in research core areas.

When you check with the vocabulary score it gives a value of 8.29 for this and it denotes the high capability of memorizing and pronouncing the brand name, Biogen. The malefactor of a blackmarked history is not with this name. As it has no numbers and characters it is easy to spell and pronounce by robots during interacting with humans. Any other popular brands are not imitated here. Biogen is unique with its .com domain extension. It is a good example of a brandable brand name.

04. Incyte


The vocabulary score of the brand name is 8.1. Brand names under this score can be identified as super brand names. A super brand name consists of all the brand name qualities. This brand name has a strong memorizing quality and pronouncing ability. As it has no numbers and special characters it is made to spell and write very easily. Incyte does not have any keywords or generic words; it helps them not to lose any opportunities that they get. Incyte has a clear brand name history and therefore they had no issues of past spammy acts and bad service experiences. As all the robots can spell and pronounce this brand name very easily it is a great help in search queries and to increase the traffic to the site.

05. Mylan


Mylan is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in the world. 8.62 is the vocabulary scores’ value for Mylan. Thus it goes under the lines of a super brand name. You can’t find any other popular brand as same as this name in the market. It has a clear brand name history too. Having no numbers and characters has made this brand name so simple even the robots like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana can be easily spelled and pronounced during the interaction with humans.

06. Roche


Roche is a brand that derived from the founder F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG. This naming method is only recommended to the most popular people in the world who want to build their personal branding.

The pronounceable ability and memorization power of Roche is 8.98. Therefore the brand has gained enough customer attraction easily.  Roche stands unique in the market with the .com domain extension. It is not an imitation of a currently prevailing brand. Roche has no negative connotations combined with and has a clear brand name history.

07. Pfizer


Pfizer is a perfect choice as a brand name. The memorization and pronounceable value of this brand name are 8.31. The quality of avoiding numbers and special characters has improved the simple quality of this brand name. Pfizer need not to be worried about any competitors as they have already gained the legal ownership along with .com TLD. It has a clear brand history and it does not imitate any other brand names. Pfizer consists of all the brand name qualities.

Pfizer got its name from the founder Charles Pfizer. But building personal brands can be only recommended for famous persons and who have the ability to spend a lot in the marketing processes.

08. Merck


The name Merck came from the founder's family name. Usually, personal brands were made only by popular people. It is seen in the history of brand naming, the trend of personal branding and it didn’t affect much on the popularity as there was very low competition in the market.

Merck is a perfect example of a super brand name. A brand name that consists of all the brand name qualities called super brand names. The vocabulary score of this brand name is 8.75. As it is a single word brand name the possibility of sticking into users’ minds is very high. Merck has no negative connotation. It is unique with its .com domain extension. Merck has no keywords or generic words with the brand name; it made them not to lose any opportunities.

09. Bayer


As of the vocabulary score, the memorization and pronounceable value of this brand name is 9. Brands under this score can be categorized as super brand names. Bayer has no negative connotation. As it has 5 characters it makes the brand a smooth and simple accent. It has no ownership issues as they own the .com domain extension. Having no keywords makes Bayer have a healthy relationship with the modern search engine classification.      

Like most of the pharmaceutical companies, Bayer also got its name from the founder Friedrich Bayer. The way of naming can only be suggested for the people who want to emerge a personal brand.

10. Sanofi


Sanofi is a brand that undergoes the super brand name strategy. It has no generic words or keywords and also it is free from numbers and special characters. Via those qualities the brand has achieved the golden secret of simplicity that made them have all the opportunities when raising their company. Sanofi has higher memorization and pronounceable value. In vocabulary score, the statistical amount of it is 8.9. 

The previous name of Sanofi was Sanofi-Aventis. As they understood the obstacle to be with the fast-moving trends, later they changed the name into Sanofi. It was a good decision made by the founders because the previous name was difficult to remember and pronounce. The ideal character count of a brand name should be limited only to four, five, or six characters, and having special characters will badly affect the simplicity of the brand name.

Worst companies



This is the worst band name example for a Science and Medicine industry.

Using more than a single word in a brand is highly advised and must not be done according to the brand name specialists. It will affect your uniqueness and brand value. Losing customer interest from an unrecognizable brand name is the worst case. It is entirely SEO unfriendly if you include two or three generic words.

This brand name is not easy to remember at first sight. So the possibility to forget this brand name is high because as there are many alternatives they will not stick into one. However, it's great if they can think about rebranding their company with a new brand name.

02. .OrganiGram Holdings

OrganiGram Holdings

These kinds of names cannot be recommended as a good brand name. At first sight, you feel the complexity within it. It has not followed the rule of simplicity. No one can memorize it easily. The vocabulary score of this is very low. Statistically, the value is 4.5. Using such a brand name will lead to becoming disqualified among the competitors in the science and medicine field. You will end up with no unique brand far away from common use.

03. Assembly Biosciences

Assembly Biosciences

Don’t make your own risk by using these types of long word names which even don’t recommend by the vocabulary score. The ideal character count of a brand name should be four, five, or six words. No one tries hard to remember a brand name today and if you make a tough pronounce it will keep the popularity away from you. If the brand is too long to talk with then easily it will vanish from the day to day vocabulary of the customers you target.

Search engine friendliness is another tradition like a fact in naming a company. This company made its mistake in the mentioned fact by including a keyword. Keywords always are minus points which will decrease the rank of your site in the search results.

04. Laboratorio Reig Jofre

Laboratorio Reig Jofre

Don’t you feel that this is almost likely a sentence? A brand name must be short to get customer attraction. Making an ideal first appearance is very needed in e-commerce because of the competition. The best way for that is coming up with a short and sweet brand name that will give you a flying start.

Always we recommend coming up with a meaningful brand name. This brand name has included the keyword and another few extra words with the brand name. That has resulted in a most complex brand name. So always try to give your idea in a colorful way without the generally used words in the industry/field in accordance with the brand name qualities.

05. Dragonite International

Dragonite International

The vocabulary does not give a score to this brand name because it cannot be easily memorized. It is difficult to pronounce too. You can see the use of generic words here too. Be rich with brand name qualities if you really want a quick success. Generic words are expired characters in branding. Using generic words and keywords will take out lots of opportunities from you. All these facts are more than enough to express that this is not a super brand name.

06. Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Simplicity is the must factor if you are willing to build a winning brand name. This type of lengthy brand name with a less will surely make more difficulties in pronunciation and memorizing. The vocabulary score of this brand name is just 5.74. The simplicity of a brand name comes with how easy a user can grab that name. Always use a single worded brand name because now it is the best way to stay stable in today’s competitive market and be significant. Popular companies like WeChat had no issues having two words because of the capital they had and at the time there were fewer competitors. Having keywords and generic words in the brand name will take out many opportunities from the company. Make sure to give a powerful entry with a brand name that fulfills all the requirements of the branding procedure.

07. Biofermin Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

Biofermin Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

Doesn't it sound very odd? The too long and very difficult pronunciation has made this a very unprofessional brand in the field. We highly recommend not to use generic words in the brand name. But here they have neglected that rule by including the generic word - Pharmaceutical. It consists of a big word count unnecessarily and here it will be difficult for search engines to find the shop unless you completely type the whole brand name. Simply this is not SEO friendly. The possibility of forgetting this brand name is high because it's too long to remember. Also, robots like Cortana, Siri, and Alexa will not be able to pronounce it and it will frustrate the users to search it and simply it’s not user friendly.

08. ChemoCentryx Inc

ChemoCentryx Inc

To be a catchy brand name it must always follow the principle of simplicity. Therefore you need to arrange your brand with the character counts 4, 5, or 6. A name that has more than 8 characters is not recommended as brand names. 

As the brand name shows your identity to the world it should be unique and very attractive. The use of a single word is also a fact that will make your brand simple as to use commonly. Having two or more words combined together is not a thing to do in this era. 

Your SEO process will directly be influenced if you use generic words and keywords in your brand name and it will make you miss lots of opportunities. The memorization and pronounceable value of this brand name is 2.58 that makes this brand a high rejection.

09. Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc

Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc

Take a look at the vocabulary score to understand the inapplicability of the name as a brand name. It gives a calculation of 4.94. This brand name has lost the user’s attention with the hard pronounce because it doesn’t stick in a mind so easily.

A brand name should always be simple and easy to grab at once. If your brand name can not be pronounced and memorized it will affect your business in a negative way.

10.  Teligent Inc

Teligent Inc

A brand name with an easy pronounce and quick memorable ability is a simple brand name. Simplicity is the most important factor for a brand name. The vocabulary score of this brand name is only 5.95. It shows the unsuitability of the name as a brand for a profit targeting company.

Available best brand names

1. Bohexo


Bohexo is a brand name emerged from the words Boost and Hex. Boost means help or encourages (something) to increase or improve and Hex means a magic spell. As a result of these two words, Bohexo means a magical spell to increase or improve a commitment. Medicine is everything for humans. Medicine is the God of healing for most of the sick peoples’ recovery. All the diseases can be reduced as well as stopped by medicine. So medicine is like magic, it's so valuable and precious.

A count of 9 is given for this brand by the vocabulary score. So it has become a super brand name without any hesitation. Those are called super because they can be very easily remembered and pronounced. This is not an imitation of any popular brands and it has a clear brand history.

02. Fimoxy


The memorization and pronounceable value of this brand name is 8.7. Brand names that have a score of 8 or above 8 are called super brand names. The absence of any numbers and characters has made this brand more simple. Single-word brand names are the recommended type by the brand name consultants highly. This is a good example of a brandable brand name.

The meaning of Fimoxy can be simplified as Fimble-door handles something clumsily and Oxygen - a colorless, odorless reactive gas or the chemical element of atomic number 8 and the life-supporting component of the air. With these words Fimoxy means the most important element in life to handle certain stages in life. Medicine is an essential need for all human beings and even for animals. Therefore Fimoxy is a perfect match for the science and medicine industry.

03. Gasufy

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The meaning of Gasufy comes as a combination of words gang and sufferable. It means the Capable of being tolerated. So finally it can be summarized as “we are the heroes of developing the physical fitness with the great tolerance”

Gasufy achieves 8.62 in the vocabulary score calculations. A brand name can be pronounced and memorized easily when in such a higher value. Gasufy is not an imitation of any of the popular brands currently in the process because it is a newly invented one. Therefore it has no risk of bad history and it is unique with it’s .com domain extension. As it has no negative connotation of any language you will have no obstacles when expanding your products all over the world.

04. Grijod


You are the one and only Grind in the field if you decide to move with this. Because it has the quality of uniqueness that has come along with the .com domain extension. The memorization and pronounceable value of this brand name is 8.45. The simplicity of the brand has been sharpened by not including any kind of special symbols or numbers. It does not imitate any other popular brands too. With the avoid of keywords and generic words, the brand has gained the support of the Search Engines too.

Grijod got its name from the words Gri and Jewess. Gri represents a mythical creature with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion, typically depicted with pointed ears and with the eagle's legs taking the place of the forelegs and Jewess represent a symbol of a kind of religion.griffin is not a usual is a combination of an animal and a bird so we are unique. So the meaning of Grijod comes as always we have something unique than the tradition. In the field of science new medicine new experiments lead to great success. This is a perfect brand name for the Medicine and science industry.

05. Jepdee


The meaning of this brand name comes as Je represents the creation of science and technology and Pde represents medical fraternity. As a combination of these meanings, Jepdee represents “The evolution of science with new features”

The 8.34 value given in the vocabulary score for this brand proves the easiest nature within the brand when in pronunciation and memorization. When even in the robot search robots like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana will easily be able to identify the name because those too spell this correctly without an effort. It also has obeyed the rule of not including keywords and has reduced the possibility of losing opportunities.

06. Jestey


There is no problem with international business if you use this kind of all-time positive connotations. moreover, as it has no keywords and generic words making Google finds and distinguishes the brand very easily. When in imitation of Jestey or arrival of the same brand with a different TLD you have the exact right to claim for the ownership as this comes along with the .com domain extension. Jestey does not imitate any other popular brands. The memorization and pronounceable value of this brand name is 8.27. So it is clear that Jestey is a name created by following the correct principles of branding.

The meaning of Jestey represents Jasmine and Technology. Jasmine is a shrub and mostly used to make perfume. As a shrub converts into a perfume with the help of technology the medicine as well as new research can be converted to a new successful medicine or invention with the help of technology. This is a perfect brand name for an industry like Science and Medicine.

07. Wackxy


The meaning of Wackxy comes with the words Wackos and XY. Wackos represent a crazy/as well as talented team and xy represents the sex-determination system. As a combination of all this Wackxy means “Crazy team but with the determination for results”

Simplicity is at the highest peak here. It is Wackxy is a winning nature in peoples’ vocabulary, a clear way of the spell, and an easy way of memorizing without an effort. The vocabulary score of this brand name is 8.2. Wackxy owns the .com domain extension. It is not a follower of any other brand so that you will never find an issue of imitation. Robots can be spelled and pronounced this brand name very easily. It is a very rare possibility in the case of forgetting the brand name as this brand name has no keywords or generic words.

08. Yeczy


The owner of the brand name Yeczy will be its owner for the lifetime because it is unique with .com domain extension. As per the low prevailing in the internet trade .com gives the legal ownership. The memorization and pronounceable value of this brand name is 8.36. The simplicity of the brand has strengthened by not using any numbers or special characters. Yeczy does not imitate any other popular brands. 

Yeczy got its name as Yech represents rejection, Zyme can be represented as an origin of an old medical theory that many contagious diseases were caused. By combining all these together Yeczy means, The theory of medicine can cure anything without any rejection.

09. Pexony


The meaning of Pexony got its name from the words Perseverance and Xon. Perseverance means continued effort and determination and Xon means a strong sense of responsibility. As a result of all these words, Pexony wants to say that they have the big responsibility of adding value for your perseverance.

The value for the memorization power and the pronouncing ability of Pexony is 8.75. Thus having a score above 8 makes it a super brand. Single-word brand names bring professional identity to your brand name. You will get all the support of the Google search engines to make up your ranks as the brand does not consume any generic words that make spam.

10. Nufozy


The use of .com domain extension has secured the brand from legal matters and you will get the true ownership accordingly. The ideal character count of a brandable brand name is four, five, or six. Presenting with six characters the brand has made simplicity as its winning path. Nufozy does not imitate any other popular brand. The vocabulary score of Nufozy is 8.67. Most importantly you will not face any problem when expanding throughout the world because Nufozy does not mean any negative connotation of any language.

The meaning of Nufozy comes as Nuf=Enough or Nothing and Ozy=Clever mind, interest in the welfare of humanity. As a combination of these words, Nufozy means “Nothing can secure the social welfare of humanity than us”.

Available worst brand names


Scienceporium is definitely a rejection! It consists of two words science and porium. But you now know that the Single-word brand names are accepted as the best because of the easy pronunciation and memorization. Users do not try hard to memorize a brand name and it is you who need to take the steps to make it touch a mind at the very first visit. Including keywords and generic words also make the brand name search engine rejected. The vocabulary score of this brand name is 2.36 which means it cannot be memorized and pronounced very easily. Always talley the qualities of the brand name you choose with super brand name qualities to stay away from a non-trendy title.


  • The ideal character count of a brand name is four, five, or six.
  • Using keywords will make you rejected by the search engines

Above are the two important criteria to consider when in the process of branding. Scientist even exceeds 10 characters. Brand names of more than eight characters are not recommended because it has a low possibility of memorization and pronunciation. The simplicity of a brand name is more important. Make sure to make your brand name simple and catchy. Make sure to be unique while avoiding brand name mistakes.

03. is not a unique trademark. Why do we say so?

The uniqueness of a brand name comes with the .com domain extension. Almost all the profit generation companies use this TLD. Only a few are stuck with other domain extensions based on their business industry and the target audience. Even though the .net domain extension can be used by any only networking companies are using it because it has become the standard domain extension for the networking industry but with the trust and ranking factors even networking companies now use .com as their domain extension. So if you want the ownership purchase the brands only.

The tough sound of the name is also harmfully affected by making the audience away from using this. Vocabulary score too rejects this as a brand name as it only has a calculation of 3.59. Brand names under this score are not recommended to use because it has a high possibility of forgetting by humans.


Using numbers or special characters is not recommended with the brand name because it confuses the users as well as robots like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana too. If a robot couldn’t spell and pronounce your brand name during the interaction with humans your failure with your brand name.

Exact dictionary words will bring the unlucky for your career. Those are facing the rejections of Google as of the new policies introduced by the year 2012. Significance is always made along with a newly invented name. So don’t depend on these kinds of old fashioned titles.


These kinds of brand names are strictly not recommended because they have a higher possibility of forgetting your brand name. These kinds of brand names will confuse the users as well as Google algorithms. The simplicity of a brand name is very important. If you avoid the use of numbers and special characters like the hyphen that is used here you will increase the simplicity of your brand name making it an easy approach. Don’t waste time and money on this kind of failure.


.com is the universal uniqueness maker. Therefore it is the only recommendation for a profit-generating company. As it is the widely used TLD most of the customers familiar with it and .com is the most trustable and SEO friendly domain extension in the world. It may have changed when in places like networking companies. But .net never matches with a company in the medical field.

The vocabulary score of this brand name is 3.48 which means it cannot be memorized and pronounced easily. Using keywords with the brand name is also not recommended because keywords are the harmful facts that affect the lower rankings directly.


To be simple with the brand name make sure not to use numbers or special characters with your brand name and limit your brand name only for four, five, or six characters because brand names that have special character numbers can be forgotten easily. We highly advise that, Do not use a brand name above 8 characters.

Brand names with keywords are highly not recommended because it will make you lose many opportunities such as the unique appearance among thousands of brands and search engine friendliness etc.


The memorization and pronounceable value of this brand name is 3.83. Therefore this is a highly rejected suggestion according to the brand name qualities. Lower pronounceable value means lower attraction of the customers. These are not words of mouth.

Using keywords with your brand name is not recommended because it badly affects the process of SEO. The use of brands against these qualities will make you end up with utter failure.


Why do we always mention the correct follow of character count? 

Because the brands with more than 8 characters can be forgotten easily. Nowadays the easiness matters a lot, to be identical in the field and get enough traffic.

Keywords are detected as spams in the updated policies of Google. So the presence of those will avoid you from many opportunities. The best example is Moz is one of the best SEO companies in the world. The starting name was but later obeying the rules of the field they rebranded their brand name into by taking off the keyword SEO.

The memorization and pronounceable value of this brand name is 4.1. Brand names under this score should be avoided because it affects your simplicity. Therefore it is our thorough warning to avoid names like medicines that are total failures in branding psychology.


If you take a close examination at the most popular brands in the world you could find that each one of those obeys the rule of simplicity. A brandable brand name should always be a single word. The ideal character count of a brandable brand name is four, five, or six. We can’t recommend the brand names above 8 characters at any concern as a suitable entrance to this competitive field. 

The vocabulary score of this brand name is 4.67. That means brand names under this score are not recommended. The .net domain extension is only suitable for companies who are engaged in the network. Make sure to consider all the brand name qualities when naming your brand name by following a correct guide.