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Choosing the best brand name for a retail store is one of the hardest challenges you ever face in your business career. As the competition among the businesses is unbelievably rude, the brand name must be unique and memorable of your retail store. You may have tried many ways to get the best brand name for your retail store, but not satisfied yet?

Don’t worry. We have the best brand name collection on the internet for retail stores. And you will get much other important information on the naming of your retail business too. So scroll and get that dream brand name of your retail store!!!.

What Should You Name Your Retail Store?

The below given brand name list will give an idea on how a perfect retails store name should be

Unique Brand Name Ideas For Your Retail Store

Analyzing your competitors in the retail store industry. Knowing the best brand names, well-known brand names, why they are popular, what are the secrets behind their success is a proven way to get the best brand name for your retail store too. Know your competitors better, be the best fan of them and make your brand name more unique and vibrant.

.store or .com is Best For Your Retail Store

When we look into the business world, a considerable amount of businesses are using .com domain extension with their brand name. When it comes to retail stores, the .com domain is the most preferable and recommended domain extension for you. In the world, the trust towards the .com domain extension is more than the .store domain extension. According to the law in the USA the ownership of a company goes to the one who owns the .com domain extension. So having .com will make you unique among others.

Joadap Retailers


IGZIlogoIGZI Group

Furfie logoFurfie Wholesale

Honide Corporations

Checre Retails

Dropra International

Vapavo logoVapavo Group

Rylly logoRylly Retailors



Heahon Corp.


Vapavo Wholesales


Hoodzy Retailers

Blebea Group

Things To Consider When Naming Your Retail Store

  • Your Niche

Before naming your retail store you should have a clear idea of the exact niche your retail store is targeting. It will give a clear idea about your target market as well as your future expansion and also will help you to name your business in a perfect way.

  • Competitor Names

Do a competitor analysis on their retail store names, naming trends, failures, and growth to get a clear idea of the impact of the brand name made on their business. 

  • Think Out Of The Box

Do not stick with the regular retail store names. Think out of the scope as much as your ideas open you will get a huge amount of brand names for your retail store. 

  • Brand Name Collection

Collect a huge amount of retail store name ideas. It will help you to choose the best one.

  • Review Session

Do a session to review the finalized retail store name ideas and choose the final brand name idea you wish to name your retail store. Take help from family, friends, social media, etc will help you to choose the best.

  • Do Not Limit Your Brand Name Idea

Never choose a brand name that will limit your retail store business. When the time of expansion, it will affect you negatively. Choose a common retail store name to avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

  • Brand Name Qualities

Consider more on the brand name qualities a perfect retail store should have. 

  • Meaningful Retail Store Name

Try to choose a name that has a meaning in it. Most of the giant companies in the business world have a meaning to their name.

  • Domain Availability

 Check the availability of the domain for your chosen retail store name. Owning the .com domain extension will make your retail store a unique one. If you missed your .com domain extension do not try to combine words just to be unique.

All these brand names included all the above-stated brand name qualities. These brand names are listed by our brand name specialists, and all these brand names are available to be purchased. Each and every brand name is unique, memorable, and created just for your retail store!!!.

How To Get A Catchy Retail Shop Name?

If you need a catchy brand name for your retail store like above you should have a good knowledge of the brand name qualities a perfect brand name should consist of. The catchiness of a brand name comes with the simplicity of the brand name. Choose a brand name that can be easily memorized and pronounced to be catchy with your brand name.

Retail Store Name Idea List

The following band name ideas are created by our brand name masterminds. These brand name ideas will help you improve your idea about brand naming.

Retail Mill

Shop Drop

Happy Star

Crazy Delight

Happy Zone

Gift Fun

Care Zone

Happy Buy

Hearty Goods

Wonder Walk

Utterly Good

Shopping Line

Good Store

Supreme Good

Warm Store

Wonder Land

Shopping Feel

Marvellow Things

Dream Store

Shop Merchant

Shop Soul

Shop Drop

Retail Super

Retail Best

Retail Anywhere

All Star Retail

Aura Retail

Charm Shopping

Bliss Shop

Retail Deight

Crawler Store

Delta Shops

Best Products

Dream Store

Craft Retail

Best Natural

U Super Mart

Marina Mall

Amazing Mall

Top Buy

Happy Discount

Dream Buy

Comfort Shopping

Fair Price

Buy Enjoy

Craft Retail

Happy Mart

Save Store

These brand names are appropriate if you target a local customer crowd and if you do not have a plan to update your retail store to an online platform, these brand names are perfect.

How To Name A Retail Store?

When naming your retail store make sure to follow the below factors to be perfect with your retail store name.

Factors That Make A Retail Store Name Perfect

Your brand name becomes perfect and error-less if you follow the below-listed factors precisely for your retail store brand name. The following facts are known as brand name qualities. Our brand name consultants highly consider these factors to recommend a particular brand name as a perfect one.

  • The uniqueness of a retail store brand name.

As there are thousands of brand names that sound the same in the retail industry, Your brand name should be as original as possible. A unique brand name makes a unique brand identity for your retail store. Always try to come up with a name that is creative. .com domain extension makes your retail store brand name unique and has the power to make you the only legal owner of your retail store brand name. For example, IKEA is a well-known brand name in the retail industry for a unique brand name.

  • Easy to memorise.

Your retail store brand name must be easy to memorise to the customer as the competition in the retail market is fierce. The brand names that are easy to memorise can reach a huge customer crowd as the brand name sounds familiar to the customers. To check the memorability of your retail store brand name you can check the phonological value of your brand name. For example, Amazon is a memorable brand name in the retail industry.

  • Easy to pronounce.

No matter how your retail store brand name is original if it cannot be pronounced easily. If your retail store brand name cannot be pronounced easily it makes your customers confused and the possibility to forget your brand name is higher. Always think like a customer, it will help you a lot. Walmart is a good example of a retail store brand name that is easy to pronounce.

  • Easy to spell and write.

This is also important to get a good retail store brand name. When the customer types your retail store brand name or spells your brand name, it should not confuse them. Your brand name needs to be easy to grab to anyone. For example, Target is a brand name that is easy to spell and write.

  • Select a short retail store brand name.

Short brand names are hard to forget. The ideal character count of a brand name is 4 to 6 and it makes the customer memorise it easily. Some brand names are of 7 or 8 characters, but try to limit your brand name within the ideal character count, if you need to get the best out of your retail store brand name. Costco is a good retail store brand name that has an ideal character count.

  • Do not imitate an existing retail store brand name.

This is something you highly avoid in naming your retail store. It is more of a rule. Imitating a successful brand name in the retail industry will not make your brand name successful too. Make your brand name as unique as possible. For example, Macy’s and Wendy’s are two brand names in the retail industry that sound the same. It makes both brand names less attractive.

  • Avoid generic words in your retail store brand name.

You cannot win your dream customer crowd if your brand name includes generic words in it. Because there can be thousands of retail store brand names using the same generic word that you have used in your brand name. So it will not make your brand name unique and stand out. It will just make your brand name one of the common names in the retail market. For example, GAP is a generic worded retail store brand name.

  • Avoid negative connotation in your retail store brand name.

Words become strong with positive meanings. Do not use words that have a negative meaning in your retail store brand name as the customers will reject it.  Alimentation Couche-Tard is a relatable retail store brand name in the retail industry. 

  • Avoid numbers and special characters in your retail store brand name.

Most retail store entrepreneurs tend to include numbers for their brand names to convey some nice stories through their brand names. It can be anything that important to you. Some retail store owners do include some special character to make the brand name appear attractive, or short. But this will also make the customer hard to memorise even hard to spell and write. When they Google your retail brand name, there is a high possibility to be mistaken for your brand name, if it includes numbers and special characters. The popular retail chain 7- Eleven conveys their opening hours. 

  • Your retail brand name should be familiar with robots.

As we live in a digital era, most of our daily tasks are done with the help of technology. Most of the mobile users get the help of the voice assistants like Google Assistant, Cortana, and Alexa etc. So make sure they can grab your retail brand name easily. If they can pronounce your brand name, any human can pronounce it. The retail brand name Kroger is easily recognized by the voice assistants.

One Of The Best Ways To Get An Idea About Naming Your Business Is…










walmart logoWalmart





These are some of the giants in the retail store industry. All these brand names have some issues in their brand names and if you get them right and make sure to avoid them in your brand name, you can stand out from the market.

More Brand Name Ideas

Here we have listed some more brand name ideas according to the subcategories or niches of the retail store industry. Scroll down to get your niche.

Brand Name Ideas For Retail Outlets


The Most

Multi Serve

Many One

One Roof

Color Choice

All in One

Shopping Trend

Big Seller

Multi Color

The Lot

Each & Every

The Specialis

The Home

New Culture

Shop Stop

Cash & Carry

The Daily

Mega Range

Chain Store

These brand names are created for local department stores, malls and supermarkets. We hope these brand name ideas will improve your idea on the brand naming process.

Brand Name Ideas For Malls

Amazing Mall

Shop Together

Under One Roof

Public Market

Wide Spread

Shopping Arcade

The Most

Shopping City


Complex Shop

Shopping Date

New Plaza

Extra Large

Shopping Valley

The Empire

Heaven Day

Amazing Date

Platinum Mall

Mega Shopper

Super Customer

We listed these brand name ideas for regional malls, super-regional malls, outlet malls etc.

Brand Name Ideas For Grocery Stores

General Place

Need Package

Need Stuff

List Stuff

List Feed

Need Fed

Grocery Gallery

The Fancy

Fancy Shopping

Super Shop

Family Spot

Way Home

The Convenience


The Barn

Mini Storage

Corner Store

GO Cart

Cart Visit

Every D Item

These brand name ideas are created by our brand name specialists for the local grocery stores such as health food stores, greengrocer stores etc.

General Retail Store Name Ideas

Super Corner

Grocery Cart

Full Spot

Mega Store

Treat Bite

Shoppe Shelf

Full Space

Mega Boutique

Wholesome Space

Suite Retail

Shop Goods

Retail Hub

Concept Retail Store Name Ideas

Concept Retail

Premium Shop

Super Mart

Glorious Retail

Retail Heaven

Direct Retreat

Shoppers Store

Retail Range

Delight Shoppe

Happy Shoppers

Wall Mart

Mirror Hub

What Is Your Retail Store Name Style?

There are five brand name styles, that each and every brand name in the world can be sorted. They are, 

  • Pragmatic

These brand names explain the product or service they offer to the customers. The customer gets an idea when they see the brand name. These brand names are descriptive. For example, Yum Brands.

  • Classic

Classic brand names have a long life. No matter how old these brand names are, they get new customers day by day. For example, Walmart.

  • Clever

These brand names sound funny and unexpected. This is also an important brand name style as they are hard to forget. For example,  Hobby Lobby Store.

  • Emotional

Emotional brand name style is a smart way if you want to connect to your customers strongly. These brand names are emotional and attractive. For example, Big Lots.

  • Modern

These brand names have no special style. They can be emotional, funny, old-fashion or clever. Most of the modern brand name is designed by brand name specialists. These brand names are fresh and impressive. For example, Hy-Vee.

Trending Words In Retails Store Industry